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Published: Sat, 1, Oct 2016 14:2


A good hunt unfolds all in good time

Thu, 29, Sep 2016 21:54:12 CST

These mornings trigger a desire to lay up by one’s own hand enough venison and fowl to last the coming winter.

Anderson: Wright County's Pelican Lake aims for a return to past duck hunting glory

Sat, 24, Sep 2016 21:15:58 CST

Wright County’s Pelican Lake shows evidence that efforts to restore it are working

Anderson: Ducks keep the over-80 hunting crowd coming back

Thu, 22, Sep 2016 22:15:41 CST

David Maass and Arnold Krueger will be among the 80-plus cohort who will be alert Saturday morning when duck season opens in Minnesota.

Field report: Minnesota duck hunting opener expected to be 'fairly good'

Tue, 20, Sep 2016 21:24:11 CST

Persistent rains this summer should have helped duck production, waterfowl managers say.

Anderson: Pro angler Iaconelli enjoys life off and on the water

Tue, 13, Sep 2016 22:49:54 CST

Mike Iaconelli turned a fishing passion into a multimedia career as a pro

One of three brothers wins 12th duck stamp award for Hautmans

Tue, 13, Sep 2016 21:51:28 CST

For a while, it appeared unclear even to the competition’s sponsor, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, exactly whom among the world’s most famous wildlife art-painting family won the top honor — Jim Hautman or his brother, Bob. All that was certain was that brother Joe hadn’t nabbed the top spot among 153 entries. He won in 2015, and thus was disqualified this year.

Anderson: John Arms is called to a waterfowl tradition

Thu, 8, Sep 2016 18:43:13 CST

John Arms has collected a lot of calls. When none conveyed the right tone, he made his own.

Anderson: Outdoors writer McCormick's eyes are failing, but attitude is soaring

Sun, 4, Sep 2016 8:33:40 CST

“I’ve met a lot of good people, and I’ve grown in my ability to appreciate them," Tori McCormick said.

Hunting doves - and a memory - in Morrison County

Sat, 3, Sep 2016 21:34:35 CST

Group hunts doves and a memory, each difficult, and succeeds at both

Anderson: Wild goose chase has become a tough task in the metro area

Thu, 1, Sep 2016 19:32:16 CST

There are fewer geese in the metro today than perhaps at any time in the past 15 years, or longer.