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Spring Recipe For Milestone Birthday - Milestone Birthday


Hi friends! With the arrival of spring, there is a new vitality and life force in people around us. If anyone is celebrating his or her Milestone Birthday this season, I am sure the essence of spring with its myriad hues will add an extra flavor to their milestone birthday celebrations. Flavor reminds me of a special spring recipe that you can rustle up to surprise your near one who's celebrating his or milestone birthday this spring. The spring recipe is given below to add that extra bit of fun to the milestone birthday celebrations:Key Lime Bars (Low Fat)Ingredients2 tablespoons brown sugar1.5 cups low fat graham cracker crumbs (about 5 ounces)1/3 cup lime juice (3 or 4 regular limes)1 tablespoon of lime zestbutter-flavored cooking spray1 (14 ounce) can fat-free sweetened condensed milk8 ounces light cream cheeseProcedure:1. Oven has to be heated to 350 degrees.2. Cracker crumbs has to be combined with brown sugar. Sheet of foil has to be laid in a 8 x 8 square baking pan, with sides overhanging on the edges. Sides have to be tucked underneath. Foil-lined base should be sprayed with butter-favored cooking spray.3. Crumb mixture should be pressed into pan. Cooking spray should be sprayed briefly on top, and pressed.4. In a medium bowl, light cream cheese should be beaten until softened. Lime zest and condensed milk should be added. it should be beaten until smooth. Lime juice should be added and beaten until well-blended.5. Lime mixture should be poured on to crumb base. It should be baked for 25-30 minutes, until the center is just set and edges pull away a little. It should be allowed to cool. Chill it for at least 2 hours. Then cut into 16 bars.If you can't make use of this spring recipe as cooking is not your forte, click away on these milestone birthday cards to wish your friends and family.Send this Milestone Birthday ecard!Click For More Milestone Birthday CommentsSend this Milestone Birthday ecard!Click For More Milestone Birthday Comments[...]

21st Birthday Quote



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I found some birthday quotes by famous people voicing their opinions of youth. Some are funny, some are witty, while some are really quiet thought-provoking.

Finally 21, and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 15. ~ Anonymous

Live as long as you may. The first twenty years are the longest half of your life. ~Robert Southey

Real birthdays are not annual affairs. Real birthdays are the days when we have a new birth ~Ralph Parlette

At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgement.~ Benjamin Franklin

Pleased look forward, pleased to look behind, And count each birthday with a grateful mind. ~Alexander Pope

Most of us can remember a time when a birthday - especially if it was one's own brightened the world as if a second sun has risen. ~ Robert Lynd

The secret to eternal youth is arrested development. ~Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. ~Franz Kafka

Birthday wishes for Mother



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Even if you are away from your mother, her love and blessings are always with us. Nothing could give pleasure to a mother other than the presence of her children on her birthday. If one is compelled to be away from his or her mom on that occasion, then try to send anything made by you as it will have that personal touch. If not any gift, try to personalize the birthday greeting card with a nice birthday poem or touching birthday message. Now, are you the one who has to spend hours to write one sentence? Creative writing might not be your cup of tea, but don't worry. Here are some mom birthday message-

Mother Birthday Greetings

Thank you for loving
And caring for me
Also for all the little things
You do so beautifully
This is my greeting
A wish for joy and cheer
The greeting is for your birthday
The wish is for all year

Happy Birthday Mother

Happy birthday, Mother,
Even though you might prefer
Life without these markers,
Each too public to defer.
Now that you are fifty,
Sing to us your own sweet song,
That we might celebrate your life,
Rejoicing all night long.
Each of us has love to bring,
Each a special song to sing,
To lose your heart among.

Gifts for 1st birthday



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If you are attending a birthday party of a one year old, then soft teddy bear or toys are the commonest form of gifts for 1st birthday. Of course, nothing will make the baby more happy than a toy or anything with which the baby can play. But if one wants to be a little different, then one can go for Personalized story book or " My very own name" personalized children's book that the celebrant will adore when he or she will be 100 years old! Also there are nursery tents or rockers or Pirate backpacks. If you want to give something useful then there is a huge range- there are photo albums for babies, shirts or apparels, bibs, cups, hats, baby blankets and many more.

If one wants to be a little extravagant then the birthday gift set for the baby can be a good option. Whatever you may be, just keep in mind that the one year old is not infant anymore and is growing rapidly but yet has not reached the maturity level of three years old. To get some tips while buying gifts for first birthday, click here.

1st birthday party ideas



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If you are going to celebrate 1st birthday of your baby and is thinking of it making it special then the first and foremost thing to decide whether you want a grand birthday party or want to keep it private affair. Of course, most people would like to have a celebration on the 1st birthday of their "bundle of joy", but to make a birthday party successful, one needs to plan way ahead of the occasion. You can get useful tips from Annie's Maternity Corner or can get new party ideas from other parents who had the experience of arranging the parties for toddlers.
The theme of the party can be anything from Teddy Bear to Noah's Ark and there are lots of online shops for 1st birthday party supplies. Balloons, pinatas, confetti are must for a baby's birthday party. To have the one year old babies as well as their parents enjoy their time, indoor games can be arranged.
One has to often scratch their heads for deciding the menu of the birthday party of toddlers. Sometimes, the grown up family members have to be satisfied with the bland food items that are good for the health of the babies. Striking a right balance in the main course is the key to the grand success of the 1st birthday party celebration. I am looking for some good birthday party recipes and when I will find few I will share with all of you. So stay tuned folks.

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Free Husband and Wife Birthday Ecards


Your Husband or Wife's Birthday is a time for a special celebration ! Choose from our set of warm, cute, sweet, loving and romantic Birthday ecards and send it to your better half or spouse... It is sure to make him/ her feel extra special ! Happy Birthday Honey... An interactive bright B'day wish for your husband/ wife/ sweetheart.[ Interactive ] A Special Birthday Gift to my wife! Surprise your husband/ spouse/ honey with the best Birthday gift ever.[ Interactive ] U And Me... Forever ! Reach out with a golden wish to your spouse on his/ her B'day.[ Interactive ] Born To Be Mine ! A sweet and romantic Birthday ecard for your husband and wife partner for life/ sweetheart.[ Flash ] A K.I.S.S For U Hubby ! A sweet and simple way to wish him/ her.[ Interactive ] For Your Sweetheart ! Make your sweetheart/ spouse feel really special with this beautiful Birthday ecard.[ Postcard ] For Your Best Half ! A heartfelt wish for him/ her to show how much you care.[ Flash ] Turn The Heat Up ! A fun, hot and sizzling Birthday ecard for your spouse/ sweetheart/ beloved.[ Interactive ] Happy Birthday Darling !Make your husband/ wife feel special with this warm ecard.[ Flash ] Showering Kisses Sweetie !Send a virtual kiss to your hubby/wife on his/ her B'day.[ Animated ] For Your Hard Working Hubby !Pull his leg with this fun birthday greeting card.[ Interactive ] A Very Special Friend...A wonderful birthday flash ecard that's gonna make your husbandt/wife feel treasured.[ Flash ] When He/ She Is Away...A special ecard to reach out and celebrate the 'Big' day.[ Flash ] You're Special...An ecard to let your sweetheart know how much he/ she means to you.[ Flash ] Especially For You !An animated B'day wish for your wife/ husband/ loved one to make him/ her feel special.[ Animated ] An Everlasting Sweetness !Reach out with this heartfelt wish to your spouse/ loved one.[ Postcard ] [...]

Virtual Birthday Greeting Cards For Step Parents


Parenting is no walk in the park, even for a Stepparent.It takes a lot to be parents. On your step parents birthday ,reach out to your Stepparent(s), be it your Dad or Mom on their Birthday and show them the love and appreciation they deserve with these warm, heartfelt 'Stepparent's' Birthday ecards.let these virtual flash and animated ecards do the talking for ya. On Your Special Day... Tell your stepdad how lucky you're to have him with this cute ecard.[ Flash ] Have A Wonderful Birthday ! A beautiful ecard to let your stepmom know how special she is.[ Animated ] Never Gave Me A Chance ! Express yourself to your Stepdad on his Birthday with this fun ecard.[ Interactive ] Bridge The Gap ! A warm Birthday ecard for your Stepmom/ Stepdad.[ Postcard ] [...]

Warm Wishes On Mother's Day


It's double the fun for a dear one whose Birthday is on Father's Day. Wish your friend/ family member/ loved one who is celebrating his Birthday on this special day. Fill his day with lotsa surprises as you send your wishes for a wonderful Father's Day Birthday bash. He deserves to get the best ! When It Comes To Being A Mother... On Mother's Day reach out to a wonderful woman with this beautiful ecard.[ Flash ] Great Women, Greater Moms... Let your friend/girlfriend/wife know how much they mean to you on mother’s day...[ Flash ] As A Mother And My Friend... Reach out to someone, who makes this world a brighter and happier place with this elegant ecard. [ Postcard ] You Are What A Perfect Woman Should Be ! On Mother's Day, wish a wonderful friend with this warm 'n beautiful ecard.[ Flash Our Friendship Has Grown... Send this beautiful ecard to an old girl pal on Mother's Day.[ Postcard ]( It's Amazing... Wish someone special on Mother's Day with this beautiful ecard.[ Flash ]Happy Mother's Day !A beautiful mother's day ecard to wish all the amazing moms you know on Mother's Day.[ Animated ] A Bright And Wonderful Day...Brighten up this special day for your loved ones by sending them an egreeting.[ Flash ] Just For You...An elegant ecard to wish someone special a 'Happy Mother's Day'.[ Animated ] Today Is Mother's Day !Express your love to your mom as you send her this warm 'n beautiful ecard.[ Flash ] Warm Wishes And Happy Thoughts...Send this lovely ecard to your mom/ sis/ step mom/ dear ones on Mother's Day.[ Flash ] Everlasting love...Express your love & admiration for your mom/grandma/nanny/aunt with this touching e-card on mother's day...[ Flash ] Without You...Send this touching mother's day card to your mom/step mom/wife/single mom/gf/fiancée/ as a token of appreciation for their love & kindness.[ Flash ] Perfect MomLet your mom know how much you love & appreciate her with this e-card...[ Flash ] I Feel You Are A WOW Woman... Reach out to a wonderful woman with this beautiful ecard and brighten up her day.[ Interactive ] Mother's Day Is The Perfect Time... Wish your mom/ sis/ friend/ aunt a wonderful Mother's Day... jus' like her.[ Postcard ][...]

Kids Happy Birthday Flash and Postcards


Kids are funky, chirpy and joy to be with, anytime. Send your friends/ cousins/ siblings and all the li'l ones close to your heart, a cute, funny, animated and free greeting card that'll make them feel x-tra special on their Birthday Popping A Surprise ! An interactive ecard to wish your kid/ bro/ sis/ grandchild/ niece/ nephew/ loved one.[ Interactive ] A Blessing... Tell your kid/ grandchild/ son/ daughter/ loved one that you feel so lucky to have him/ her.[ Animated ] Happy Bow-Wow To U ! Doggone cute wish for your kid/ grandkid/ near ones.[ Interactive ] Happy Birthday Buttercup ! A cute wish topped with love thats gonna make your sweet little one feel real special.[ Animated ] Biggest And Warmest Hug ! Make your kid/ loved one feel special with this cute ecard.[ Interactive ] A Li'l Angel Wish... Wish your li'l angel a wonderful birthday with this sparkling ecard.[ Flash ] A Special Birthday Puzzle ! A fun and interactive ecard for your kid/ friend/ grandchild.[ Interactive ] Yum-yummy Birthday ! What better way than to wish your kid/ grandchild/ loved one with a dancing cake on his/ her birthday.[ Flash ] A Birthday Trick !Spring some surprise for your kid/ grandkid/ li'l pal on his/ her big day ![ Interactive ] A 'Sweet n Spicy' Wish...For your daughter/ granddaughter/ niece/ li'l sis.[ Postcard ] A Birthday Surprise !A cute card for your kid/ grandkid/ li'l pal.[ Interactive ] Your Wish Has Come True !Here's a cute ecard for your kid/ grandkid/ li'l pal that'll surely make the day special for him/ her.[ Interactive ][...]

50th Birthday Messages You can use in Ecards:Part 1


Middle finger salute to 40th birthday on t-shirts & birthday gift ideas.

I'm 50 & I feel great, feel for yourself! A sexy, funny, t-shirt for your 50th birthday.

Official member of the "Piss & Moan" club.

Age is like underwear, it creeps up on you!

I'm at that awkward age between desirability and complete senility.

Better to be an old fart than a young shithead.

Age is important only if you're cheese or wine.

Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.

If God had wanted me to touch my toes, he would have put them on my knees.

Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs.

Wrinkled was not one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up!

Eat right, exercise regularly, die anyway.

When I feel athletic, I go to a sports bar.

The older I get, the better I was.

Suffers from Clue Deficit Disorder.

My karma ran over your dogma.

I was built for comfort, not speed.

Hard work will pay off later. Laziness pays off now!

Does vacuuming count as aerobic exercise?

Of all my husband's relatives, I like me best.

I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day and tomorrow isn't looking good either.

I used to get lost in the shuffle; now I just shuffle along with the lost.

I don't have a solution, but I admire your problem.

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

It's easier to get older than it is to get wiser.

Don't take life so seriously, it's not permanent.

I am diagonally parked in a parallet universe.

A smile confuses an approaching frown.

Don't worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older, it will avoid you.

Our parents were never our age.

If a woman's place is in the home, why am I always in this car?

We are born naked, wet & hungry, then things get worse.

I am NOT in denial.

A person who is 50 walks in another's tracks leaves no footprints.

According to my best recollection, I don't remember.

VENI, VEDI, VISA. I came, I saw, I did a little shopping.

Birthday cards for turning 50


50th Birthday ! That's half a century ! Send these special, loving and warm 50th Birthday milestone ecards and wish to your parent, friends, colleague, sweetheart, spouse and loved ones feel extra special on their birthday on their golden jubilee birthday 50th Birthday ! Warm 50th birthday animated cards for your friends/ loved ones/ colleagues.[ Animated ] Groovy 50 ! A great 50 birthday ecard for your cool friend/ colleague/ loved one on his/ her Birthday.[ Interactive ] A Warm-Up Celebration ! Send this well animated ecard to wish your loved one/ friend a very happy 50th Birthday.[ Flash ] Golden Era ! Wish your loved one/ family/ bro/ sis/ friend with this cute 50th Birthday ecard.[ Flash ] A Special Birthday Gift ! A warm wish for your dad/ mom on his/ her 50th Birthday.[ Interactive ] Go For Gold ! Great card to celebrate your friend/ near ones 50th Birthday ![ Animated ] Old Is Gold ! Send this heartfelt message to your father/ dad on his 50th Birthday.[ Flash ] Happy 50th Birthday A sweet message for your husband/ spouse/ loved one on his 50th Birthday.[ Flash ][...]

Happy 40th Birthday Flash Greetings


It's your 40th Birthday ! Life has just begun ! Wish your friends/ family/ near and dear ones a wonderful time with these well-animated, loving and cheerful 40th Birthday Flash ecards and make them feel young forever!As Helen Rowland said "Life begins at 40 - but so do fallen arches, rheumatism, faulty eyesight, and the tendency to tell a story to the same person, three or four times.” Happy 40th Birthday ! Send special wishes your friend's/ loved one's way with this animated ecard.[ Interactive ] A Wonderful Life Ahead after 40! A beautiful ecard to make your friend's/ dear one's Birthday special.[ Flash ] 40 Is Double The Fun ! A simple formula to make all your near and dear ones who hit the 40's smile ![ Flash ] Midlife Crisis Is Far Away ! A groovy ecard to boost up the fun in your friend's/ loved one's Birthday.[ Animated ] Strictly Voluntary Birthday! Wish your friend/ colleague who turns 40 with this fun greeting[ Flash ] Over The Hill... A cute 40th birthday ecard to reach out to your friend/ loved one on his/ her special day.[ Flash ] A Special B'day Message... Send this warm birthday wish to your friends/ colleagues/ loved ones.[ Animated ] Happy Stroller Birthday ! A cute n' humorous flash birthday to wish your near n dear ones a happy B'day.[ Flash ][...]

On your 40th Birthday!!


"At fifteen I set my heart on learning; at thirty I took my stand; at forty I came to be free from doubts..." Confucius.

People say life begins at forty!! True, a whole new Life begins at forty if you are well prepared for it. In older times many people approach their fortieth birthday with some apprehension that youth, love and adventure will be left behind. But it isn’t rue any more. Here is a beautiful song to wish all of them who turned forty.


(Jack Yellin / Ted Shapiro)
A Musical Monologue by Sophie Tucker

I've often heard it said and sung
That life is sweetest when you're young
And kids, sixteen to twenty-one
Think they're having all the fun
I disagree, I say it isn't so
And I'm one gal who ought to know
I started young and I'm still going strong
But I've learned as I've gone along.......

That life begins at forty
That's when love and living start to become a gentle art
A woman who's been careful finds that's when she's in her prime
And a good man when he's forty knows just how to take his time

Conservative or sporty, it's not until you're forty
That you learn the how and why and the what and when
In the twenties and the thirties you want your love in large amounts
But after you reach forty, it's the quality that counts

Yes, life begins at forty
And I've just begun to live all over again

You see the sweetest things in life grow sweeter as the years roll on
Like the music from a violin that has been well played upon
And the sweetest smoke is from a mellow, broken and old pipe
And the sweetest tasting peach is one that's mature, round and ripe

In the twenties and the thirties you're just an amateur
But after you reach forty, that's when you become a connoisseur
Then it isn't grab and get it and a straight line for the door
You're not hasty, you're tasty, you enjoy things so much more

For instance, a novice gulps his brandy down, he doesn't understand
Observe a connoisseur, the way he holds it in his hand
How he strokes the glass, fondles it, warms it as he should
Smaks his lips, aahhh, slowly sips, hah, boy, it tastes good

Life begins at forty
Then it isn't hit and run and you find much more fun
You romance a girl of twenty and it costs you all your dough
But when a forty thanks you, she hates to see you go

And girls of twenty, all they want are big men
Big men with strong physiques
I don't say that it's bad
But you do get tired of those damn Greeks

Life begins at forty
And I'm just living all over again

(Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2002)

So let your hair down and party and flaunt your age by wearing these cool tshirts from

30th Birthday Animated Greeting Cards


Its the 30th Birthday. The turbulent teens and twenties are over and now it's time for you to put your first step into the real grown up years ! Wish your friends/ colleagues/ sweetheart/ near and dear ones with these warm, sweet and groovy 30th Birthday Flash cards and Postcards and make the special day unforgettable for them! Let them know your happy returns for the days and also welcome them to the golden years !! Happy 30th Birthday ! An animated 30th Birthday for your friend/ loved one on his/ her special day.[ Animated ] Shooting Higher on Your Birthday ! A sparkling 30th Birthday ecard to wish your near and dear ones a very happy 30th Birthday.[ Flash ] Special Birthday Song For You ! Wish your friend/ loved one on his 30th Birthday with this cute flash birthday ecard.[ Flash ] All The Good Things In Life ! An elegant happy Birthday postcard to wish your friend/ dear one a prosperous and successful life ahead.[ Postcard ] A Friend Who Is Hard To Find ! A well animated ecard for your best pal that's sure to make him/ her smile.[ Flash ] Soar High On 30th Birthay ! A special birthday interactive card d for your friend/ colleague to wish him/ her on this B'day.[ Interactive ] Happy Birthday Honey ! A sweet message for that 'special someone' on his/ her B'day.[ Interactive ] A Special Birthday Number For You Sweetheart ! A groovy 30th Birthday interactive wish to make your sweetheart feel extra special.[ Interactive ][...]

30th Birthday has a New Meaning Today


Today the 30th birthday seems to be more significant than the traditional 40th, according to Marita Wesely-Clough, Hallmark trends expert. The 30th birthday seems to mean passing into adulthood, perhaps in the way that 21st birthday may have in the past.

"In their 20s, people can get away with behaviors, attitudes and interests that may be less acceptable in their 30s," she says.

As people wait longer to marry, stay in school longer, move back in with mom and dad, divorce early and become a "young single" again, the 20s may be a period of prolonged adolescence.

It seems that the step from 29 to 30 is especially jarring as it signals the beginning of the path to getting older. With the emphasis on youth, 30 is the doorway to adulthood, a new maturity level. Thirty may signal both self-imposed and societal expectations.

For some, the transition may be a relief.

"Turning 30 is a big deal among my circle of friends," says Sarah Bearley, editorial director for Shoebox cards, who recently celebrated her 30th birthday. "It really is the new official 'I'm-an-adult' milestone. I've heard several of my friends say what a relief it is to leave the 'crazy 20s' behind. There's something very liberating about being 30."

As women are marrying older, that "not married" trigger seems to go off at 30, according to Wesely-Clough, rather than at 25, the current median age for marriage.

As a Shoebox 30th birthday card says: 30 isn't so bad. Lots of people would love to be 30… Especially the ones who are 40!

While there may be more celebrating of the 30th birthday because of what it is, there seems to be more interest in general in celebrating or getting together – doing it now.

As a society we've been forced to realize that time is short, and there is an urgency – a push to "make hay while the sun shines," take a stab at something, call up someone, make it a point to get together, send a card, tell someone you love them, go somewhere you've never been – all things that in the past might have been put off, according to Wesely-Clough. Before 9/11/01, we thought that tomorrow would always be there.

Now people look for a reason to get together – even when there is no reason. Of course, a birthday is a natural opportunity to grab, and the 30th is an opportunity that cannot be passed up, especially with the focus on friends and connections of young professionals moving toward 30.

"We're seeing that people are more overt, more open in their reasons, stronger in their desire to get together," says Wesely-Clough. "Gathering brings feelings of safety, support, pleasure. Gathering reinforces, deepens close relationships, and increases the possibility of acquaintances becoming closer. Gathering opens the door for more authentic ways of being together.

"Thirty is the age at which a person realizes that time is limited, that the clock is ticking. In youth, the perception is that 'all things are possible,' but 30 signals a new realization."


Gifts for the 21st Birthday Girl!!


Picking up the right birthday gift for your 21year old Birthday girl is gonna be fun now. Here are some exciting gift ideas that I found here. Take a look and pick the one that suits the personality and your relationship with the new adult!!Personalized Ceramic Shot glassThe unique ceramic personalized shot glasses have a full color image and can be fully personalized! They are 2.5 in tall and 2 inches in diameter and are dishwasher safe. Perfect for the 21st birthday!!Hangover from hellWhether you danced 'til dawn or drank the bar dry, this cooling eye mask soothes tired eyes and eases a throbbing head, leaving you feeling fresh, fantastic and ready for the day ahead. Heaven when you're feeling like hell.Warhol style artwork for your photoGive a unique personalized gift. Imagine your favorite photo in this Warhol style artwork by our professional artists!Ultimate Cosmopolitan Cocktail Gift SetThe Cosmopolitan cocktail kit is a party in a box...packed full of fixin's for the perfect Cosmopolitan. The kit arrives in a chic black box, surrounded by colorful color coordinated confetti shred.Shoot for the moon braceletThis Swarovski crystal and silver bracelet is a perfect gift of encouragement. Celebrate a 21st birthday celebration with the Shoot for the Moon Bracelet. With moon charm.A unique birthday gift she will love! A one-of-a-kind caricature in ANY situation you describe. Simply send/upload a photo & describe a scene and BRING YOUR IDEAS TO LIFE![...]

21st Birthday Party Food Ideas


21st birthday party food ideas Sophisticated and fun party food – ideally, spiked with alcohol – is just right for this important milestone. And no, we’re not talking about gelatin shots. For a non-alcoholic twist on this theme, serve soup in shot glasses and dips or nuts in martini glasses. Featured Birthday Party Recipes from Truffled Red Wine Risotto with Parmesan Broth Beef and Dark Beer Chili Spiked Watermelon Salad 21st birthday party drinks Long Island Iced Tea • 1 part tequila • 1 part rum • 1 part gin • 1 part vodka • 1 part triple sec • 1 part sour mix • cola, amount depends on number of servings • lemon wedges, for garnish Mix together alcohol and sour mix in a pitcher. Pour into glasses. Add a splash of cola to each, and garnish with lemon wedge. Non-Alcoholic – Root beer and Shirley Temples.[...]

21st Birthday Greeting Cards


21 at last. 21 forever! This is the birthday everybody looks forward to…and some can barely remember afterwards. Celebrate your independence with these great birthday cards for a 21st birthday party. Send these cool twenty first birthday ecards to your friends or peers who have just turned 21 Hey You Are 21 ! A fun card to wish your son/ daughter/ friend on his/ her Birthday.[ Interactive ] A Wonderful Wish ! An elegant ecard that's gonna make your loved one's Birthday extra special.[ Animated ] A Coming-Of-Age Mocktail ! A well animated wish for someone special who has just turned 21.[ Interactive ] High On Fun ! A funny ecard for your son/ daughter/ friend/ loved one on his/ her big day.[ Animated ] Happy 21st Birthday ! An interactive ecard for your son/ daughter/ friend/ loved one on his/ her special day.[ Interactive ] Your Own ID ! A fun wish for your child/ sibling/ dear one on his/ her 21st Birthday.[ Interactive ]Turning 21 marks the time when we can legally drink in the US, so choose decorations related to alcohol, from funky swizzle sticks to novelty glassware. Get tacky shot glasses (or ask guests to bring their own) and line up on your bar as a decoration perfect for this birthday rite of passage.For a unique twist, buy shot glasses made out of chocolate, or make your own in small blocks of ice for the ultimate cold drink.For variations on this idea, go simple with a martini party theme, or do it up big with a tiki party. Bonus points for creating a retro-cool tiki bar where you can whip up all sorts of potent potables. chocolate shot glasses set of 12 drink spots - martini madness martini mountain game[...]

18th Birthday Gift Ideas!!


(image) Someone really close to you is about to step into adulthood. But you are still undecided about the gift. Well, time to belt up and enjoy the joyride down this wonderful alley strewn with the best and the most amazing birthday gift ideas that will make that jewel of a smile sparkle on the 18 year olds face.

Here are some amazing gift ideas for the new adult that I could find today. You can just peep in and pick up the ones that you feel the best.

I was looking out for some cool birthday supplies for the milestone birthdays. This is the one that delighted me the most!! Awesome supplies. Check it out. If you have some cool birthday party themes on your mind do share them. I would love to hear them from you!!

18th Birthday Flash Ecards


Do you Know someone who's just turned 18 ? Spice up their eighteenth Birthday celebrations and wish your friends/ loved ones a great 18th Birthday ball of a time with one of these Flash loving and cheerful Birthday ecards and make them feel the greatest Birthday bash of all times . Welcome them to the legal age for voting, driving and all the fun that awaits them after they turn eighteen. Happy 18th Birthday ! A special 18th Birthday Wish for everyone you know.[ Interactive ] Celebrate Your Adulthood ! A cute way of wishing your son/ daughter/ cuz/ loved one welcome them to their 18th Birthday.[ Flash ] 'Rapped' Something Jus' For Ya ! A gr8 card for your friends/ near and dear ones on their 18th Birthday.[ Flash ] 18 Already ! A funny birthday ecard to wish your dear ones a happy 18th Birthday.[ Flash ] From Mom With Love ! A warm greeting for your darling daughter on her 18th B'day.[ Flash ] An Account For All Time Fun ! A special b'day gift for your loved one/ kid on his/ her B'day.[ Interactive ] Vote For A Non-Stop Party ! An animated birthday wish for your friend who turned 18.[ Flash ] A Wish Big On Love ! This ecard's sure to make your son LOL on his B'day.[ Flash ] [...]

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Themes!!


While there’s no rule that says Sweet 16 parties must have a theme, choosing one definitely sets the tone for your event. Whether simple or elaborate, themes give you a starting point to use for selecting your invitations, decorations, food , and party favors.Masquerade BallFor coed “Sweet 16” parties, a masquerade ball can be a wonderful theme. Ask your guests to come dressed in formal attire; girls can wear their old prom dresses and guys can either rent tuxes or come dressed in a nice suit. Have your guests decorate eye masks with feathers, foam stickers, glitter, and sequins. Decorate with white lights, candles, and an assortment of fresh flowers. Play a selection of your favorite dance music to set the mood. For food, serve either a formal dinner or an elegant buffet that includes fresh fruit with a chocolate fountain.Hawaiian Pool PartyFor Sweet 16 parties with style, nothing beats a fun Hawaiian theme! Ask your guests to wear Hawaiian shirts, hula skirts, and bathing suits. Decorate the pool area with tiki lights and fake palm trees. For party favors, distribute flower leis as your guests arrive. When it’s time to eat, treat your guests to a buffet that includes tropical fruit smoothies, macadamia nuts, and pineapple upside-down cake.A Day at the SpaFor a party that just includes your female friends, spend the day at a spa to celebrate your sixteenth birthday. If you don’t live near a spa, or simply want to save some money, you can modify this idea to create a mini-spa experience at your own home. Purchase foot scrubs, body lotions, nail files, pumice stones, nail polish, face masks, and other pampering beauty supplies to take turns giving your friends manicures, pedicures, and facials. Serve mini sandwiches, an assortment of fresh fruit or vegetables, and sparkling water to drink.Glamour ShotsAnother fun “girls only” idea for your sixteenth birthday celebration involves taking your closest friends to a Glamour Shots photography session. You’ll enjoy a memorable afternoon with your friends and take home some cherished keepsakes. If you don’t have a Glamour Shots location near you, ask your friends to bring their own selection of costumes to your home. Give each other makeovers and have a relative with a digital camera take your photos.My Super Sweet 16As you’re planning your Sweet 16 party, try to keep the event in perspective. While it’s certainly an occasion worth celebrating, Sweet 16 parties shouldn’t be as elaborate as a wedding.For examples of what not to do when planning your birthday celebration, check out the MTV reality show My Super Sweet 16. The wealthy teens featured on this television program have been widely criticized for their extravagance and self-centered behavior.Keep checking back for more on milestone birthdays!![...]

Milestone Birthdays:16th Birthday Cards


Sweet 16... Dreams come true, a driver's license, some cool fun, dating and so much more... A 16th Birthday means a lot of sweet things ! So take your pick from these cute, fun, warm and sweet '16th Birthday' ecards and wish your friends/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ family/ bro/ sis/ loved one turning sixteen a great time on their Big day ! Sweet Wishes... A cute message for your li'l one on his/ her special day.[ Flash ] Have A Rockin' 16th Birthday ! Wish your loved one/ son/ daughter/ friend on his/ her big day.[ Flash ] Licensed For Fun ! Wish your son/ grandson/ bro/ nephew/ loved one a zooming time on his B'day ![ Flash ] Sweet Surprise ! A fun-filled wish for your friend/ dear one who's turned 16.[ Flash ] Get Set And Go ! Wish your son/ grandson/ bro/ nephew/ dear one a super smashing 16th B'day ![ Interactive ] Sweet 16 ! Cute card for your daughter/ sis/ cousin/ niece/ loved one.[ Flash ] A Date Planner ! A birthday wish that's sure to delight your daughter/ grandchild/ sis/ niece/ dear one ![ Interactive ] You Are The Sweetest ! A beautiful birthday wish for your son/ daughter/ grandchild/ friend who's stepping into the sweet sixteen.[ Flash ] [...]

16th Birthday Gift Ideas


16th Birthday Gifts A birthday gift should be one, which can speak about all the love you have for the person concerned. It should not be such that the birthday boy or girl just keeps them in a corner and never again looks at them also. All the birthday gifts are special but the 16th birthday gift is always special, especially when it comes from a loved one.So if you are thinking of buying a birthday gift for your near and dear one then you need to be extra careful while choosing the perfect birthday gift for him or her so that you don’t make any mistakes.Here are some of good 16th birthday gift ideas from which you can select the birthday gift for your loved one.BraceletsBracelets have always remained a favorite among teenagers. They just love to wear all kinds of bracelets on their wrists and then flaunt them. So what better birthday gift than a 16th birthday bracelet for your 16 year old. You can find bracelets in different shapes, colors and sizes for both boys and girls in the market. This keepsake jewelry will be cherished for years to come and will surely make a great 16th birthday gift.Teen JournalThis can be a great 16th birthday gift idea. We all know that the teen years are full of fun, laughter, friends, music, movies and fashion. At the same time these teen years can also be the most difficult years in a person’s life. By gifting this journal you can help your 16 year old to cultivate a habit of writing down his problems and then trying to find solutions for his problems. They can also use this journal to write about their ups and downs.Zodiac NecklaceThe best gift for a teenager can be found by thinking on the lines they will think on. A teenager would always like to wear accessory so that he can give a cool look to himself. So if you want to gift him a birthday gift, which will be according to his taste then, the best 16th birthday gift for him would be the zodiac necklace according to his zodiac. This necklace has a charm attached to it, which on its one side has the picture and the name of the zodiac sign, and the other side has a quality trait attached to that particular zodiac sign.[...]