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Published: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 19:14:58 +0000

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Bush on Vacation in New Orleans
President George Bush and his father, the former president, share with us their fishing vacation photos of a recent trip to New Orleans. They commented, "The weather's great, but the secret service kept having to shoot the people we stole the fish from.

Corporate Kommmode!
Two story employee outhouse

Feed my Cars!
Funny cartoon of man begging for money on street corner to feeed his wife and put gas in his two cars

Man with vagina, Woman with penis...
Here are two lists of what it would be like if woman had penises and men had vaginas.

Visit Alabama!
Alabama, er Alabamer - now we's got more teeth! Visit the rednecks of Alabamer today!

Snap, Crackle, Threesome!
A funny advertisement of Rice Crispie's Snap, Crackle and Pop characters immortalizing the Threesome here in a bowl of cereal. Each is adourned with a joint of marijuana at the time.

Gay Trees
The apparent sexuality of the trees and it's related branches may just be slightly gay.

Redneck Transportation Advances
Here we have two examples of how the advances of the modern age have affected transportation for rednecks: The Redneck SUV and Redneck Airlines.

Death in the Blonde's Family
A blonde gets a tragic telephone call about a death in her family. It's compounded by her sister's terrible bad news...

Here's two guys pulling a wide screen television apart. On the screen seems to be a beautiful women? Will she be split in two along with the TV?

I Love Midgets!
Midgets dressed up in a rock band or two and playing sports. Don't we all love the little people?

Bush Reads Upside-down
President Bush took some time out to read to the kids. Apparently they had to help him out with the big words though, notice his book is upside down.

Bong Recreation Area
Travelling can get tiresome, boring and mundane. Toke it up at the Bong Recreation area, where you can get your dose of marijuana, mary jane, or skunk right off the highway. This highway sign shows the way to the right rest area.

Bastard Brand Condoms
New from Trojhan, Bastard brand condoms. Leave the ex a gift that keeps on giving, a bastard child - there's a hole in every one!

President Bush's iPod
President Bush shares his iPod playlist with us in this picture. I wonder if he paid for his music downloads at iTunes or did he do some illegal file sharing?

Toll Booth War
Competition on the road is a daily occurance. Racing to get to the toll booth can have it's consequences. Check out these two cars who squeezed into a tight fit in the toll lane.

Michael Jackson Jokes
Here's a large collection of funny Michael Jackson jokes for your amusement.

Patriotic Pup
This patriotic dog is proud to show his flag and a uniform to boot! An adorable picture of a puppy in a helmet and uniform in front of the U.S. flag.

Traffic Ticket Dispute
Apparently a baby was caught going over 900 miles an hour in a stolen car on his actual birthday. He had to dispute the traffic ticket years later, read the letters and see what happens here...

Stud Service
A business card for a man running a stud service, complete with a price list on the back.

Trick or Treat Dog
Meet the Trick or Treat Dog sitting in his pumpkin. He's perfect to send to your friends around Halloween to make them smile.

Wacky Building
Check out this wacky building, called the Strata Center. The architect definately had a wierd sense of humor because this place looks like it's falling down.

Perks of Being Over 50
Here we can read about the perks of being over 50 years old. It ain't that bad is it?

Capitalism and Cows
Here's a great and amusing way to explain capitalism around the world using cows.

Golf and Funerals
Great joke about a man playing golf who sees a funeral procession pass by.

Home Ownership
Apparently the government thinks it has been here forever and we need permission from god to get a loan from the FHA. See how this New Orleans lawyer was treated and how he handled the issue.

Headless Man
It looks like this guy lost it. His head that is. It lies next to him in the sand in this picture. Actually it's probably his buddy buried next to him as the head, or is it?

Dear Friend?
Show your adoration for your fucking friends with this fucking letter letting them know exactly what the fuck you feel about them. A letter to a friend titled Dear Fucker.

Canada Day Bikini Wax
Celebrate Canada Day with a special for the w omen! Wax your beaver bikini wax for only 20 dollars.

Vegetable Sex
Vegatbles fornicating? This is a photo of various vegetables getting their groove on, having sex, reproducing however they do it.

Cats are Dumb
A cat isn't always the smartest of animals. In this picture we see proof that the cat is dumb as it goes up against an eagle.

Old And Alone
Human kindness is a wonderful thing. Giving a gift to someone in need can bring them so much pleasure. Who knew it could be so funny!

Situations Hallmark Does Not Cover
A card for every situation, thats what Hallmark the greeting card company is supposed to provide us. Here's a list of funny greeting card moments they don't make cards for....yet.

Price of Gas
The price of gas is high and rising often nowadays. Compared to the price of other products we use regularly it's still cheap.

Bend Over and Pump
Gas prices are on the rise again. It's nice to see the major oil companies are finally all agreeing about their gasoline prices. Bend Over and take it before you pump!

Marijuana, at least it's not crack. Here's a poster for all those potheads out there, suitable for framing. Just say no...

Felatio Study
Ever wanted to get in on a research study? Men. here's your chance. The university needs men who want head.

Absolut Hunk
Here's another Absolut Vodka parody advertisement featuring a hot sexy guy wearing nothing but a vodka bottle to cover himself.

DVD Rewinder
An excellent gift for any blondes you know. Yes, now available at a store near you - the DVD rewinder, so you can quickly rewind all those DVD disks before you return them to Blockbuster.

Signs of Fatherhood
A guy riding his bike didn't read the traffic signs like he should have. Here's his story of fatherhood told with signs.