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a Multimedia guy

The Multimedia Adventures of a Man..., now has a voice of trials and tribulations, as he quests for production and publishing freedom, and his own business.

Updated: 2015-09-16T23:49:53.030-06:00


Long time in the field...


Long time in the field, trying to reach my dreams... Ya, its been literally months since I last wrote anything But Listen... I am fine. But, I don't think many folks were concerned! ;o) Work.. I've been working, and the newest updates are (fantastic): The biggest thing is the new VPS - Cool. - Syndicate your content - My Webfeed Submitter, that is Organising, Optimising, and

Ever wonder...


Ever wonder, how you can run a fairly sucessful web site, helping - Oh - 10, 20, 30, 40 or more thousand people a month; With your articles, and content - And people will ask you for help - Like your the modern day saint. Maybe a person or ten will want you to go to there house, and teach them video editing? Or if you can add special effects to their movie. Folks will ask you for legal advice

The past...


About 15 years ago, I met this girl. You know, I fell in love with her - But at that time, I had alot going on in my life. I still think I love that girl, I met in 1989. A month ago, I think I ran into her, working at place I used to work at, for many years. Now, I am not sure, her name was different, but too, I also changed my name years and years ago. So, that could be meaningless - really.

1: Multimedia Results


Been a while since I added to my blog - Been coding various media/multimedia services. www The first, was my Link to me to cash in - Part of the problem, was I moved it so it operated seperatly then the main site. So later on, I can simply move it to another machine without much problem. Ah - except bugs. I am pretty sure I have it all cleaned out now. My addition to my associates/link to me - 25 Free .info Domains

2004-09-10T00:26:26.823-06:00 is giving away 25 free .info domains for 1 year - For A Limited Time... If someone wants to donate one to me, with a nameserver - I would like either one of these: Static IP: Runs a Mail Server, and a Webserver. just email me if someone actually gets it for me...

What Does Multimedia Entail?


People might wonder why, I think this multimedia thing is so important? Well, it is becouse Multimedia is about utilizing multiple media formats. to communicate something - An Idea, A Myth, A Story, An Opinion. Whatever a person wants to communicate, it is always best understood with multiple medias combined in one flawless presentation. Most Folks combine Audio/Visual formats, into one static

My Recommendation to Traffic, SEO, and Internet Experts


I recommend experts of all abilities to please... Talk in terms of 'Visitors' - Not 'Hits', and Not 'Page Views', when discussing Site Traffic. Note: Sometimes Hits are actually Page Accessess (UK). Yes, The numbers will be reduced, and the stats will not sound so extraordinary. For example: My current 23 day stats (becouse I have 7 days left, to make it 30 day stats): Hits: 69,339 Page

Storms, Bombs, Hostages, Strikes, and Terror


Read the news lately? My god, what a diaster filled, economic breaking, storm developing, atom smashing world view we have today. Google News Canada I agree with Islam that women are sacred, since women have the closest fundemental concept of God - that being creation, birth of children. I have not read the news for a while, but what I have read today, is absurd. Human relations, sucked down

My super slow website


I have to say I am sorry, becouse my web site is so slow. But please, I am trying the best I can, to speed it up - All it needs is a new web server and a T1 line. Start Here for the Multimedia Adventures Of A Man... - Internet Media Authoring for Home, School, or Business Yes, I run my web site completely at home, i have one server right now, but I also have two other machines that I want to



Tonight Is One of those nights, where a little happening, makes you ponder the world, to get lost in thought - Like I do a lot. Ponder life, and all the nooks and crannies, the cracks, and stairways, and the locked doors. What happened to bring to this? Well, I've been happy doing what I love, liiving life fairly freely, and under my own terms - Sort of. I went to the store to get some juice,

Link to my Site - and - Make some Money


I started my first servce - It is rather interesting, and has what I consider to be, a large amount of potentiol - Becouse, it is the person linking, who makes full commissions - through thier affiliate program ID, of Various High Paying Affiliate Programs! The person would be stupid to not sign up, and put a special link, in various places - Truth be Known - These, Mostly Pay Per click

10 days to a Grand - Day 10


Day Ten, the last day. The Challenge Is done. I never got close to the 1,000 visitors a day that I planned - But to, I never got finished the code I was doing, for extra visitor power: "The Cash In on Linking to my site", is so you can Make Money by Linking to me. Its almost finished, just need to write some new code. I hope it flies, becouse it is not every day that you can grab a link, and

10 to a 1000 Vistors - Day 8


Day 8, of the 10 days to a thousand visitor challenge. I am failing - My visitors only went up a 100. So, a recap: On aug. 17 I began a quest, to achieve 1000 visitors a day in ten days - From 100 visitors to 1000 visitors. From the log on that post, I was only recieiving 103 visitors per day, on average. On this day, the screen shot I took only a few minutes ago, I am only recieving +100

And the 10 days to a 1000, challenge begins


A change of plan... I was going to post site stats, every day for ten days - as it would have documented my challenge nicely. But, I got into doing other things; And, well... This is Regarding the 100 to a thousand, Quest for visitors challenge - The Post that documents the challenge, is 10 days to a 1000 - Vistor Challenge. That post has all the Information about it.

Quest for Visitors - The challenge... 10 days to a thousand


A friend of mine, recently mailed to his list, stating I got 10,000 visitors per day. I never, ever said 10,000 per day, but, it was a mistake. It seemed to me like a little challenge was offered, becouse I gather he is the one getting 10,000 hits a day. And well, probally just mixed up zeros. I thought it was a huge deal, I was getting ready to bitch at him "hey! thats not true - I said per

The third traffic generator - recap


The third traffic gereator, I neglected to mention in my last entry, was What is interesting about, is it is automated, the pages automaticly change every 24 secons or so, and ou automaticly get credited one point, for each site you view. The automation seemingly last about 15 minutes, and then quits. You can generate traffic to your site, while reading

Website Promotion Tools


When I put my website Live, about 5 months ago, I tried various traffic generators, and Banner Ad Networks. I decide those were a complete waste of time, so I dropped the services. A few months after that, that site, which I was running on my home network, got cut off, by my ADSL provider. I was shocked, and yadda yadda. The site itself is back up, and I have a new found respect. I seemingly

Software Downloads At Free Software Website


This is my third Installment, on Monetizing your Blog. This session will deal with Free Software. I have two affiliate programs for you to add to your Blog, or web site; Each program is off varying interests, and from a customer prosepctive, both programs - are very valuable - In terms of saving time, and providing content. A person whom is using a blog as a form of Marketing, and Advertising



Since I am on the topic of Internet Marketing for Blogs, I need to mention one Business Oppertunity, and Affiliate Marketing Oppertunity, and well, actually, A Founders Oppertunity as well. All those oppertunities are rolled into one, free to join, online community, called Co-0pWorld. First, let me attempt to explain why this Co-0pWorld global community and search locally, oppertunity is Internet Viral AdNetwork


I noticed a while back, a couple of blog post about making money with your blog. Ultimately, the consensus of the blog posts I personally read, were: Google Adwords: Display Google AdWords Amazon Books: Display Ads for books as they relate to the content of your blog. Of course, today - Actually a few minutes ago, I ran into a post on a marketing forumn - About a new advertising

About absinthe in New Orleans


Absinthe, an old alcoholic drink, made by distilling Wormwood, in Vodka, or Everclear varients - as well as flavouring agents; Anis, for example. Interesting history: About absinthe in New Orleans I was always interested in visiting, or living in New Orleans - The food, the drink, the Mardi Gras, and the old French Quarter. I found out about Absinthe, about 4 months ago, while watching Rant TV

Not Every One is a Scammer?


"Dear Friend" Have you ever heard that before? Everytime I hear that, I think "man...What BS" I have a few things to say, about Internet Marketing. These IM suckers, protect each OTHER - And they have the nerve to, Complain about being put into the same group of SCAMMERs. There is something wrong with that - I have to to see one IM list names, on thier web site, about... The Group THEY

Exciting times, once again


In the months of December and November 2003, I got this idea for a website. I began to develop it back, but only now is the site starting to come togther. I figured I was so smart, that I could start the site for free, minus the funds I would be paying already. So I hosted the site on my home system, through an adsl link, after 5 or so months, the adsl company decided to block all web services.

The first blog message


Isn't this interesting, Here I am un-decided about what my blog should be about, Or should it simply be about anything and everything I always thought blogging was over rated, especially in terms of me actually doing it. Though I wanted to try blogging for a while, I always felt the blogger world would do better if a person with some journalistic skills would take my place. That might be me, in