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Preview: IT Jungle--The Linux Beacon

IT Jungle--The Linux Beacon



The Linux Beacon--Why Blade Servers Still Don't Cut It, and How They Might
Sometimes, a good idea just doesn't take off. OK, this is information technology, not philosophy, so let me rephrase that more accurately. Sometimes, ideas and habits that were once laudable have an immense inertia that prevents a new and perhaps better idea from building momentum in the market; sometimes, a standard however begrudgingly adopted by IT vendors can overcome that inertia. Such is the case with the wonderful idea of blade servers.

The Linux Beacon--Intel Keeps Both Arms Swinging with Xeons, Jabs with Itanium
Since waking up after being asleep for enough years to let Advanced Micro Devices have the driver's seat in the X64 chip market, in terms of design elegance, the top brass at Intel have been espousing their so-called 'tick-tock' rhythm of process and microarchitecture developments for Xeon and Itanium server processors. Maybe 'left jab-right hook' would be a more accurate description, since Intel is in position to keep pounding on a substantially weakened AMD.

The Linux Beacon--Microsoft Ponies Up Another $100 Million for Novell Linux
Microsoft's Windows Server customers have not yet burned through all of the $240 million in certificates that allow them to get Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server operating system and a year's worth of tech support from Microsoft instead of buying it through Novell. These Windows-Linux shops apparently want to acquire extended service contracts for SLES, and that is why Microsoft has coughed up another $100 million check for Novell.

The Linux Beacon--Mad Dog 21/21: Newtonian Economics
Isaac Newton's contributions to science and mathematics were monumental. They elevated English technology to a state of great prominence and helped usher in the Age of Enlightenment. More than three centuries later, every teenager studying science is taught classical mechanics, and Newton's principles provides food for thought in other disciplines, too. IBM's recent financial results, a sunny patch on a graying economic landscape, beg for analysis as well as praise, and Newton's laws might offer just the metaphorical basis required to examine Big Blue's blooming.

The Linux Beacon--Two More Xeon-Based Galaxy Servers from Sun
Server maker and X64 wannabee Sun Microsystems used the occasion of Intel's Developer Forum in San Francisco last week as the launching pad for two more Xeon-based 'Galaxy' servers. The new machines do not, by the way, sport any early versions of the future 'Nehalem' Xeon chips that Intel is talking up at IDF. Those chips probably won't be in servers until late 2008 or early 2009. The two new Galaxy boxes use existing dual-core Xeon 5200 and quad-core Xeon 5400 processors.

The Linux Beacon--SMBs Are Sensibly More Concerned with Biz than Tech
This bit of news will come as no surprise to any IT Jungle readers who have run their own businesses or who work for small companies where money is a lot tighter than at larger enterprises, which always seem to have a lot more dough to spare for IT projects that may or may not pan out. According to research performed recently by IDC, SMB shops, which have IT budgets that are growing at least twice as fast as spending among larger companies, are more worried about the state of the economy than all the latest gadgetry or hot buzzword ideas.

The Linux Beacon--Overseas and Notebook Sales Offset Printer Declines for HP in Q3
While the U.S. dollar may be strengthening a bit in recent weeks, overseas currencies where IT sales are growing very rapidly were and continue to be a lot stronger and business is a lot more brisk, which means that Hewlett-Packard's third quarter of fiscal 2008 ended July 31 was helped considerably by the ongoing lopsidedness in the global economy. HP posted sales of $28.2 billion in the quarter, up 10.2 percent, and net earnings of just over $2 billion, up 14 percent.

The Linux Beacon--Sabre and Travelocity Standardize on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
The word standard gets tossed around the IT industry a lot, particularly since the early 1980s when open standards Unix was all the rage long before open source software was even something than anyone but nerds and academics thought about. So when a company says it is standardizing on one product or another, you have to ask carefully what this means.

The Linux Beacon--IBM Offers HPC Bundles for SUSE Linux
While Linux has certainly taken off in the high-performance supercomputing labs of academic institutions, commercial enterprises, and government facilities around the world, many of the supercomputers out there are using home-grown Linuxes and are self-supported by fleets of nerds who, in many cases, know as much or more about Linux than the commercial Linux suppliers. That said, this is a cost and both Red Hat and Novell and their server partners want to get more installations among HPC shops.

The Linux Beacon--Real Time Forensics from Log Data? ArcSight Says It's Got It
With the onslaught of identity theft and the increase in instances of corporate data loss these days, forensics is becoming a word more IT administrators are becoming familiar with. In the world of log management solutions, however, most vendors make users choose between speedy log collection and the capability to forensically mine for important system events. With the addition of 'forensics on the fly' to its Security Information Event Management (SEIM) system, ArcSight claims users can now do both without compromise.