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Helping Publishers Avoid the Google Destroyer

Thu, Apr 21 2016 10:03:13

If you're an online news publisher then Google is not your friend. Neither is Facebook. (No matter how fast articles load.) They want to suck away all content and user to keep all the advertising money. Google has already achieved much of this and Faceboo

Playing College Basketball Will Make You 6 Inches Taller (Or Why College Attendance Is Worth Close To Zero).

Tue, Aug 11 2015 12:53:11

What if I told you playing basketball in college would make you 6 inches taller. Go to the Pros and you'll add another 2 inches. Would you believe me? The average male high school basketball player is 5 foot 11 inches. College players are 6-5 while pros a

Turn The World of Radio Into A Personal Jukebox

Thu, Apr 23 2015 11:39:53

Over the last couple of years I've been building a comprehensive search engine for worldwide radio and a new app called 6 Seconds is now available which uses that technology.

Students Shouldn't Have To Pay For School Transcripts And Now They Don't In One San Diego Suburb

Tue, Oct 28 2014 10:55:35

Students Shouldn't Have To Pay For School Transcripts And Now They Don't In One San Diego Suburb

Is Your Kid Paying For Parking To Go To High School? Here's How To Challenge It.

Tue, Sep 09 2014 11:51:14

Is Your Kid Paying For Parking To Go To High School? Here's How To Challenge It.

How the Government Invisibly Tracks Smartphones

Tue, Aug 12 2014 19:23:56

Blufax sounds like some kind of faxing service, but it's actually a high-tech system San Diego’s government is using to track smartphones.

It's Not Just the NSA, Your Local Police Are Probably Spying On You Too

Tue, Jul 01 2014 17:52:11

Thanks to explosive revelations by the now exiled Edward Snowden, Americans are much more aware about how the Federal government is spying on them.

Why I'm Glad Net Neutrality Is Dead

Mon, Jan 20 2014 17:51:56

I think it's a positive development that network neutrality is blown up. Fewer government rules equals more freedom and ultimately a more efficient, balanced and competitive landscape.

My Dog Can Get A MRI In 2 Hours, Why Can't I?

Wed, Nov 20 2013 20:28:36

Why are people hospitals so inferior to the speed and efficiency of pet hospitals?

Introducing The World's First Radio Search Engine

Mon, Nov 04 2013 19:35:45 is the world's first radio search engine. There are other directories of A-Z lists of radio stations, but this is the first search engine where any song or artist can be located on stations playing from anywhere in the world.

Is the Domain Name Worth Millions?

Wed, Jul 24 2013 18:29:28

While used to be a technology and industry leader, it has now withered to irrelevance under a series of new owners. Presumably since I was the founder and CEO of the original, CBS called me asking if I would buy it to preempt an auction. T

Besides Tracking Your Every Move Online, The Government Is Tracking Where You Travel - We're All Under Investigation By The Government All The Time

Tue, Jun 11 2013 23:07:12

Besides Tracking Your Every Move Online, The Government Is Tracking Where You Travel - We're All Under Investigation By The Government All The Time

Hey NBA Commish - Replace Boring Jump Ball With a Challenge Ball

Wed, Apr 24 2013 19:18:17

With a typical jump ball, each team selects a player to face-off surrounded by teammates. The referee then tosses the ball up and those facing off try to tip it to a teammate and from there it's a live ball. It's not good entertainment.

Friendship is Magic

Tue, Feb 12 2013 22:46:18

The internet has cultivated a short McNugget size media appetite yet radio shows are still serving a 7 course meals with 1-3 hour shows. Project Friendship makes it possible to share clips.

Crowd Sourcing Protection

Thu, Dec 20 2012 18:45:49

Do you trust the crowd or only the anointed experts? What turns out to be true over and over is that the crowd is wise and can be trusted in spite of the fact that conventional teaching dictates otherwise.

ACTUAL Stats for radio business and they're very revealing!

Mon, Dec 10 2012 20:41:17 is the first radio service in the world to openly publish stats and it revealed some insightful aspects about radio.

Radio Hooks-up With Twitter And UberTalk Is Their Love Child

Tue, Nov 20 2012 01:23:55

Real-time twitter feeds are now available for all major radio shows at UberTalk - the cloud guide to radio.

The Tax Wolf in Bond Clothing

Mon, Nov 05 2012 20:51:00

Bonds are the most insidious form of taxation because the entire amount is received up front with future citizenry required to repay the money years later. Bonds are the diametric opposite of living within your means.

Take a ride on the

Mon, Oct 08 2012 22:52:52

A monster threat to American freedom is taxes. Civil liberties and open government are areas to be vigilant, but taxes are also an imperative issue. looks at upcoming changes to laws plus pending propositions and calculates how much taxes

Radio Stations Are Dead - It's All About The Content - Introducing UberTalk

Thu, Sep 27 2012 19:30:08

Radio has a massive library of programming from well known names to the obscure cult topic but there's been no way of easily finding and playing these shows. Enter UberTalk - a comprehensive list of programs on the radio all of which you can play with a s

Download AM/FM Radio Shows To Smartphones & Tablets As MP3s Using

Tue, Jun 26 2012 08:01:34

Downloading music unleashed the digital era and exploded interest in music, and the same is about to happen for radio. A huge library of AM/FM shows can be recorded and downloaded using - the DVR for radio.

Zynga is a Ville-ain

Fri, Jun 01 2012 16:06:00

It’s understandable for a company to want to avoid confusing consumers, but Zynga didn’t invent the word "ville." It had a generic and dictionary connotation of a community long before Zynga decided to use it.

MP3tunes Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Tue, May 01 2012 08:43:42

MP3tunes has filed for bankruptcy protection after years of withering legal attacks and a concerted effort to thwart MP3tunes and personal lockers by some in the industry.

YouTube Prevails (with a Little Help from MP3tunes & Veoh), But Get Do-over On Other Issues

Thu, Apr 05 2012 09:09:57

Previously YouTube had prevailed in an outright victory on all points at the Summary Judgment phase in their battle against Viacom. Viacom filed an appeal and today the court ruled on that appeal. The court upheld victory on some issues, but undid them on

Skydiving with the US Army

Tue, Apr 03 2012 12:30:42

I recently spent an exhilarating yet humbling day with the US Army. The thrill came from jumping out of a plane 2 miles up with elite parachute team known as the Golden Knights.

The MegaConspiracy is a MegaTravesty of Justice

Wed, Mar 14 2012 12:23:50

In what reads more like a movie script than a factual presentation of a legal case, the US government filed a 90 page criminal indictment against two companies and seven individuals for copyright infringement.

Screwed FOREVER Artist List (Is Your Favorite Artist On It?)

Mon, Feb 27 2012 08:50:40

To anyone who has followed the music industry, it comes as no surprise to learn that artists with major labels have very lopsided contracts where they usually get a few pennies for every dollar major labels collect.

Why Spotify can never be profitable: The secret demands of record labels

Mon, Dec 12 2011 09:09:35

Here are some specific demands that digital music companies are compelled to agree to when making a deal with the record companies.

The Myth of the Underpaid Teacher

Tue, Dec 06 2011 13:07:13

San Diego Unified School District, the second largest school district in California, is perilously close to insolvency (this is the equivalent of bankruptcy for government services). A local online news outlet Voice of San Diego asked me to author an edit

More Clouds of Music - Why Use MP3tunes?

Thu, Nov 17 2011 14:22:55

Several net giants have launched personal cloud music services this year. This week we saw Apple unveil iMatch and Google trumpet the official release of Google Music. It's flattering to see others imitate our pioneering MP3tunes service.

EMI Loses Again, Maybe An Unlimited Legal Budget Isn't Such A Good Thing

Tue, Oct 25 2011 15:56:07

EMI who has spent millions battling against the personal cloud music locker had their most recent strategy backfire.

Facebook - Learning Tricks From Record Labels

Wed, Oct 12 2011 09:27:22

Musicians routinely sign away their souls to record labels for the one-in-a-million shot of being the next mega-star and now tech companies are falling for the same ploy.

Will Radio Learn From TV? Maybe Not...

Wed, Oct 05 2011 22:32:10 received a cease and desist letter claiming that allowing people to record from Univision stations is a copyright infringement. In addition they claim that because allows users to download recordings to iPhones, Android devices, iPads, Black

The Smart Phone Killed The Car Radio

Tue, Sep 20 2011 22:32:44

My smart phone has already made my car radio obsolete because I rarely listen to broadcast radio. I'm not alone. More than half of adults 18-24 have used a portable MP3 player or phone for audio in their car.

Eavesdrop On The Day the Music DJ Died

Mon, Aug 22 2011 23:21:33

Denise is the first robot DJ to take over a licensed AM/FM station. Denise is a computer program purchased for $200 who will be the DJ for a 3 hour time slot.

A 99% Victory in EMI v MP3tunes

Mon, Aug 22 2011 15:38:35

Today a ruling was published in EMI v MP3tunes and it is definitely a victory for cloud music and MP3tunes' business model after a multi-year litigation battle.

Will a Strategy Work With Radio Shows on

Wed, Aug 17 2011 09:51:00

When I started I took what was then a radical approach - I let every artist signup without making subjective analysis about whether their music was good enough, but this openness created a secondary problem and the solution to that problem was one

Is College Worth It?? Help?!

Fri, Jul 22 2011 10:19:28

This is an email I got from a woman about College. I'm using only their initials instead of names to protect their privacy. Check out my response.

Jury Finds Kevin Carmony and Chad Olson Liable for Fraud and Conspiracy

Wed, Jun 29 2011 10:47:54

The Jury found against Linspire's former CEO Kevin Carmony and former CFO Chad Olson on multiple counts of Fraud, Conspiracy, and Fiduciary Duty. They concluded that both had conspired to take thousands of dollars from Linspire Inc while leaving the compa

The First Talk Radio Radio - Making Every Talk Radio Show Available On Demand

Wed, May 18 2011 10:10:51

Radios have historically been speakers where broadcasters control what blares out. A new day is upon us where listeners are wrestling control away from broadcasters and can now control what comes out of their radios.

Teacher's Union Deception - Propaganda to Get More Money

Thu, May 12 2011 16:00:09

At 7:30pm my home phone rang. It was one of those irritating robot calling machines that plays a recorded message. This one was from my kid's government school and the Superintendent was telling me to tell California politicians to not make cuts in K-12 s

YouTube Legal Battle With Viacom Ain't Over

Thu, May 05 2011 12:33:55

Viacom suffered a resounding defeat in their lawsuit against YouTube, but that was just the first round and Viacom promptly appealed. Now a higher court will examine the issues.

Behind The Scenes: Record Label Demands From Amazon

Thu, May 05 2011 09:48:37

Amazon defied the record labels by launching an unlicensed personal cloud music service. Music companies immediately expressed their dissatisfaction and Amazon public stated they would discuss licenses with labels.

The Sinkhole Which Doesn't Sync - Amazon's Cloud Music

Thu, Apr 21 2011 10:48:30

Recently Amazon launched a personal cloud music service. The press noted the importance of the net giant's actions. A few mentioned the similarities with the MP3tunes service.

Amazon Throws Down With The Major Record Labels

Tue, Mar 29 2011 10:04:29

In a bold move that will influence Apple and Google and impact billions in future cloud licensing to record labels, Amazon has unveiled a cloud music service almost daring the record labels to protest.

Apple You DIDN'T Invent the App Store!

Thu, Mar 24 2011 16:34:38

Apple is making a preposterous claim to the trademark office that they invented the app store concept and name and they're asking a Judge to stop Amazon from even using the words "app store".

My Trip To SXSW, New Music Technology & New Bands

Mon, Mar 21 2011 14:14:10

SXSW (South by Southwest) started as a music festival in hip Austin Texas but has expanded to include film and technology. This year they asked me to be a Judge for their startup competition where 30 companies competed.

Introducing - Your Digital AUDIO Recorder

Wed, Feb 23 2011 10:59:10

If you enjoy listening to the radio I have a new online service I want to tell you about; It's an online service which records radio to play back on demand. Much like the DVR (digital video recorder) captures TV broadcasts to play back when reques

Pandora Turns Down $550 Million To Go Public

Fri, Feb 18 2011 08:47:52

Recently Pandora filed their S-1, a document which a company files with the SEC as a prelude to selling stock to the public. This filing provides details about the company so that potential investors can make an informed decision about whether to buy shar

A Fascinating Case... Decision Reserved

Fri, Feb 04 2011 09:10:21

The oral argument in EMI v MP3tunes took place as scheduled in a NYC courtroom. I sat in the second row and was the target of several finger pointing accusations by EMI's attorney. Since EMI has a weak legal argument they need to make it personal and that

Sides Line Up For Jan. 28th Showdown Over Music Lockers

Mon, Jan 24 2011 09:47:55

January 28th in courtroom 11D in New York City at 11:30am the final showdown over music lockers will take place for EMI v MP3tunes.

Martha Stewart Gets Bamboozled By Detox "Doc"

Thu, Jan 20 2011 08:57:48

Detoxification is all the rage but it's simply modern day snake oil salesman and I'm going to show you one of the biggest names in the detox business working his flim-flam on Martha Stewart.

YouTube Battle Over Music Search & Storage

Mon, Dec 06 2010 09:47:41

For the first time in a copyright legal battle videos were submitted and Youtube video responses were generated and are open for the world to view to determine for themselves if a music search engine and personal cloud music should be outlawed.

Prepare To Get Naked With

Tue, Nov 16 2010 09:04:58

I decided to partner with John Parres to build, which should launch sometime in the near future. We're hard at work constructing a service that will make public document requests from around the country truly public - all in a manner w

Google Buys Gizmo5: A Look Back

Tue, Nov 09 2010 10:35:09

About a year ago I sold Gizmo5 to Google and I want to tell you about that experience.

The World's Smartest Dog

Thu, Oct 28 2010 10:20:43

I watched tape and it was a montage of amazing tricks by my father's dog Zeke. He caught footballs, dribbled a basketball, dunked a basketball, played golf and much more. It was like nothing I've seen...

Waiting for Superman - Misperceptions about American Schools

Mon, Oct 18 2010 14:50:11

I was recently asked to participate in a panel discussion with the head of the San Diego teacher's Union and SD school board president after a screening of a new documentary about US government run schools called Waiting for Superman.

Protecting Kids - Avoiding the Worst Teachers in LA

Thu, Sep 30 2010 17:01:38

Parents should have data about the effectiveness of schools and teachers and be able to select what's best for them and their children. The Los Angeles Times recently looked at several years of test scores for Los Angeles children and by comparing where s

MP3tunes Asks Judge To Allow For "Youtube Defense"

Tue, Sep 21 2010 20:40:17

MP3tunes has asked the court for permission to file for Summary Judgment in our three year battle with EMI record labels over the legality personal cloud music lockers and music search engine.

When Will Microsoft, Apple and Google Do Music Lockers?

Thu, Aug 19 2010 15:08:44

Several of the technology giants companies have basic storage services but when it comes to music they are useful only for the sharing which they all allow and not as an interactive music locker.

I Want The Same Power As Steve Jobs

Thu, Aug 12 2010 16:26:33

I wanted to display an iPhone and was disappointed to find out that it's not possible. Well, it's possible (because Steve does it) however, Apple has made the decision that others should not be able to do it.

Apple Quietly Enables Online Streaming To iPhones, iPad and iTouch

Tue, Aug 03 2010 16:31:38

Buried in the release notes of an updated iPhone app is significant new functionality which lets Apple devices stream music from its online storage in a useful manner for the first time. This is in defiance of record labels demands that any streaming serv

iTunes Music On Any TV (Without A Home Server!)

Mon, Jul 19 2010 22:25:11

For the first time, anyone can get their iTunes music to their TV without running a home server. It's easier than you think and you can get the added bonus of the best selling video player at the lowest price ever.

Making Apple And Google Play Nicely Together

Mon, Jul 12 2010 00:04:50

MP3tunes is engaging in some family counseling for Google and Apple so that consumers can mix and match products from Apple and Google and have them work seamlessly together. The initiative is called Buy Anywhere, Listen Everywhere.

Gates and Buffett Have It Wrong

Thu, Jul 01 2010 09:07:30

Recently billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett made a public plea for the wealthy to use their resources to improve society during their lifetime by donating to philanthropic causes. I applaud their goals but not the method.

Youtube Wins - MP3tunes (and Apple?) Cheer

Fri, Jun 25 2010 09:28:44

Youtube prevailed in their billion dollar battle with Viacom who had accused them of copyright infringement. While Google (Youtube's parent), is surely pleased so are others who have similar services or are contemplating them.

The Crowd As Our Legal Team

Thu, Jun 17 2010 09:50:25

Some months back I made a public plea on my blog for readers help in our legal battle called You Lie EMI and the results were astounding.

I've Got Pandora Envy

Tue, Jun 08 2010 12:55:01

I envy Pandora, the wildly popular web radio service. 50 million people have tried their service so its undeniably consumer enticing. While MP3tunes is a different business, one of personal music lockers, I think there's much to learn from their service a

The World's First Internet Boombox

Wed, May 26 2010 16:47:39

If you want to listen to your music by a pool, in your garage, or some other venue a 1980s era boombox is still the best choice. But I think that's about to change with the release of the world's first internet boombox. Actually, the boombox is not entire

Sad Saga of Floyd Landis

Thu, May 20 2010 16:59:15

For several years Floyd Landis was a hard working domestique helping Lance Armstrong to several victories in the Tour de France until he got his own chance to lead a team

Measure Your Education Spending IQ

Wed, May 12 2010 13:40:17

Many people believe we are not spending enough money on education. Others believe that cuts to education have harmed our schools. What's rarely talked about is the actual numbers.

Death of Lala and the 10 Cent Web Song

Wed, May 05 2010 14:47:39

Two years ago I wrote about the $20 million record label backed experiment to explore whether consumers would rent songs for 10 cents each. A year later I warned those consumers that Lala (the dime store which rented those songs) would eventually go away

A Billion Taco Vending Machines = Bigger Taco Industry

Wed, Apr 28 2010 15:12:10

Imagine a world where there's a billion taco vending machines. Everywhere you went there would be a machine that with a click of a button you could instantly buy a hot juicy taco. Even if you aren't a Mexican food fan you'd give into a the occasional hung

Mission Possible - Store The World's Music

Tue, Apr 20 2010 16:25:24

Beginning this week, MP3tunes will be offering a substantial 10GBs of music storage for free - enough to hold about 2,000 MP3 files. The goal is to store every internet user's music collection in the cloud and make it available everywhere they want to lis

The Experiment

Tue, Mar 30 2010 22:13:55

Radio is stale and needs a digital overhaul. It hasn't advanced much beyond the AM dial. The audio fidelity has gotten better and recent internet services like Pandora will find songs similar to a source song, but beyond that it's nearly unchanged since t

Why Android Will Triumph Over iPhone

Thu, Mar 04 2010 14:37:54

Google's Android will quickly overtake Apple's iPhone market share. It may seem like an outlandish prediction, but we've seen this movie before and we know how it ends.

Will Internet DVR Be Banned In Singapore?

Tue, Feb 16 2010 13:47:26

Do consumers have the right to record broadcasted video? The US Supreme Court seemed to cement this right into law more than 30 years when they legalized the VCR. However each time a piece of the technology is modernized media companies use it as an oppor

Apple's Secret Cloud Strategy And Why Lala Is Critical

Thu, Jan 21 2010 09:40:47

This is a reprint of an article on TechCrunch

Here's My Mobile Number

Wed, Jan 06 2010 13:11:17

I want to make it easy for anyone to contact me and previously, I freely distributed my email address, but was more reserved with my mobile number because it's a bit more intrusive to have random strangers calling it.

Will Apple Bury Lala's 10 Cent Songs?

Mon, Dec 14 2009 13:47:59

Apple has purchased digital music company lala - the originator of the 10-cent web song. Lala customers would rent these audio chunks for the low price of ten pennies and play them at the lala site. Since users can't download the songs, it's really a rent

Google Acquires Gizmo5

Thu, Nov 12 2009 14:14:10

Google acquires Gizmo5

Cloud Music On Your iPhone, iPod touch and Android Phone

Fri, Sep 25 2009 11:56:31

After a puzzling 3.5 month wait, Apple has finally approved Airband, an app for iPod touch and iPhone users to play music directly from their MP3tunes locker. Google fans will find a beta version of the first MP3tunes app in the Android marketplace. With

EMI You Lie

Mon, Sep 14 2009 13:32:22

To prove their case EMI is claiming that all tracks online are infringements and therefore anyone that links to them or allows storage for them is a knowing infringer. Anyone with a working knowledge of online music knows EMI and the other music companies

What I'm Excited About

Tue, Aug 25 2009 21:55:36

There are many things that I am excited about in the technology business. Here are just a few. Feel free to email me YOUR list!

A Free Phone Line Using Google and Gizmo5

Tue, Aug 04 2009 18:18:21

With Gizmo Voice, anyone can now have a free phone line on their computer, wifi phone, or in their home. This free phone service includes a US telephone number with an area code of your choosing, unlimited incoming calls, sophisticated voice mail (transcr

Cartoon Network Opens Door For Wave of New Business Opportunities

Mon, Jul 27 2009 10:13:33

A popular cartoon channel has unwittingly become the catalyst for a new wave of disruptive businesses. Recently the Supreme Court declined to consider overturning Cartoon Networks v CSC which informally is known as the "Cablevision" case. It was a legal b

Sadly, Pandora Is Still Going Bankrupt

Wed, Jul 08 2009 16:33:47

The online radio business is doomed because the required per song payment to the record labels is too high to ever have a profitable business. Recently a new set of rates were announced which press reports said "averted the royalty crisis". It's true the

Vote for the Craziest Digital Music Ideas Ever

Wed, Jul 01 2009 18:22:49

The digital music business has seen some crazy ideas over the last decade. I've searched the archives and come up with a list for you to vote on at the bottom. Here's the list in no particular order for your consideration.

Legal Update on Personal Lockers

Mon, Jun 15 2009 14:01:15

An update from Michael on the MP3tunes battle to defend the legality of personal music lockers and music in the cloud.

Obama OKs Network DVR And Hints At Music Locker

Tue, Jun 02 2009 00:05:23

President Obama's attorney filed papers with the Supreme Court supporting an earlier court decision that found Cablevision's remote storage DVR to be legal. The solicitor general also showed technology savvy, mentioning "cloud services" and even commentin

6 Ways To Save Money On Communication

Fri, May 29 2009 14:43:17

Here are 6 ways to save money on your communication needs

The American Idol Winner Is....

Tue, May 19 2009 21:27:50

American Idol is once again the #1 TV show in the US and the competition is down to the final two. Glambert fans created Operation And Justice For All while the Kris Allen Nation has Operation Ding Dong to garner more votes for their contestant. These dig

Lala Admits To Using Network DRM

Tue, May 05 2009 14:51:01

Lala is using Server DRM to lock their users into a system where they control how music is used. It surprised me that some readers didn't see Lala's service as a form of DRM so I thought I'd ask Lala to describe their system.

Roach Motel For Your Music (The New DRM Threat)

Mon, Apr 20 2009 17:21:21

An insidious new plot to wrestle control of your personal music library is underway. Like a roach motel where insects check in but they can never check out, a new music service is using the same strategy with your personal song library. Big music loves th

Subprime-like Mortgages Forcing Music Companies Into Bankruptcy

Mon, Mar 30 2009 17:09:46

Subprime loans have caused pain and foreclosures in the housing markets and the same phenomenon is hitting digital music companies like imeem, Pandora, and

OpenSky 2.0 SIP for Skype

Mon, Mar 23 2009 19:41:26

Gizmo5 launched its SIP for Skype service called OpenSky which lets any SIP device call Skype and receive their Skype calls. Ebay this week trumpeted an upcoming initiative of its own to be called Skype for SIP. These announcements are a huge boost for SI

A Tivo For YouTube - DownloadHelper

Mon, Mar 09 2009 10:12:23

There are millions of videos on YouTube and many come and go. (Warner Music recently removed all of their music videos and Universal Music has threatened to do so.) What's needed is Tivo-type software which lets you control when and where you view it. A p

Who Is Ryan Sit And Why Is EMI Suing Him?

Tue, Feb 24 2009 10:13:03

The record labels' legal rampage against technology is growing in ferocity with an unprecedented broad attack that threatens how the Internet fundamentally operates. Nearly a year ago Warner Music sued Seeqpod in California claiming their search engine (w

Building a Bridge to Skype Island with OpenSkyXX

Mon, Feb 09 2009 17:19:23

A few years ago I gave a talk at a tech conference and asked Skype to "tear down the walls" and allow other phone users to communicate with Skype. Yet Skype remained a castle, with its surrounding moat making it hard for others to reach it. Casting metaph

Music Search Engines Under Attack

Wed, Jan 28 2009 14:02:13

As the founder and former CEO of I like to think I played a small role in helping MP3 become the global standard and vanquishing DRM (at least with music). I noticed there are many meta search engines for free MP3 files, but none for commercial MP