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Tauntaun Snowmobile!


Selling a one-of-a-kind, never been seen before, work of art. And it's FAST! I've had it up to 70mph and was afraid to go any more. I call it Tauntaun, after the snow lizard in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

The "fake" fur has been coated with silicone to help repel water. The SLP pipes were painted to resemble internal organs. It smokes a little at start up until it gets warm, but it always starts up, even when it's been sitting for months! Selling it because as an artist it was fun to create, but I don't have a trailer and don't ride it much. It was inspected and given the okay by a local snowmobile service 2 years ago.

•1996 Polaris Indy Ultra SKS (no reverse)
• 680cc
• Engine rebuilt in 2010
• SLP pipes
• Sly Dog skis
• 2" paddle track w/ice scrappers
• Saddle bags & full sled cover
• Includes shop dolly
• Has a title

Vader Custom Fire Pit


Vader Fire Pit! See flames at night in eyes and mask. 44 Wide x 54 Tall approximately (Not including smoke stack). Outside use only. Delivery available. Mask opens to load wood. Door opening 24 wide x 12 Tall. See on website @

Fall In Love With Me/The All Mixed Up - w4m


I was looking for blank cassette tapes at the thrift store to make some mix tape of my own when I found yours.
Labeled only on the tape itself, The All Mixed Up on one side and Fall In Love With Me on the other. Non descriptive J Card.
These are the kind of thrift store finds I always dream of. I bought your mix tape plus a blank one for a dollar and went on my way.
I figured I'd at least have a cool story to tell my friends if it all went badly, but never expected my own emotional response to the tape when I listened to it. There was no track listing, which made the mystery all the more intriguing. You never know what you're gonna find on a blank mix tape. I definitely fell for you by the time I started side B, A Smiths cover song leaked over from side A. And by the time the Yo La Tengo track started to play as a parting gift on side B I knew I had to find you. I'm not sure how your relationship played out, or who that tape was meant for, but I feel like it's only fitting for me to give back to you. Mix tapes are very sentimental. And even if you don't want the tape back, I want you to at least know it's in good hands. You might not even exist, or you might exist in a completely different time. And that's ok. I found your sonic diary in the same batch, some recordings of a lecture on side A and other bits and pieces that go on for 20 minutes, travels and sounds you've heard. This might not be you but I believe in the power of mysteries.

I might not ever find you but I'd like to. Tell me who else was on that tape. Tell me which artist you put on there multiple times, I found another cassette mix with just that one band too. I'd like to hear what else you can make, and maybe make you a mix of my own.

I'll be waiting...

Starship Enterprise Model


Special unique version of the Starship Enterprise.
Size is 15 feet by 5 feet.

$25k plus shipping.



captain kirk, trekkie, star wars, models, space ships
star wars, enterprise, rocket models, millennium falcon, vador

Vintage, Artisinal Telephones


These vintage phones were handused in Austin, Texas at a boutique call center. These classic communication devices come complete with a curly accent cord and collector's edition taupe plastic finish. The phones have a finely aged yellow patina from 24-hour fluorescent light exposure over the past 25 years.

For the past six months, these artisinal communication devices have been on display in a art piece entitled "Mass Communication" at the prestigious Hastings Gallery in Austin, Texas. The more than 40 telephones were arranged by avantgarde sculptor and company owner Mark Hastings to reflect the juxtaposition between how connected we are and how alone we feel.

The exhibit has come to an end and it is time for art and conversation enthusiasts to repurpose them for their own ends. There are more than 40 telephones in this lot for the low price of $100 or best offer.

Beautiful and functional, these phones can be used to communicate with other telephone enthusiasts in another room, city or even country. Personalize yours with your own unique "phone number."

Handsets have a challenging flavor with complex mouthfeel. Large buttons accommodate even the clumsiest fingers. The perfect gift for the speech lover in your life or a solid investment in a rare collectible.



About me: Also known as 'Golbat-chan' on sites like 4chan and imgur, I am a 24-year-old lifelong Pokemon enthusiast who wants to help YOU become the very best.

My services are simple: I will walk around in 1-4 hour shifts signed in to your account capturing every single Pokemon I come into contact with, activating every Poke Stop I pass and walking nonstop to help hatch your eggs. I'll even send you hourly updates while you're at work/class/on a hot date informing you of any really exciting things I've come across for you. Pokemon training help, gym battles and strategy tips are also included, if requested.

About me: I'm a white female, NYU grad, and a well-employed freelance journalist with a massive Golbat tattoo on my arm. I have been playing Pokemon (both cards and gameboy/DS) since 1997 and Pokemon GO since its opening day. I'm in between major projects and have a lot of spare time on my hands right now and also may or may not write an article about this in the future. Personally, I am a level 15 trainer in Pokemon GO right now and control all of the gyms near my place. I know what I'm doing. For more info about me (and to see that I am, in fact, a real human being) check out the VICE article that has been written about me and my obsession.

Details: I currently own an iPhone 6s, several portable chargers and am in very good physical fitness. Spending hours on my feet is not an issue. I will sign into your account (which, hopefully you weren't a total noob and used a fake gmail address when you signed up for this app because the surveillance is real) and treat your account like it is my very own. I will catch them all. I will focus in on catching specific types of Pokemon (i.e. fire, water, electric) if you want. I'll even send you silly screenshots so you don't feel too much FOMO while you're doing something that prevents you from accessing PokeWorld.

Every exchange will begin with an in-person consultation at your nearest poke stop. No creepy stuff. I know how to defend myself and will not take any bullshit from you.

Send your name, age, occupation, area of the city you are hoping to obtain my services and a link to something that can prove to me that you are a real human being. If I can confirm your identity (remember: I'm a journalist and very good at this) I will get back to you to set up an appointment.

<3 IvyStIve

camouflage truck $1800 obo.


1984 Chevy shorted in great shape with a perfect camouflaged paintjob. 4 wheel drive like new interior, very clean windows. low miles.

Pre 1800 antiques


I am looking for old Mormon artifacts from the book of Mormon. I would like to purchase items from the days of the Nephites and Lamanites such as shields, arrows, bows, knives, or any of the other items that they might have used in there battles, anything would be great. I would also love to have maps, pottery, coins, statues, vases, or any artifacts from the large city of Zarahemla or Mulek. If some one had any writing in reformed Egyptian that was apparently used I would like to see it.
It should be easy to find at least one item from a civilization that had millions of people with cities and large army's. The picture I included was directly off of the LDS website and it clearly shows swords, spears, breastplates, and shields. All that takes a developed people to make.

Also if any LDS people are out there that were dark skinned and are now changed to "white and delightsome" it would be neat to here your story. I would pay top dollar to any native American that could prove his DNA was from a Jewish background. In 1857, Brigham Young declared that apostates would "become gray-haired, wrinkled, and black, just like the Devil" (Journal of Discourse 5:332). Any apostates out there that this has happened to!! I would give $10,000 for an interview.

I am not interested in any biblical historical items, as they are not that hard to find, I am only interested in Mormon (pre 1800's) items.

spider float or yard decoration


Requires assembly. You Pick Up! I need the space!
This was used in approximately 4 parades. It has been stored indoors, for a couple of years. Needs wheels for parade , or used as stationary halloween decor.

Used Pirate ship


You "arr" lookin at a used Pirate ship for sale by the " ownarr" she is equipped with 3 cannons and a skeleton crew! Please, serious and qualified Pirates can " parlay" with Captain Dan

Wanna put my tender heart in a blender


Never date a corporate lawyer. Here's how it goes. You match him on Tinder and give him a chance even though he ghosted you after one date. You never get an explanation for this beyond "I was looking for something specific," which sounds like another lawyer or some Woody Allenesque waif-bot, but most Brooklyn dudes want that, so fuck it. He has nice hair. He apologizes, claims to hate True Detective, and laughs at all your jokes.

He's kind. Not like other corporate lawyers, you tell your friends, who smile painfully. He wants to leave Wappen & Kladden! He has values! He's sensitive! You've never been happier, and he says he's never been happier, and for the first time, you know you're in love.

You spend a fortune on dates and don't care. He makes three times as much as you, but you want to prove you're not after his money.

One night you watch a movie about the futility of monogamy, and he freaks out. He's scared of commitment. The guy who committed to 80-hour work weeks for nebulous reasons is scared of commitment. The guy who asked to meet your family after you said it would be okay to wait, because commitment can be scary, is now scared of commitment. You imagine your brother and dad, who only met one other boyfriend and hated him, discussing this the way people discuss natural disasters. "A damn shame. Now a whole different penis will have to enter her."

But you know something has changed. Lately he seems less cute and more boring. You remember that you're not Gal Gadot and that people are as interesting as you let them be. You say, "I'm sorry if sometimes I look at you blankly instead of listening." He says, "Sometimes I want to leave." How did he pass the LSATs? You tell him it's okay to be human.

You go upstate with a bunch of his friends. They're all more successful than you. You try to be social, but your confidence is shot. This is when he decides you're incompatible.

He comes over in a panic. He's sad because "we used to be so happy." He sees you "in a negative way" now. He sometimes even doubts you're attractive. Because lawyers think it's important to present all sides of reality. To acknowledge how illusory everything is, even human connection. A corporate lawyer can predict the future from a mile up his own asshole.

He clearly wants to break up, but makes you do it. It's the day after your birthday. A few days later, this Vitamix arrives at your door. Either he wants you back, or he does not understand the human species.

He does not understand the human species. Who buys someone they're dumping a Vitamix? He wants to be the hero of this story: "I got this girl an epic birthday gift and then we broke up." He wants me to remember him fondly. I can't abide it. I had fleeting Hollywood fantasies about smashing it in the street, but that's for waif-bots. I'm not gonna ruin a perfectly good blender. Yet, sitting on my microwave, it looks exactly like the Wappen & Kladden building. I am afraid of it. Please help me.

It's a certified reconditioned 5200 series. It comes in the box with a 5-year warranty and a recipe book. I am also available for dates.

Your dick pic cured my breast cancer - w4m


I met you in the cafeteria about a week ago at the University of Chicago Medical Center. We struck up a conversation about chemotherapy and insurance premiums. You spoke of your ailment of having crohn's disease and I spoke of my battle with breast cancer. You were slightly taller than me and had a sleeve arm tattoo which I admitted liking... While we were talking, I began to tear up while informing you that my prognosis was elevated to stage 3 and that stage 4 means terminal. You were very attentive and held my hand as I explained my fears about it. As the conversation moved towards the weather and where we each respectively parked, you advised me to park in a different garage, one that I wasn't aware of and that was closer. 'Here, give me your number,' you said me. 'I'll text you with what it looks like.' Without hesitation I did and really only with the expectation that I wouldn't have to walk so far (It's not good to be on chemo and walking in the hot weather). As we parted ways and left for the day, I got home and assumed you forgot to text me. However as I set my phone down on my counter, suddenly it vibrated to an unknown number's text. When I opened up the text in my in my condo which had dim lighting at the time, I saw a beautiful rod appear on my phone's screen. The glow shined on my face and penetrated my spirit. I really felt it change me. Even though you had not shared your name previously, I knew the dong I was viewing had belonged to you because I had recognized your hand holding up the miniature coke cola bottle next to your penis. Stripping down from my clothes, I was elated to see 4 more pictures arrive as I began to do what any woman would do and self enjoy them. Following the pictures, you also texted me the following lines over the duration of the next hour but I was busy in the bathtub violently masturbating.... "Hey" "You there?" "Yo what up?" "Did you like?" "Hey" "Want more?" "Hey it's me, how r u" After finishing up my gratuitous session of various climaxes to the sounds of a saxophone in the background, I decided to light a cigarette and write about the occurrence in my diary while contemplating how I would respond to your communique.... Admittedly, I had also taken a deluxe-gigantic-shit, known in medicine as a 'dgs' while I was writing and my phone fell into the toilet. The next day I took it to apple and they refused to touch it and said it was impossible to access your number. And unfortunately by the time I got a new phone with my same number, your texts had stopped :( I was preparing to get over you. It was just yesterday that I came in to the hospital for another round of chemo, still very sad our saga had come to an end because of my phone falling into the toilet bowl filled with my poop and pee. That's when my doctor came in shortly after drawing up my blood and feeling my tiddays, catching me completely by surprise by with what he told me next.... "You don't have breast cancer anymore. You are cured. Please see Shelia at the desk who can validate your parking and call if you have a headache." Grabbing his arm as he began to walk out the room, I just had to be sure... "What did you say?" "Your breast cancer is totally cured. Judging by the tests we have done with our fancy medical equipment and group of Asian people in the labs who were looking at tubes and stuff, we can find no more blast cells in your boobies. You don't have breast cancer anymore. You are now perfectly healthy." "That's impossible, I was stage 3 last week," I told him. "The only thing that changed was that a man sent me a series of dick pics to my phone...." It was here my doctor put his hand on my shoulder and gave it to me straight. "That was not a man. That was an ange[...]

Basically 2 studio apartmints


Employed or students. I have no use for the 2 up stairs rooms except to rent them as studios. 12x14 south side studio with sunny balcony, 140 degree view of the sky, partial view of snow capped mountains. The 10x14 west side studio can be used as a sun tan room, view of cross streets, large closets. 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath apartmint that I'm leasing long term. South side studio is rented, UNR graduate, male. Studios are unfurnished except for kitchen appliances. Silent running portable room refrigerator/freezer, microwave, toaster oven, hot plate, 2 foldable 34" square tables with 2 foldable padded chairs. Portable door security lock that can be used when your in your studio or bath room. Carpeted. You can use the kitchen sink. I've removed my property from the up stairs full bath. I won't be using the up stairs bath much. The down stairs living room, kitchen an 1/2 bath is my studio. I don't have a bed. I don't sleep. I do get tired. I have a roll up mat. $300 monthly rent an $300 security deposit, includes utilities, wifi, 532 channels tv. Buy wireless stereo head phones if you want to listen to music or television. No lease required. I don't care if you have a guest over for one or two nights per week as long as the guest has their own home an is employed or student. I don't smoke. I don't care if you smoke in your studio, seal the bottom of your door, automatic self sealing air vents. Central heat/ac. No parties or illegal drugs. Professional Horse Race Player. Retired Chevron gas station operator. Inventor. Expert stock market investor. Diablo Valley College graduate 1984, AA, AS, Computer Science, Pleasant Hill, Calif. Graintarian not vegetarian. There are billions of salt an seasuning eaters in the world. There are very few raw flesh eaters. Advertisers use women that are on starvation diets to sell food an drinks. A professional chef told me that you can make any thing taste good. Graintarians don't produce foul body odors. I still eat plain cheese pizzas. 6'2", 200 pds. I'll teach people to become rich in the stock market, no charge, its simple, 500 words. They have to be able to invest $100 per month into the stock market for 20 years. I think that the stock market is a better investmint than real estate if you know how to invest in the stock market. Horse racing is classified information. I'll teach people the basics of horse racing or class 101. Women love horses. However there aren't very many women that bet on horse races. Penny Chenery, breeder an owner of Secretariat, set records in horse racing that today haven't been broken. Secretariat is the winner of the Triple Crown, 1973, the highest honor in horse racing. What I don't under stand is why trainers an jockeys don't know how to earn their living betting on horse races. They know how to train an ride horses, however they don't know how to bet on horse races. John Wayne, great western movie star of the 30's thru 70's wouldn't of been allowed to join the U.S. Cavalry. You couldn't join the cavalry if you weighed more than 160 pounds. John weighed 200 pounds. Today, forget about a career in Hollywood if your taller than 6'2" or weigh more than 180 pounds. In Japan, all forms of gambling are banned except horse racing. There are no casinos in Japan, only horse race tracks. 6 months ago, China became part of international horse racing. I've reported to the American an Canadian horse racing association that Japan, China an all other countries should not be allowed to bet on American or Canadian horse races until they up grade their standards of information to meet or exceed the standards of American an Canadian horse race tracks. I won't bet on Japanese or Chinese races until they up grade to American an Canadian standards. I [...]

Handsome officer (Grapevine) - w4m


To the Handsome Police officer that pulled me over trying to catch Pokemon at 2 in the morning. I just want to say, you are gorgeous, that is all.



I was at Campus Pub/Jims, showing off my RealDoll. I was a tad hammered that night. I must have let 2 guys show the doll to one of their friends, & they didn't come back before closing time. I don't remember their exact names (& neither do my friends unfortunately), but I do recall two faces, 2 white males. The original idea for this was to be my up & coming post grunge band's stage mascot. I was in the process of recruiting additional members for our band. A police report has been filed with Murfreesboro/Rutherford Co. Police Dept. This doll was rather expensive. Thank you.

Three Wheeled Car


Radically customized '27 Dodge. All metal, powered by a '96 Geo Metro automatic, 4 cyl, 3 speed. Gets mid to upper 30 MPG. Power seats, AC, heater, convertible top, working fold out windshield & cowl vent, daylight running lights. Pinky has been an excellent ministry tool for us and our hope is she can continue as such. Call & let's negotiate.

Nigel is looking to score - I'm looking to adopt


My crested gecko Nigel needs the love of a good woman. It is preferable that said woman is also a gecko (not that he's closed minded, I just don't see how it would work any other way).

His life is a lonely one. Abandoned at a young age by his previous master, forced to wander alone in the wilderness before being rescued by me (actually I just carried him from his old house to my car in a small bowl. Not really a bowl I guess, it was more of a tupperware kind of thing. The kind of thing that you buy worms in when you're going fishing. Not fishing for carp though. They don't like worms). He now rules the 20 gallon tank behind my couch and defends it from all comers. Deceptively calm during the daytime on his little plastic tree, he goes out after dark to roam his kingdom. Nigel grows stronger by the day, feasting on crested gecko diet and the souls of small crickets while their cricket mothers weep, never to see them again (unless they look in his poop. Then they could see their back legs. He doesn't seem to digest those very well).

You might be thinking, "20 gallons? That's too big of a tank for most geckos to handle on their own. That would be better for a snake or bigger lizard." Well new craigslist friends, Nigel is not "most geckos." He handles that territory like Mr. T handled driving that van in The A-Team. Not the movie from a couple years ago, the real show. I pity the fool who thinks that movie was better than the show.

After all that, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want another gecko, and I can't put a male in with him because they'll fight to the death. Undoubtedly the death of your gecko because Nigel cannot be defeated.

If you have a female crested gecko that you would like to rehome, and aren't too annoyed with my overuse of parentheses, you can reach me by email.

Immaculate Produce at Trader Joe's 6/26 - w4m


I was the blue-eyed brunette in black leggings who asked you if Trader Joe's was still selling collard greens on Sunday, June 26. While you checked in the back, I texted my roommate about the "adorable produce guy at TJs". You reported back to me the bad news; then while I decided on my alternate, you arranged all those greens - the kale, the romaine, the spinach, the micro-greens - in the most immaculate formation I have seen. It was artistry of the type I see in pine cones. When I finally decided on the kale, I clumsily knocked another bag down with it and you had it picked up and put back in half of the blink of an eye. Then I ran away - just me, my regret, and my organic Tuscan kale.

2012 Kia Sorento EX with the soul of a Ferrari and built by craftsmen


What happens when ex-Ferrari F1 engineers toss back a few beers with ex-Rolls-Royce craftsmen? They create the 2012 Kia Sorento EX. But wait, before you continue reading, you need to ask yourself . . . Why wouldn't you want to replicate the feeling of riding on a majestic dual-horned unicorn? Now, be warned, this beast is not for everyone. If you're a guy or gal that can handle Kardashian levels of attention from the paparazzi as you drive around your neighborhood, you don't want to pass up this offer. The power plant derives from the V12 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. . . kinda. . . sorta. In order to fit the all-aluminum, race-bred engine under the hood, the engineers had to cut it in half. As it sits, the now 3.5L DOHC CVVT V6 engine produces 276hp (horsepower) or about 800cp (centaurpower) The power is delivered to the ground by a 6-speed automatic transmission with Sportmatic mode. Once Sportmatic is engaged, forget about Tesla's "Ludicrous" mode and get ready to go plaid. Now, I don't recommended using Sportmatic mode when there are children under the age of 6 years old or under 48 inches tall in the vehicle, as it may stunt their growth or put you on the watchlist at your local Child Protective Services office. As powerful the engine is, it sips fuel like a sommelier sips wine. It's rated at 16-31 mpg depending on the altitude, weather and road rage conditions, and I've been able to maintain a healthy 22 mpg average. Since I'm Middle Eastern, I've only used the finest motor oil from my uncle's private family reserves in Dubai. Not even Lamborghini has access to this type of lube. Because owners of such unique machines are always VIP, Kia's skunkworks division equipped the Sorento with safety features to keep its owner and some occupants safe. I say "some" because it has a special "Mother-in-Law" button tucked away in the ashtray. Once engaged, you'll hear a voice say "you're welcome," then sensors will deactivate only the safety features around your mother-in-law. It also has an impressive list of acronyms like ABS, TCS, ESC, LATCH, TPMS, PMS and STD. The interior has been designed with luxury and environment in mind. The seats, steering wheel and shift knob are wrapped with the hide of Japanese Kobe beef cows. To balance the opulence of the leather, the ex-Rolls-Royce craftsmen meticulously printed a wood pattern on plastic trim pieces throughout the vehicle. Infinity actually played Sting's hit song "Desert Rose" over 250,000 times until they tuned the audio system to replicate what it might sound like if you listened to that song in acoustic form in a bathroom stall. To keep you connected, the Sorento has all sorts of USB ports and Bluetooth. The technology doesn't stop there -- it also has a Push Button Start system in case you have carpal tunnel and can't twist a key, a back-up camera so you no longer have to rely on your drunk friends when hitching up to your yacht and a digital compass so you can feel like Christopher Columbus as you navigate through traffic. Speaking of navigation, it has that too. The sleek exterior is reminiscent of works of art only found at the Guggenheim museum. The silhouette has been designed to mimic a liger moments before pouncing onto a jackalope. To achieve the design philosophy of "Meosjin Maelyeog" or "Fabulous Glamour," chrome can be found almost everywhere. It has so much chrome that I constantly get asked if it's been in rap videos . . . Yes, yes it has. You may think that such a machine would cost about $194,432.78, and you're right, it did . . . when it was new. But today, I will[...]

FREE Baby Zombie Hand FREE


Name: Melvin the baby zombie hand
Likes: women's panties (preferably with words), holding jewelry and driving Ford Mustangs
Eats: peanuts and human flesh

FREE family friendly fun!!!

Motorized Bicycle


I regret it but selling my custom built Motorized Bicycle, please look at the photos for more details.

It has a Honda 4 stroke GXH50 49.4cc 2.5hp engine on a SPECIALIZED HARD ROCK 21spd
High end mountain bike with Weinman Rims.

Note the 3 to 1 ratio Torq-A-Verter TAV2 model which allows for good climbing power and idle at stops.

I built this unit for metal detecting days and traveling down fire lane roads and going across corn fields so it has a lot of low in power plus a good top end speed for down the road cursing with the Torq-A-Verter.

Best of all it is a 4 stroke engine so no mixing oil in the gas.

Note the bike frame has not been altered so take it apart and its back to a stock bike or pop the drive chain and it's a pedal bike.

I will respond to all messages sent to me from Craigs List and who give me your contact phone number.

This is also listed on Ebay [...] just in case you trust buying there more than here.

Pick up in Kenosha Wisconsin as I will not ship. I do take verified PayPal and will help with trucking pick up but will not crate in case you want to arrange shipping pick up.

Hey Craig, Thanks


Dear Craig, Whoever the heck you are, I really don't care. I was buying something about 20 years ago when a friend of mine said something about Craigslist. I really did not pay any attention. I didn't care, and I sure wasn't going to trust the advice of some dude named Craig, who I didn't even know existed. Now, 20 years later, I just made a very cool trade on Craigslist, that was done only because I really love a good story. Last night a woman called about a used walker that I had for sale on Craigslist for fifteen bucks. She doesn't know that I actually bought it used, and only paid five dollars for it. The woman was willing to drive over to my place about twenty or so miles from where I live, and she happened to live next to Val's Burger's on the border of Castro Valley and Hayward. I told the lady who was calling me that if she bought me a burger from Val's that I'd give her the walker for free. She laughed uproariously, and we ended up spending about half an hour talking about all our good memories of eating at the best burger place in the entire San Francisco Bay Area, that somehow is still almost a little hole in the wall that most people have only driven past, or never even heard of. I told her how I'd once sold an item on Craigslist from a man from New Zeland who claimed to be an "International Chef" traveling through the United States. I told the man if he bought the item I was selling, I'd come down in my price by three hundred dollars on one condition: We all had to go eat a burger at Val's Burgers, and if he didn't think it was one of the best burgers he'd ever eaten, then I'd drop three hundred off the price. Needless to say, I didn't have to drop the price, because he said, "This is one of the three best burgers I've eaten while traveling the United States. It's really very good. I should have listened to you, and got it on the toasted, sliced sourdough." So, Craig, who the hell are you? Why did you ever dream of doing this cool thing, called Craigslist? I just want to thank you. Free. I get to sell stuff for free. I get to have a cool story that I am one of the only people who has ever had Val's delivered to his door step, twenty miles away. I ended up giving the woman ten bucks, and the walker, in exchange for two Val's momma burgers, and the steak fries. What a great deal. My apologies to those of you who choose to refrain from eating certain foods if this post finds some offence. I see woman who are posted on Craigslist with prices attached to various services. I believe in free trade, and only hope that these women are willingly offering those services. I know of people who use Craigslist to post fake ads, selling things they don't even own, ripping people off, etc. Sure, we know there are some very sick individuals who have used Craigslist, and other forms of communication, to harm and even kill other people who fell into a trap, sadly, because they trusted someone who was not worthy of their trust. I'm willing to bet that the average Craigslist user like me has made some bunches of sales for stuff on Craigslist that benefited both seller and user. I bought a bike rack the other day from a guy who didn't even have to get out of his car on High Street in Alameda, and I handed him the thirty bucks he requested in his ad only two or so hours previously. We both got what we wanted, at something like eighty percent off retail, all for free. I have no freaking idea how Craig makes money off this site, except that there ar[...]

Black velvet painting -- oddball


"Mentalpus Can't Make It Stop"

Acrylic on black velvet
Superbly painted by Taylor Winder.


You can't see the sparkles so well here, but they're in the background as well as the creature's eyes.
This piece is a must-see, hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

Yahoo! -- $8 Billion or B/O


A rare find, this one-of-a-kind Internet original is now available to the public for a limited time.

A beautiful piece in good-to-fair condition, showing some signs of wear but easily restored in the hands of the right person. Sadly, the original owners can no longer maintain it.

Total package includes:

* 1 billion users, more or less
* Web email system (now 62% spam free!)
* Bottomless archive of Kim Kardashian photos
* Flickr & Tumblr
* Fully equipped Nautilus gym
* A really nice cafeteria
* The Yahoo Weather app
* Several warehouses filled with Kind bars
* Katie Couric

unique vehicle brings joy


My wife said it her or the van. I thought long and hard but came to the decision that, as much as I love this vehicle, I loved her more. My kids would choose the van.

Dumber than dumb and dumber! Make this facinating ultra custom, vehicle work for you! It has more bells and whistles than a clown factory with the comfort and reliability of an easy chair.

This vehicle was a 2006 Ford Econoline 350 that we bred with a standard poodle and Grover. The resulting beast is the ultimate smile generator. If you want to spread cheer, drive this around the block with your favorite song playing through the exterior speaker and your logo on the sides. Let people know what's up!!! Pull over and let the party start!!!

The title is clean and it runs like a dream. It handles way better than you would think.

Dispensary tours?
Promote anything!
Take it to burning man!
Drive your kids to school in it!
Make everyone listen to your favorite song!
Kick start boring parties!
Make friends 4 lyfe!
Endless potential!

less than 100,000 easy miles!
$90K was spent building it
The arms go up and down! Huge crowd pleaser!
The eyeballs light up. Help guide UFOs
The interior is lined with real muppet fur. We only used fur from bad muppets.
Interior lighting scheme is sure to please. Sexy blue and fluid.
The vehicle handles like a car
12V converter
exterior plugs for phone charging or blenders
exterior speakers can be turned on and off from the dash.

I will deliver it anywhere for $1000

Here are some links to the making of it: