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Ivelin Ivanov - blog

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How to bulk update deals in Highrise HQ


One of the fun things about being a technology entrepreneurs is that occasionally I encounter business problems that give me a chance to touch code. In this case I had to update a bunch of Highrise HQ deals. The business problem: At Telestax, we had a great first year, which we celebrated at the recent Mobicents Community Summit 2012 in Rio De Janeiro.  One of the decisions we made at the

Mobicents Summit 2011 - Contributor Presentations


As promised, following are the presentations from contributors who attended the Mobicents Community Summit, which took place in Sochi in December, 2011. Enjoy! ElitNet presentation - Mobicents Summit 2011 View more presentations from telestax. Twilio Client presentation - Mobicents Summit 2011 View more presentations from telestax. CDI Telco Framework &

Mobicents Media Server passes 100% JSR 309 Compliance


The Mobicents Media Server continues the tradition of the Mobicents community to drive simultaneously Open Source innovation and Standardization to an otherwise siloed telco industry. As of today, November 6, 2011, the Mobicents Media Server is the first Open Source (LGPL) 100% JSR 309 compliant implementation. JSR 309 is the standard Java API that allows control of media server resources. It

Annual Mobicents Community Summit - Sochi, Russia, December 4-9, 2011


By tradition, the Mobicents core team and community contributors will meet in person for a week of brainstorming and fun. The location we chose this year is Sochi, Russia - the home of the Winter Olympic Games 2014. The goal of the week-long gathering is to socialize, catch up on the latest in the Cloud Communications industry, review Mobicents projects progress and set direction for the next

HA strategies for Mobicents


Continuing on the topic of deploying mobicents in a cloud environment (whether private or public), Vladimir Ralev published a document that attempts to find the fundamental types of SIP and HTTP interactions that can be used in composition to describe a broad range of real world use cases. The main value of this work is that it greatly simplifies an otherwise complex task of correctly designing

Mobicents SIP and HTTP Load Balancing


The topic of High Availability and Fault Tolerance is always interesting as the set of use cases evolves and the infrastructure available to support various solutions varies. Vladimir Ralev, Mobicents architect, discusses some essential aspects of SIP Load Balancing and converged SIP + HTTP load balancing in a pretty thorough presentation (42 slides): Comments to this exciting topic are most

Mobicents Cloud Communications


For the last 6 months there has been a great amount of activity in the Mobicents community on the topic of Cloud Communications. To provide an overview of our current state and future roadmap to community members interested in the topic, we created a short (under 4 minutes) video. For a more technical discussion of Mobicents for Cloud Communications, take a look at the research thesis by

Rancore Technologies wins Red Hat Innovation Award


Congratulations to Aayush Bhatnagar and his team at Rancore Technologies for winning the 2011 Red Hat Innovation Award for Outstanding Open Source Architecture! This is a well deserved acknowledgment for a cutting edge telecom platform for 4G/LTE networks and applications. I am happy to have Aayush on the Mobicents core team. His input is essential to the project's roadmap, priorities and

LGPL 2.1 license for all Mobicents projects: effective March 1, 2011


The Mobicents team has decided to align its licensing policy with the rest of the JBoss projects and convert all of its source code files to LGPL 2.1 Open Source license. The decision is effective immediately! I would like to thank everyone who has shared their thoughts on this subject over time. Congratulations to all LGPL advocates who have made their arguments clear. Victory well deserved! :)

Do you have a cool Mobicents based application? Let's show it to the world!


JBoss World 2011 is around the corner. It will be the biggest JBoss event ever. If you have a great telco app based on Mobicents, let me know. We will work together to propose it for the show floor at JudCon - the Alpha Geek event preceding JBoss World. All proposals have to be compiled by the end of February 2011. Let's not waste time. Let the best and bravest stand out!

Mobicents team expanding


We are looking to bring onboard several A+ players with track record in the Mobicents community. We are building the next generation telecom infrastructure.Are you up to the challenge to join full time the Top Open Source Telco Team? It doesn't matter where in the world you are located.Drop me a line: ivelin117 at gmail.

OKI Japan becomes core contributor to Mobicents


After several years of active engagement with the Mobicents community, OKI Japan, one of the pioneers of the SIP Servlets technology, made a decision to contribute a hugely useful telco developer framework. It allows Web developers, to quickly add telecom features to their applications, without going through a steep learning curve. I am very happy to welcome OKI to the Mobicents Core team. You

Mobicents in Brno 2009 - annual team meeting aftermath


Another good year for the Mobicents community was celebrated properly with a face to face team meeting in Brno, Czech Republic. Mobicents is now 5 years old, which in human years translates to the phase of entering young adulthood.An unforgettable week with the core team was hardly enough to fit a marathon of architecture reviews, design problem solving and roadmap brainstorming sessions. The

hSenid - officially certified JBCP partner


hSenid has officially passed the JBCP certification process and have successfully deployed JBoss Communication Platform (based on Mobicents) in production at mutltiple Tier 1 telco operators. Read the full press release:

Official JBCP documentation available on


The official documentation for the commercially supported JBoss Communications Platform is now available online. - Multi page HTML document - Single HTML page documentThanks to Douglas Silas Hensley and the rest of the Red Hat content team for

Nortel focuses on AS 5200/CS 2000. Mobicents a key component.


Several Mobicents contributors pointed to public sources revealing pieces of valuable information about a sizeable project that has been underway and is starting to make big waves.First, this analyst review:" Nortel revealed a refreshed IMSstrategy that focuses on the application layer of the network and iscentered around the

hSenid - a Mobicents Partner success story


GSMA was a productive event for Mobicents. One of the highlights was hearing about the success stories of our partner hSenid, who built and deployed their SDP at several top tier operators. From a related press release:"The core of hSenid Mobile's product portfolio, mChoice TM, is built around the JBoss Communication Platform (JBCP) which complements the portfolios scalability and extendibility.

Red Hat, Mobicents at GSMA, Barcelona, Feb 16-19, 2009


This year Red Hat will exhibit at the 3GSMA in Barcelona, the world biggest IT Event for telecommunications which takes place in Barcelona, February 16-19th, 2009.We are located in hall 2.1, booth 2.1C73 and will have one demo-pod, where we'll show our Red Hat competency in Telco solutions. Two additional demo-pods will be covered by two partners, Akosim and hSenid, specialized in radio networks

Using Mobicents with Legacy Network Elements (PSTN, SS7)


A frequently asked customer question is what kind of Mobicents resource adaptors are there for legacy networks - CAMEL, TCAP, INAP, ISUP and so on. Let me offer an updated view on this topic.There are several open source Mobicents Resource Adaptors for legacy networks and there is an even bigger number of custom non-open source Resource Adaptors developed and tuned for specific customer needs.

Mobicents becomes the First Open Source Certified SIP Servlets 1.1 (JSR 289) container


Jean, Vladimir and crew did it again! would like to strongly and whole heatedly encourage software vendors interested in JSR 289 certified servers to consider leveraging Mobicents. It is simply the safest bet!Its Open Source and

Mobicents 2008 core team meeting


A year passed since the core Mobicents team was physically together in one location. In 2007 the team was much smaller. Eduardo, Bartek, Vladimir, Amit and I met in Varna, Bulgaria to review our progress and brainstorm about the 2008 roadmap. We ended up with a few napkins with notes and a lot of hangover from the nights of barstorming.This year we went for a different format. The team is now

Mobicents looking for A+ Product Manager


Things around Mobicents continue to keep us very busy. An area where we feel growth pain is Product Management. The amount of incoming leads and interest in the commercial JBoss Communications Platform is calling for a dedicated top-notch Product Manager who can handle the following responsibilities:JBCP business plan: target market segments, customer categories, revenue projections, competitor

Mobicents at JavaOne 2008


Tuesday May 6 was a big day for Mobicents. The twosessions at the JBoss booth were overflowing. There were 3-4 times more people than chairs for both sessions delivered consequently by Vladimir and Jean. The live demos were both impactful, especially the facebook plugin demo where two people of the audience were able to talk to each other on mobile phones.The Red Hat media team also recorded a

Mobicents JSLEE or Mobicents SIP Serlvets: Which one is better?


Religious arguments over alternative technologies can be fun...for a few days. Then they become wasteful. Instead of taking sides, we decided that it is important to encompass the largest possible community of developers. The Mobicents team now offers implementations of both JSLEE and SIP Servlets. Jean Deruelle, Ranga M, Vladimir Ralev, Bartosz Baranowski and other members of the core Mobicents

JBCP training class at Nortel


Last week, I had the privilege to teach a four day class on JBoss Communications Platform (Mobicents) to a team of sharp cookies from Nortel. I am usually not great at repeating the same presentation many times, so I appreciate it a lot when the audience is interacting with me - asking questions, catching bugs in the examples, or making fun of my drawings. Well in this case, the audience was so