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Comments for Woody’s Curious Little Space on the web

Mostly you'll find manure, sometimes something funny

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Comment on A few final thoughts as we move to by twilamcmahon2397

Sat, 09 Apr 2016 06:58:54 +0000

It’s April Fools, right? That’s why you haven’t gotten any comments. Tell us it’s not true! Of course, if it is, you’ll have to get an apartment big e Click

Comment on The Marathon Story by Running, Jogging » Blog Archiv » The Marathon Story

Wed, 13 Oct 2010 22:59:54 +0000

[...] The Marathon Story is an actual blog entry of Jeff Woodruff. More articles from this author and detailed accounts of his marathon journey can be found at [...]

Comment on The Marathon Story by The Marathon Story

Mon, 22 Jan 2007 12:06:06 +0000

[...] The Marathon Story is an actual blog entry of Jeff Woodruff. More articles from this author and detailed accounts of his marathon journey can be found at [...]

Comment on Maybe it’s all a mid-life crisis by Pez

Tue, 21 Nov 2006 17:20:50 +0000

If nothing else, let it be a snub to the face of our false sense of immortality. Your running, that is to say, your initiative in making someday - today, is a huge step towards control over your health and ultimately your life. Sure there's always the proverbial bus just waiting in the wings to run us down, but all uncontrollable forms of death cliche's aside, you've given yourself and your family one of the greatest gifts possible. The gift of doing what you can to make sure you are around as long as you can be. The gift of being a selfless example. The gift of realization. The realization, BEFORE it's too late, that we really do need to take care of our health, not only for ourselves but for our loved ones as well. Never has this lesson been made more blatantly obvious to me than it has been with the loss of my only parent - my mother, only months ago. And yet even with this great loss in my life, a loss that could have possibly been quite easily prevented had she only taken better care, I still sit nightly staring at our elliptical thinking to myself, "man.. I ought'a start using that thing." So don't sell your achievement short in any way. Wether you see it or not, to do what most are not willing to do, even when they absolutely know it's in their best interest, is nothing short of heroic. Not to mention the fact that being able to one day take my shirt off again at the pool without feeling the shame of the town whore seems about as distant as winning a guided tour through Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. mmmm... chocolate ;)

Comment on Feeding the fire that is blog by RED

Wed, 15 Nov 2006 18:17:07 +0000

The way my week is going... this is just what I needed! Thanks for the laughs!!! :) ~Your Sis... RED

Comment on Abortion prevents AIDS – Really it does, John Kerry said so by Pez

Thu, 09 Nov 2006 17:09:19 +0000

"You’ll help prevent unwanted children, unwanted pregnancies." Or you could just wear a condom ...or ::gasp!:: keep your pants on. "My answer is, we’re not going to spend taxpayers’ money on abortion." Freakin perfect!

Comment on Busting the four mile mark wide open! – August 16, 2006 by Nearing Marathon Training Completion «

Tue, 07 Nov 2006 16:18:07 +0000

[...] With just over four weeks of training remaining, I don’t know whether to be enthusiastic, apprehensive, or just check out.  Part of me wants to eliminate exercise when this is all done. I know better then to allow those thoughts, yet I won’t deny that they do occasionally enter my mind. This past weekend I ran sixteen miles again. This is the third week in a row at that distance. The run takes about three hours to complete and at a comfortable pace isn’t too grueling.  I start the eighteen mile runs this week in which I will foresee to be closer to the three and a half hours to complete.  I do not have any reservations with the eighteen mile run, simply because I am only increasing the mileage by two miles. It’s a rather amusing thought, thinking it’s not big deal to increase my run by two miles. Take a moment to look back to this post regarding when I “busted the four mile barrier”.  Back then it took over fifty minutes to complete four miles. Maybe I need to give myself a little more credit lately.  That experience was less then thirteen weeks ago.  I remember struggling with that four mile run, pushing myself to what I thought was and may have been my limits to achieve that distance.  Four miles… still by any means not a short distance. [...]

Comment on Mnemonics: Your Dear, Dear Friend by Pez

Sun, 05 Nov 2006 07:32:59 +0000

Heeeeeey! I washed just last week you racist bastard!

Comment on What’s the point of having a big deck if you don’t use it. by Pez

Sun, 05 Nov 2006 07:30:04 +0000

My deck's so big, I gots me a hammock and a full set of patio furniture on it! There's room for all my friends on my deck! ;o)

Comment on Pete and Red from Haggar Films. by Pez

Sun, 05 Nov 2006 07:28:30 +0000

No "B.S." fact? I'll sue the sonsabitches!!! LOL!