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The Daily Random (Formally TORC)

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Lack of Updates


Sorry about the lack of updates, life has once again gotten in the way of my internet time. I still need to put the links back on the blogroll and maybe get a more simple but nice looking theme. Iono, depends.

JFK Plot before Dallas Assassination?


This is really interesting and scary too, apparently there was a plot that was foiled before the fatal shot in dallas that killed JFK. I would also like to say Happy late Thanksgiving. Sorry for the lack of updates people's!

According to former Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden, President Kennedy was due to arrive in Chicago on November 2, 1963 to attend an Army-Air Force football game at Soldier Field and to ride in a parade, but Secret Service agents in Chicago recommended that the White House cancel the trip after two alleged threats against the president.

According to news reports at the time, Kennedy didn't come to Chicago that day because he was ill or because of a diplomatic crisis, WLS-TV reports.

Bolden tells WLS-TV that when the Warren Commission began investigating JFK's assassination, he attempted to inform members about the Chicago plots and alleged misconduct by his fellow agents, but was arrested and prosecuted for soliciting a bribe from a counterfeiter and served a six-year sentence.

Bolden claims it was a set-up to silence him. The main witness has recanted his accusations, and Bolden hopes now to clear his name, the station reports.

The Obama Chronicles, OH NO YOU DIN'T'


So if you watch the news constantly like me and other lifeless leeches I know here on the good ole' internet you know Obama didn't wear his american flag pin on his lapel, becuase of the way the war is going. Apparently however it's gotten to the point where not wearing one is unpatriotic. Look I don't agree with what this man says but if you don't want to wear your american flag pin, big deal. I'm sure he still celebrates this great country in other ways, just that way was taken off due to his feelings for the war.
In any case the war isn't America, so thats where the "you should still be patriotic no matter what direction America is going" attitude. Look all I know is I fly 2 american flags in my backyard, wear american flag pins on my suits and have an coffee mug with reagan and kennedy's heads on them behind an american flag. If I'm not pro american I don't know what I am.
I'm not a fat southerner so don't accuse me of that, not that theres anything wrong with southern people, I love them. Not fat people though, hehe.
Anyways see you guys tommorrow or maybe sooner.

Thinking about buying Sim City Societies? Wait!


Sim City Societies VS Cities Unlimited

We all know this new game Sim City Societies looks pretty darn good, but we have to understand that this game once it comes out this holiday season, will be a far cry from another new city building game that will be released sometime next year, called Cities Unlimited from Monte Cristo, maker of City Life.

Now I know what your thinking "Oh, but city life was abysmal at best" and it wasn't that impressive, but it layed out the foundation for a much better, new game, which the developer, unlike Tilted Mill, listened to it's users and the people
and found out exactly what we wanted in a city building game, realism not just in terrain, but management, and the ability to sculpt the city of your dreams, and actually like it, something I cannot say for Societies unfortunately.

Ultimately, a large majority of people, including those on Simtropolis wanted realism, and the abilities that made Sim City 4 and still does make it one of the best games in that genre of all time. Cities Unlimited will be out most likely next year, maybe during the holida
y season or sooner, as some sources leaked.

Regardless, if I haven't caught your attention yet, check out these screenshot comparisons, that perhaps are so dramatically different, they show who actually cares enough to make a worthy city building game like Sim City 4 and it's predecessors.

Sim City Societies:

You be the judge.

Oh my.. updating is slow..


Sorry about the deadness feeling of this blog.. I've allowed a month to pass without an update so here's one for September, I found 20 dollars under my bed and I'm going to use it to buy a cheap lava lamp I saw down at Target for $19.99.. no I'm not a hippy, I'm a hippet, YO YO YO! Ok that was uber lame. Anyways.. I'm gonna do a picture update on Thailand next week and one on a special city here in the states which I'm not going to disclose yet, you'll just have to wait. lol. Anyways have a wonderful weekend!

Sim City 2000 -- The Game that got it "really" going..



Let's face it, Sim City is one of the greatest games in the world, and from the first one to the 4th and soon to be 5th, as well as the portable versions, there's no denying sim city is a great and versitile game, that's fun for generations and generations to come. And now, let's review the 2nd in the franchise, which many consider the best one in the entire series besides the first one.

What you can do in this game is the premis of all sim city games, design build and create the city of your dreams. You guys know most of this so I'm going to let you enjoy it for yourself, here's the download link, enjoy...
This is a limited demo I believe, but the full version is still on some of the torrenting sites if you don't feel like finding it to buy on ebay or something.

Does Youtube have a democratic bais?


It seems like it to me. I mean alot of people on there seem to hate religion, specifically christianity, and further more republican ideals. I just think as an Independant that it needs to be leveled out. Neither side has it right in my opinion, but of course this is going to be bashed I know. Anyways whats your opinion? I'm open to hearing it guys.

Very Dangerous Hurricane Dean close to CAT 5..


HURRICANE DEAN NEARING CATEGORY 5MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica (CNN) -- Hurricane Dean battered the southern coast of Jamaica with heavy rains and surf as its eye passed offshore late Sunday, apparently sparing the Caribbean island the worst of its 145 mph winds. David Shields, the deputy director of the island's tourism board, described conditions in the capital, Kingston, as "absolutely scary." Ronald Jackson, Jamaica's disaster preparedness director, said at least one house had collapsed, but there were no known serious injuries. "We'll be sending assessment teams out as soon as we can," Jackson said. See Dean's projected path » At 11 p.m. ET, Dean's eye was located 135 miles (215 km) west-southwest of Kingston, the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, reported. Its top winds of 145 mph (232 km/h) made it a strong Category 4 storm, with hurricane-force winds extending 60 miles from its center. Sustained winds of 80 mph buffeted Kingston, and amateur radio operators reported streets were flooding, the hurricane center said. An unofficial observation from Lionel Town, about 30 miles east of the capital, put top winds at 100 mph. And an aviation weather station at Kingston International Airport clocked winds even higher, at 114 mph. Tropical storm-force winds could be felt as far out as 205 miles from the storm, forecasters reported. Dean was moving westward at nearly 20 mph as it skirted the island, forecasters said. As it moves into the western Caribbean Sea, the storm retains the potential to become a Category 5 hurricane -- the top of the scale, with winds in excess of 155 mph. Jamaica Public Service Company -- the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica -- announced it was turning off the island's electricity to preserve the integrity of the system. In addition, the National Water Commission said it had turned off some pumps, especially in places prone to flooding. Forecasters predicted Dean would dump anywhere from 5 to 20 inches of rain on the island, with a storm surge of 7 to 9 feet (2 to 3 meters) expected to batter coastal areas. The storm already has been blamed for at least seven deaths across the Caribbean islands, including two killed as the storm stalked Haiti.The storm is headed for the Yucatan Peninsula and could regain it's Category 5 strength by then and possibly hitting the Texas and Mexican border head on as a Category 3 or higher which has prompted several evacuations and an early state of emergency for Texas by President Bush to further evacuation efforts in the region. (Image by, story copyright 2007 to, except the portion by myself in red.)[...]

Hurricane Season Picking Up?



The tropics are heating up as the August heat wave continues across much of the eastern U.S. The Hurricane Center is closely monitoring a newly-formed tropical depression and two tropical waves in the Atlantic Basin, while Hurricane Flossie is headed toward the Hawaiian Islands. The Hurricane Center reports a tropical wave that last Friday moved off the coast of Africa has been upgraded to Tropical Depression 4.

The Hurricane Center meteorologists feel TD-4 has the potential to develop into the first Atlantic hurricane of the 2007 season. At 11 a.m. EDT, Tropical Depression 4 was located approximately 520 miles west-southwest of Cape Verde Island, moving west at near 21 mph. Maximum sustained winds were near 35 mph; however, the depression is expected to continue strengthening.

Satellite Picture is copyright 2007 to and I in no way claim it as my own.
Well if hurricane season is kicking up again, looks like we gotta batten down the hacthes and pretend we are not going to get hit like the good ole' floridian's. (Kidding, Florida residents, kidding.) Anyways lets hope this isn't a destructive year. God Bless.

What makes you blog?


I've always been curious, I do it to make friends and express myself, I'm curious why you guys do it, to express yourself, talk about your life or just to hang out and have fun and make friends.
^O^ Night!

The Miner Situation..



Well this month hasn't shaped up very well, with the bridge collapse, and now these poor trapped miners and their families. They apparently tried to stick a microphone down into where they believe these miners are, but haven't had an audio responses. Oddly enough the air is said to be very healthy down there do to the low co2 ammount and the fact that there is alot of it, oxygen that is. Now assuming they hit the wrong area, or the miners are hurt and simply not speaking maybe becuase they are asleep or passed out, or can't speak due to the injuries if they have any.
It's important to note that the man who bashed the AP and Fox News is not the president of the united states. Although I can see why he would be frusrated, I don't like the fact that he was yelling due to a simple mistake in reporting. But it's his problem and I hope he gets it sorted out. I know these guys are stressed and I do hope they find these men and their pain can end just as these miners pain can end if they find them.
Anyways I hope you will pray or at least hope these men get out safely and most importantly alive. God Bless!

(Images copyright 2007 to the Fox News Channel, and I in no way claim these as my own).

Moving Earth -- Blogosphere Widgets


Ok I recently found this widget and it's so fun! You remember Pacman from the 80's? Well the widget guys decided to compact it into a blog sized game! :D (I swear I'm not being lazy and stalling for the next update.) Anyways, have fun? CULTURE SHOCK COMMENCING... 5...4...3...2...1...

I like the idea but I wish it was smaller so it could "fit" on more compact blogs. What do you think?

Transmitting into Space, what?!


So at first I thought it was a joke, and probably, it is, but it's still fun in my opinion. If it actually is being transmitted into space, that being my blog entries and stuff, then I hope all aliens receiving this enjoy it as much as I do making it. Anyways it's not just me that can do this, many people are doing it over at PayPerPost's program, which I believe that button I have links to it, so in any case, go check it out!
No interstellar war please! Hehe.

Celtic Versions of stuff pretty much rock..


I was recently listening to the Celtic version of Led Zeppelin's hit "Stairway to Heaven". I gotta say it was great sounding. The smooth sounds were just amazing. I love how they do that in Celtic music. Anyways I'm off to search for more, I might post some of the music if I find it, so you can enjoy it too.
Also, the new banner will be up by tomorrow. Sorry for the tacky look, but my Photoshop is being a complete jerkoff right now. (sorry for the language)

New Layout Acheived!


I removed all that link crap that was cluttering up the top part, which linked to whoever made this layout. No, it wasn't me, and I'm not trying to hide that or anything, it just looked tacky. GeckoandSky made it and it is nice looking, at least to me, I'll let you guys be the judges on this one. And I have to make a new banner too becuase I realized how noobish the one I had looked.

Until next time, Audios.

New Layout Needed Much?


Hey guys. So let's cut to the chase, do you think I should change my layout?
And as always, a picture of an eyeball that looks really cool to fit in with this layout design changing thing..


Israel can be hit by missles, says Hezbollah leader


Hezbollah Verbally Threatens Israel
Leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah says his group has an arsenal of rockets that can reach all of the country.
Yet another threat from a man in a diaper. I really, really wonder sometimes if any of these threats are credable or just plots to scare people into submission, which obviously isn't happening. (Except Europeons, who are overrun with terrorists pretty much).
It does make you wonder though. Someday if we reach a point where they can attack places like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Bethlahem, what will WE* do to stop it? A new world war? A simple counter strike to put them in their place? Well time will tell, whether these threats are real, or if they are just used to scare people into submission as I said before.
And no, if your wondering I don't believe WE* will be hit again anytime soon. I personally believe this to be a little over exaggerated threat potential, personally, mind you. What do you think?

Plan Ahead --Total Lunar Eclipse -- August 28th, 2007


On Aug. 28, skywatchers across much of North America can watch as the Moon crosses into the Earth's shadow and will undergo its second total eclipse in 2007.
West Coast viewers will get the best show.
Lunar eclipses occur when Earth gets between the sun and the moon,
casting a shadow. The view is different from each location on the planet. Along the West Coast of Canada and the United States and in Alaska, the entire eclipse will be visible from start to finish before moonset in the early morning hours of that Tuesday. Hawaiians will see totality – when the moon is completely in Earth's shadow – high in their sky around midnight.
In eastern Asia and Australia, the event will occur on the same date but in the evening, since for this part of the world it will coincide with moonrise.

(Notice: This is all copyrighted to, and I in no way claim ownership to this article or the pictures, I just figured it would be interesting to note and see when it happens.)

Country Pictures -- China -- The Forbidden Majesty..


CHINAChina is a land of so much rich diversity. It's politics MUST* be left aside to enjoy it's aw inspiring temples, shrines, and wonderful scenery. And lets not forget the architecture. China is a land that has held on to it's past and like Japan, displays it for all to see. Below you will see what I mean. --Before I do, I have a very special blog to mention, like the ones I mentioned yesterday. This one,, is part of a 3 cluster blog that covers a variety of cool and interesting topics for today's ever changing lifestyle. Check it out guys, I loved it just as much as the others!And yes, les' we not forget the Great Wall..Rice Fields.. Even area's like this are so amazingly pretty.. --This is simply a teaser of what you will see in these lands, I'm not going to spoil it for you anymore so just lay back and relax and enjoy it for what it is, a wonderful country that must be explored and seen and heard and felt, such as Japan.--(Note: FUNMANSION.COM owns the images that have their logo on it, I in no way take claim of these pictures, and they are all copyrighted by someone, I'm just too lazy to find out who, rights to whoever owns them 2007.[...]