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Updated: 2008-07-18T12:14:08+08:00


Nokia E71: First Impression Review


yes, it is RM1,950. Ii tested the e71 yesterday at KLCC.. it's so nice --- i love it. it's the 'ferrari' of nokia running at 396Mhz 110MB internal memory -- package include 2G mini-SD card, the camera is 3.2Megapixel. yes, this one has 2 camera one for 3G video call and the rear camera has LCD flash! physically the unit is steady - good built in -- less plasticky and real estate area has been reduced compared to e61i design to make it both one-hand and two-hand operable. 3g+3.5g+quadband+wifi connectivity really kick iPhone in the rear. steve jobs can make fun of earlier e61 slower speed, but this one will make them reinvent iPhone! Nokia truly listens to e-series fan by increasing e71 multimedia capabilities!!! enterprise users want some entertainment too!!! it is bluetooth 2.0 so u can use a2dpd and they finally getting rid of their proprietary connection to 2.5mm RCA earphones!!!!!! the unit also comes with GPS built in! and have the Google Map pre-installed. e71 drops Blackberry as their Mail for Exchange is getting better to manage multiple e-mail accounts. Symbian S60 3rd Edition is the force to be reckoned with in this saturated hardware-driven smartphone market. What will stand out is the platform that is open for developers. iPhone development kit has just been released - so it's pretty immature. Google Android keeps getting delayed. MS Mobile 6.0 is pretty much imitating iPhone on the touchscreen part. hehe -- although i am crazy about this phone, I will have to be rational on timing to buy this phone as my e61i still not one year old!

Response to Sheih's Posting: Pariah Leadership and Death of an Economy


My response to Sheih's posting: Sheih on Sheih: Pariah Leadership and Death of an Economy Dear Sheih; at global consumption rate of 1,000 barrel per second (read: Peter Tertzakian - A Thousand Barrels A Second, The coming oil break point and the challenges facing an energy dependent world.) there has to be change of lifestyle. instead of using carbon fuel for burning to power up our car, these molecules can be used as feedstocks to produce new innovative materials that add more value to the economy. i’m a believer in hybrid and introduction of energy efficient cars. yes, natural gas is cleaner than oil, but keep in mind whatever price you are getting at pump station is highly subsidized! have you ever wonder why shell, bp, caltex, or esso do not retail natural gas? first building pipelines to gas station is expensive and secondly, transporting natural gas via trucks is highly dangerous! back to government. it’s scary this administration taking the easy way out by cutting spending which only trickle down to contraction in allocation for research in renewable energy for example. or perhaps the recent cut in higher institution budget that can only means less money for research grants! another disappointment in the measure to cut down subsidy is the failure of government to spell out in details what they will be doing with the savings. what exactly are they going to do to improve the public transport system? how are they going to improve human capital investment to produce more innovators? what sort of long term plan they have in place to solve food supply (esp. rice) shortage in the future? are we opting for nuclear or wind farms or methanol for new source of energy to power up our increasingly reliance on private ownership of automobiles. if brazil has successly introduced biofuel based on ethanol, we could do it here as well. it’s a matter of intention which mechanism will follow through!

Kuala Lumpur's Public Outcry or Social Commentary or Street Vandalism?


I had a great city excursion today with two good friends. It is true when they say that it is not what or where or when, it is about who you are with that matters for they bring different context and fresh perspectives of seeing things. And today, I don't want to 'steal' the creativity of these graffiti artists with some intelligent messages, but I would like to present you how this city of ours, Kuala Lumpur is getting interesting be it for the good or bad of it. Long live freedom of expression! Anyway, this is my first posting in Blog It, a Facebook application developed by Six Apart, my blogging service provider. Damn cool! You can be on Twitter or Movable Type or Blogger and be able to publish once from Facebook and goes to your blogging system without double entry work. Anyway, you will notice DSA (Defense Service Asia) in a couple of the photos here. Read more about it here: Talking about arms made me relate my mind to the cab driver who took me to Mutiara Damansara earlier. The cab driver who has just started driving cab in KL is a retired army. He was telling me it is no longer attractive to join the armed forces these days as the polices are "GETTING" more money and can give relatively better live upon retirement compared to retired army who have to drive cabs for example or as my good friend mentioned some become security guards, earning less than 400 a month! It is really is Kuala Lumpur public outcry! Damn the system!

Wisdoms from Special Library Conference 2008 (SLib 2008)


Great people talk about ideas, Average people talk about things, Little people talk about other people. - Puan Siti Zakiah Aman, Ex-Director General of National Library (Malaysia)

Great people talk about ideas,

Average people talk about things,

Little people talk about other people.


- Puan Siti Zakiah Aman, Ex-Director General of National Library (Malaysia)

KL Bird Park Series 1: Love Is All Around


Eye on Malaysia


Photos of Eye on Malaysia on the night of Dec. 30th 2007. Go to for the full set. Wikipedia Entry:

Living la vida New York a-la Kuala Lumpur (KL).


A good lady colleague of mine thought her time is running up on her dream of living in New York before hitting 30. Calm down, lady, you don't have to be in New York to live the lifestyle but there are still things that you have to be there. Just pray harder that you’ll get your job opportunity there or that you’d strike your green card lottery one of these days. The daily commute on the light train transit from Taman Bahagia is like commuting from Queens to Manhattan. It feels like mayor Bloomberg who commutes daily on the subway. Hehe, do you think the KL mayor would do the same thing? If you fancy jog or walk at the KLCC Park, it's like going to Central Park, the city's green lung of otherwise jungle concrete. The fact that this lady friend lives in the golden triangle is like she’s living on Fifth Avenue! The Tiffany store right on the first floor of Suria KLCC and if you are up for subs, Subways is down in the basement of Avenue K and get ready to be greeted by this Chinese auntie and uncle whom I think run it. Too bad, the time square on Bukit Bintang which a good friend termed it like a glorified IOI Mall in Puchong doesn't do good justice to its famed New York's Time Square. The KL Sentral feels like the Grand Central Station. Oh! There'll be mall there soon at KL Sentral! The New Yorker albeit being late to hit the shelf in Kinokuniya only lags about a week or two editions. Otherwise, Hitchen’s rants, or Dunne’s sensational gossip, and Leibovitz’s amazing photographs on Vanity Fair takes you to the going-ons in new york to west coast and across the Atlantic to London and greater Europe within few pages. Oh wow, still can't get the real four seasons here in this humid tropical. Ironically, the Gap or Gant or the Hong Kee's G2000 here stock up based on fall, autumn, summer, and winter collection. Go figure! The missing link here are the likes of artist like Julian Schnabel or the Wolfgang Puck’s of culinary delight or perhaps the glimpse or the chances to bump into the "IT" girls like the Johnson&Johnson heir or perhaps the Klang and Gombak river right in the middle of KL that looks more like ditches don't bring the feeling of Hudson River there in New York. Oh, just try to mental compare the Citrawana parade to the Macy's Thanksgiving parade! Darn, I better succumb to reality of my suburb life and get prepared to a wedding invitation tomorrow. Long live Kuala Lumpur for all its glory of 24/7 nasi lemak, nasty cab drivers, and its amazingly chart topping world's most highest growth rate of shopping mall!