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Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media

Published: 2016-03-27T14:04:24-04:00


AI's not AI


There has been a lot of commentary recently on issues relating to an experimental chat bot that Microsoft has (or had) launched named (after, perhaps, a river in Scotland) Tay. After a brief existence online, the bot was removed due...

Agile Web Mining at Bing


The web search industry is making great progress in transitioning from building tools for finding pages and sites to building tools that leverage and surface facts and knowledge. The local search space - where I work in Bing - is...

The Economist gets in on the AI Fluff


The Economist leads with an editorial and an article on The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence. The editorial starts of with: “THE development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race,” Stephen Hawking warns. Elon Musk fears...

AI, Artificial Birds and Aeroplanes


The Turing Test for artificial intelligence is a reasonably well understood idea: if, through a written form of communication, a machine can convince a human that it too is a human, then it passes the test. The elegance of this...

How to Understand Computers in Film


When we see an act of programming, screeds of code or other interactions with computers in movies, software engineers are likely to roll their eyes. When Chappie's coder has to write 'terabytes of code' When Ford's computer guy has to...

How the Tech Media Keeps Artificial Intelligence at a Distance


In sympathy with yesterday's post about AI as presented in films, consider this recent article from the Wall Street Journal: Artificial Intelligence Experts are in High Demand. A list of mostly machine learning experts is produced as evidence for the...

How Hollywood Keeps Artificial Intelligence at a Distance


When something doesn't exist (like artificial intelligence) it's easy to think that there is some missing piece of magic required to bring it in to existence. There has been a growing interest in movie depictions of AI of late, and...

Artificial Intelligence and Economics


There are lots of articles online of the form - humanity has built some amazing things, so why haven't we produced an artificial intelligence? These articles (here's an example) often include some discussion of a task that even a very...

Stamp of Approval


After getting a hint of this a few months ago, I've finally tracked down an image of a stamp that will be released this year to celebrate the invention of the World Wide Web using an image I created. Here's...

The Longform Manifesto


Sometimes a title for a blog posts suggests itself to me which seems so self contained that it takes real effort to actual write the post ('Machine Intelligence, not Machine Learning is the Next Big Thing' is another in this...