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Published: Thu, 14, Dec 2017 20:30


Ruffed grouse need snow for warmth, protection

Tue, 12, Dec 2017 22:34:18 CST

To avoid presenting themselves as easy pickings for predators, ruffed grouse burrow into snow — when it’s available — and disappear. This also allows grouse to “thermo-regulate,’’ or stay warm.

Anderson: Narrow scope helps hunters keep fruitful bird fields intact

Mon, 11, Dec 2017 23:10:2 CST

By hunting small flocks and bringing less noise, fruitful bird fields remain so

Anderson: Hunting maybe be first love, but horse riding is current one for Minnesotan

Thu, 7, Dec 2017 22:17:9 CST

Minnesota woman balances wide range of outdoors pursuits.

Anderson: Take it from an expert, 'No fish is worth dying for'

Sat, 2, Dec 2017 15:32:12 CST

Jim Staricha gives survival advice to anglers and others unfortunate enough to break through winter ice.

Anderson: Wolves known to stalk hunter's kill scene for an easy meal

Thu, 30, Nov 2017 9:29:8 CST

Wolves likely can readily associate the sound of gunfire with an easy meal in the form of the gut pile that remains after hunters field-dress their quarry, says a wolf expert.

Anderson: Study tries to answer what makes a deer tick

Sat, 25, Nov 2017 15:0:20 CST

An intensive study sheds useful light on why whitetails act like they do

Anderson: No, hunters don't drink and hunt

Fri, 24, Nov 2017 7:58:29 CST

Some things in this world are beyond debate. One of them: Hunters don't hunt drunk.

Field report: Annual early-season warnings about thin ice going unheeded

Tue, 21, Nov 2017 18:39:48 CST

Ice conditions last weekend varied on Upper Red Lake, with several unsafe areas on the lake even for foot travel.

Anderson: Wisconsin tradition remains as deer season begins

Mon, 20, Nov 2017 23:18:30 CST

Change inevitably comes, but just as inevitably much stays comfortably the same

Anderson: Hunters don't deserve some farmers' ire over buffer law

Thu, 9, Nov 2017 12:57:57 CST

Some farmers are taking their gripes out on hunters, believing hunters’ interests in pheasant habitat, and not the public’s aspiration for cleaner lakes and rivers, are what’s behind the governor’s desire to improve state waters.