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Published: Tue, 19, Sep 2017 17:58


Palaniuk wins BASS tournament on Mille Lacs

Mon, 18, Sep 2017 22:40:45 CST

Brandon Palaniuk found bass worth $100,000.

Idaho fishing pro Palaniuk lands 6-pounder to keep Bassmaster points lead

Fri, 15, Sep 2017 22:37:43 CST

The late catch - four minutes before the end of fishing for the day - nearly kept him from returning to the tournament check-in on time.

Anderson: Bassmaster Elite leader Brandon Palaniuk takes to Lake Mille Lacs this weekend

Thu, 14, Sep 2017 9:35:6 CST

The Idaho native has recorded six top 12 Bassmaster Elite Series finishes this season, and it's taken a hard-driving work ethic and the support of others.

Anderson: Feider returns to defend big Bassmaster win on Mille Lacs

Mon, 11, Sep 2017 7:34:15 CST

To earn his win last year on Mille Lacs, Seth Feider stunned the likes of famed bass anglers Kevin VanDam and Mike Iaconelli, among others, by dominating the three-day tournament, beginning to end.

Anderson: Lake of the Woods, Ontario bring out best muskie fishing

Tue, 5, Sep 2017 10:52:2 CST

Muskie fishing is its own kind of addiction, and most who are afflicted relapse happily, cast after cast.

Anderson: Optimistic duck numbers from our professional wildlife managers don't add up

Fri, 1, Sep 2017 7:36:43 CST

FWS officials apparently were somehow oblivious this summer to one of the worst droughts in history gripping the Dakotas and eastern Montana.

Anderson: Hautman brothers paint wonderful art

Mon, 28, Aug 2017 17:5:7 CST

The three Hautman brothers, all gifted artists, were made by Minnesota.

Nature's finest: The artistry of the Hautman Brothers

Sat, 26, Aug 2017 16:46:29 CST

An exhibit of 50 new waterfowl, wildlife and landscape paintings by three brothers titled “Nature’s Finest: The Artistry of the Hautman brothers,” will run from Sept. 8 through Nov. 5

Anderson: Want to see invasives prevention plan with teeth? Head out West.

Thu, 24, Aug 2017 20:23:44 CST

Minnesota’s early attempts in recent decades to prevent infiltration by the invasive species appear lame next to what I witnessed in Montana and parts of British Columbia.

Anderson: Multitalented Kid Rock can also fish

Wed, 23, Aug 2017 5:56:28 CST

Detroit rocker Kid Rock squeezed in a fishing session after his show at Grand Casino in Hinckley last weekend and before headlining the Iowa State Fair.