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List of all major league baseball team mascots | Pictures of funny mlb mascots

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Wally the Green Monster Boston Red Sox Pictures


(image) Funny image of Wally the Green Monster of the Boston Red Sox, stepping out from the green monster
(image) Picture of best team mascot Wally the Green Monster
(image) Photo of awesome baseball mascot Wally the Green Monster of the Boston Red Sox

The Bird Baltimore Orioles Mascot Pictures


(image) Funny image of The Bird mascot of the Baltimore Orioles giving the hand to Screech
(image) Picture of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team mascot, The Bird
(image) Photo of The Bird mascot with happy fan

T. C Bear Minnesota Twins Mascot Pictures


(image) Cute image of T. C. Bear mascot of the Minnesota Twins posing with young girl
(image) Funny picture of T. C. Bear walking on the sidewalk
(image) Photo of T. C. Bear of the Minnesota Twins baseball team

Swinging Friar San Diego Padres


(image) Image of Swinging Friar team mascot of the San Diego Padres baseball team
(image) Picture of Swinging Friar mascot with camera
(image) Funny photo of Swinging Friar of the San Diego Padres on the field of play

Stomper Oakland Athletics Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of Stomper the Oakland Athletics team mascot posing with kids in the crowd
(image) Picture of Stomper mascot
(image) Photo of Stomper mascot of the Oakland Athletics posing with four pretty ladies

Southpaw Chicago White Sox Pictures


(image) Image of Southpaw the Chicago White Sox mascot posing with kid fans
(image) Picture of cool team mascot of the Chicago White Sox baseball team
(image) Funny photo of Southpaw the Chicago White Sox team mascot

Sluggerrr Kansas City Royals Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of Sluggerrr the Kansas City Royals baseball team mascot
(image) Picture of Sluggerrr mascot posing with little girl
(image) Funny photo of Sluggerrr mascot of the Kansas City Royals baseball team

Slider Cleveland Indians Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of Slider of the Cleveland Indians baseball team
(image) Picture of Cleveland Indians mascot Slider joking around
(image) Funny photo of Slider the Cleveland Indians baseball team with hot dog girl

Screech Washington Nationals Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of Screech the Washington Nationals team mascot covered in dirt
(image) Cute picture of Screech posing with kids
(image) Photo of Washington Nationals team baseball mascot Screech on the playing field

Raymond Tampa Bay Rays Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of strange mascot of the Tampa Bay Rays, Raymond
(image) Picture of baseball team mascot Raymond of the Tampa Bay Rays
(image) Raymond Tampa Bay Rays Mascot

Rangers Captain Texas Rangers Pictures


(image) Image of the Texas Rangers mascot, the Rangers Captain Horse
(image) Funny picture of Rangers Captain at a football event
(image) Close up photo of Texas Rangers team mascot Rangers Captain

Phillie Phanatic Philadelphia Phillies Pictures


(image) Image of the Phillie Phanatic of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team
(image) Funny picture of the Phillie Phanatic wearing boxing gloves
(image) Cool photo of the Philadelphia Phillies mascot, the Phillie Phanatic

Paws Detroit Tigers Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of Paws the Detroit Tigers mascot getting the crowd on they're feet
(image) Picture of Paws the tiger waving a white towel
(image) Great close up photo of Paws the Detroit Tigers baseball team mascot

Mr Met New York Mets Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of Mr. Met of the New York Mets baseball team pointing at the crowd
(image) Funny image of Mr. Met be loaded into ambulance
(image) Photo of Mr. Met of the New York Mets walking the red carpet

Mariner Moose Seattle Mariners Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of Mariner Moose of the Seattle Mariners holding lady in suit in his arms
(image) Picture of Mariner Moose running the bases with giant flag
(image) Funny photo of Mariner Moose team mascot

Lou Seal San Francisco Giants Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of Lou Seal of the San Francisco Giants baseball team, hugging player Ray Durham
(image) Picture of Lou Seal with funny balloon clown guy
(image) Best photo of Lou Seal baseball team mascot of the San Francisco Giants

Junction Jack Houston Astros Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of Junction Jack of the Houston Astros posing with four pretty ladies
(image) Funny picture of Junction Jack baseball mascot
(image) Photo of Junction Jack Astros team mascot with fan

Homer Atlanta Braves Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of Atlanta Braves baseball team mascot, Homer
(image) Funny picture of Homer the Atlanta Braves baseball man mascot
(image) Homer giving the thumbs up with a fan

Gapper Cincinnati Reds Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of big red mascot Gapper og the Cincinnati Reds baseball team
(image) Picture of Gapper team mascot
(image) Photo of Reds mascot with fan

Fredbird St. Louis Cardinals Mascot Pictures


(image) Image of team mascot Fredbird of the St. Louis Cardinals
(image) Picture of Fredbird trying to get the crowd going
(image) Photo of Fredbird with his big red shoes

Dinger Colorado Rockies Mascot Pictures


(image) Close up image of baseball mascot Dinger of the Colorado Rockies
(image) Picture of Dinger the baseball mascot waving to the crowd
(image) Great photo of Dinger the Colorado Rockies team mascot

Captain Jolly Roger Pittsburgh Pirates Pictures


(image) Image of baseball mascot Captain Jolly Roger of the Pittsburgh Pirates running with flag
(image) Picture of awesome baseball team mascot, Captain Jolly Roger

Billy The Marlin Florida Marlins Pictures


(image) Image of baseball mascot Billy The Marlin
(image) Fan picture with Billy The Marlin giving a thumbs up
(image) Photo of Billy The Marlin the Florida Marlins mascot wearing road jersey

Bernie Brewer Milwaukee Brewers Pictures


(image) Image of Bernie Brewer baseball mascot for the Milwaukee Brewers
(image) Picture of a Bernie Brewer large statue
(image) Cool photo of Bernie Brewer

D. Baxter the Bobcat Arizona Diamondbacks Pictures


(image) Image of Baxter the Bobcat Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Mascot
(image) Picture of Baxter the Bobcat wearing home jersey
(image) New photo of D. Baxter the Bobcat