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Preview: Tim Oren's Due Diligence

Tim Oren's Due Diligence

Letters from an inhabited dataspace

Published: 2011-03-28T14:20:58-07:00


A Family History Interlude


Back in the mid-90s I self-published a book "Dearest Sattie: Civil War Letters of Capt. Charles Oren, 5th USCT", which as you might suspect from the title is the war correspondence of an ancestor, who was an officer of black...

Go Vote!


If you don't vote, you can't complain. People died for that right, use it!



(Spoiler alert!) Thanks to the good folks at Cubachi, I found out about PBS' scheduled airing of the BBC's reinterpretation of Conan Doyle's great detective, Sherlock Holmes, just in time to catch its first West Coast showing. I was quite...

Seeing Apple Through Different Eyes


(Based on an e-mail to a friend, that I decided should be a post.) Have you ever had one of those moments, when a chance encounter with a voice from the past causes you to see a chunk of your...

Transaction Costs and Feeping Creaturism


Is the a reason for adding new functionality to a perfectly good app (or website), other than providing something for marketing to tweet or write press releases about? As it turns out, yes, and it hinges on the economic concept...

Do You AOLhoo?


Last year I speculated whether AOL and Yahoo might fit together after they had morphed into low-rent content shops. Seems I'm not the only one thinking that way, as AOL and a couple of private equity firms are reported to...

Driving With Google's Bots


Back in the spring, driving home at dusk along 280, I noticed a Prius up ahead with a curious spinning truncated cone on its roof. From my experiences at the DARPA Urban Challenge I knew I was looking at a...

Magic Buys Metaphor: What Will Google Do With BumpTop?


Back in 2007, I took note of the BumpTop animated desktop replacement interface, which takes advantage of modern machines' 3D graphics capabilities to provide an even more realistic interpretation of manipulating information. I contrasted BumpTop's literal interface to a more...

Bayes Theorem Tutorial in Graphics


Here's a nicely done introduction to Bayesian reasoning, for those more inclined to visual learning versus formulas. I'm going to steal this approach next time I have to explain it to a non-engineer. As a bonus, it includes a clear...

Congratulations to SpaceX!


For a successful launch to orbit, on the first try, of their Falcon9 clustered engine vehicle. YouTube'd here. (Unofficial video, with background sound and buffer jumps. Will link to official vid when available.) Update: here's the official SpaceX video page.

Review: Joel Kotkin's "The Next Hundred Million"


(This blog has been suffering its usual fate during California's spring. Neglect, that is. I've been out putting some miles on my hiking boots, thereby completing my rehab from getting the metal out of my leg. I'll try to unload...

This Is Your Economy On Government


Here is the effect of the taxpayer-funded 'Cash for Clunkers' program on auto sales. Given this, what estimate would you make of the effect of the taxpayer-funded 'First Time Homebuyer' credit program? Check your answer here. Any questions? (Hat tip:...

The Roving Eye: Clamatology, A Bio-Garage In Silicon Valley, Mickey The Crony Capitalist


I checked, it's not April 1st. This report on a use of prehistoric mollusk shells to estimate temperatures appears to be genuine. With a worldwide sample size of 26 such shells, it's not going to change science overnight, but it...

Startup Helps MSM Sites Become SEO Spammers


How often do you find a cross-over story about three notable Left Coast industries: venture capital, media, and -- err -- sex? It seems that noted San Francisco sex writer Violet Blue did some checking on what the SF Chron...

Could California Borrow This Guy II


Chris Christie of New Jersey: You know, at some point there has to be parity. There has to be parity between what is happening in the real world, and what is happening in the public sector world. The money does...