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Preview: Cheap Laptops and Cheap Laptop Insurance

Cheap Laptops and Cheap Laptop Insurance

This is a blog dedicated to cheap laptop computers, cheap notebooks, cheap laptop insurance, laptop insurance news and where to find the best laptop computer insurance cover.

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Cheap Laptop Insurance - A Recession Essential


No one in the UK can have escaped the fact that we are now well in the midst of recession. It seems to be the only thing we hear about on the news these days, and the phrase "the current economic climate" is certainly getting well used.

What does the recession mean for laptop owners? Well, in a recession many people will sadly lose their jobs through redundancy, earnings go down, and people generally struggle to pay bills and buy the essentials. It is an unfortuante fact, but history shows us that in a recession, more people turn to crime. Theft will increase as described in this article in the Telegraph. Laptop computers are an easy target for thieves, due to their inherent portability and the fact that they are widely carried by business people in public places, like train stations, cities and so on.

To reduce the risk of theft, ensure that you carry your laptop discretely. Don't use a traditional laptop bag as these are immediately obvious to a thief, and as they are carried on the shoulder a lot easier to swipe. Instead, hide it away in a secure laptop back pack.

You cannot completely eliminate the risk of theft of your laptop, so take out laptop insurance as well. Cheap Laptop Insurance provide a low cost, maximum cover laptop insurance policy - so your pocket is protected in a recession, as well as your laptop. We promise to provide you with a replacement laptop within 48 hours of a claim being made (as per our terms and conditions). With policies starting from just £5 a month for cover against theft, accidental damage, water damage and up to 60 days overseas usage per year, make sure that you recession proof your laptop.

Laptop insurance for schools


Many schools now have excellent IT facilities - usually including several desk top and laptop computers. A quick search on the internet for "laptop stolen from school" brings up many examples of when this has happened. Just one recent story is this one, describing a laptop theft from Muirhouse School.
"THIEVES have broken into yet another local school and stolen a laptop.

During the latest break-in, which happened at Muirhouse Primary School, Motherwell, on Saturday afternoon, a window was smashed and the portable computer nicked from one of the classrooms."

You can take measures to reduce the impact of laptop theft from schools, such as increasing security, using locks to attach the computers to fixed objects, or ensuring that the building is alarmed.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent a determined thief if they really want to steal your computer. However, you can buy laptop insurance for schools from Cheap Laptop Insurance.

Please contact us at Cheap Laptop Insurance to discuss your insurance needs - we can offer greatly discounted prices for multiple computers, and we can insure both laptop and desktop PC's.(image)

Cheap Student Insurance for Laptops


Students are at high risk of laptop theft. A recent survey shows that almost 90% of students today own a laptop, however only a third of these are actually using their laptops portably. Around 66% of students refuse to bring their laptops onto campus, and the main reason for this is the risk of theft.

This means that many university students do not get to use the full university computing facilities - such as wireless network, library access, printing - just because they are afraid of theft.

There are several measures that students can take to protect themselves from laptop theft:

  • Carry your computer discretely - don't use a standard laptop bag as it is a sign to thieves
  • Use a laptop lock, for example as made by Kensington
  • Buy student laptop insurance - this won't stop the laptop theft, but at least you can quickly and easily get a replacement laptop

Alienware Laptop Insurance


(image) We have now extended our range of maximum cover, cheap laptop and PC insurance products to cover Alienware computers.

Alienware produce high performance notebooks, laptops and desktop workstations, all of which are high value, high specification computers. Unfortunately this high value makes them attractive to thieves.

Give yourself maximum peace of mind by insuring with out cheap laptop insurance policy.(image)

Cheap Laptop Insurance - Website redesign


The website for Cheap Laptop Insurance has been redesigned to be more user friendly, and make it easier for customers to choose the right laptop insurance policy.

The laptop insurance cover remains unchanged, providing maximum insurance cover against theft, accidental damage, water damage and whilst travelling abroad.(image)

Laptop Theft Tips - Software to wipe stolen or lost laptops and collar thieves


Martin Wainwright
Wednesday February 20 2008
The Guardian

They may look like an easy steal, but forgotten or carelessly-stored laptops could carry a nasty sting in future.

A British company has patented a hi-tech version of the cash boxes which squirt dye or shoot out telescopic poles - in the form of laptop software which photographs the thief, pinpoints his or her whereabouts and quietly destroys sensitive data.

The system has been tested in Yorkshire following the recent spate of high-profile cases involving government laptops taken home or left in staff members' cars against regulations.

A programme available on licence for £10 a month links to a control centre, which takes action if a laptop is used outside designated areas such as a government office or even a specific employee's desk.

Once connected to the internet, which with the latest generation laptops would happen automatically when switched on, the computer takes repeated pictures of its surroundings while sending out its location to the control centre.

"We guarantee to monitor the state and whereabouts of any laptop's electronic 'heartbeat', and to trigger the destruction of any files in the case of unauthorised, or apparently unauthorised, use," said Dean Bates of Virtuity, the Sheffield-based IT firm which has devised the scheme.

"There are millions of laptops out there containing valuable data. Most of them are not stolen because of that, but it's an obvious attraction if the thief wants to sell the computer on to more serious criminals."

The BackStopp programme is claimed to be undetectable to thieves, both when sending identification data and while wiping sensitive files. With the new generation of laptops, which use mobile phones' GSM (Global System for Mobile communications), the mechanisms would be in action as soon as a laptop left a room - even in the stairwell as a thief escaped from someone's home or office.

The government revealed in January that 69 staff laptops and seven desktop computers went missing from the Ministry of Defence during the previous 12 months.

Extremely sensitive data is usually stored online on virtual private networks (VPN). "We always advise clients to use VPN," said Bates, "but it is more or less inevitable that busy people will download something on to a computer temporarily, but then they forget about it and it stays there. BackStopp is an 'add-on' way of keeping secrets safe, working side-by-side with encryption, which is also vital."

The system has a domestic version which allows data recovery through a separate, password-protected server for absent-minded laptop owners who forget the restrictions and wander out of their own authorised zones.

Laptops now outsell desktop computers worldwide and their portability and small size makes them easy to forget. A six-month survey of property left in London taxis as long ago as 2005 found that 4,973 were left behind.

Copyright Guardian Newspapers Limited 2008(image)

Warning on stealthy Windows virus


The creators of the virus are after bank logins and personal data

Security experts are warning about a stealthy Windows virus that steals login details for online bank accounts. In the last month, the malicious program has racked up about 5,000 victims - most of whom are in Europe. Many are falling victim via booby-trapped websites that use vulnerabilities in Microsoft's browser to install the attack code. Experts say the virus is dangerous because it buries itself deep inside Windows to avoid detection.

Old tricks

The malicious program is a type of virus known as a rootkit and it tries to overwrite part of a computer's hard drive called the Master Boot Record (MBR). This is where a computer looks when it is switched on for information about the operating system it will be running. "If you can control the MBR, you can control the operating system and therefore the computer it resides on," wrote Elia Florio on security company Symantec's blog. Mr Florio pointed out that many viruses dating from the days before Windows used the Master Boot Record to get a grip on a computer.

Once installed the virus, dubbed Mebroot by Symantec, usually downloads other malicious programs, such as keyloggers, to do the work of stealing confidential information. Most of these associated programs lie in wait on a machine until its owner logs in to the online banking systems of one of more than 900 financial institutions.

The Russian virus-writing group behind Mebroot is thought to have created the torpig family of viruses that are known to have been installed on more than 200,000 systems. This group specialises in stealing bank login information. Security firm iDefense said Mebroot was discovered in October but started to be used in a series of attacks in early December.

Between 12 December and 7 January, iDefense detected more than 5,000 machines that had been infected with the program. Analysis of Mebroot has shown that it uses its hidden position on the MBR as a beachhead so it can re-install these associated programs if they are deleted by anti-virus software.

Although the password-stealing programs that Mebroot installs can be found by security software, few commercial anti-virus packages currently detect its presence. Mebroot cannot be removed while a computer is running. Independent security firm GMER has produced a utility that will scan and remove the stealthy program. Computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 that are not fully patched are all vulnerable to the virus.

This story highlights the need for good laptop security. Also recommended is good laptop insurance.


New Laptop At Christmas


If you were lucky enough to get a new laptop for Christmas, or purchased one at a cut price in the sales don' t forget to buy insurance.

Cheap Laptop Insurance provides cover against theft, accidental damage, water damage and international use.

We recommend this website to buy laptop insurance to cover your prized new laptop.(image)




Dixons have put together a rather attractive laptop package on sale at the moment, this is what is included for you....

Toshiba A100-027 Laptop
1GB Disgo Portable Data Storage Device
Logitech Internet Headset
Laptop Case
The laptop itself is not at all bad, this is the specifications that come as standard:

PC Line Mouse, PC Line Laptop Bag
Logitech Headset
1GB Data Storage
Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2060 1.6GHz
533MHz FSB, 1MB Cache
1024MB RAM, 80GB Hard Drive
Dual Layer DVD ReWriter MultiDrive
15.4" Widescreen Display
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
128MB Intel GMA 900 UMA Graphics
So don't miss out on this excellent value laptop package from

Banking, Cyber crime, hacking


By Brent MacLean Monday, September 10, 2007 Internet security is big news today and is growing at an exponential rate. According to the latest National Opinion Poll, as of January 2007, almost half of UK citizens still harbour a “deep mistrust” of the Internet due to security concerns. This does not include statistics from North America so I am sure the overall global numbers will indeed be quite alarming once available. The premise of ideas however is consistent.The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology, meanwhile, is currently orchestrating a major enquiry into personal Internet security. Their Lordships observed wisely that “With the ever growing use of home computers, the spread of broadband, and the rise in internet banking and commerce the importance of proper internet security measures has never been greater.”How well equipped is our Government to combat the threat of cyber crime that currently exists? Response to the consultation has been extensive, and the Lords Select Committee has been hearing evidence since consultation closed in October 2006, from parties as varied as the Internet Service Providers Association, Richard Clayton of the Cambridge Security Lab, John Carr of the Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety, Jonathan Zittrain of the Oxford Internet Institute and many speakers from commercial bodies such as eBay, as well as the ICO, OFT and DTI. Meanwhile the councils have been more concerned with the public aspects of cyber security. In the last few years we have seen a rash of communications from them on topics such as information system security, critical infrastructure protection and denial of service attacks. ENISA, the European information Security Agency established in 2004, is becoming increasingly active. Despite all this, most businesses and citizens in Europe did still not take the threat posed by cyber-insecurity seriously.Unsurprisingly, a program followed this damning summary quickly and a Draft Directive on Critical Infrastructure Protection announced at the end of 2006. The security and economy of the European Union as well as the well being of its citizens depends on certain infrastructure and the services they provide. The destruction or disruption of infrastructure providing key services could entail the loss of lives, the loss of property, a collapse of public confidence globally.At root here, of course, is the fear not of simple hacking by domestic criminals or bored teens, nor even of blackmail by gangs of Estonian extortionists, but, in the post 9/11 world, of serious terrorist activity directed at nuclear plants, hospitals, automated transport, air traffic control, banking systems and domain name servers: the catalogue of possible targets is endless. Accordingly, the Draft Directive proposes the designation of a European Critical Infrastructure which will receive special protection and attention. The Appendix blandly designates “The Internet” in its entirety as part of this ECI. When and if the Directive passes, it will be fascinating to see how the fairly onerous responsibilities of the Directive – e.g. the creation and implementation of an Operator Security Plan - can be applied to every part of the Internet, including small one man ISPs and universities, etc. – but that is a problem for later discussion.For now, the point of this article is that, in the realm of Internet security, the personal is also the public (an adaptation of the old feminist adage that the personal is political?) and that the two cannot, and should not, be separated if we are to attain the nirvana of a safe and secure critical infrastructure and Internet. Nor can consideration of personal security and privacy threats to consumers; usefully be separated from the home security practices of those same individuals. I[...]

Data Theft - Data Security - Laptops


Data theft is becoming an ever more pressing issue, even for advisers, but there are methods of reducing risk – Emily Freeman investigates.Around the world, there has been an epidemic of thefts of laptops and other mobile devices where the motive of the theft may not have been to sell on the hardware, but to access the information contained on the device.Sometimes the circumstances initially appear to be a straightforward burglary of an office, home, or motor vehicle. Sometimes the device or laptop is just lost or left in a hotel or at the airport. What may have originally been a straightforward physical crime or disappearance can change, if thieves realise the value of the information contained on the device. Such a circumstance has led to extortion attempts, in some cases, for the return of the hard drive of the computer once the thieves realise there is sensitive personal or corporate information that the owner would want returned. Some equipment has been stolen for the sole purpose of stealing the data held on it, as identity theft involves organised crime around the world.In the UK, there was the well-publicised matter in February 2007, involving the theft of a home laptop of a Nationwide Building Society employee which contained confidential customer data. The FSA levied a £980,000 fine after it came to light that the laptop contained information on nearly 11 million customers. Although at the time, there were no reports of identity fraud as a result of this incident, and the file did not contain PIN numbers, there may have been customer names, addresses and account numbers stored. Nationwide communicated to the affected customers concerning the security breach, but the FSA was concerned about the controls in place to prevent such an event from happening at all.In the US, an event like this would have had far greater consequences. Significant identity theft class action activity caused by the passage in more than 36 states, starting with California in 2003, of requirements to notify affected individuals, whether customers or potentially even employees, of potential security breaches involving unencrypted personally identifiable non-public information. This information includes name, address and social security number, or name and address associated with a driver's licence or account number. The costs of notification and mitigation can be in the millions.Notification costs involve not only mailing and public relations, but also legal advice, professional assistance through a call centre, free credit report and credit monitoring. Following a notification, issuing banks will seek reimbursement of costs associated with closing compromised credit cards. Finally, for publicly traded companies, there is the real possibility of a derivative shareholder action filed after the announcement of a large security breach and its impact on the brand and investors.From all indications, this US notification requirement is being considered seriously by the regulators in the EU, although financial services firms do notify their customers on a voluntary basis. The legal, regulatory and reputational risks of the data theft caused by a theft of a mobile device is a major concern for financial services companies, no matter where they are located. There are a number of risk management approaches to deal with the problem.It is important to establish a clear laptop security procedure for employees, independent contractors, vendors and business associates regarding storage of non-public personal information – either medical or financial – on mobile devices. Conducting security awareness training to make sure the procedure is understood and reinforced is wise. This aspect of the security programme should be included as part of internal and external audits.If such info[...]

MAXTOR STM305004EHCB01-RK 3.5 inch External


An external hard drive is recommended to back up your laptop data when ever possible. Keep this at home, then use it to store all your important laptop documents and files. In the event that your laptop is stolen, you will still have all the data safe at home.

This is recommended by many top laptop security experts, along with laptop insurance.

Cheap Fujitsu Siemens Laptop £439.98



For people at home or on the move, Fujitsu brings you a good all round laptop with Intel's dual core processor and Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium. An 80Gb hard drive capacity and dual layer DVD rewriter means you can store more of your favourite DVDs and music. Watch them over and over again on your bright 15,4’’ wide screen. With 4 USB connections you can connect your printer, camera, MP3 player and much more.

Get connecting!


Cheap Advent 7201 Laptop £349.98



Intel Celeron M Processor 440
1.86GHz, 533Mhz FSB, 1MB Cache
Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
1GB Memory
80GB Hard Drive
DVD ReWriter MultiDrive
15.4" Widescreen Display
128MB Shared Graphics
Wireless Enabled
Up to 1.5 Hours Battery Life




With the Sony Vaio N31 Laptop featuring a powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor and with Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium installed, you can experience breakthrough mobile capabilities. The styilsh 15.4'' X-Black LCD widescreen display is perfect for watching your favourite movies and photos. The impressive 1GB memory (RAM) is enough to run Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium without any performance issues, and running multiple applications at the same time poses no problem. The 100GB hard drive is plenty of storage for video, music and photos. So, if you want a top brand laptop that is built for performance, then this Sony is perfect.

One of the leading manufacturers of ace laptops is Sony. It has introduced a series of laptops in its VAIO family - the Sony VAIO N31S/W being one of the best models in the series. The Sony VAIO N31S/W comes with a stylish look with enhanced features concealed inside. The gadget is equipped with the powerful Window Vista and Intel Core 2 Duo


BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple overhauls entire iPod line


BBC NEWS Technology Apple overhauls entire iPod line

A touch-screen iPod has been added to Apple's popular line of portable music players.
The gadget also has wi-fi and a web browser on-board so people can buy music when they are out and about.
The device was unveiled by Apple boss Steve Jobs during a press conference that also showed off revamped versions of the other models of music players.
The overhaul comes in time for the key US holiday season when Apple typically sees an upturn in sales of the players.
Coffee deal
The iPod touch was the star of the widely anticipated announcements made by Mr Jobs which saw changes made to every music player the company makes.
Owners of the iPod touch will be able to use the built-in Safari browser to surf the web or buy music via the onboard wi-fi iTunes store.
A deal with Starbucks will let people use the wi-fi iTunes store for free while inside one of the company's cafes.
Dedicated icons on the touch screen give access to YouTube or the Google and Yahoo search engines.
The touch screen iPod comes in two versions that have 8 or 16 gigabytes of memory. In the US the smaller device will cost $299 (in the UK it will cost £199) and the larger $399 (£269 in the UK). Prices in Europe have not been announced but are likely to be higher than direct comparisons suggest.
The iPod touch will be in shops by the end of September.
Said Mr Jobs: "It's one of the seven wonders of the world - it's just incredible."
Apple also announced that the full-sized iPod will now only be available in 80 or 160 gigabyte versions.
The iPod nano got an overhaul that saw it assume a squarer shape, the ability to handle video and bigger memory. The shuffle is now available in five colours.
Apple is also starting to sell ringtones via iTunes for iPhone owners. An update to iTunes will let them craft their own ringtones for $0.99.
The price of the iPhone with eight gigabytes of storage is being cut by $200 to $399. The four-gigabyte model is being dropped.(image)



Built slim and light with carbon material, the Sony Vaio TXMNw is not only a fantastic ultra-slimline laptop but is packed full of technology to meet all your lifestyle needs.
Pre-loaded with Genuine Windows Vista ® Business its Ultra-low voltage platform delivers maximum performance and up to 7 hours battery life.
The TXMNW comes with a 11.1'' Widescreen X-black LCD display with LED technology, perfect for viewing all your Genuine Windows Vista ® Business files, Ultra-low voltage Intel® Centrino technology and Bluetooth®.

Which? Magazine Laptop Computer Buying Guide


Which? has just released their annual computer buying guide. There is some interesting reading to anyone coming to buy a new computer.

It may come as a surprise to some people, but laptops are on average 5% more reliable than desktops. The most reliable laptop of all is the Toshiba laptop, scoring 91% in the reliability test.

This is the results of their laptop reliability test:

Toshiba Laptops 91%
Acer Laptops 88%
Hewlett Packard Laptops 88%
Sony Laptops 88%
Compaq Laptops 85%
Dell Laptops 85%
Fujitsu Siemens Laptops 85%
Apple Laptops 82%

Surprisingly Apple laptops are the least reliable, which goes against popular belief. But still, 88% of Mac owners would recommend them to a friend.

The Toshiba, as well as being the most reliable, scored two Best Buy awards, for the Toshiba Satellite P200-140 and the Toshiba Satellite A200-1Ai.

Most new PC's, (not Apple Mac's) will come with Windows Vista. This is the latest operating system from Microsoft. You can still choose XP if you want it, with suppliers such as Dell. There is a significant risk of being left behind though if you do this. Most new hardware and software will be designed to be Vista compatible.

Cheap Philips X59 Laptop from PC World


Featuring the latest in Intel's latest processor series (Core 2 Duo) this great value Philips ultra portable laptop is perfect for a mobile lifestyle. The Dual Core performance gives you an enhanced mobile experience whilst also providing an enhanced battery life. The ultra portable 12.1" widescreen display makes the laptop more portable, and is perfect for the frequent traveller.

For entertainment on the go, Windows Vista Home Premium with Media Center can help control, organise and find all your favourite songs, movies and photos. The impressive 1GB memory will let you run multiple applications without slowing the laptop down, and the 100GB hard drive is ample storage for all your work documents. This Philips is perfect for someone looking for a compact, stylish and powerful laptop.

Cheap Advent 7203 Laptop - Only £449.99


Features for this ADVENT 7203 - Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5300 - 1.73GHz, 533MHz FSB, 2MB Cache - Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium - 1GB Memory - 80GB Hard Drive - DVD ReWriter MultiDrive - 15.4" Widescreen Display - 128MB Shared Graphics - Wireless Enabled - Up to 3 Hours Battery Life Specification for this ADVENT 7203 Processor Type Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 Processor speed 1730 mhz Memory Size 1024 MB Memory Type DDR II Hard Drive Capacity 80 Gb Optical Drives DVD Super Multi Dual Layer CD-ROM Speed 24 x CD-RW Speed. 24 x DVD-ROM Speed 8 x DVD-RW Speed 8 x Screen Size/Type 15.4" WXGA Graphics Card Type Integrated Graphics Memory Up to 128 MB Sound Type AZALIA Modem Type 56kbps Wireless Enabled Yes No. of USB Connections 4 No. of Firewire Connections 1 Other Interfaces 3945 ABG Battery Type Li-Ion Battery life (up to) 3 hours Operating system Windows Vista Premium Weight 2.7 kg Height 352 mm Width 355 mm Depth 254.5 mm Colour Black/Silver[...]

Cheap ADVENT 8117 Laptop from Currys


Product description
The sleek, silver Advent 8117 laptop has a powerful Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor and 17’’ widescreen monitor. Organise and store more photos, music and DVDs with Windows Vista Home Premium and the huge 120Gb hard drive. It’s wireless enabled, so you can connect to an existing wireless network.

This laptop currently has an amazing £100, making it only £399.

Cheap Medion Widescreen Laptop with Windows Vista Home Basic


Cheap Medion Widescreen Laptop with Windows Vista Home Basic Was: £399.99 Save: £100.00 Now: £299.99 Featuring Genuine Microsoft Vista Home Basic and an Intel Celeron Mobile processor, this slick Medion Multimedia Wireless Notebook boasts loads of space for storing music and photos, plus a dual-layer DVD re-writer.FeaturesIntel Celeron M Processor 410A15.4" 16:10 Widescreen display512MB DDR II memory 80GB hard disk drive Multi-format dual layer DVD writer/re-writer Built-in wireless networking (802.11g/b)VIA Chrome9 HC DirectX 9 graphicsHigh definition audio with 16-bit sound chip & 2 integrated stereo speakers Built-in microphone 4 USB 2.0 portsSoftware Included:Windows Vista Home BasicCorel Word Perfect Office X3NERO Burning ROM 7 EssentialsBullguard Internet Security Pack (90 days free)[...]

Student Need Laptop Insurance


As students across the UK take up university places and finalise their accommodation, insurers remind parents to check that their insurance policy covers their children too.
According to the Home Office, students own more expensive consumer goods per head than the rest of the population.
If students only took a laptop, ipod and portable TV, they could easily be placing over £2,000 worth of property at risk before even taking into account other personal possessions such as mobile phones and books.
Young people aged 16 to 24 years old are also around three times more likely to be victims of burglary than people in other age groups, which makes students all the more vulnerable.
Laura Wood from NFU Mutual said:
“As undergraduates embark on their first year at university, it is important for them to check that their personal possessions are insured.
“Many students already find it a considerable financial struggle to make ends meet and one of the last things they need is to have to pay out to replace stolen possessions. However, arranging insurance can be as simple as speaking to mum and dad.
“Parents should check their existing insurance to see if their children are already covered.”
If students are not covered by their parents insurance, it is a good idea to take out a seperate laptop insurance or ipod insurance policy to cover for such an eventuality as theft.

EI SYSTEM 3103 Laptop and Currys Discount Codes


EI SYSTEM 3103 Laptop and Currys Discount Codes

This week Currys have an excellent offer on the EI 3103 laptop, and using these discount codes, you could save a further £30 of the advertised price of £379.99.

Discount Codes:

AW10AUG = £10 off when you spend over £100

AW30AUG = £30 off when you spend over £300

AW60AUG = £60 off when you spend over £600

AW100AUG = £100 off when you spend over £999
AW120AUG = £120 off when you spend over £1,500

£60 Discount Voucher for ACER AS3694/5310-300 Laptop


(image) We have negotiated an excellent £60 dicsount for our readers on this Acer laptop.

This code is valid only until 08 August 2007. Just enter the code LAPTOP60 at the checkout to get a full £60 off this laptop from Comet.

The specifications are good, looking like this...

Acer laptop featuring Vista Home Basic, Intel Celeron Mobile processor, 512MB RAM, 80GB hard drive, DVDRW and 15" display