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News items of interest to the Java.


Oracle Sues Google over Java Patents
This week Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google alleging infringement of Java-related patents and copyrights in Android.

Directly executing Java bytecodes versus JITing on a RISC
Cliff Click claimed in his Azul blog recently that Just-in-time compiling Java bytecodes on a RISC chip almost always results in faster code that consumes less power.

What does the future hold for the JCP?
In a ZDNet interview, founding JCP executive committee member Tony de la Lama gives his opinions on the future of the JCP.

Tim Bray on Android versus iPhone
In his first blog post as a Googler, Tim Bray compared the open Android platform (which he'll be focusing on in his new job) with Apple's iPhone.

Amazon Releases AWS SDK for Java
Amazon has released a Java API to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure , the AWS SKD for Java, which makes it easier for Java developers to connect to services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and Amazon SimpleDB. The SDK includes a toolkit for Eclipse.

Java To Get Closures in JDK 7
At the Devoxx conference in Antwerp, Belgium, Sun's Mark Reinhold announced that closures would be added to Java in JDK 7. In this interview, Stephen Colebourne, coauthor of the FCM closures proposal, gives his perspective on this surprise announcement.

JIDE Charts Beta Released
JIDE Software has released as beta a new charting package for Swing: JIDE Charts. This package offers many ways to present data in different types of charts that can help users visualize and understand the data.

Whither Sockets?
In a recent ACM Queue article, George Neville-Neil writes that the ubiquitous socket API, now almost 30 years old, has not kept up with recent progress in networks, and would need a major overhaul.

Rich Hickey Releases Clojure 1.0
Clojure is a Lisp dialect for the JVM. Developed mainly by Rich Hickey, Clojure 1.0 was released this week. It supports functional programming, advanced concurrency constructs, such as software transactional memory, multimethods, and interoperability with Java classes and frameworks.

ZeroTurnaround Releases JavaRebel 1.1
ZeroTurnaround announced the availability of JavaRebel 1.1, a JVM plugin that enables reloading changes made to Java class files on-the-fly, saving developers the time it takes to redeploy an application or perform a container restart.

Sun Releases NetBeans 6.1
Sun's latest NetBeans release brings improved performance, faster startup, a preview of a PHP editor, JavaScript support, updates to the Ruby development environment, and extend integration of several Java frameworks.

Donald Knuth on Multi-Core, Unit Testing, Literate Programming, and XP
Donald Knuth, author of The Art of Computer Programming, and a pioneer in the analysis of algorithms, was interviewed by SD Times' Andrew Binstock. In the interview, Knuth shares his views on XP, unit testing, code reuse, multi-core architectures, and the future of software development.

Syntactic Sugar: What Makes It Sweet ?
While syntax extensions may not add new functionality to a language, such extensions, or syntactic sugar, can make a language more suitable for specific problem domains, writes Debasish Ghosh in a recent blog post.

Scala and XML
Working with XML is seldom associated with joy, but a language that has native support for XML can make working with XML documents a lot more fun, writes Michael Galpin in a recent IBM developerWorks article.

An Introduction to Django
When Google introduced its AppEngine service, it announced that Python would be the service's first supported language. One of the most important Python Web frameworks that can easily be hosted on AppEngine is Django. Dan Ellis introduces Django in a recent article.