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Shout to Neutrino 3.1
16.5.2007 Shout To Neutrino Version 3.1 Full screen modus enabled again. Language files added (France,Greek,Polish,Turkey)

Shout to Neutrino 3.0
05.05.2007 Shout To Neutrino Version 3.0 Hopefully all bugs fixed of beta version. Fixed the missing language support for popups, see language xml files. 29.4.07 Shout To Neutrino Version 3.0 beta Beta version with new feature. Triple Dragon is now full incuded. You need actual image from 05-02-2007. You need the path /var/share/shoutcast on yout Triple dragon. You need to check the checkbox for "Triple Dragon" in setup section of the tool and you have to enter the path above. That´s all. Download:

Shout to Neutrino 2.4
03.04.2007 Shout To Neutrino Version 2.4 Little redesign and language option added. To add you own language have a look at the two language-xx.xml files in installation directory of the application. Only edit the label-section and only the values between the Example: Alles auswählen

Shout to Neutrino 2.3 UPDATE
21.2.2007 Shout To Neutrino Version 2.3 Nach drei Jahren hat doch tatsächlich Shoutcast am Code der Webpage gefummelt. Fix.

Fritzmaiers Editor - Update
neu in Vers. 3.5: Support für Kabelservices

Fritzmaiers Editor - Update
Version 3.4 online: neu: Export ins DVB2000-Format (für Dbox1)

SimpleGrab 0.42
Ab sofort online! 2 Bug-Fixes, 1 neues Feature! Viel Spaß damit! Steran

SimpleGrab 0.40
ab jetzt "downloadbar" ;-)

Fritzmaiers Editor - Update
Version 3.3 patch: Lesen der SR bei lyngsat

SimpleGrab 0.39
Version 0.39 ist soeben online gegangen. u.a. wurde die Möglichkeit eines manuellen Grab-Vorgangs und die Gestaltung der Ausgabedatei geadded.