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fringe finale

Fri, 25 Jan 2013 22:56:22 GMT

OK, here are some rambling thoughts....Overall I really loved the finale, and I still can't quite believe the show is over. This is the first Friday since the finale, and I kind of can't believe the show won't be on tonight. Sniffle. So like I said, I loved it. Was it perfect? No. It had definite pacing problems, some predictable outcomes, some head-scratching. And I thought the whole idea of sending Michael into the future to prevent humanity from taking the Observer path was kind of silly. But the emotional content was so pitch perfect and true to the show and the characters, that everything else fades to the background for me. When I look back on this show, it’s the characters and the love that I’m going to remember, not the SFnal trappings (true for every show for me, let's face it. LOL.). I felt like I got everything I *personally* needed from the show ending.The essence of the finale just keeps coming back to me in one image/concept: Walter walking through a wormhole with a little boy, to save a universe instead of to damage one. That redemption has been forecast for a long time – I particularly remember the episode where Walter was prepared to sacrifice himself for the woman in the car, and September was pleased that he was willing to sacrifice himself, finally – and it really had to happen, no matter how much we personally might have liked for Walter to stick around with his family. And while the temporary reprieve where it looked like Donald might go with Michael instead was predictable, it served an important character note as well, showing the emotional growth that September made, and how he can now truly understand why Walter did what he did. (And I also loved this ongoing parallel of Peter and Olivia being willing to do whatever it took to get their child back – even mess with time. Aaah, this show!)What can I even say about the scenes with Walter/Peter and Walter/Astrid that would do them justice? They made me cry. I’m glad we got to see Gene one last time, hee. Walter’s “You’re my very favorite thing, Peter,” was when I STARTED crying, and naturally kept it up intermittently to the end. I’m grateful for the gifts to us that those scenes were.And we got some really wonderful Peter/Olivia interaction, as well. I loved how his seeing her off as she’s about to go to the other universe was reminiscent of Olivia watching as Peter got into the doomsday machine. The confident solidity of their love feels so refreshing in a lot of ways, and that they are free with their emotions to each other says so much for the growth of both characters.I just really appreciated them giving us some last moments of greatness: Olivia getting to be a motherfucking superhero, Astrid solving a puzzle, Broyles being the loyal badass that he is. And of course it was great seeing Fauxlivia and Lincoln, and not just because Lincoln Lee is my boyfriend (I loved how his hair had basically morphed into AltLincoln style, heeee). It was good to know they’d become a family, too. (And how hot was that bit where they took down the Observer together? Smoking!)(And did Michael orchestrate the entire thing, when he stepped off the train, so Olivia would have enough cortexiphan in her system to take out Windmark? Maybe.)I loved that we got to see a different ending to the scene in the park – the scene in the park is how the season opened, isn’t it? This season really is one long movie – and man, I just love seeing Josh Jackson interact with kids. Ahem. The ending with the white tulip was a message to us as much as to Peter – and others have pointed out how the envelope above Walter’s letter says “thank you for your support” across the top – and Peter’s final look will forever remain a bit of mystery. Was there memory there, or no? If not, I like to imagine Peter indeed finding Walter’s tape and understanding that something momentous had happened, even if he will never understand exactly what. That’s the only really sad part, to me, is Peter being left, as I imagine Walter in the future finding it one bi[...]


Sat, 19 Jan 2013 21:19:05 GMT

Wow it's been so long since I made a post that I don't know what's going on! The update page is different! My profile page is different! WHAT IS HAPPENING AGH.

Anyway, I was going to post about the Fringe finale, but the internet is kind of harshing my buzz (what else is new), so I'm putting this here as a guilt trip to myself to actually write something in a bit. Hopefully it will work?

Sun, 01 Apr 2012 20:36:02 GMT


Be there or get slapped.

aaaaah, i need to talk...

Fri, 30 Mar 2012 01:50:52 GMT

....about the flawless pairing known as Dair for a moment. For the 2 or 3 of you who will read this. ;) Basically there are SO MANY SPOILERS out there so I wanted to put together everything we know so far, mainly so I can get a consensus that this "triangle" does indeed end Dan/Blair.5x18 (next episode): Blair shows up at Dan's loft to seduce him but his parents are there. Later they have sex for the first time but it's bad. Later that episode they get drunk (?) and have good sex in the elevator. ( This is the episode with the scene filmed on the Met steps. Looks like basically Dan gives Blair a crown to show her that she's still royalty even if she's not a princess of Monaco any more. Lots of smiling and togetherness. ( Blair and Dan throw a party to celebrate their being a couple (this show, I can't.)5x21 and 5x22: We know the least about these so far. There were scenes of Leighton and Ed filming, getting into a car together, with Penn watching. Supposedly Penn gets in a cab to follow them. Seems like Blair is being drawn into helping Chuck with something and Dan is suspicious.5x23: Scenes with Dan and Blair in bed, in pjs/robe, domestic bliss. They are planning on taking a trip to Rome together. Blair keeps texting Serena to find out if Chuck is ok. Blair and Chuck meet on the roof of the Empire, Chuck asks Blair to not go to Rome, but she says she's going, she loves Dan. She gets back to the loft to discover part of her diary has been published on Gossip Girl (this show, I CAN'T) and Dan has seen it.5x24, season finale: There was a scene filmed at a hospital with all the major cast members except Ed. Blair is heard saying it's her fault, and Dan tells her it isn't. Rumors of an accident in front of the Empire. Josh Safran says "Blair’s decision will be very clear by the end of this season" and "That triangle definitely comes to the end point." Also says the finale actually revolves around Serena, not Dan/Blair/Chuck, and at the end there is a character "we might not know what happens to them."Also learned today: Safran says an ongoing problem with their relationship for rest of season is Blair's connection with Chuck. "Dan will continue to help Blair rediscover Blair in a very sweet, good way." Also admits the seeds for Dair were planted last season, and: “We knew Dan and Blair were going to get together at some point this season, as Dan’s feelings for her would only grow, and Blair would grow more aware of them. Blair gave up her control, her power in becoming a princess. Now that dream is over, for better or worse, and she’s finally breaking free and finding out who she is. And from the beginning, Dan was the one basically saying ‘I’ll be here always, I accept whoever you are.’”You guys, all signs point to Dair continuing, AM I RIGHT? I mean...I always keep the caveat that this is GOSSIP GIRL, and they continually do the SHITTIEST, DUMBEST THINGS, but even they wouldn't build up a ship for a season and a half -- which they NEVER do on this show, they never give things the slow build -- only to break them up seven episodes later?Although one person posited that maybe Blair gets tired of Dan being insecure about Chuck and doesn't go to Rome with him, basically pulls a Kelly Taylor "I choose me." This is also possible. But...I still feel like that would mean her getting back together with Dan next season. Basically I fucking hate that I am so invested in a couple on this stupid show. AAAAAAGH.If anyone read this, thank you. I needed to get this out for myself at least. GOING CRAZY.Dan and Blair thank you for your time.[...]

mad men!

Tue, 27 Mar 2012 03:34:33 GMT

My Mad Men squee cannot be contained in 140 characters. So some longer thoughts under the cut. Overall I loved the premiere. Not much happened, which is as per usual for this show’s first few episodes, but I loved seeing where everyone is now. And I really loved the art direction – the Drapers’ apartment is amazing, and the entire party scene was a visual feast. I wanted to go to there. Megan’s wardrobe is fantastic, and Pete’splaid jacket was hilarious. I’m as excited for the fashion this season as I am anything else.So here’s what we know….Joan had the baby but Greg is still not around! (Yay.) Roger must know the baby is his but is going along with the charade. Roger and Jane are not doing well at all. (Yay.) Roger is not doing well, period. I’m going to be very curious to see how his arc plays out this season. He’s certainly a man on the brink and he can either finally get withthe program and make changes in his life that will keep him successful and happy, or he’s going to completely fall apart. And the one woman who could help is raising his child as another man’s. As for Joan, I loved that she was so eager to get back to work, and I hated that the kind of shade her mother was throwing her is still thrown at women who like their jobs and WANT to go back to work after they have a child.Here’s hoping she’s back at SCDP full-time soon.Megan knows about Dick Whitman! And it’s not even an issue between them. I suspect Don felt he could tell Megan precisely because she’s the kind of person who wouldn’t find it to be a big deal. Still kind of surprising, though (in a good way). Aside from that their relationship is pretty twisted. They seem to make each other happymost of the time but how much of that is just based on superficialities? Megan knows about Dick Whitman but she doesn’t really KNOW him. (Peggy, of course, knew the surprise party was a bad idea.) The inevitable disintegration of their marriage (maybe) should be interesting to watch. In the meantime I’ll just keep girlcrushingon Jessica Pare.Peggy and her lefty journalist are still a couple and are pleasantly adorable together! And poor Peggy is having to deal with being her boss’ wife’s boss (eep) and with her boss not being the boss he used to be. It’s not really shocking to me that Don seems so blasé about work since he’s (generally) happy with Megan; he’s always been contentto throw work to the side whenever something personal comes up. But will this eventually spell trouble for SCDP?Pete lives in the suburbs! And seems to miss New York, though it’s probably more likely his former life that he’s missing. (snacktime’s comment: “So those two aren’t having sex anymore.”) And as weaselly as he is, it’s understandable that he’d be frustrated with the situation at SCDP. I loved how Roger took it upon himself to “fix” the office situation in a way that Pete couldn’t really complain about it. But relations are only going to become more and more strained between these two.Lane’s wife is in New York! But Lane doesn’t seem all that happy about it. He’s also getting creepier by the minute. (Best tweet I saw about it: “Poor Lane, suffering in the days before Craigslist Personals.”) I’m wondering if the Dolores situation will present itself again later in the season. I’m betting yes.All that said, the scene between Lane and Joan was fantastic. I love watching those two together. And Lane’s imitation of Megan was priceless.Harry is getting more and more skeevy! Which is a shame as Rich Sommer is looking great.Sally is still awesome! No news there.Little Gene is ridiculously adorable! And the new Bobby seems good.Very excited to see how the season continues...a lot of stuff was set up in these first two hours, now we'll see how Weiner goes about knocking them down. Can't wait![...]


Sun, 18 Mar 2012 07:10:22 GMT

Just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I really enjoyed reading all your different opinions and discussing with you. I think I needed that. :)

I've been wanting to write about other things, for example, The Walking Dead, but since the season finale is tomorrow it seems to make more sense to wait for that at this point!

Going to a "vintage fashion expo" with (image) snacktime tomorrow...hoping it will be fun. Maybe we can buy outfits for her upcoming Mad Men premiere party, ha ha.

crossing the streams

Sat, 17 Mar 2012 00:16:08 GMT

I've been making occasionally bitchy comments on Twitter, but I'm feeling the need to talk in a bit more depth about this whole Fifty Shades of Gray debacle.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, long story short: girl writes popular AU Twilight fic with BDSM, decides to change the names and self-publish it as a trilogy, it sells a ton of copies, so much that it hits the NYT bestseller list, and Random House decides to buy the books for a ton of money. Women across America are discovering the world of dirty fanfic, but stupidly paying for it instead of getting it free on the internet.

(I also found out through Fandom Wank that this was pretty much this chick's plan all along, to try to make as much bank as possible.)

So what do we think about this? To my mind, the first Rule of Fanfic is Don't Sell Fanfic. And while it bothers me that she did this in the first place, does it bother me more that she is making a shitton of money off of it? Am I just mad at myself for being too ethical to do it myself? LOL. Am I mostly pissed that it's a truly shitty piece of fanfic? *g*

Seriously, though, what really bothers me is that now publishing is turning its eye to fic, for example the site Dear Author is doing a whole series on it, and I just feel that can't be a good thing. We could have more authors coming down on anyone who writes fic about their stuff, hell, we could even have TV/movie studios looking more closely at everything to make sure no one is making any money off of their intellectual property. I'm sure that most fanfic writers have dreams of just filing the serial numbers off their fics and getting them published (and let's be clear, authors before Snowdragon Icequeen or whatever her name is have done it), but in general, my philosophy is Don't Cross the Streams.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

ETA: because I wasn't clear -- I have NO ISSUES with someone taking a fanfic of theirs and completely reworking it to try to sell it. I do have an issue with this book being 89% the same as her original fic.


Tue, 06 Mar 2012 06:29:30 GMT

I love this piece from Vulture on what makes Mad Men great. It's not surprising that I love it, since it sums up why I watch a lot of shows. And why I don't understand when other people complain that "nothing is happening" when I am content to just sit and watch humanity unfold.

It's not the way to watch TV for everyone, but it is for me. :)

a little more...

Mon, 05 Mar 2012 07:06:37 GMT

First of all, I screwed up my Tumblr address in my last post, it's D'oh!

Just to follow up on what was a bombshell for some of you...I moved last September to the San Francisco Bay Area. I work in San Francisco, live in Berkeley. It's not something I ever dreamed I would do, but I was offered a job opportunity/life experience that I didn't feel I could turn down. It's been a huge adjustment. I love my job but everything else has been a bit tough. Not just because I miss my friends/family/home city, but also because you're so spoiled in NYC -- you basically reach out your hand for whatever you need and it's handed to you. Everyplace else is just...less convenient. ;) But I'm trying!

So many of my fave shows are on hiatus right now but that's probably a good thing so I can catch up on everything else on my DVR. Did anyone else check out "Awake?" I liked it but am skeptical as to how they can sustain it for a full season. And it's annoying that they're making Jason Isaacs do an American accent.

I miss my Fringe, and will probably have some thinky thoughts on that later. Just trying to get back in the swing of actually posting on here for now. I guess I will share occasional Gossip Girl thoughts since it seems like there are a few other Dair fans out there. :)

OMG, speaking of which, you have to check out this wallpaper in which the artist references Cary Grant and spells it CARRIE. WTF, YOU GUYS.

Anyway. The plus side is the the end of March/early April will be an embarrassment of riches -- not just hiatus shows returning, but the return of shows that have REALLY been on hiatus, like Mad Men and Game of Thrones. And the Hunger Games movie, which hopefully won't suck.

OK, will hopefully post something of more substance later.


Thu, 01 Mar 2012 23:35:05 GMT

If I were to start posting here again, would anyone read it? LOL.

(Does everyone reading this know I live in California now? Geez, it has been a long time.)

I have a tumblr now too, btw:

But it's mostly about this right now:

Because I am obsessed.

But I've been in the mood for some various TV ramblings, so watch this space....


Sun, 10 Jul 2011 23:48:19 GMT

First order of business: anyone going to Comic Con that I don't know about? As always I will be working most of the time but hope to make it to Psych, Game of Thrones, Chuck, Fringe, The Walking Dead, and maybe Glee.

Secondly, um, hi! I'm alive. Very busy and stressed. My kitty was in the vet hospital for most of last week and we still don't know exactly what's wrong/what happened. Possibly a stroke. She's doing better but still not back to normal. :( Am hoping she continues to improve.

Thirdly, is anyone else watching Suits? Three episodes in and I'm already slightly obsessed. Both of the guys are HOT and have awesome chemistry together, and the scripts are sharp and witty. I am not a lawyer show person at all, but this is the exception to the rule. The most surprising part is that I am completely onboard the slash train for them. Between this and X-Men: First Class, it's my first summer of slash since The Phantom Menace. LOL.

Am grateful for shows like that, and Project Runway coming soon, etc., to help fill the void left by Game of Thrones, and, of course, Mad Men, which should have been starting right around now dammit. Sniffle. At least there is GoT casting news to follow. (I was skeptical of Gwendoline Christie as Brienne at first, but after seeing and hearing more about her, I am thumbs up.) (This image I found on Tumblr helps.) (Spoilery if you haven't read book 3.)

Hope everyone's enjoying their summer. Air conditioning is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

time is running out!

Mon, 23 May 2011 18:14:25 GMT


Signed postcards and other fannish stuff up for auction, to benefit the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

game of thrones

Sun, 15 May 2011 22:30:49 GMT

So who's watching this? I am a fan of the books so confess I ordered HBO just for the series (and will be canceling it as soon as this first season ends, heh). I am enjoying it so far, though I am not blown away by it. Supposedly tonight's episode is very good, so we'll see.

I'm kind of split on the casting thus far. I think Nikolaj whateverhisname is a near-perfect Jaime, Peter Dinklage is of course great as Tyrion, Maisie Williams is great as Arya. Kit Harrington is growing on me. I'm still not thrilled about either Lena Headey as Cersei or Michelle Fairley as Catelyn, which makes me sad. I AM enjoying Emilia Clarke as Dany, which is a relief, since I wasn't sure at first. I mostly like Sean Bean as Ned but I feel he plays him more self-righteous than Ned comes across in the books.

I think my main concern about many of these actors (especially the young ones) is that I know their characters are going to go through SO MUCH and I hope they're up to it. A little less worried about the adults for the most part.

(I am very grateful it's helping distract me from Mad Men not being on this least for now!)

So I'd love to hear what you think...and whether you've read the books or are just going in fresh for the TV show.

Oh, unrelatedly, feel like I should say something about 17th Precinct not getting picked up. I guess I am a combination of disappointed and relieved. Having both Jamie and James on my screen, playing partners no less, would have been all kinds of awesome, but I am glad I don't have to watch an RDM show, even if it would have been for purely superficial reasons. ;)

fringe finale

Sun, 08 May 2011 21:58:47 GMT about that season finale, huh?

I think I mostly want to direct anyone who hasn't seen it to Doc Jensen's crazy ass theories and interview with Josh Jackson and John Noble. His theories are nuts but kind of make sense in a way, too!

Here's what we know: Josh is back for season four. I was reading Joel Wyman's Twitter the night of the finale and he was saying the question is in what capacity we will see Peter. So where, when, how? I guess what I mostly want to know as a fangirl is how long will it take before Peter is back where he's supposed to be? I don't really like the idea of him possibly being in his own solo parallel storyline for the whole season. I need that family unit feeling (not to mention Peter and Olivia cuteness).

Speaking of which, I am in love with that glimpse we saw of future Peter and Olivia. The kitchen scene was so sexy in a mature, confident way. It makes me want to know more about that couple SO MUCH. Probably not the intention of the episode, but I'm mildly obsessed with it. Especially since it's like she's head of Fringe Division and he's the lead agent and that co-leadership couple thing is definitely a kink of mine. ;) My only complaint: where was Lincoln Lee! Sadness.

I kind of agree with Josh and John in the interview linked above that this would be a good way to just drop the whole baby storyline all together, maybe. I never had the problem with it that some did (and of course it played out in a completely non-traditional way, as I would expect with this show), but I wouldn't be sorry to see it negated, either. Although completely negating Peter in the process is not how I would have wanted to see it done!

So what do you think, Fringe fans? Will we see what's happened to Peter right away in the season four premiere? Will we have to go half a season without him? (Let's hope not!) The good news is that I really do trust the EPs (especially after reading this fantastic interview with them, so for now I'll just be COMPLETELY MADDENED by the whole thing, but in the very best way. :)

Just need to make sure we don't miss out on this fine piece of manhood, dammit. :D

here's what

Sun, 10 Apr 2011 23:26:50 GMT

I spent this weekend finding new icons and installing a new Mad Men mood theme, so I guess I should really use this damn thing, huh? Geez.

To make it simple, I'm adopting Andy Cohen's "Here's What" I'm obsessed with these days:

1. Andy Cohen! Love him. I want him to be my gay BFF.

2. FRINGE. Fringe Fringe Fringe. And Lincoln Leeeeeeeeeeeee. Thank you Seth Gabel for being my boyfriend on two shows now.

3. This:
I love them so much I actually use the term DAIR. Pathetic, I know. And every time I talk about them on Twitter some Chuck/Blair troll says shit to me. It is hilarious. Sadly I know it will all end in tears. Oh well.

4. The Empire Strikes Back icons I am making which I know you guys will love IF I EVER EFFING FINISH.

5. All the gifs I've been collecting lately. I AM going to host a gif party one day dammit.

6. The fact that Mad Men will not be returning until 2012 and now Psych will not be returning until the fall. I am very, very bitter.

7. Game of Thrones is coming! Yes, I am getting HBO just for the series. And will then cancel it until the next season. *g*

8. That Ron Moore is making another show and if it gets picked up I'm going to have to watch it because both Jamie AND James are in it. DAMN YOU, YOU MULLETED BASTARD.

Having trouble thinking of others which is a sign that I should wrap this up. So tell me, friends, what are you obsessed with these days?

hello internets!

Sun, 06 Feb 2011 21:03:07 GMT

Random things!

Fringe continues to break my heart in all the very best of ways. The only way it is genuinely breaking my heart is in the fact that ratings were down a little this week. Hopefully we can bounce back. Actually, The Spoiler of Doom has me concerned as well, but I am determined to have faith that it will be handled well. I think it can be.

Men who are not on my TV at the moment who I miss a lot: Lee Adama, Jack Shephard, Roger Sterling.

Things I do not care about tonight: the Super Bowl.

Things I do: The episode of Glee afterward, though I am skeptical I will stay up to watch the whole thing. *crosses fingers for a quick game*

Speaking of: please watch this awesome twitvid from Cory Monteith, especially if you are a House fan (trust me).

Last night I had a dream in which Pacey from Dawson's Creek and Blair from Gossip Girl were a couple. MOST BRILLIANT PAIRING EVER, Y/Y? Am fighting the urge to write a crossover fic now. May lose that battle.

I do not know why I continue to hoard and make icons even though I don't post on here as much, but I do. The Empire Strikes Back Icon Project continues apace. I'm finally off Hoth at least.

Relatedly: how much do I love the Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial? BEYOND WORDS, that's how much.

The one place I comment actively is ONTD, which I realize is sad. Fringe fans, please join (image) ontdfringe!

Thanks to ONTD, I have a ridiculous collection of GIFs. Am considering hosting a GIF party one of these days.

How are you, internets?


Wed, 05 Jan 2011 16:04:24 GMT

In lieu of summary, my tweets from during the show last night. *g*

That's it? Guess I shouldn't complain since I already saw the next scene with her at NYCC. #v

2011-01-05 02:59:18 UTC


2011-01-05 02:54:31 UTC

@ShayITP Crap about phosphorous and breeding and it's really boring.

2011-01-05 02:51:46 UTC

@DameLola_ I like him a lot, he starred in Reaper, a silly show that I adored.

2011-01-05 02:48:03 UTC

Original #V was scary/awesome b/c of its simplicity: WE WANT ALL YOUR WATER AND ARE GOING TO EAT YOU. Why junk that?

2011-01-05 02:47:35 UTC

Phosphorous? Oh yeah that's sexy and easy for people to understzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #v

2011-01-05 02:45:02 UTC

I can't wait until Bret Harrison pulls out a vacuum cleaner and uses it to send Anna back to hell. #v #reaper

2011-01-05 02:40:10 UTC

I aim to please. :D RT @athena4lynn @cynicgrrl *snort* I don't need to watch, your commentary is better than the show! LOL.

2011-01-05 02:35:51 UTC

Bret Harrison! Hallelujah, someone with charisma has showed up. #v

2011-01-05 02:32:16 UTC

Well that's ridiculous. #v

2011-01-05 02:26:37 UTC

I am still periodically amazed by how bad the kid playing Tyler is. #v

2011-01-05 02:24:06 UTC

Credits 20 minutes into the show? Why even bother? #v

2011-01-05 02:20:48 UTC


2011-01-05 02:06:49 UTC

OK, time for #V. Tuning in to see Jane Badler be the HBIC.

2011-01-05 02:00:32 UTC

Will give it another try or two, to see Jane if nothing else, but will I make it through all ten eps? Eh.

happy new year

Sun, 02 Jan 2011 21:05:33 GMT

Happy New Year everyone! Sounds like most of you had the NYE you wanted, whether it was low-key or more exciting. I definitely fall into the low-key category, just chilling with (image) girlunravelled and (image) zinke eating lots of food and watching Mamma Mia on DVD. (And watching Seacrest at midnight, of course!) I only went in to work two days this past week and the rest of the time I have been pretty lazy. Since January promises to be busy and cold and bleak and long, I figure this is justified. I've gotten my DVR down to about 80%, which is very impressive for me. *g* This is good since I just hooked up Netflix instant to my Wii so now I'm pretty much doomed.

2010 went by super quickly for me. I assume that's just going to keep happening as I get older. ;) 2010 wasn't my worst year or my best, so I have no real expectations going into 2011...going to keep on keeping on and hopefully try a little harder at pretty much everything. May have some other stuff going on this year but nothing I feel like worrying about this early on. And am trying to not be too sad the prospect of a January without Lost or 24. Sniffle.

I also just booked a trip to Paris for March, so there's that to look forward to. :)

Here's wishing everyone all the best for the months to come....


Mon, 13 Dec 2010 04:03:53 GMT

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with tonight's TAR win! They were my favorite team from the very first episode, so yay. Plus the historic aspect doesn't hurt. :) Gee, if I'd thought ahead I might have even gone to TAR Con, assuming they're still doing that.

Am also still on a high from Thursday's Fringe, which was just heartbreaking in a really wonderful way. The angst! The pining! The pretty! Sigh. This show has been so excellent this season, and I'm really curious to see how the rest of the season plays out now that Olivia is back. I do hope we get to see Seth Gabel again, though. It's been nice having Jeremy Darling back in my life. ;)

Did you hear about how MSNBC is going to start a website for female geeks called NO REALLY. Most insulting idea EVAR. Deets.

In other news, last weekend I went to Las Vegas for the first time and I really enjoyed it! Which was admittedly much to my surprise. I'm still grinning over the trip and would definitely like to go back some time.

Hope everyone's having a good holiday season....and if you're new to Twitter, as a reminder I'm cynicgrrl over there. I do a lot of leftist bitching there though, in addition to the TV crazy, so be warned. ;)

happy t-day

Fri, 26 Nov 2010 03:51:34 GMT

I know I haven't posted in a hundred thousand years, but I wanted to poke my head in and wish all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you had a peaceful, enjoyable day filled with food and fun and relaxation. I know I did. :)

Will try to post more soon on important matters, like how I am now obsessed with The Walking Dead. ;)

mad men finale

Mon, 18 Oct 2010 03:27:37 GMT

So....crazy, no?

I seriously thought Don proposing to Megan was going to wind up being a dream sequence. WTF. (Everyone on Twitter was like "Is this really happening?" LOL.) I think it is HILARIOUS that he is totally pulling a Roger Sterling, considering how disgusted he was with Roger for doing the same thing (though at least Don is divorced, could have been worse). Maybe the four of them can double date now.

I'm kind of in favor of it just in terms of pure hotness b/c I have a big girlcrush on Megan, I think she is beautiful, plus I never really liked Faye (except for her "Go shit in the ocean" line, which I was hoping she would use on Don). Don is going to be a douche no matter who he's with so he might as well be with someone I think is really attractive. Yes, I really can be that shallow.

But it's so frustrating b/c so much of it is a) that Megan is good with the kids and b) that Faye knew too much about him and he couldn't handle that. On the other hand seeing Don be so head over heels like that was sort of adorable, even if he was being an idiot. I was kind of hoping Megan would say no but I guess she really does love the bastard, or at least think she does. I don't *think* it's for work advancement or anything, though really who the hell knows.

And Peggy's disapproving look was so awesome. I think mostly she's just worried for him and rushing into something like this is obviously worrisome. But he was SO happy to tell her and really wanted her to be happy for him and Don and Peggy scenes are so adorable and that hug, awwwwww. Love them.

The Peggy/Ken hug was adorable too. But nothing was as awesome as that Peggy/Joan scene, which I am head over heels in love with. So. Great.

AND. JOAN. OMG JOAN IS CARRYING A BABY ROGER IN HER BELLY. AND ROGER IS TOTALLY GOING TO FIGURE IT OUT. PLEASE DIE, GREG. DIE GREG DIE! Not gonna lie, am hoping Don will inspire Roger yet again to "be happy" and dump Jane for Joan. Joan who looked fabulous in black tonight.

Almost cried when Don told the kids that Dick was a nickname he uses sometimes. Jon Hamm + vulnerable puppy face makes me melt. And his dive into the bed, and his dive into the pool, were charming as well. You are so much more likable when you are being good to your children, Don.

Betty -- ugh. The woman is miserable and taking it out on everyone else. Am really surprised she didn't lose it more when she found out Don was getting married. Poor Carla! Sniffle.

Very disappointed about the small amount of Roger but SO RELIEVED that he's not dead or dying that I am willing to make that trade. "Did you get cancer?" "Who the hell is that?" Love him.

NOW WE WAIT NINE MONTHS ARGH. Wonder what the time jump will be -- maybe not too long, like post- Don/Megan wedding but pre- baby Roger birth. Because Roger needs to find out and I need to see it.

As for the icon, no, my Don/Rachel love will never die. You can't take that away from me, Weiner! Oh man, I am SO SAD the season is over. I may have to make many icons in order to console myself.


Sun, 26 Sep 2010 03:57:53 GMT

Tomorrow I am going to post a list of essential episodes from seasons 1 and 2 for people who are curious about THE AWESOME but are intimidated by two whole previous seasons.

This post is for people already watching, just so I can say EPIC SHOW IS EPIC. How excellent was that premiere? Olivia was so totally ass-kicking, WE NEED MORE OF THAT PLEASE. Jumping into the water off the island was my favorite part. The ending with Peter made me happy on that aesthetic superficial level and very sad on others and MY FEELINGS ARE COMPLICATED.

Anyway, anyone else watching and squeeing?

post of pure squee

Mon, 20 Sep 2010 03:17:33 GMT



Sun, 19 Sep 2010 23:53:40 GMT

I don't know you guys, I don't post for a while and then I get intimidated about posting because I haven't posted in a while and it becomes this self-defeating circle. Charming, I know.Anyway, things have been okay, mostly. Had a fun time at Dragon*Con, rooming with nnaylime and zinke and generally just being silly, as usual. The highlights of the con for me were the I Dream of Jeannie panel and the Luke Perry panel. I am not making either of those things up.And the best part was that a work colleague decided to pay for half of a photo op with the Jeannie cast as my birthday present. Such a super nice guy. Here are the results: Yes, they did the backdrop to look like the inside of Jeannie's bottle. Yes, Bill Daily's eyes were closed. The photographer said he will try to Photoshop in eyes from another pic, so we'll see. Sigh. But doesn't Barbara look great? I may crop out Bill and his closed eyes and make the rest of it my Christmas card.By the way, Larry Hagman kept switching between his military cap and a white cowboy hat all weekend. While sitting in a custom-made leather director's chair with his name engraved on it. No really.The only other celeb I took a picture with was William B. Davis, aka Cigarette Smoking Man. Oh, his panel was a highlight as well. He is so incredibly charming and funny and dapper. A pure delight! He looks like someone's beloved grandfather! Which he probably is. Love him.Maybe I'll post some of my shitty Luke Perry pics. If you want to see pics of the other panels you should go check out zinke's journal.Thanks for the birthday wishes, and a Happy Belated to my birthday twin, kirbyfest. Had a fun time at this place in the city that is like a pool hall, except it's ping pong instead. Complete with bar/waitress service, food, DJ, etc. Mucho fun. Helped distract me from how old I'm getting. :(But, am very happy Mad Men is on tonight and very sad the season's about half over. Glad that Glee and Fringe are returning very soon, at least. Yay.[...]

mad men post

Thu, 09 Sep 2010 03:05:49 GMT

I felt there was a need for a Mad Men post! Have been absolutely loving this season, and this past week's episode was the best one yet. Amazing.

What a gift Matthew Weiner gave to Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss with this episode. Their Emmy nominations for next year are already secured. They both got to exhibit a gamut of emotions and be in an episode that was almost like a two-person play. I really loved that the episode was essentially a passing of the baton from Anna to Peggy as the one person who gets Don, who understands who he is and cares about him (loves him?) anyway. We haven't seen enough of these two together lately so it was great to get so much of it here (even if it did mean less Joan and Roger for me, woe). I don't see their relationship as romantic, though I could see it growing into something verrrrrrrry slowly. But what they do have is so interesting, I love it just the way it is. I especially loved how he kept yelling at her to get her to stay because he KNEW that was where she really wanted to be, and he was right. He knows her just as well as she knows him.

Also loved the revelation that he did know she had a baby. Will he ever find out it was with Pete? The drunken swing at Duck was pretty great, too.

And the Don/Roger bromance is in FULL EFFECT. I don't know, I see a lot of speculation that something Very Bad is going to happen to Roger by the end of the season, and then I would have to cry and cry and cry. Love that silver fox.

Anyway, what did you guys think?