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Meta - New pages [en]

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Last Build Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2016 12:17:02 GMT



Sun, 23 Oct 2016 10:10:29 GMT

Quenhitran: Created page with "Những wiki muốn sử dụng tính năng sắp xếp các thể loại theo giá trị số đếm cũng có thể yêu cầu bật tính năng w:en:Unico..."

{{Tech header|Tóm tắt Tin tức Kỹ thuật hàng tuần giúp bạn theo dõi các thay đổi phần mềm gần đây có thể sẽ tác động tới bạn và các thành viên Wikimedia khác cùng với bạn. Hãy [[Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors|đăng ký theo dõi]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News#contribute|đóng góp]] và [[Talk:Tech/News|phản hồi cho chúng tôi]].}}
{{Translatable template|Deadline|timeanddate={{URLENCODE:Publication of Wikimedia Tech News}}}}
{{Translatable template|Tech news nav}}


[[Category:Tech News{{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/43}}|2016/43]]{{#if: {{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/43}} | [[Category:Tech News{{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/43}}|2016/43]] }}


Sun, 23 Oct 2016 08:52:03 GMT

Wargo: Created page with "Niektóre wiki, które chciały numerycznego sortowania w kategoriach mogą także poprosić o używanie UCA do sortowania..."

{{Tech header|Cotygodniowe wiadomości techniczne ułatwiają śledzenie ostatnich zmian oprogramowania, które mogą mieć znaczenie dla ciebie i innych wikimedian. [[Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors|Subskrybuj]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News#contribute|dodaj coś od siebie]] i [[Talk:Tech/News|wyraź swoją opinię]].}}
{{Translatable template|Deadline|timeanddate={{URLENCODE:Publication of Wikimedia Tech News}}}}
{{Translatable template|Tech news nav}}


[[Category:Tech News{{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/43}}|2016/43]]{{#if: {{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/43}} | [[Category:Tech News{{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/43}}|2016/43]] }}

Wikimedia Taiwan/CSMUWPC

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 06:05:01 GMT

Reke: Created page with "本頁面為'''中山醫學大學維基百科校譯社'''頁面,目前用途尚在規畫中。 * 社團消息請見 ["


* 社團消息請見 [ 臉書粉絲專頁]
* [[Wikimedia Taiwan/Projects/社群年度計畫申請/2017/中山醫學大學維基百科校譯社 | 2017年年度計畫]]

Image es de mujeres desnudas

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 04:51:02 GMT

2A03:2880:2040:7FE6:FACE:B00C:0:8000: xxxx


2015 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing/bg

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 04:15:10 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "=== Гласуване ===" {{Wishlist Voting Over}} {{TOClimit|limit=2}} == Color-coded WikiText editing == {{tracked|T101246}} {{Tracked|T104479}} There have been some experiments around color-coded WikiText editing (including an [[mw:User:Remember_the_dot/Syntax_highlighter|English Wikipedia gadget]] and a working implementation in the Android app). This could be made into a real feature of the WikiEditor extension. {{collapse top|Earlier discussion and endorsements}} : Is it like [[mw:Extension:CodeMirror]]? --[[User:Pastakhov|Pastakhov]] ([[User talk:Pastakhov|talk]]) 17:40, 20 May 2015 (UTC) ::Yes I low the color coding of text that WikEd gives and miss it when I edit other languages. Sometimes I even work on text from other languages on En Wikipedia because we have better tools. We need a set of tools that the WMF will install on all Wikis that wish to opt in. [[User:Jmh649|'''Doc James''']] ([[User talk:Jmh649|talk]] · [[Special:Contributions/Jmh649|contribs]] · [[Special:EmailUser/Jmh649|email]]) 10:31, 21 May 2015 (UTC) :::{{ping|Doc James}} actually you can install for yourself set of tools to be loaded globally. See [[mw:Help:Extension:GlobalCssJs]]. If you need some help, you can use my talk page here or @enwiki. --[[User:Edgars2007|Edgars2007]] ([[User talk:Edgars2007|talk]]) 11:47, 12 November 2015 (UTC) :{{endorsed}} +1 --[[User:AS|AS]] ([[User talk:AS|talk]]) 16:29, 27 May 2015 (UTC) :: This could be considered part of the [[phab:T104479|"modern wikitext editor"]] project. [[User:Cscott|Cscott]] ([[User talk:Cscott|talk]]) 18:21, 11 November 2015 (UTC) ::: Yes, the [[mw:VisualEditor|VisualEditor team]] is definitely planning on doing this as part of the [ modern wikitext editor project]. However, it's not being actively worked on yet and probably won't be for another quarter or two. I leave it up to the Community Tech team whether to include it in their survey, but I don't think they want to take on things that other teams have fairly concrete plans to do :)—[[User:Neil P. Quinn-WMF|Neil P. Quinn-WMF]] ([[User talk:Neil P. Quinn-WMF|talk]]) 20:16, 11 November 2015 (UTC) ::::Actually, let me clarify a couple of things. The project is to build a ''new'' wikitext editor with all these features (to avoid suddenly breaking users' workflows and gadgets). This wouldn't help people who strongly want to stick with the existing editor. In addition, syntax highlighting (within the context of a VE-like wikitext editor) is apparently more complex than it seems, and may have a negative impact on performance. So the new wikitext editor will probably include syntax highlighting, but it's not 100% certain, and it may be an opt-in preference rather than the default.—[[User:Neil P. Quinn-WMF|Neil P. Quinn-WMF]] ([[User talk:Neil P. Quinn-WMF|talk]]) 20:43, 11 November 2015 (UTC) :::::I think it's actually *very* useful to include things in the community wishlist which are already on WMF roadmaps. As Neil notes, it's not a near-term project for the Visual Editor team. The community wishlist is an opportunity to rank all these different *community wishes* against each other. If this proposal ends up ranked high on the wishlist, the VE team perhaps should reprioritize their work. Conversely if it is low, they should perhaps continue to defer this. We need these feedback mechanisms to allow the community to weigh in on the priorities of WMF teams. [[User:Cscott|Cscott]] ([[User talk:Cscott|talk]]) 21:57, 18 November 2015 (UTC) :{{endorsed}}--[[User:Shizhao|Shizhao]] ([[User talk:Shizhao|talk]]) 07:59, 12 November 2015 (UTC) :{{endorsement}} --[[User:Edgars2007|Edgars2007]] ([[User talk:Edgars2007|talk]]) 11:47, 12 November 2015 (UTC) :{{endorsement}} WikiText editor one of features most used by editors is not improved at all. Syntax high[...]

New Readers/Findings/Nigeria/bg

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 04:12:17 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "* Език" {{TNT|New Readers findings banner}} {| style="background:#e6e6e6; float:right; width:20%; margin-left:1.5rem; border-top:10px solid #7ac;" | colspan="2" style="padding: 1rem;" | [[File:Flag_of_Nigeria.svg|alt=Flag of Nigeria.|center|250x250px]] |- | colspan="2" style="font-size:140%; padding: 1rem;" | '''Нигерия''' |- | style="padding-left: 1rem;" width="60%" | '''Население:''' | style="padding-right: 1rem;" width="40%" | 182,2 милиона |- | style="padding-left: 1rem;" width="60%" | '''Internet access rate:''' | style="padding-right: 1rem;" width="40%" | 51.04% |- | style="padding-left: 1rem;" width="60%" | '''Wikipedia monthly pageviews:''' | style="padding-right: 1rem;" width="40%" | 36 милиона |- | style="padding: 0 0 1rem 1rem;" width="60%" | '''Research areas:''' | style="padding: 0 1rem 1rem 0;" width="40%" | [[:en:Lagos|Lagos]], [[:en:Epe,_Lagos_State|Epe]], [[:en:Benin_City|Benin City]] |- | style="padding: 0 0 1rem 1rem;" width="60%" | '''Research dates:''' | style="padding: 0 1rem 1rem 0;" width="40%" | May 15–28, 2016 |} [[File:Wikimedia Foundation and Reboot New Readers Research - Nigeria & India Highlights - July 2016.pdf|right|thumb|275px|Wikimedia Foundation and Reboot New Readers Research - Highlights from Nigeria & India.]]
= Themes = * General information seeking * Technology use * Trust * Език * Networks of influence * Език * Wikipedia awareness * Wikipedia use = In-depth findings = Patterns are behaviors we saw across multiple people we talked to with shared characteristics. The patterns we saw aligned along 6 higher level themes. Some findings were observed in several locations, others are specific to one location. == Theme: Information seeking == === Finding: People seek news and actionable information first, and context second. === In their day-to-day lives, people actively seek information to stay abreast of current affairs or to help them with immediate tasks. By and large, searching for reference information—including the type Wikipedia excels at—is a byproduct of news- or task-oriented information-seeking. That is, people look for reference information to help them contextualize current affairs or work on immediate tasks, and not as ends in themselves. ==== Patterns: ==== * '''(India and Nigeria)''' Event-based reporting travels better, both through i) analog, human networks, and ii) the digital social networks through which more and more people are now getting information. * '''(India and Nigeria)''' People are task-oriented, rather than exploration-oriented, when seeking information. Most of the time, they want information to help them determine how to act, rather than context to help them evolve how they think. * '''(India and Nigeria)''' Descriptive, contextual information requires further processing to become useful for decisionmaking. Doing so requires additional resources, both mental and potentially financial—the latter in environments where internet access is expensive and/or pay-for-bandwidth. === Finding: There is no one-stop shop for news and information. === People seek variety in their news and information sources. They recognize the comparative advantage of different outlets, and seek out Non local and local sources. Wikipedia’s comparative advantage may come from both leveraging the perceived quality conferred to international sources, and increasing the local relevance and utility of its content. In specific markets, for example, Wikipedia could expand its content on national, historical [...]

New Readers/Findings/bg

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 04:11:35 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "юни 2016 г."

{{TNT|New Readers banner|page=6}}
As of July 2016, the New Readers team has done research in:

* [[File:Flag of Mexico.svg|22x20px|border |alt=Flag of Mexico|link=[[:w:India]]]] [[mw:Reading/Mexico_Readers_Research|Мексико]] — февруари 2016 г.
* [[File:Flag of Nigeria.svg|22x20px|border |alt=Flag of Nigeria|link=[[:w:India]]]] [[New Readers/Findings/Nigeria|Нигерия]] — май 2016 г.
* [[File:Flag of India.svg|22x20px|border |alt=Flag of India|link=[[:w:India]]]] [[New Readers/Findings/India|Индия]] — юни 2016 г.

The research started with discussions with local community members to direct our lines of investigation, and included phone surveys (over 11000 people), in-person interviews (145+ people), and desk research. Our findings are summarized per country above, and synthesized in the decks and video below across all target regions.

File:New Readers research findings presentation, September 2016.pdf|Findings deck summarizing New Readers research in 2016
File:Research_Findings_from_the_New_Readers_Project.webm|Research findings presenatation
File:Wikimedia Foundation and Reboot New Readers Research - Nigeria & India Highlights - July 2016.pdf|Wikimedia Foundation and Reboot New Readers Research - Highlights from Nigeria & India.

== See also ==
* [[Global Reach/Insights|Global Reach Insights]] – insights from phone surveys undertaken by the Wikimedia Foundation's Global Reach team

[[Category:New Readers{{#translation:}}]]
[[Category:Maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation{{#translation:}}]]

New Readers/Priorities/bg

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 04:11:27 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "Приоритети"

{{TNT|New Readers banner|page=2}}
The Wikimedia movement seeks to increase readership in Asia, Africa, and Latin America—places where new internet users are emerging but may not know or use Wikimedia sites. To support this goal, the Wikimedia Foundation ([[New Readers#External partners|in partnership with Reboot]]) has begun the [[New Readers|New Readers project]]. They will be conducting user research in two priority countries—India and Nigeria. This research will build on [[Mw:Reading/Mexico Readers Research|previous work]] In Mexico and South Africa to better understand and engage potential readers.

== Приоритети ==
;In the priority countries, this project seeks to understand...
# Potential (as well as current) users’
#* needs for seeking information, with a focus on online;
#* habits for information seeking online, and for interacting with Wikipedia;
#* existing sources of information and why they are commonly used and trusted (i.e. "positive examples" that the Wikimedia projects can learn from);
#* perceptions and knowledge of Wikipedia, specifically what it is and how it works (for example, that it is an open platform, anyone can contribute).
# How current Wikipedia functionalities support or inhibit online learning.
;In order to identify...
# Products and/or features that can attract and engage new readers in target markets; and
# Effective distribution channels, messaging, and/or partnerships to increase readership.
;In the near term, this will help the Wikimedia movement...
# Develop a solid understanding of potential new readers and community members in India and Nigeria, including subsets (or segments, based on needs, behaviors, demographics, and/or other characteristics) that the movement is particularly and immediately well-positioned to engage;
# Determine how best to focus Foundation time and resources, alongside community work and efforts, to attract new readers (with a primary focus on product); and
# Determine how to direct funding and support to communities interested in increasing readership.
;In the medium term, this will help the Wikimedia movement...
# Better integrate design research and [[W:User-centered design|user-centered design]] approaches in how it develops products;
# Develop communications strategies (messaging, media channels, etc.) to increase awareness and improve understanding of Wikimedia products;
# Develop partnership strategies to improve reach of, and engagement with, Wikimedia products; and
# Surface strategies to empower the Wikimedia community to increase readership.
[[Category:New Readers{{#translation:}}]]
[[Category:Maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation{{#translation:}}]]

New Readers/bg

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 04:10:54 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "== Бележки ==" {{ombox | text = We're currently in the process of updating this page and many of the subpages. In the meanwhile, if you have questions or comments, please leave them on the [[Talk:New Readers|talkpage]] or email us at newreaders{{@}}}} __NOTOC__ {{TNT|New Readers banner|page=1}} The '''New Readers''' program focuses on understanding potential Wikimedia readers in countries where access to the internet is quickly growing. It is a collaboration of the [[Special:MyLanguage/Global Reach|Global Reach]], [[mw:Wikimedia Research/Design Research|Design Research]], [[mw:Reading|Reading]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Community Engagement|Community Engagement]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/Communications|Communications]] teams at the [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation|Wikimedia Foundation]]. This hub will collect work from across the teams to better understand and serve potential new readers. == Цели == # Better understand new internet users in countries with developing internet access, who may have limited to no awareness of Wikimedia sites # Develop [[mw:Personas_for_product_development|user personas]] that represent common user habits, needs, and behaviors # Assess and develop potential product, partnership, messaging, and community actions to grow reach and participation in Wikimedia projects from research regions # Develop programs across the Foundation to better serve readers and potential readers in these regions based on research findings == Why focus on "developing" countries first? == [[File:Post its of patterns 2.JPG|thumb|upright|right|Findings gathered during research in Mexico.]] :''See also:'' [[mw:Reading/Mexico Readers Research|Reading/Mexico Readers Research]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/New Readers/Research and stats|New Readers/Research and stats]]'' The next billion people are coming online worldwide. Mobile Internet penetration will grow from 28% to 45% in "[ developing countries]" from 2014 to 2020 ([ GSM Report]), which is an increase of 700 million potential readers and editors (1.55 billion now; 2.25 billion in 2020) compared to 600 million total today in highly developed countries. This shows Wikimedia readership ratios as inverted compared to population; [ with 78% of our page views are from highly developed countries] (as defined by the "[[m:List_of_countries_by_regional_classification|global north]]""Global north/south" is a less-than-ideal term that has been used across the WMF in the past to describe developing countries. We are moving away from this term, and only include it here to connect previous work to the New Readers initiative.), a ratio that has been steady for more than a year. Wikipedia strives for a neutral point of view, which requires representation of a diverse set of viewpoints coming from editors of many different social and cultural backgrounds. Because of the prevalence of "global north" readers and editors across the wikimedia projects, a [[w:Wikipedia:Systemic bias|systemic bias]] exists in our content. WMF has [ previously focused] on developing the Wikimedia movement in the "global south" mainly through access (through [[foundation:Wikipedia_Zero|Wikipedia Zero]]) and editing (through grant making). That said, we have a lot to learn about the different constraints and behaviors for people outside of established readers, living in the context of highly developed infrastructures, particularly when it comes to product devel[...]

New Readers/Stats/bg

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 04:07:47 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "Египет" __NOTOC__ {{TNT|New Readers banner|page=1}}
{{Graph:Chart|width=350|height=250|xAxisTitle=Country|yAxisTitle=Population|type=stackedrect|x=Brazil,Egypt,India,Indonesia,Mexico,Nigeria|y1= 95, 53, 1004, 217, 86, 95 |y2=114, 40, 322, 42, 65, 93|y1Title=No Internet access|y2Title=Internet access|colors=#c77,#7ac|legend=Key}}
{| class="wikitable sortable" ! Страна ! Население
(в милиони) ! Достъп до интернет
(в милиони) ! Internet access
growth, year-on-year |- ! Бразилия | 209 || 114{{Cite web|url=|title=Brazil: number of internet users 2013-2019 {{!}} Statistic|website=Statista|accessdate=2016-03-31}} | data-sort-value="7" | 7% |- ! Египет | 93 || 40{{Cite web|url=|title=Egypt Internet Users||accessdate=2016-03-31}} | data-sort-value="10" | 10% |- ! Индия | 1326 || 375{{Cite web|url=|title=Topic: Internet usage in India||accessdate=2016-03-31}} | data-sort-value="13" |13% |- ! Индонезия | 259 || 42{{Cite web|url=|title=Number of internet users in the Asia Pacific countries 2016 {{!}} Statistic|website=Statista|accessdate=2016-03-31}} | data-sort-value="9" | 9% |- ! Мексико | 128 || 65{{Cite web|url=|title=Mobile Internet Uptake Leaps Forward Again in Mexico - eMarketer||accessdate=2016-03-31}} | data-sort-value="7" | 7% |- ! Нигерия | 188 || 93{{Cite web|url=|title=Nigeria internet users increase to 97 million|website=Premium Times Nigeria|language=|accessdate=2016-03-31}} | data-sort-value="16" | 16% |}
=== Project pageviews === ''From [ Wikimedia Stats Squid report], as of February 2016'' {| class="wikitable sortable" ! Страна ! Monthly
pageviews ! MPVs per
Internet user ! Percent
of total ! class="unsortable" | Major projects |- ! Индия | data-sort-value="507000000"| 507 милиона | 1.3 | 3.1 | [[:en:|English]] (96%)
[[:hi:|Hindi]] (1.7%) |- ! Brazil | data-sort-value="287000000"| 287 милиона | 3 | 1.8 | [[:pt:|Portuguese]] (73.9%)
English (23.7%)
[[:es:|Spanish]] (1.2%) |- ! Mexico | data-sort-value="279000000"| 279 милиона | 5 | 1.7 | Spanish (85.4%)
English (13.8%) |- ! Indonesia | data-sort-value="151000000"| 151 милиона | 1.9 | 0.9 | [[:id:|Indonesian]] (66.2%)
English (31.9%) |- ! Nigeria | data-sort-value="36000000"| 36 million | 0.5 | 0.2 | English (97.4%)
[[:ig:|Igbo]] (1.1%) |- ! Egypt | data-sort-value="34000000"| 34 милиона | 0.8 | 0.2 | [[:ar:|Arabic]] (5[...]

Revolution of 2016/WMF as high-tech organization/bg

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 03:24:21 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "== Какво е високотехнологична организация? =="

== Unique technology and investing in people ==
{{quote|I believe a high-tech organization should invest in smart people creating unique technology. But I also think it should invest in people, period. Staff and volunteers must be cultivated and supported -- that's how loyalty and passion are developed, and I believe they pay dividends in productivity and recruitment.|Brion Vibber|}}

{{quote|My point is that it is necessary to monitor trends and make sure Wikipedia does not get so aniquitated that is it left behind. But on the other hand, blindly chasing new tech fads can tear the organization and the humans still very much needed to add to, improve and update a huge gathering of data. Any new technologies we want to explore must conform to the main purpose of Wikimedia, the free dissemination of information. I have no problem with, say, Wikipedia content be reused for other formats (it is already.) but that encyclopedic basis needs to remain intact and accessible to all, not just those who know all the new tech gizmos.|Leigh Thelmadatter|}}

== Високотехнологична организация или не? ==
{{quote|Actually, in the facebook discussion which was earlier referenced on this list someone noticed (unfortunately, without much impact) that WMF is not a business company and not a high-tech company, but more like a culture/ educational institution.|Yaroslav M. Blanter|}}

{{quote|As stated on a number of occasions, I whole-heartedly agree with this approach. It is also logical from strategic management point of view: our core competitive advantage is the ability to engage with the knowledge communities around ideas (we are the best in the world at that), and not developing tech (we're good, but we're no match for Google, 3M, or Facebook here). We should realize that as the vision of the WMF as predominantly a high-tech organization is really dangerous.

We COULD outsource most of our tech (I'm not supporting this, I'm just giving perspective). We COULD NOT outsource the community support.|Dariusz Jemielniak|}}

== Какво е високотехнологична организация? ==
{{quote|in my opinion there is no need to differentiate and to clarify what "high-tech" means.

The real problem is to define the KPIs (key performance indicators) and a balanced relation of those indicators.

A corporation can be a high-tech corporation and take care of the comfort of all stakeholders without problems, the big deal is to find this balanced relation.|Ilario Valdelli|}}

{{quote|It's great to track measurable things to engage in a feedback loop for whether we're accomplishing our goals, but the measures are always limited in what they tell you; at best they're proxies for the information you really wanted -- such as "page views" when we want to know "how many people are learning and improving their lives through Wikipedia?" or active editor counts when we want to know "do we have a strong, healthy volunteer workforce?"|Brion Vibber|}}

Wikipedia to the Moon/Header2/ko

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 02:58:53 GMT

-devict: Created page with "10월 31일까지"

[[File:ToTheMoon Header png.png|center]]

{| style="width: 100%; text-align: center;"
| style="color: #808285; width: 5%; background-color: #0065a4;" | [[Wikipedia to the Moon|]]
| style="color: #808285; width: 20%; background-color: #dce4e8;" | [[Wikipedia to the Moon/Discussion|'''1 단계 : 계획''']]
| style="color: #808285; width: 20%; background-color: #dce4e8;" | '''2 단계 : 투표'''
| style="color: #808285; width: 20%; background-color: #dce4e8;" | '''3 단계 : 작업'''
| style="color: #808285; width: 20%; background-color: #dce4e8;" | '''4 단계 : 통합'''
| style="color: white; width: 8%; background-color: #0065a4;" | '''[[Wikipedia to the Moon/About|소개]]'''
| style="color: white; width: 8%; background-color: #0065a4;" | '''[[Wikipedia to the Moon/FAQ|FAQ]]'''
| style="color: #808285; width: 5%; background-color: #fff;" | [[Wikipedia to the Moon|]]
| style="color: #808285; width: 20%; background-color: #f29400;" | [[Wikipedia to the Moon/Discussion|'''진행 중''']]
| style="color: #808285; width: 20%; background-color: #dce4e8;" | 6월 10일까지
| style="color: #808285; width: 20%; background-color: #dce4e8;" | 7월 1일까지
| style="color: #808285; width: 20%; background-color: #dce4e8;" | 10월 31일까지
| style="color: white; width: 8%; background-color: #fff;" | '''[[Wikipedia to the Moon/About|]]'''
| style="color: white; width: 8%; background-color: #fff;" | '''[[Wikipedia to the Moon/FAQ|]]'''


Sun, 23 Oct 2016 01:19:48 GMT

-devict: Created page with "분류 구분 기능이 적용되는 위키에는 분류 구분을 위해 UCA 기능 역시 적용됩니다. 기존과 가..."

{{Tech header|기술 뉴스 주간 요약은 여러분과 다른 위키미디어 사용자에게 영향을 줄 수 있는 최근의 소프트웨어 변화를 요약합니다. [[Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors|구독]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News#contribute|기여하기]], [[Talk:Tech/News|피드백]]}}
{{Translatable template|Deadline|timeanddate={{URLENCODE:Publication of Wikimedia Tech News}}}}
{{Translatable template|Tech news nav}}


[[Category:Tech News{{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/43}}|2016/43]]{{#if: {{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/43}} | [[Category:Tech News{{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/43}}|2016/43]] }}


Sun, 23 Oct 2016 01:00:26 GMT

-devict: Created page with "''기술 팀에 의해 준비되고 봇이 배달하는 '''기술 소식''' • 기여하기 • $translate..."

{{Tech header|기술 뉴스 주간 요약은 여러분과 다른 위키미디어 사용자에게 영향을 줄 수 있는 최근의 소프트웨어 변화를 요약합니다. [[Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors|구독]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News#contribute|기여하기]], [[Talk:Tech/News|피드백]]}}
{{Translatable template|Tech news nav}}


[[Category:Tech News{{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/42}}|2016/42]]{{#if: {{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/42}} | [[Category:Tech News{{LangCat|Tech/News/2016/42}}|2016/42]] }}

Harassment consultation 2015/Preloader/de

Sat, 22 Oct 2016 19:47:10 GMT

KPFC: Created page with ""

==Projekt Idee==
'''Ideen von:''' {{SUBST:REVISIONUSER}}

===Welches Problem versuchen Sie zu lösen?===

===Was ist deine Lösung?===

:Discuss this idea at: '''[[{{SUBST:TALKPAGENAME}}]]'''
:Return to the '''[[Harassment consultation 2015|Consultation main page]]'''

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Support and Safety/eo

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'''Support and Safety''' ('''SuSa''', formerly Community Advocacy) serves the [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation|Wikimedia Foundation]], contributors and the public by providing support on Foundation initiatives with a focus on community consultations, governance, and training, and by addressing trust and safety concerns including around appropriately escalating threats communicated on our projects and helping to safeguard the safety of attendees of Wikimedia Foundation supported events. Support and Safety comprises part of the '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Community Engagement|Community Engagement]]''' department and works closely with the [[Special:MyLanguage/Legal|Legal]] team. Much of our time is spent "fire-fighting" and triaging customer service contacts to get them to the correct group of editing volunteers. We also monitor issues of emerging concern for the communities and attempt to provide support to other departments so that they can effectively work with communities. We also serve as a bridge, connecting resources and domain expertise to the staff. ==What we do== [[File:Support & Safety Team.pdf|thumb|left]] The Support and Safety team supports staff, the public and volunteers in our community through approximately 12 workflows in three broad areas. ===Direct community support=== The Support and Safety team works to build bridges between our international and linguistically diverse editor base and maintains contact with communities across the globe. We step in to facilitate interactions among volunteers, WMF and the public and to support several key community functionary groups in their work. Regular workflows include: * '''Liaison work''': to [[Special:MyLanguage/OTRS|OTRS]], [[Special:MyLanguage/CheckUser|CheckUser]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Arbitration committee|arbitration committees]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Oversight policy|Oversighters]], and other global functionaries * '''Correspondence support''': [[:wmf:Answers|Answers@Wikimedia]] email system, Business@Wikimedia, postal mail, and product ownership of the [[Special:MyLanguage/Mailing lists|mailing lists]] * '''Change management''' and support for program roll-outs * '''Internal wiki support''': stewards wiki, check-user wiki, ombudsman committee wiki {{anchor|TS}} ===Trust and Safety === : We step in to protect the safety and integrity of our users, our contributors, and the public. We support a healthy environment on our projects through several work areas. Among other measures, we operate email lists for major problems on Wikimedia projects, including suicide threats, threats of violence, and child pornography. We also own the policies regarding [[Special:MyLanguage/WMF Global Ban Policy|Wikimedia Foundation bans of users from the projects]] and bans from WMF-funded or supported events, and we work with other internal teams to address concerns about user privacy and freedom. :Throughout FY 2015-2016, Support and Safety will be researching harassment and behavioral issues. We are conducting discussions with contributors, stakeholders, and the academic community, gathering data on how other online organizations address such matters (what works and what doesn’t) and how various Wikimedia communities handle issues. For some of the resources we are investigating, see [[Special:MyLanguage/Research:Online harassment resource guide|Online harassment resource guide]]. For a list of NGOs that support victims of harassment or the fight again[...]

New Readers/Target countries/MassMessage/eo

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Psychoslave: Created page with "Vi povas helpi la produktan teamon el la Vikimedia Fundaĵo krei novan liston de landoj kaj metrikoj por anstataŭigi la koncepton je "tutmonda sudo" en nia procezo kun io pli..."

Vi povas helpi la produktan teamon el la Vikimedia Fundaĵo krei novan liston de landoj kaj metrikoj por anstataŭigi la koncepton je "tutmonda sudo" en nia procezo kun io pli trafa. Interesita? [[m:New Readers/Target countries|Lernu pli pri ĉi tiu diskuto]] kaj '''[[m:Talk:New Readers/Target countries|kunhavigu vian perspektivon]]'''.

This message will be sent to village pumps on various wikis. It'd be great to have it translated especially into Indic languages. [[User:JSutherland (WMF)|Joe Sutherland (WMF)]] ([[User talk:JSutherland (WMF)|talk]]) 19:30, 19 October 2016 (UTC)

Wikimania 2016/hu

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{{TNT|Wikimania details banner}}
'''Wikimania 2016''' will be the 12th [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimania|Wikimania]] conference, an annual event for the international Wikimedia community, and will be held in '''[[w:Esino Lario|Esino Lario]]''', June 21–28, 2016.[''[[Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario|1]]'']
{{:Wikimania 2016 bid selection timeline}}
== Similar events ==

List events whose audience may overlap with Wikimania below.

* WikiSym: dates have ranged, recently, from August to October, and will be determined for 2015 by…
* Desktop summit: dates have ranged, recently, from … to …, and will be determined for 2015 by…
* [ Open Knowledge Festival], in 2014 it was in Berlin from 15–17 July.

== Bids ==

* See [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimania 2016 bids|Wikimania 2016 bids]] for further details
* [[:Wm2016:Main Page|Wikimania 2016 official site]]
{{Wikimania 2016-bids}}

{{TNT|wikimania bottom}}

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Wolf Rex: Created page with "Az ötlet Vassia Atanassova „[$file A wikioktató túlélőcsomagja: Néhányan megosztották tapasztalataikat Bulgáriából]” beszédéből származik, mely 2014. decemb..." [[File:Wikimania 2016 Wikidojo-46.jpg|thumb|250px|Wikidojo a [[Wikimania 2016/hu|Wikimánia 2016]]-on]] [[File:WMCON16 Wikidojo 4.jpg|thumb|250px|Wikidojo a [[Wikimedia Conference 2016]]-on]] A '''Wikidojo''' egy több Wikipédista részvételével zajló élő szócikkíró esemény. == Eredeti ötlet == Az ötlet Vassia Atanassova „[ A wikioktató túlélőcsomagja: Néhányan megosztották tapasztalataikat Bulgáriából]” beszédéből származik, mely 2014. december 20-án, a Kijevben tartott CEE-n hangzott el; ezt Nikola Kalchev ültette át a gyakorlatba az észtországi Voore-ban tartott [[|2015-ös CEE-n]]. * Csak kockáknak * 0. lépés: Olvasd el a [ Mi a Coding Dojo?] cikket, és gondolatban ültesd át a Wikipédia szerkesztésére. * 1. lépés: Szervezz n embert egy terembe (n>=7 az ideális). Válassz egy wikilapot a szerkesztéshez. * 2. lépés: Legyen egy „pilóta” és egy „másodpilóta”. A pilóta ír, a másodpilóta ötleteket ad. A maradék n-2 személy próbál a tapasztalataikból tanulni. * 3. lépés: Kb. 7 perc után a másodpilótából pilóta, egy nézőből pedig másodpilóta lesz. * 4. lépés: Ismételd a 3. lépést addig, míg mindenki legalább egyszer volt pilóta * Elvárt eredmény: tudás / képességek megosztása + súlyozás a cikkekben == Leírás == A Wikidojo is a collaborative practice, inspired by coding dojos – exercises for computer programmers, which consists of a group of Wikipedians with different levels of experience in editing wikis. The group consists of a 'pilot' – the only person in the room who might use the keyboard, a 'co-pilot' – the only other person who is allowed to speak, and observers. Every seven minutes the pilot becomes an observer, the co-pilot becomes a pilot and one observer becomes co-pilot. Ideally the group would consist of 10 people, so that the whole Wikidojo takes 70 minutes, with 20 minutes of a 90-minutes session remaining for discussion. The article to be edited is being chosen by the organiser and presented to the participants at the beginning of the session. The editing is being projected on a screen. A közös szócikkírás során a szerkesztők megismerhetik társaik szerkesztési stílusát, például: * mikor adnak hozzá forrásokat (a mondat megírása előtt, után, vagy soha); * hogyan keresnek forrásokat; * milyen forrásokat tekintenek elfogadhatónak; * hogyan idézik forrásaikat; * melyik sablonokat részesítik előnyben; * hogyan döntik el, milyen kategóriákat adnak hozzá; stb. Ha különböző wikik szerkesztői dolgoznak együtt, összehasonlíthatják ezek szabályait, és szerkesztési praktikáit. == Hasznos tippek szervezőknek == * Készítsd elő a projektet * Válaszd ki a témát * Ismertesd meg a szabályokat a résztvevőkkel * Legyen egy felügyelő, aki figyel az időre, és rendet tart * Hagyj elég időt a megbeszélésre * ''Kérj visszajelzést'' * '''Legyen szórakozás!''' == Lásd még == * [[Report on Bay Area WikiSalon's first Wikidojo|A Bay Area [...]

New Readers/Target countries/MassMessage/uk

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Ата: Created page with "Ви можете допомогти команді продуктів у Фонді Вікімедіа створити новий список країн і показник..."

Ви можете допомогти команді продуктів у Фонді Вікімедіа створити новий список країн і показників, щоб замінити концепцію «глобального півдня» на щось більш відповідне. Зацікавлені? [[m:New Readers/Target countries|Дізнайтеся більше про це обговорення]] і '''[[m:Talk:New Readers/Target countries|поділіться своїм баченням]]'''.

This message will be sent to village pumps on various wikis. It'd be great to have it translated especially into Indic languages. [[User:JSutherland (WMF)|Joe Sutherland (WMF)]] ([[User talk:JSutherland (WMF)|talk]]) 19:30, 19 October 2016 (UTC)


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Ата: Created page with "'''''Тех. новини''' підготували тех. амбасадори, розіслав бот • $contribute|Зро..." {{Tech header|Щотижневі звіти Тех. новин допоможуть Вам слідкувати за останніми змінами у програмному забезпеченні, які можуть вплинути на Вас і Ваших колег-вікімедійців. [[Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors|Підписуйтеся]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News#contribute|робіть свій внесок]] і [[Talk:Tech/News|залишайте відгуки]].}} {{Translatable template|Deadline|timeanddate={{URLENCODE:Publication of Wikimedia Tech News}}}} {{Translatable template|Tech news nav}}

Access to nonpublic information policy-summary/tr

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Tegel: G1: Test, please use the sandbox

{{Help translate/Access to nonpublic information policy}}

This is a user-friendly summary of the Access to Nonpublic Information Policy.

Disclaimer: This summary is not a part of the Access to Nonpublic Information Policy and is not a legal document. It is simply a handy reference for understanding the full Access to Nonpublic Information Policy. Think of it as the user-friendly interface.

'''Because we believe that the privacy of the Wikimedia community is essential, community members with access to nonpublic information may only release information under certain circumstances, such as:'''
* When the community members needs to stop damage to the Wikimedia Sites (such as [[#serviceproviders|assisting in the targeting of IP blocks]]);
* When there is an immediate and credible [[#emergency|threat to life or limb]];
* When the community members have the [[#withpermission|express permission]] of the user whose nonpublic information is to be disclosed; or
* When [[#bylaw|required by law]].

'''Because we believe that safeguarding the privacy of the Wikimedia community is an important Wikimedia value, those who have access to nonpublic information need to:'''
* Be at least [[#minage|18 years old]] (except email response team members, who must be at least 16 years old);
* Provide [[#identification|contact and identification information]]; and
* Sign a [[#confidentiality|confidentiality agreement]].

'''Because we value the community members who take on this critical role in the safeguarding of the Wikimedia Sites and its users and want to protect their privacy, we promise to:'''
* Keep [[#idsecurestorage|confidential and secure]] their contact and identification information, and confidentiality agreement; and
* [[#idretention|Retain]] their contact and identification information, and their signed confidentiality agreement for the time the community member has access rights plus 6 months.

[[Category:Access to nonpublic information policy{{#translation:}}|Summary]]
[[Category:Summaries{{#translation:}}|Access to nonpublic information policy]]

Wikimedia Foundation Board noticeboard/10 March 2016 - Wikimedia Foundation executive transition update/et

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TheSuperWolfy: Created page with "Tervist kõigile" == Message from Patricio Lorente == :''This message, "[[mailarchive:wikimedia-l/2016-March/083193.html|Wikimedia Foundation executive transition update]]", was sent by [[wmf:Board of Trustees#Patricio Lorente|Patricio Lorente]] on 10 March 2016.'' Tervist kõigile I’m happy to announce that the Wikimedia Foundation leadership team has proposed an interim Executive Director, and the Board has given our full support. Starting on March 14th, current Chief Communications Officer [[User:Katherine (WMF)|Katherine Maher]] will step into the role of interim Executive Director. We thank the C-levels for their careful consideration in this process, and Katherine for stepping up during this period of transition. In choosing an interim ED, the C-levels started by identifying immediate priorities for the coming months, including building trust, improving communications, and filling key leadership positions. They felt, and we agree, that Katherine is the right person to lead the organization while it addresses these and other important issues. Additionally, this will allow the rest of the executive team to focus on critical organizational functions, including community and engineering management, fundraising, and strengthening our human resources function. You can read more about [[Wikimedia_Foundation_Board_noticeboard/March_2016_-_Leadership_Team_transition_planning|our process and thinking here]]. Katherine has been with the Foundation as Chief Communications Officer for about two years now. During that time, she has developed a versatile and effective team that serves the needs of the organization and movement, collaborating closely with other departments and the community. She has thoughtfully introduced new capacities and led her team through transitions, and played a critical role in shepherding the strategy process and the annual plan, in collaboration with other C-levels. She is known for listening to and empowering the people that she works with. For those who don’t know Katherine, she’s been a longtime advocate for global open communities, culture, and technology. She previously led advocacy for the international digital rights organization Access Now, where she worked on freedom of expression, access to information, and privacy. She has supported the efforts of citizens and governments around the world to deepen transparency and participation in her roles at the World Bank, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, and UNICEF (where her team built wikis for youth participation in major global issues). She is a member of the advisory board of the Open Technology Fund. With interim leadership in place, our next step as the Board is to move quickly to plan and implement the search for a permanent Executive Director. We will be working together over the coming weeks to clarify roles and responsibilities in this search, and identify the best way for community and staff to participate. We want this process to be inclusive and incorporate many voices. We look forward to sharing an update on our progress toward the end of next week. As interim Executive Director, Katherine will report to the Board. Geoff Brigham will continue serving as Board Secretary, and Jaime Villagomez as Board Treasurer, reporting to the Board in those capacities. As of March 14, Katherine's reports include the C-team: Geoff Brigham, Jaime Villag[...]

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Sat, 22 Oct 2016 08:14:11 GMT Created page with "Du kannst dem Produkt-Team der Wikimedia-Stiftung dabei helfen, eine neue Liste von Ländern und Skalen zu erstellen, um das Konzept des "globalen Südens" in unserem Prozess..."

Du kannst dem Produkt-Team der Wikimedia-Stiftung dabei helfen, eine neue Liste von Ländern und Skalen zu erstellen, um das Konzept des "globalen Südens" in unserem Prozess mit etwas Relevanterem zu ersetzen. Interessiert? [[m:New Readers/Target countries|Mehr über diese Diskussion erfahren]] und '''[[m:Talk:New Readers/Target countries|Deine Perspektive teilen]]'''.

This message will be sent to village pumps on various wikis. It'd be great to have it translated especially into Indic languages. [[User:JSutherland (WMF)|Joe Sutherland (WMF)]] ([[User talk:JSutherland (WMF)|talk]]) 19:30, 19 October 2016 (UTC)


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Matěj Suchánek: {{Tech header|Týdenní shrnutí Technických novinek vám usnadňuje sledovat poslední změny softwaru, které se pravděpodobně dotknou vás i vašich wikimediálních kolegů. [[Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors|Přihlaste se k odběru]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News#contribute|přispívejte]] a [[Talk:Tech/News|poskytněte zpětnou vazbu]].}} {{Translatable template|Deadline|timeanddate={{URLENCODE:Publication of Wikimedia Tech News}}}} {{Translatable template|Tech news nav}}


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Plagiat: done it like [[user:Johan (WMF)‬], left out second part, due to missing phrase {{Tech header|Die wöchentlichen Zusammenfassungen der Technischen Neuigkeiten informieren dich über kürzliche Softwareänderungen, die wahrscheinlich Einfluss auf Deine und die Arbeit Deiner Wikipedia-Kollegen haben werden. [[Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors|Abonnieren]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News#contribute|mitmachen]] und [[Talk:Tech/News|Feedback geben]].}} {{Translatable template|Deadline|timeanddate={{URLENCODE:Publication of Wikimedia Tech News}}}} {{Translatable template|Tech news nav}}

Wikimedia Russia/hu

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Wolf Rex: Created page with "=== Első lépések ===" [[Image:WikimediaRU-logo.svg|135px|left|Wikimedia Russia logó]] {{TNT|Affiliates}}
{|border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%" class="mw-content-ltr plainlinks" style="margin:0;font-size:93%;line-height:1.6;direction:ltr;" |- |align="center" style="padding:5px"| __TOC__ |}
A '''Wikimédia Oroszország / Wikimédia RU''' A [[wmf:|Wikimédia Alapítvány]] [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedian|oroszországi Wikimédistákért]] létrejött [[Special:MyLanguage/Local Wikimedia chapter#Existing|helyi szervezete]]. '''Teljes név''': „Nonprofit Együttműködés az Enciklopédikus Tudás Továbbadásáért «Wikimédia Oroszország»”.
'''Rövid név''': «Wikimédia RU». == Összefoglaló == {{Main|Wikimedia RU/Summary}} {{TNT|Wikimedia RU/Summary}} == Kapcsolatfelvétel == '''Levelezési cím:''' 120105, Russia, Moscow, ul. Nizhnjaja Syromjatnicheskaja, 11.
'''Honlap:''' [[:wmru:| (wiki)]]
'''Levelezőlista:''' [[mail:wikimediaru-l|wikimediaru-l]]
'''E-mail:''' [] or []
'''Facebook:''' []
'''''' [] == Fontosabb dátumok == * Az alapítvány hozzájárul az oroszországi szervezet megalapításához: ''2008. 05. 24.'' * A szervezet állami nyilvántartásba vétele: ''2008. 11. 11.'' == Alapítás & történeti dokumentumok == * [[Wikimedia Russia/Устав|Bylaws in Russian]] — approved by the Russian Ministry of Justice on November 11, 2008 (copies of formal certificate may be found [[Wikimedia Russia/Certificates|here]]). ** [[Wikimedia Russia/Bylaws|Complete translation into English]] — [// approved] by the Board of Trustees on May 24, 2008. * [[:w:ru:Википедия:Викимедиа Россия]] - previous version of Russian Chapter description & its task (in Russian) * [[:w:ru:Википедия:Викимедиа Россия/Перевод Соглашения между Местными организациями и Фондом Викимедиа|Russian translation of Chapter Agreement]] === Első lépések === * [[Wikimedia Russia/Task List|Task List]] (in Russian) * [[Wikimedia Russia/Собрание № 1|Formation process — Draft of the protocol of the meeting of the founders (in Russian)]] (done on June 20, 2008). * Obtaining Chapter Committee approval for bylaws as amended in the process of State Registration. * Setting up a current account. == See also == {{Commonscat|Wikimedia Russia}} * [[Events#Wiki-Conference in [...]

Wikimedia RU/Summary/hu

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Non-Commercial Partnership of promotion of distribution of encyclopedic knowledge Wikimedia RU (in Russian: Некоммерческое партнерство содействия распространению энциклопедических знаний «Викимедиа РУ») was approved by WMF on 2008-05-24, and registered by the state on 2008-11-21. The Partnership operates within Russian Federation. It supports and promotes Wikimedia projects in all languages; however, most efforts are put into projects in Russian and in other languages of Russian Federation. There are 12 members in the Partnership now, about 4 of which are active.

The main actual activities of the Partnership are:
* Carrying of Wiki-Conferences (something like local Wikimanias).
* Lobbying of free licenses, freedom of panorama and similar changes in legislation.
* Providing of grants and other support to participants of Wikimania.
* Participation in global fundraising.
...and other.

[[Category:Wikimedia Russia{{#translation:}}]]


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Wolf Rex: Created page with "==Lásd még=="

:''A Meta irányelvét a [[Meta:Copyrights|Meta:Szerzői jogok]] lapon találod''
:''A lap fejlesztés alatt áll''

The actual '''legal issues regarding copyright''' in [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia|Wikipedia]] should be discussed in depth, before starting any major project like a [[Copyright bot|copyright bot]].

This file is for the basic questions of copyright itself, under global laws and other national laws likely to apply to wikipedia, e.g. those of the USA.

== Alapok ==

The [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation|Wikimedia Foundation]] outlines several principles which [[wikimedia:Resolution:Licensing policy|every project must follow]]:

* Only [[en:Free content|free content]], all text is licensed under a [[Licensing update|dual-license]] between the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license and the GNU Free Documentation License (with few exceptions such as [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikinews|Wikinews]] which uses a Creative Commons Attribution license).
* All images must be either free (public domain, GFDL, CC and so on) or, '''if local policy allows it''', uploaded under a fair use claim, see [[#Fair use|below]].
** All media files must be accompanied with a license information and a source, to allow verification.
** All unfree content must have a detailed rationale for its use.
*Providing external links to material in violation of its copyright is discouraged per [[en:Intellectual Reserve v. Utah Lighthouse Ministry|Intellectual Reserve v. Utah Lighthouse Ministry]]

== Fair use ==

* [[Fair use|Fair use]]
* [[Do fair use images violate the GFDL?|Megsértik-e a fair use alatti képek a GFDL-t?]]

===Copyright Paranoia===

The concept of [[Avoid copyright paranoia|copyright paranoia]], users overreacting to sometimes "non-issues" involving copyright and copyright infringement, is an issue in some cases.

== Moral rights ==

Moral rights are a part of CC 3.0 licenses, allowed on Commons.

===Non-acceptance of the Rule of the shorter term===

Because United States law [[American non-acceptance of the rule of the shorter term|does not recognize]] the "[[w:Rule of the shorter term|Rule of the shorter term]]", meaning content that should be in the public domain in the United States (but is the case in its source country), has to be judged alongside the United States' complicated rules for the public domain, and can potentially not be usable on Wikimedia projects.

== Likely claims of damages ==

As applicable, more specific issues relevant to Wikipedia should be raised in

==Lásd még==

*[[en:Wikipedia:Copyright problems|Copyright problems]], noticeboard on the English Wikipedia for dealing with potential copyright problems
*[[Wikipedia and copyright issues|Wikipedia and copyright issues]]
*[[Wikipedia Designated Agent|Wikipedia Designated Agent]]


New Readers/Target countries/MassMessage/ar

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Haytham abulela: Created page with "يمكنك مساعدة فريق المنتجات التابع لمؤسسة ويكيميديا استحداث قائمة جديدة بالدول والمقاييس التي ي..."

يمكنك مساعدة فريق المنتجات التابع لمؤسسة ويكيميديا استحداث قائمة جديدة بالدول والمقاييس التي يجب أن تستبدل مفهوم "الجنوب العالمي" في عملنا بأمر آخر أفضل ملائمة. هل ترى أنك مهتما بالأمر؟ [[m:New Readers/Target countries|تعرف على المزيد عن هذه المناقشة]] وكذلك '''[[m:Talk:New Readers/Target countries|شاركنا مقترحاتك]]'''.

This message will be sent to village pumps on various wikis. It'd be great to have it translated especially into Indic languages. [[User:JSutherland (WMF)|Joe Sutherland (WMF)]] ([[User talk:JSutherland (WMF)|talk]]) 19:30, 19 October 2016 (UTC)

Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report/2014/zh

Sat, 22 Oct 2016 02:22:27 GMT Created page with "== 文件内容 =="

{{Help translate/Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report}}
{{Transparency Report|year=2014}}
Our mission is to provide free access to the sum of all human knowledge. We believe that protecting user privacy and defending against censorship are essential to the success of that mission. Every year, we receive requests from governments, individuals, and organizations to disclose information about our users or to delete or alter content on our projects. Some are legitimate. Some are not.

The purpose of this transparency report is to shed light on the requests we receive and how we respond to them.
{| style=none
|valign="middle" | [[Image:Brandeisl.jpg|75px]] || valign="middle" | {{Quote|''Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.''|[[:en:Louis Brandeis|Louis Brandeis]], Former [[:en:Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States|Associate Justice]] of the [[:en:Supreme Court of the United States|Supreme Court of the United States]]| ([[:q:Louis Brandeis|1914]])}}
== 文件内容 ==

* [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report/2014/Requests for User Data|Requests for User Data]]
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report/2014/Requests for Content Alteration & Takedown|Requests for Content Alteration & Takedown]]
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report/2014/DMCA Takedown Notices|DMCA Takedown Notices]]
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report/Stories|Stories]]
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report/Frequently Asked Questions|FAQ]]
* [// Downloadable file of full data (direct download .ods file)]

[[Category:2014 Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report{{#translation:}}| ]]
[[Category:Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report{{#translation:}}|2014]]

Wikimedia Foundation board agenda 2016-09/es

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Barri: Created page with "; Housekeeping * El Consejo discutirá los deberes de aprobación de política del sitio del Consejo, incluyendo posiblemente aclararlos en el futuro."

''Septiembre 19, 2016'''

Reunión a será en bluejeans/por teléfono

* El presidente iniciará la sesión

; Actualización operacional
* Katherine proporcionará una actualización de operaciones regulares para la Fundación Wikimedia, incluyendo una actualización en el trabajo anti-acoso, la contratación de ejecutivos, y el proceso de estrategia.

; Actualización de revisión de Gobernanza
* Nataliia proporcionará una actualización en el trabajo del comité de Gobernanza.

; Actualizaciones de comités
* Los presidentes de los comités de Gobernanza, Recursos Humanos, y de Auditoría proporcionarán una actualización de su comité, si fuera apropiado.

; Housekeeping
* El Consejo discutirá los deberes de aprobación de política del sitio del Consejo, incluyendo posiblemente aclararlos en el futuro.

{{Wikimedia Foundation board meetings, 2016}}[[Category:Wikimedia Foundation Board meetings{{#translation:}}|2016-05-16]]
[[Category:Wikimedia Foundation board meeting agendas, 2016]]


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Wikimedia Blog/Drafts/Jesús Lau profile

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 21:50:54 GMT

TKozlowski (WMF): add draft {{draft}} == Title ideas == * "The future of information is going to be collaborative; it's going to be open access": Jesús Lau == Summary == ''A brief, one-paragraph summary of the post's content, about 20-80 words. [ On the blog], this will be shown in the chronological list of posts or in the featured post carousel on top, next to a "Read more" link.'' * A librarian by education, Jesús Lau has worked at five academic libraries in Mexico. As a regular Wikipedia reader, he values it for being a democratic and comprehensive source of free knowledge. Professionally, he uses Wikipedia to teach information skills to undergraduate and doctoral students at [[:en:Universidad Veracruzana|Universidad Veracruzana]], a public university in eastern Mexico. == Body == [[File:Jesús Lau-1.jpg|thumb|center|600px|Jesús Lau, 2015. [[:File:Jesús Lau-1.jpg|Photo]] by Victor Grigas, freely licensed under the [ CC BY-SA 3.0].]] "Wikipedia has democratised access to information among individuals and institutions around the world," says Jesús Lau. "Today, anyone who has Internet access can find answers to their questions, regardless of their economic power or income; it’s something that was impossible before Wikipedia." In a career spanning over 35 years, Jesús has worked as an academic librarian at five Mexican universities, served on the Governing Board of the [[:w:International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions|International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions]] (IFLA) and was President of the Mexican Library Association (AMBAC). Today, he works as a professor at the [[:en:Universidad Veracruzana|Universidad Veracruzana]], a public university in the state of [[:en:Veracruz|Veracruz]] on the [[:en:Gulf of Mexico|Gulf of Mexico]] where he teaches classes at undergraduate and doctoral levels. While not a Wikipedian himself, Jesús actively uses Wikipedia in the classroom as part of an open access course that he has created and shared with universities across South America. [[File:Taller de Wikipedia en la Universidad Veracruzana.jpg|thumb|250px|Group photo of participants of a Wikipedia workshop at the Universidad Veracruzana in 2013. [[:File:Taller de Wikipedia en la Universidad Veracruzana.jpg|Photo]] by [[:c:User:Armartinell|Alberto Ramírez Martinell]], freely licensed under the [ CC BY-SA 3.0].]] [[File:Wikipedia Education Program at Universidad Veracruzana 2015 03.jpg|thumb|250px|Group photo of members of the Wikipedia Education Program at Universidad Veracruzana in 2015. [[:File:Wikipedia Education Program at Universidad Veracruzana 2015 03.jpg|Photo]] by [[:c:User:ProtoplasmaKid|Iván Martínez]], freely licensed under the [ CC BY-SA 4.0 International].]] "The subject I teach is called ‘information competencies for learning’," he explains. "It combines a bit of research methodology and writing, and focuses[...]


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Johan (WMF): Initialize new week. {{Tech header| The Tech News weekly summaries help you monitor recent software changes likely to impact you and your fellow Wikimedians. [[Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors|Subscribe]], [[Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News#contribute|contribute]] and [[Talk:Tech/News|give feedback]].}} {{Translatable template|Deadline|timeanddate={{URLENCODE:Publication of Wikimedia Tech News}}}} {{Translatable template|Tech news nav}} {{tech news draft}}

IRC office hours/Office hours 2016-10-21

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JSutherland (WMF): _ === Log === Chat on [[Terms of use/Creative Commons 4.0]]
21 October 2016
19:00 - 20:00 UTC
[19:01:21] Welcome to today's office hour! [19:01:49] We'll be talking about the same stuff we were talking about on Wednesday - the potential licensing upgrade to Creative Commons 4.0. [19:03:13] Logs from last time: [19:04:12] We're happy to talk more about any of the topics that came up the other day, or answer new questions people have about the potential license upgrade. [19:05:23] if no one else has a question, I guess I can ask a bit of a summary question: how do you think the discussion is going, to date, on the database language? [19:06:12] We have a few people from the Wikimedia legal team here — myself, Jacob (jrogers55), and Chuck (croslof), Tarun (tarun), and Leighanna (lmixter) [19:06:26] Isn't there a legal issue with the license change? I always thought 3.0 and 4.0 weren't fully compatible [19:06:39] is there a concern that adding another license to the mix (GFDL, CC 3.0, now CC 4.0) is going to make reuse even more complex? [19:07:08] Huon, legoktm, luis_v, thanks for the questions! [19:07:45] luis_v: reasonably, I think. People were a bit confused about how database rights applied, but we've tried to explain a few places why waiving them helps with international consistency. The biggest point of confusion was what "facts" are in a copyright context compared to normal language [19:08:22] [19:11:27] They're pondering the questions in the room, by the way. [19:11:34] does the DB right waiver affect our ability to import data that's under other free but non-waiving licenses (say ODbL geo data from OSM into a wikitext table)? [19:11:42] legal IRC is the worst IRC ;) [19:12:01] Huon: Creative Commons has said that the 3.0 and 4.0 licenses are compatible, and we agree. The 3.0 license was designed for people to be able to use CC 3.0 BY-SA works under later versions of the CC licenses, so CC 3.0 BY-SA content can be remixed and combined with CC 4.0 BY-SA content as long as the resulting work is licensed under CC 4.0 BY-SA (or another compatible [19:12:02] license). [19:12:02] legoktm: That’s a good point to consider. We already have a mixture of other licenses (including CC 4.0) in the media on Wikimedia, so I think the best solution is to present and explain the different licenses as clearly as possible to people. [19:12:11] Like buses. [19:12:22] luis_v: my favorite kind of IRC ;) [19:12:52] For those who haven't followed the database conversation, "facts" in t[...]


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Vodnokon4e: Created page with "Моля, добавете потребителското си име и домашно уики, за да има получавате на беседата си бюлети..." {{noise|Моля, добавете потребителското си име и домашно уики, за да има получавате на беседата си бюлетина на [[Уикиданни]] редовно. Можете да намерите предишни издания в [[Wikidata/Newsletter/Archive|архива]]. За да се отпишете, просто премахнете името си от списъка.}} __TOC__ ==Потребители== # {{target | page = Användare:Esquilo/Wikidata_Newsletter |site =}} # {{target | page = Benutzer:Troubled asset/Newsletter | site =}} # {{target | page = Brugerdiskussion:Patchfinder/nyhedsbreve | site =}} # {{target | page = Razgovor_sa_korisnikom:Edinwiki/Wikidata_vijesti | site =}} # {{target | page = Szerkesztővita:Tgr/broadcast | site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:Auntof6/Newsletters | site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:frhdkazan | site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:Guerillero/Newsletters | site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:Hasenläufer/Wikidata | site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:Heddryin/News | site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:Hex/Subscriptions | site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:John123521/News | site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:Meiræ/s | site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:Mkdw/News | site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:Nitrolinken/Newsletters| site =}} # {{target | page = User talk:Zhaofeng Li/Wikidata | site =}} # {{target | user = -revi | site =}} # {{target | user = Accurimbono | site =}} # {{target | user = Ace111/Wikidata | site =}} # {{target | user = Adert | site =}} # {{target | user = Ainali | site =}} # {{target | user = Akadians/News | site =}} # {{target | user = Akoenig~wikidatawiki | site =}} # {{target | user = Alexander Doria | site =}} # {{target | user = Algazel | site =}} # {{target | user = Allan Aguilar | site =}} # {{target | user = Ambrosiani/Wikidata | site =}} # {{target | user = Amorymeltzer | site =}} # {{target | user = Andrew Gray | site =}} # {{target | user = Antrocent | site =}} # {{target | user = Aphilo | site =}} # {{target | user = Apple farmer | site =}} # {{target | user = Armador | site =}} # {{target | user = Ash_Crow | site = ww[...]

2015 Community Wishlist Survey/Notifications/bg

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Vodnokon4e: Created page with "=== Гласуване ===" {{Wishlist Voting Over}} {{TOClimit|limit=2}} ==Echo notifications: mark to read== {{tracked|T73564}} Sometimes happens that I haven't enough time to reply/process all the alerts I've received. But if I open the notification the alert disappear and over time I could forget the ones left behind. So I propose to add the possibility to mark a notification as not read, in order to left the echo alert lited up. --[[User:AlessioMela|AlessioMela]] ([[User talk:AlessioMela|talk]]) 15:31, 17 November 2015 (UTC) {{collapse top|Earlier discussion and endorsements}} :This will probably happen soon-ish. See [[phab:T73564]]. --[[User:Glaisher|Glaisher]] ([[User talk:Glaisher#top|talk]]) 16:11, 20 November 2015 (UTC) ::Confirmed. ETA unknown, but already being worked on. :) [[User:Quiddity (WMF)|Quiddity (WMF)]] ([[User talk:Quiddity (WMF)|talk]]) 02:26, 25 November 2015 (UTC) * {{Endorsement}} [[User:the wub|the wub]] [[User_talk:The wub|"?!"]] 01:09, 25 November 2015 (UTC) {{collapse bottom}} === Гласуване === #{{Support}} I tend to leave notifications until I have time to take action on them, it would be nice to know what they are and then leave it for later. [[User:Samwalton9|Samwalton9]] ([[User talk:Samwalton9|talk]]) 10:36, 30 November 2015 (UTC) #{{support}}, same--[[User:Martinligabue|Martinligabue]] ([[User talk:Martinligabue|talk]]) 15:02, 1 December 2015 (UTC) #{{support}} [[User:He7d3r|Helder]] 23:31, 1 December 2015 (UTC) #{{Support}} [[User:Stevietheman|'''Stevie is the man!''']] [[User talk:Stevietheman|Talk]] • [[Special:Contributions/Stevietheman|Work]] 00:15, 2 December 2015 (UTC) #{{Support}} [[User:RoodyAlien|RoodyAlien]] ([[User talk:RoodyAlien|talk]]) 03:00, 2 December 2015 (UTC) #{{support}} [[User:Risker|Risker]] ([[User talk:Risker|talk]]) 04:27, 2 December 2015 (UTC) #{{s}} [[User:Kvardek du|Kvardek du]] ([[User talk:Kvardek du|talk]]) 09:35, 2 December 2015 (UTC) #{{support}}--[[User:Manlleus|Manlleus]] ([[User talk:Manlleus|talk]]) 15:35, 2 December 2015 (UTC) # {{s}} [[User:Rzuwig|'''Rzuwig''']][[User talk:Rzuwig|]] 09:36, 3 December 2015 (UTC) #{{Support}} — [[User:Arkanosis|Arkanosis]] [[User_talk:Arkanosis|✉]] 14:19, 3 December 2015 (UTC) #{{support}} --[[User:SuperJew|SuperJew]] ([[User talk:SuperJew|talk]]) 14:56, 3 December 2015 (UTC) #{{support}} [[User:SantiLak|'''''SantiLak''''']] ([[User talk:SantiLak|talk]]) 10:46, 4 December 2015 (UTC) #{{support}} --[[User:Yeza|Yeza]] ([[User talk:Yeza|talk]]) 16:53, 5 D[...]

2015 Community Wishlist Survey/Commons/bg

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 14:53:56 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "=== Гласуване ===" {{Wishlist Voting Over}} {{TOClimit|limit=2}} == 3D модели в Общомедия == {{tracked|T3790}} It would be nice if Wikimedia develops its infrastructures to be able to host free 3d works, just like what [ Github] and even [ thepiratebay!] did while ago. Image thumbnail of a 3D model can be used on content articles also, just like PDF files and video clips. Wikimedia foundation should keep itself relevant on new ways and new interests of FOSS communities. Fortunately it is currently filed as a bug, [[phab:T3790]] but not progressed much. --[[User:Ebrahim|ebrahim]][[User talk:Ebrahim|talk]] 22:51, 9 November 2015 (UTC) {{collapse top|Earlier discussion and endorsements}} *{{endorsement}} Possible use - 3D models of architecture on WLM --[[User:Ilya|Ilya]] ([[User talk:Ilya|talk]]) 23:27, 9 November 2015 (UTC) *{{endorsement}}--[[User:Shizhao|Shizhao]] ([[User talk:Shizhao|talk]]) 02:02, 10 November 2015 (UTC) *{{endorsement}} And note there is a general support for this at [[:commons:Commons:Requests_for_comment/Hosting_files_for_3D_models]]. --[[User:Piotrus|Piotrus]] ([[User talk:Piotrus|talk]]) 05:02, 10 November 2015 (UTC) * {{Endorsement}} could be very useful for GLAM especially if we can also get the functionality to create 3d models from multiple images such as we already have - that would open a lot of doors for us in the GLAM world! [[User:WereSpielChequers|WereSpielChequers]] ([[User talk:WereSpielChequers|talk]]) 19:34, 10 November 2015 (UTC) *{{endorsement}} While volunteering for the chapter, I encountered many ideas about 360 photographs of objects (i.e. from all sides) with rotation capability and other 3D or 3D-like capabilities. MW should definitely move in that direction. —[[User:Ynhockey|Ynhockey]] ([[User talk:Ynhockey|talk]]) 12:25, 11 November 2015 (UTC) *{{endorsement}} Recently I was asked by somebody from a university paleontological museum what formats Commons preferred for 3d files from MRI scans of their collection, suitable for 3d printing. It was sad to have to reply "none". [[User:Jheald|Jheald]] ([[User talk:Jheald|talk]]) 12:54, 13 November 2015 (UTC) *{{endorsement}} only if it is integrated into MediaWiki -- no extensions or gadgets. [[User:MER-C|MER-C]] ([[User talk:MER-C|talk]]) 16:25, 14 November 2015 (UTC) *{{endorsement}} Had that idea a week ago, too. Don't forget the epic results possible using [[:en:photogrammetry|photogrammetry]]! (I would start testing implementation, but currently still ill..) --[[User:Reaper35|#Reaper]] ([[User talk:Reaper35|talk]]) 22:44, 19 November 2015 (UTC) *{{endorsement}} Good idea, but we have to consider what our policy should be for for stuff like 3-D printed gun parts, nuclear weapon explosive lenses and oth[...]

2015 Community Wishlist Survey/Categories/bg

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 14:53:34 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "=== Гласуване ===" {{Wishlist Voting Over}} {{TOClimit|limit=2}} == Add checklist/filter functionality to articles/categories == Consider a category, for example [[:en:Category:United States company stubs]], plagued with spammy articles. Currently there is no way to collaboratively (or for oneself) mark which articles have been reviewed for, let's say, notability or such. It would be much easier to do clean up drives and such if we would have a way to quickly toggle on and off some filters. For example, each article could have a checklist of "has been checked for notability/neutrality/etc." (the community should be able to create such assessment categories, probably tied to common cleanup issues). An editor with some flag/permission (or just an autoconfirmed editor, perhaps) could check the article after a review. This could be made visible to article's readers, increasing their trust in it (see my proposal above), and would be very useful for cleanup drives, as I could try to filter the category for not-reviewed articles. It would be in essence a non-invasive pending changes feature, but more nuanced. --[[User:Piotrus|Piotrus]] ([[User talk:Piotrus|talk]]) 05:34, 10 November 2015 (UTC) {{collapse top|Earlier discussion and endorsements}} :{{endorsement}} --[[User:Edgars2007|Edgars2007]] ([[User talk:Edgars2007|talk]]) 05:52, 10 November 2015 (UTC) :{{endorsement}} I can see this being very useful in backlog-clearing and maintenance categories. [[User:Fluffernutter|Fluffernutter]] ([[User talk:Fluffernutter|talk]]) 17:25, 11 November 2015 (UTC) {{collapse bottom}} ===Гласуване=== #{{Support}} with a similar implementation to [[:en:Wikipedia:New pages patrol/patrolled pages|patrolled pages]] on English Wikipedia. [[en:User:Od Mishehu|עוד מישהו]] [[en:User talk:Od Mishehu|Od Mishehu]] 16:04, 30 November 2015 (UTC) #{{Support}} [[User:Tryptofish|Tryptofish]] ([[User talk:Tryptofish|talk]]) 18:14, 30 November 2015 (UTC) #{{Support}} Shoiulddefinitely help in trying to find articles that need further looking at. It fills a important gap. # {{Support}} [[User:Prof tpms|Prof tpms]] ([[User talk:Prof tpms|talk]]) 23:55, 12 December 2015 (UTC) #{{Support}} [[User:Casliber|Casliber]] ([[User talk:Casliber|talk]]) 05:06, 1 December 2015 (UTC) #{{Oppose}} This seems overly complicated when we already have New Page Patrol built into MediaWiki and already being used in the English Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. These patrollers are already supposed to go through a similar checklist to OK an article. What might be really useful is something simpler -- in categories, show new page patrollers which articles/pages haven't been patrolled yet, with some kind of new visible signal. [[User:Stevietheman|'''Stevie is the man!''']] [[User talk:Stevietheman|Talk][...]

2015 Community Wishlist Survey/Bots and gadgets/bg

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 14:53:16 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "=== Гласуване ===" {{Wishlist Voting Over}} {{TOClimit|limit=2}} == Article assessor gadget/extension == {{tracked|T116092}} Create an easy to use interface for adding WikiProject assessment templates to articles. Would probably require some sort of JSON config page for listing the available templates. Would work similar to the WikiLove extension (which adds barnstars to talk pages). [[User:Kaldari|Kaldari]] ([[User talk:Kaldari|talk]]) 17:30, 19 May 2015 (UTC) {{collapse top|Earlier discussion and endorsements}} :Gadget for proposed here: [[:en:Wikipedia:Gadget/proposals#AssessmentHelper]]. [[User:Kaldari|Kaldari]] ([[User talk:Kaldari|talk]]) 17:58, 7 July 2015 (UTC) :See also: [[Grants:IEG/Revision scoring as a service/Renewal#Scope]]. [[User:He7d3r|Helder]] 13:42, 9 July 2015 (UTC) :See also [[#Make quality/reliability of an article more clear to the reader]] I proposed above. --[[User:Piotrus|Piotrus]] ([[User talk:Piotrus|talk]]) 04:33, 12 November 2015 (UTC) :''Comment:'' This is usually done with a bot that checks if all articles in a category contain a certain template and adds it if necessary (and in some cases the bot can prefill certain arguments of the template). That is far more efficient than using something similar to WikiLove. [[User:The Quixotic Potato|The Quixotic Potato]] ([[User talk:The Quixotic Potato|talk]]) 14:41, 12 November 2015 (UTC) :{{Endorsement}} I use [[en:User:Kephir/gadgets/rater]] regularly, and it makes a world of difference for Assessment. I think having something like this baked in as a default gadget on WikiProjects would make a world of difference for maintaining Assessment. [[User:Sadads|Sadads]] ([[User talk:Sadads|talk]]) 15:05, 12 November 2015 (UTC) :{{oppose}}. Wikipedia specific and well within the capability of volunteer editors. There is no need for this to be an extension, the gadgets above should be sufficient. This proposal would also be made even more unnecessary by having a global repository of gadgets. [[User:MER-C|MER-C]] ([[User talk:MER-C|talk]]) 16:22, 14 November 2015 (UTC) {{collapse bottom}} === Гласуване === # {{oppose}} WMF specific and well within the capability of volunteer editors. There is no need for this to be an extension, the gadgets above should be sufficient. This proposal would also be made even more unnecessary by having a global repository of gadgets. [[User:MER-C|MER-C]] ([[User talk:MER-C|talk]]) 09:52, 30 November 2015 (UTC) #{{support}} anything that makes the adding of assessment templates is a Good Thing. Allows us to look at overviews of the development of subjects. [[User:Casliber|Casliber]] ([[User talk:Casliber|talk]]) 05:04, 1 December 2015 (UTC) #{{support}}--[[User:Shizhao|Shizhao]] ([[User talk:Shizhao|talk]]) 09:32, 1 December 2015 (UTC) #{{support}} although I wouldn't use the Rater script as it currently exists as[...]

2015 Community Wishlist Survey/Reading/bg

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 14:51:30 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "=== Гласуване ===" {{Wishlist Voting Over}} {{TOClimit|limit=2}} == Make quality/reliability of an article more clear to the reader == Currently, outside stub and user-added-templates, there is no way to make quality/reliability of an article clear to the casual reader. This is a problem, given the increasing spam-penetration and such (see [[:en:User:Doc_James/Paid_editing]]). A solution would be to 1) enable [[:en:Wikipedia:Metadata gadget]] for all readers by default, 2) develop a complementary script, which would also display (perhaps upon request, accessible from a toolbar or heading) information about number of watchers, major contributors, and perhaps one of the numerous trust-values that are discussed in several academic papers and 3) add an article checklist for common problems - see my proposal below). --[[User:Piotrus|Piotrus]] ([[User talk:Piotrus|talk]]) 05:21, 10 November 2015 (UTC) {{collapse top|Earlier discussion and endorsements}} :{{Endorsement}} Also, {{ping|Gamaliel}} is going to be proposing this as a default Gadget on English soon. [[User:Sadads|Sadads]] ([[User talk:Sadads|talk]]) 15:09, 12 November 2015 (UTC) :The Metadata Gadget doesn't makes clear the quality of the articles, because no normal reader can guess what the colors represents. And there are too many colors, why use different colors for ongoing events, disambiguations, etc? Just leave the title black!--[[User:MisterSanderson|MisterSanderson]] ([[User talk:MisterSanderson|talk]]) 04:03, 18 November 2015 (UTC) :{{Endorsement}} [[User:Ottawahitech|Ottawahitech]] ([[User talk:Ottawahitech|talk]]) 15:38, 19 November 2015 (UTC) {{collapse bottom}} ===Гласуване=== #{{support}}--[[User:Shizhao|Shizhao]] ([[User talk:Shizhao|talk]]) 09:30, 1 December 2015 (UTC) #{{Support}} This bit of literacy is incredibly important for readers - understanding that we have a process for creating content and quality [[User:Sadads|Sadads]] ([[User talk:Sadads|talk]]) 16:07, 1 December 2015 (UTC) #{{support}} Especially the number of watchers would be interesting and a decent simple measure of page quality. Is that number currently publicly available anywhere? [[User:Gap9551|Gap9551]] ([[User talk:Gap9551|talk]]) 23:03, 1 December 2015 (UTC) #{{Support}} #1 only as it gives an overview of the article's quality pretty succinctly. I don't think readers generally would care about the number of watchers or the other info. [[User:Stevietheman|'''Stevie is the man!''']] [[User talk:Stevietheman|Talk]] • [[Special:Contributions/Stevietheman|Work]] 00:47, 2 December 2015 (UTC) #{{Support}}--[[User:Manlleus|Manlleus]] ([[User talk:Manlleus|talk]]) 15:40, 2 December 2015 (UTC) #{{support}} -- [[User:SantiLak|'''''SantiLak'[...]

Right to vanish/bg

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 14:44:55 GMT

Vodnokon4e: Created page with "== Вижте също ==" {{shortcut|[[RTV]]}} The '''Right to vanish''' was first proposed on MeatBall; see [[MeatBall:RightToVanish|MeatBall:RightToVanish]]. The principle it embodies is that contributors leaving a project permanently may have any personal contributions unrelated to the core mission of the project removed.What is deemed to be related to the vision of various projects is left to local discretion, but typically involves a project's informational content rather than its maintenance/administrative side. It is similar to the [[MeatBall:WikiMindWipe|WikiMindWipe]], but far less reaching. In the context of the Wikimedia Foundation, the term was first used on the English Wikipedia, where it became a customary courtesy before the formation of the Foundation. (See [[w:Wikipedia:Courtesy vanishing|Wikipedia:Courtesy vanishing]]). Like the English Wikipedia, most other Wikimedia projects tolerate the "vanishing" of users who wish to leave permanently. The term is a misnomer in that it is not a "right" or guarantee but rather a courtesy extended to valued contributors who wish to leave. Since contributions are made under the GFDL or CC-BY-SA, which provide an irrevocable license, there is no basis in law or contract for contributors to remove either content they have contributed or attribution for the same. == How a request to vanish may be fulfilled == :* ''Usernames'' - Usernames cannot normally be deleted, but can sometimes be changed. Even if this is done, it may still be possible to link your new and old names with a minimal degree of work. :* ''Work on the project'' - Your work, including "signatures" (text indicating your authorship of comments) on all but your own user and talk pages, will usually '''not''' be changed or removed. To change these would be a major source of disruption. Individual revisions of individual pages that contain personally identifying information may be [[Special:MyLanguage/oversight|oversight]]ed instead. :* User and talk pages, and their subpages, and other non-article pages that no others have substantively contributed to and whose existence does not impact the project, may be courtesy blanked or deleted. :* ''Logs'' - Administrative and editorial logs showing matters you have been involved with, during your career as an editor, such as your edit history on other pages, will usually remain accessible under your old name. :* ''Related matters'' discussed in more detail below include: making a clean start, removal of personal information from public viewing, and other actions you can take. === Personal information and its removal === : ''{{ {{TNTN|Translations:Template:Main/2}} }}'': {{ll|Privacy policy}} :{| style="border:black solid 1px" width="90%" | style=&q[...]

WMF Resolutions/OTRS/bg

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Vodnokon4e: Created page with "OTRS"

|title = OTRS
|notes = This resolution agreeing to hire a full time employee to answer phone calls and handle [[m:OTRS|OTRS]] (later became [[Volunteer Coordinator]]) was approved by vote (3 supports) on 26 May 2006.
}}The Foundation agrees to hire a full-time employee to answer phone calls and handle OTRS.
----Passed with 3 support votes.


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The [[Special:MyLanguage/OTRS#Admins|OTRS administrators]] frequently prepare reports regarding various things that may take place within our team, though they will be primarily full of statistical information. Here, you may view all reports that have been released.

;Месечни доклади
* ''None yet - Check back soon!''

;Годишни доклади
* [[OTRS/Reports/2012|2012]]
* [[OTRS/Reports/2013|2013]]
* [[OTRS/Reports/2014|2014]]

;Други доклади
* [[OTRS/Admin meeting 2014|Admin meeting 2014]]



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Vodnokon4e: Created page with "== Въпроси? ==" {{TNT|OTRS}} Thank you for your interest in signing up to volunteer as part of the OTRS team. We are always looking for volunteers and this page explains the work that OTRS volunteers do, what qualities we are looking for in a prospective agent, and how you can apply. == What do OTRS volunteers do? == OTRS volunteers handle incoming e-mail for the {{ll|Wikimedia Foundation|Wikimedia Foundation}}. This covers everything from complaints about simple vandalism to allegations of libel and bias in articles on the various projects. We often need to do some sort of investigation, asking follow-up questions and so need to be very patient where required, for example: *'''Customer''': ''"Hi, the picture of Zip is really my picture, can you take it down?"'' *'''OTRS volunteer''': Which project? Which picture exactly? Who is Zip? Can you give me the link to your picture and assure me it's you? Our OTRS system has a number of "queues" which allow us to separate emails so that volunteers with the necessary language skills and either on-wiki or OTRS experience are able to answer them. info-en is our largest queue handling the majority of emails written in English, and is further split into "subqueues" to allow volunteers to easily choose whether they'd like to answer emails about minor article issues or biographies of living persons for example. There are also different levels of access, as some tickets are more difficult and require more OTRS experience. These are some of the busiest queues in the OTRS system and serve as the "front lines" for most reader interaction. Please be aware that answering the info-en "tickets" can be stressful. You'll be handling messages from people who can be upset, clueless, disrespectful, and who in many cases have a legitimate complaint. However it is also rewarding knowing that you've helped to solve an issue of someone who is genuinely concerned about something in an article. This is a great chance to be part of the public face of Wikimedia. We can't always help people, but we do our best to leave them impressed with our professionalism and responsiveness. Please consider helping out, and please spread the word to others about the need. == What makes a good OTRS volunteer? == We always welcome new volunteers to help with answering tickets. Nonetheless, to ensure the quality of service and given the confidential nature of the work, there is a selective application procedure. The {{ll|OTRS#OTRS administrators|OTRS administrators}} are a group of highly-trusted and experienced volunteers who assess your application to join the OTRS team. When assessing an application, they familiarize t[...]


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| '''Note:''' This might not be a complete or up-to-date list. Some queues are not listed and some agents have not listed themselves on this page. For a complete list of OTRS accounts, see [[OTRS/Users]]. For OTRS agents, a more detailed one can be found on [[:otrswiki:List of accounts|OTRS Wiki]]. Another list exists on [[:commons:Special:MyLanguage/Template:OTRS/Users|Commons]] (users with access to permission related queues, bot generated).

This page lists people who contribute to [[Special:MyLanguage/OTRS|Wikimedia OTRS]], with various details useful for collaboration and coordination for reference in finding people who can answer a ticket. If you have an OTRS account, please add yourself! If you have trouble with the templates, just leave your information unformatted on the talk page so one of the gnomes who watchlist this page can add it for you.

== Персонал ==
This is a table of people with accounts on OTRS and their roles on various projects. Users should list projects on which they have adminship, or for the Foundation site login. Other notes include committees, local chapter officers, or other positions that may be relevant. Please especially list language proficiencies in languages for which there is no OTRS queue yet first.

{|class="sortable wikitable" style="clear:both"
!scope="col"| Потребител
!scope="col"| Queues
!scope="col"| Вавилон
!scope="col"| Админ в Уикипедия
!scope="col"| Админ в Общомедия
!scope="col"| Админ в Мета
!scope="col"| Фондация Уикимедия
!scope="col"| Стюард
!scope="col"| Други проекти
!scope="col"| Other notes



Requests for new languages/Wikipedia buhid

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{{New wiki request
| status = open
| language_code = bku
| language_code3 = bku
| language_English = buhid
| language_native = ᝊᝓᝑᝒᝇ
| language_Wikidata= ? whats that
| new_language = yes
| project_English = Wikipedia
| project_native = ᝏᝄᝉᝇ
| ns_project =
| ns_project_talk =
| enable_upload = no
| logo = File:...
| timezone = PST (UTC+8)
| add_namespaces =
| add_settings =
| category =

== Proposal ==
It would be cool to have a wikipedia in Buhid. I could edit it, as I speak a little.

== Discussion ==


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