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Preview: Personal Money Portfolio

Personal Money Portfolio

Help you to manage your money investment well. Support over 176 types of currencies, ranging from USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, CHF to PKR, NZD, INR!

Updated: 2014-10-03T12:50:52.712+08:00


Personal Money Portfolio - snapshot 0.9a


Personal Money Portfolio - snapshot 0.9a

For the last few weeks, I've been working on the charting and fixing major bugs. After some late night works, we have improved a more readable chart and as well as a more informational portfolio.

It reminds me of the motivation of this project right from the start, it is to automate as much of the manual work as possible ... to make one investor's life less hassle! :P After all, repetitive monitoring work is not our core-business, so let the system handles it!!

Several improvement had been made over the historical chart in this new version:
  1. Added a Simple Moving Average indicator which covered for 30, 50, and 100 days.
  2. Separated the volume and candlestick into different dimension.


GBPUSD (one of my favorite)

There is also an easy to read portfolio allocation chart added in, to provide an overview on where your "bullets" are.

That's all for now, isn't much time left for blogging these days!

by Avatar Ng

Tutorial in Google Video: open a position


Tutorial in Google Video: How to open a position


Avatar Ng

Snapshot 0.7


Snapshot 0.7

The major changes in version 0.7 is to resolve a few critical bugs in "open/close position" module, AJAX-implemented "business news" module and the new "currency chart".

This candlestick chart will draw the historical data over years, the draw back is slow in response. An average historical external feed will take out 1KB to 10KB+ bandwidth, although the JFreeChart perform drawing in a fair time, it still consider to be slow. 10KB x 1000 simultaneous requests will easily consumed around 10MB bandwidth of the server at one time (not including delay for each data fetch), a very powerful server is require to handle that kind of traffics.

(Figure 1: Customize Chart)

(Figure 2: A closer look - 1024x768 resolution)

Business news module had been improved it's performance greatly with an AJAX implementation.

(Figure 3: Business News using AJAX)

(Figure 4: User Profile)


Tutorial 01 - Making your 1st Currency Trade


Tutorial 01 - Making your 1st Currency Trade

A tutorial had been uploaded into Google Video Beta, on this tutorial we will demostrate the most fundamental function of this project - to order and keep track a trade!

Visit the clip!

By Avatar

Technology behind Personal Money Portfolio


Personal Money Portfolio is developed by using MyFaces from the start to end. Other technology used including RSS Util from Sun Developer Network (SDN) for Business News, JFreeChart from Object Refinery Limited for CandleStick Charting, MySQL for database and Tomcat for server.





By Avatar

Snapshot 0.6, near release!


Snapshot 0.6

Deadline is near, these are the final touch up!

Most of the core-function are shaped, like the real-time "open position" watch list (only-supported in Firefox), third-party currency chart, real-time "exchange rates".

Below is some of the latest screenshots:

real-time exchange rates, update every 5-7 seconds
(some performance issue - slow)


real-time open/close positions watch list let you focus closely on your earnings
(10-12 seconds delayed)

12 major currencies chart
provide historical rates, trends
for analytic and research purposes

(Avatar Ng)

Personal Money Portfolio snapshot 0.5


PMP snapshot 0.5 is here! The new version is up version 0.5. The long awaited candlestick chart, currency convertor had finally here.Also I had polishedup the layout to increase user friendliness. Below is some latest work:business news with RSS feed (under 1st tab)173 currencies rates (under 2nd tab)currency convertor (collapse-able)portfolio (under 3rd tab, member-only function)candlestick chart (under 4th tab, member-only function)registration pagesuccessfully registeredactivation mailactivation pageThat's all for now, portfolio function is some what incomplete. It will allow user to keep track their trades virtually, knowing their current performance. Personal Money Portfolio by Avatar.[...]

A magnificent product!


I always have been asking the same question like any newbie do:

- "Where should I buy currency? "
- "What will it cost me? "
- "What information do I need to provide in order to make an exchange?"
- "How do I purchase currency?"
- "Can I hold out for a particular rate?"
- "What if the rate is good now, but I don’t need to make payment for 3 months?"
- "Will foreign exchange dealers offer advice about market conditions and rates?"
- "How do I pay for my currency?"
- "How can I find out current exchange rates? "
- "How long will my funds take to transfer to a foreign bank account?"

To answer my own question, I surf myself over places around the web. Then I came to this site: . I saw a little icon over the bottom left, it says Free Currency Account! "Well why not, lets try it out ... I got nothing to lose.", I told myself.

I got virtual money 100K in my account, so I can test out my strategies without paying any tuition fees.

When comes to the fluctuating market, timely information is certainly an
criterial between life and dead. This tool allows you watching the market, buying and selling almost in real-time. Also it will automatically close position on margin call, saving your losses to minimum. Not only that, with downloadable plugins you'll be able to draw historical charts and get latest currency news as well.

After trying out, you know what? It has best tools which I ever used, and it has answered to most of my questions. Imagine that you can now watch closely to your investment no matter wherever you are. Never to mention, you can generate your report anytime and measure your performance from your ROI!

Take a close look ...

63 Market Terminology


63 Market TerminologyBEARA person who anticipates market prices will decline.BEAR MARKETMarkets characterised by declining prices.BIDThe rate at which a dealer is willing to buy the base currency.BULLA person who anticipates market prices will rise.BULL MARKETA market characterised by rising prices.BROKERA Broker is a middle man acting between a client and a market maker – a broker will charge a commission for his services.CABLEMarket terminology for Sterling/US Dollar exchange rate.CALL RATEThe interbank interest rate for funds not deposited for a fixed period.CASH MARKETThe market for the purchase and sale of physical currencies.CONVERTIBLE CURRENCYCurrency which can be freely exchanged for other currencies or gold without special authorisation from the appropriate central bank.COUNTERPARTIESParties on either side of a transaction.CROSS RATEExchange rate that does not involve the US Dollar. E.g The Euro/Yen is called a cross.DAY TRADINGRefers to opening and closing of the same position or positions within the same trading day.DOLLAR RATEThe Dollar Rate is when a variable amount of foreign currency is quoted against one unit of the US Dollar. The exception is Sterling/US Dollar (Cable) which is quoted as units to the US Dollar to one Pound Sterling.EMSEuropean Monetary SystemEMUEuropean Monetary UnionERMExchange Rate MechanismEXCHANGE RATE DEPRECIATIONCurrency which loses in value against one or more currencies.EXCHANGE RATE RISKThe potential loss that could be incurred from an adverse movement in exchange rates.FIXED EXCHANGE RATEOfficial rate of exchange set by monetary authorities for one or more currencies. In practice, some fixed exchange rates are allowed to fluctuate between defined upper an lower bands.FLAT / SQUAREWhere a client has not traded in that currency or where an earlier deal is reversed thereby creating a flat (neutral) position. E.g You bought £100,000, then sold £100,0000 = Flat.FLOATING EXCHANGE RATEWhen the value of a currency is decided by supply and demand.FOREX/FXAn abbreviation of Foreign Exchange.FORWARD POINTSThe Interest Rate Differential between two currencies expresses in exchange rate points. The forward points are added or subtracted from the spot rate to give the forward or outright rate.FORWARD RATEThe rate at which a foreign exchange contract is struck today for settlement at a specified future date.FORWARD CONTRACTContract struck at the forward rate as specified above.FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSISAnalysis based on economic and political factors.GTC (Good Till Cancelled)An order left with a dealer to buy or sell at a fixed price. The order remains in place until it is cancelled by the client.HEDGINGA hedging transaction is one which protects an asset or liability against a fluctuation in the foreign exchange rate.INITIAL MARGINThe deposit required from a client when they transact a forward order.INTERBANK RATESThe FX rates large international banks quote other large international banks. The difference between the buy rate and the sell rate, the spread can be around 0.07%. Normally the public and other businesses do not have access to these rates.INTEREST RATE RISKThe potential for losses arising from changes in interest rates.LIMIT ORDERAn order given which has restrictions upon execution. The client specifies a price and the order can be executed at the prevailing market price only if the market reaches the specified price.LONG POSITIONA position where the client has bought a currency not previously held. Normally expressed in base currency terms. E.g. long dollars (short yen).MARGINCash deposit provided by clients as collateral to cover losses (if any) that may result from the clients foreign exchange trades.MARGIN CALLA demand for additional funds to cover positions.MATURITYDate for settlement.OFFERThe rate at which a dealer is willing to sell the base currency.OCO (One [...]

Personal Money Portfolio Snapshot 0.1


Personal Money Portfolio Snapshot 0.1

Personal Money Portfolio Snapshot 0.1

Multilingual - Japanese

Multilingual - Chinese

Multilingual - German

Currency Exchange of 173 countries

Business News

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My portfolio project


I'm currently researching on currency exchange, funding, bond and other form of investment.

The expected outcome of the research is a web-based portfolio that aids investor to effectively manage their investments as well as providing useful information and reporting, charting tools.

Watch closely to my project on:

Personal Money Portfolio

By Avatar Ng