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Preview: Google Adsense Article and another Affiliates Program

Google Adsense Article and another Affiliates Program

All About Google Adsense Article and another Affiliates Program

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Integrate Adsense with Analytics

Mon, 10 Aug 2009 06:39:00 +0000

Some months ago Google announce about Make a date with data in Google Analytics. It means you can integrate your Adsense with your Analytics account.

Google Analytics is tools to analyze your site visitor. You can check how many visitor, where they come from, and what keyword visitor found your site. It's complete free analyze tool for you site. You can improve you site with data from analytic. You can learn why people prefer this page rather then homepage.


Intergrating adsense with analityc means you can see how much you can earn for each page on your site. You can learn why this page can give more earning then another page.

How to Integrate Adsense with Analytics

1. Log-in to Google AdSense and you should see a link "Integrate your AdSense account with Google Analytics". Click the link.
2. You will see a bunch of code snippets which you are asked to insert into your pages where you run AdSense and Analytics. You need to place this code above your AdSense and your Analytics code on the page. It is not necessary to insert this code onto your primary domain you defined for the linking. (You can access the code later on from Google Analytics, by clicking "Edit AdSense linking settings" on the overview page.)
3. Now google will check your site and wait until it actives.
4. If it has been actived, log-in to Google Analytics. Select your site, click Content -> AdSense. You should see the revenues for the last time period as well as the top pages when it comes to ad revenues. Click on "Add to Dashboard" for both the AdSense Overview page as well as the "Top AdSense Content" page.
5. You now have the info on your dashboard.

Why Click is Higher Then the Impression

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 21:03:00 +0000

When I check report on Adsense sometimes I found that Click is higher then Impression. In other word CTR is more then 100%. Is it normal and how it can be happened?

In my opinion there are 2 reasons why it can be happened.
1. User open link on adsense on new windows/tab.
2. Someone use program or script that will click every link on adsense code.
3. Google has a problem with their system.

Does it save?

What I’ve gotten is CTR about 200% with small click and impression. I never gotten higher click that will make CTR above 100%. Until now I still can earn money from adsense. I assume that it’s save. But if you found your click and impression is higher and make CTR above 100% please report this problem to Adsense.

It’s to keep your account from be banned by Google Adsense.

How to Receive Payment Using Western Union

Thu, 23 Jul 2009 09:17:00 +0000

I've received adsense payment using western union for several times. What I like to use western union is fast and free to receive money. I can get money only one day after google release my payment. It so fast then using check which usually take 3-4 weeks to receive money.

In order to receive money using western union you need to change payment option to western union. Here is step by step
1. Sign in at
2. Click My Account tab.
3. Click the 'edit' link adjacent to the 'Payment Details' header.
4. Select the Western Union Quick Cash radio button.
5. Click 'Continue'.
6. Click 'Save Changes' to save your payment type.

For your information western union is only available on some country. Make sure that your country is include on the list before you change payment option from check to western union.

You need to submit your name that same as your identify card. This name will be used to pick up money from western union agent

That's all. Just wait until next payment.

On next payment you will see link on payment issue. Click or open the link and you will get MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) number for western union. Google Adsense also provide how to pick up money on that issued payment page. Use the number to pick up money from your local western union agent. It shuold free to pick up money at western union agent.

One Click for Big Dollar

Tue, 21 Jul 2009 04:33:00 +0000

I am surprise when I checked adsense report last day. I got $5.22 for one click. This is amazing for me because it don't happen to me before. I know this can be happened for every adsense publisher. Even maybe they can get higher commission for one click.

I don't optimize content for earning huge commission on every single click like that. I also don't have secret how to do that. There is no key or secret about this. It just comes from what we call high paying keyword. And maybe my site topic is also high paying keyword too.


But you can't just depend on creating site with high paying keyword only. For example you create blog with topic mesothelioma and posting that related with mesothelioma. You will not suddenly get high commission for every single click. You need update your blog regularly with your own good content and promote it.

It's lucky for me to get $5.22 for one click. But I hope I can get this again and again

Google Adsense on Google Sites

Mon, 20 Jul 2009 04:16:00 +0000

Google offer free product that allow you to create website for your family or company. It call Google Sites. With this product you can create site onlike like create document, add videos, presentations, and calendars to your pages. You can also decide who can edit or view the site.

Now you don't just can create website but also earn money from it using Google Adsense. Like blogspot that allow you to add adsense easily, Google Sites also offer you to add adsense easily with just one click.

If you don't know how to add adsense on Google Sites you can watch video that posting on Inside Adsense blog

Increase Your CTR to Generate More Revenue

Thu, 05 Feb 2009 11:42:00 +0000

You have many visitor but your Adsense earning is still low so what should I do? Then you must slow down your promotion way (it doesn't means stop) and concern for improve CTR.

What is CTR. CTR is stand for Click Thru Rate. The value come from your click times 100% then divide your page impressions. You can check your Page CTR on Google Adsense report.

For example it's unusual if you have 5000 page impression with just 1 click. Let assume that you put only two Adsense code on your page so your page view is 2500. But why I just have 1 click. There are many reason for example:
- Your Adsense block looks like ads so people don't want to click it. Remember people are lazy to click ads.
- Your Adsense block display ads that not related with your site content.
- People don't know your Adsense block.

If this happens to you so you must improve your CTR. Below some things that you can do to increase your page CTR.

1. Related to Your Site
Make your Adsense block display content that have similar topic with your site. To do that you can do some points
- Create content with keyword that similar to your site topics.
- Bold, 1 - 2 keyword on your content.
- Use your keyword on your content title and use html tag

- Use keyword in your page title. You can use content title for page title.

2. Choose Right Format
Some Adsense format give better earning then other format. You can use 336x280, 300x250, or wide skyscraper.

3. Don't look like Ads
Customize your Adsense block so it isn't look like Ads because people don't want to visit your site just for click ads. You can use blend color technique. It will dress your Adsense code with the same color as your site color. For example if your font color is grey so your Adsense code font color also grey. If your link color is blue so your Adsense code also blue. Don't forget to remove border color or put the same color as your side background for border and background color on your Adsense code.

4. Right Place
Google Adsense give us tips on where you should put your Adsense code. Generally you can put adsense code under title or in the middle of the content by using 336x280 or 300x250. Or put on sidebar by using wide skyscraper. You also can test by your self in where position you should place your Adsense code.

I hope this posting can help you to increse your Adsense page CTR.

Read Google Adsense Report

Tue, 03 Feb 2009 11:30:00 +0000

When you login with your Adsense account then you will see Google Adsense Earning report. The report is simple because it just accumulation your earning today without detail. But you also can see your report detail by days range or channel.

On each report you will see Page impressions, Clicks, Page CTR, Page eCPM, Earnings. What is the meaning of each section?

Page Impressions
The number of Google AdSense blocks that displayed on your sites. This is the total number of Google Adsense blocks on your site. This is not the same as number of page views or number of visitors. For example if you put 3 Adsense block and you only have 1 visitor so your page impressions is 3.

I guess you've already known about this section. Yes, this is number of Adsense that clicked by your visitor.

Page CTR
It's Page Click Thru Rate. Your click times 100% then divide your page impressions. The result is in percent. For example if you click is 21 and page impressions is 1000 so your Page CTR is 2.1. This is important because if you can increase your Page CTR, you can earn more revenue without having to drive more traffic to your site.

Page eCPM
This is effective Cost Per Thousand (M = mill = thousand in Latin) or this can be mean by rate for your ads. You can ignored this because it just important if you want to advertise. For example if I want ads on my site so I wil charge based on my eCPM.

Probably this is the section that people like (include me) because they always see this section when log on Google Adsense. This will report your real earning with Google Adsense.

I hope this posting can help you to understand your Google Adsense report.

Do it Now, Not Just Learn

Sat, 24 Jan 2009 06:32:00 +0000

Many people want to get success with Adsense or another earn money program. They search many blog or site that contain usefull information about Adsense or another earn money program. They spent their time to learn it. Not just learn from one blog but form many blogs. If they don't understand so they will go to forum and ask some question on the forum. But not just ask question, they also discuss some interesting topic about how to earn money from internet.

They will learn more more and more and they forget that they don't apply what they learn. They forget to build website as basic tool to earn money from internet. If they have website, they forget to promote their website/blog. They forget to apply about SEO that they've learned before. They forget to update their content too.

If this really happen so how can people earn a lot of money from internet?

You must learn how too get success to earn income from internet but don't waste your time by learn, learn, and learn without action. If you've understood so do it what you learn and start to earn money from internet.

If you've known what should you do with your adsense so do it know, don't just keep on learning but practice now.

Two Easiest Ways to Get More Visitor

Mon, 19 Jan 2009 09:43:00 +0000

There are many ways to promote or make your blog popular. You can submit into search engine, submit into directory, using Google Adwords, or advertise on newspaper. Except those ways, there are some easiest ways to promote your blog.

1. Give Comment on Blog
Don't forget to comment on every blog that you've visited. Use url input to submit your blog. Better if you comment on blog that doesn't have nofollow attribute so your blog will be indexed by Google.

2. Create Signature on Forums
This way suitable for you whom like post on forum. Use signature facility to promote your blog. Create brief description to explain your blog so people will interest to click your signature. Don't use image, use text. Google will not index url on image. Better you choose forums that have same topic with your blog topic.

If finding forum that have same topic with your blog, choose big forums that have many active members.

Use that ways you can promote your blog, get knowladge, and make relationships.

Share with us if you have another easiest ways. Have a nice try!

Create Report with Google Analytics

Mon, 19 Jan 2009 09:31:00 +0000

For some months ago Google Adsense announce that now Google Adsense is integrated with Google Analytics. So you'll have access to in-depth reports about user activity on your site from Analytics. In addition to the wealth of metrics already available in Analytics such as unique visitors and visitor language, you'll now have access to granular reports that break down AdSense performance both by page and by referring site. You'll also be able to make more informed decisions on how to improve the user experience on your site and optimize your AdSense units to increase your revenue potential.

With this new function your can do (with report):
* Discover untapped markets. Use the geographies report to determine which regions are under-represented in your site's user base. Optimize your site's content to attract more of these under-represented users.
* Drive high-earning traffic to your site. Use the 'Referring sites' report to determine where the users who are making you the most money are coming from. Focus your efforts on getting traffic from these sources.
* Delve deeper into AdSense reports. Use the visualization feature to look at trends in your site's AdSense performance over time, or by time of day.

But this function is not yet ready for all publisher. You will see an invitation link at the top of your 'Overview' and 'Advanced Reports' pages when it's been enabled for your account.

Spend Your Money to Gain Success

Wed, 14 Jan 2009 07:09:00 +0000

You can't gain your success with Google Adsense or another affiliates program without spend your money. It's wrong opinion if you just need to work a little and spend little money to gain success.

If you read some promotion book, it looks you don't need working hard. You just need to build website, put adsense looks like part of your site, and submit it to google, yahoo, or live. After that you just update your site periodically. It seems you aren't necessary to spend a lot of time to update your site. You just need to use small time in a week then let the website work for you.

But you are wrong! The right opinion is you must working to gain your success.

To gain success with Google Adsense, your website must have many visitor. To get more visitor or make people know about your website so you must advertise your website. To advertise so you must spend your money.

There are no real free advertising, include submit your website into google, yahoo, or live. You must spend your money to pay internet connection. It's really free if someone pay your internet connection.

To improve your site and earn more visitor you can buy some service like adwords. To do this you must spend your money too.

Besides that you must learn your site some case like:
- How long your site loading. People don't like to waste time to wait for site finish loading.
- Which adsense (or affiliates) that be liked by your visitor.
- What is the popular content on your site
- Where is your visitor come from
- What function you think will make people visit your site.
- etc

After learn some case you can make your website better than the old one. So many visitor will come to your site. You can buy some useful tools to analize your website.

So the right opinion is you can't gain success with adsense just by spend litlle money and time.

Google Adsense Help Forum

Tue, 11 Nov 2008 11:46:00 +0000

Google know open forum for Adsense publisher. On the forums you get ask question or share your success with other Adsense publisher. You can subscribe to the Forum (or to individual discussions) by RSS feed. You can post a question and receive your answer by email. You can even vote on which response best answers the question and mark a best answer to a question you asked.

By opening the forum now Google Adsense have Help Center, Blog, and of course Forum to communicate with Adsense publisher.

Best color for Google Adsense

Sat, 04 Oct 2008 05:01:00 +0000

Before now I guest that blending Google Adsense color with our site will give best income than the other color. For example if the site background is white, black for font and blue for hyperlink so we choose set color for Adsense with white backgroun and border, black for font and blue for hyperlink. If you use this trick your Adsense code will looks like part of your site and not the ads. So people will enjoy click if the interest with the adsense content. Remember almost all users are lazy to click ads even less banner.

But some people also said that the best color is blue. User will assume if blue is hyperlink and hyperlink can be clicked. Let's compare if the link have black color. User will assume that this is not link it just regulary font not linked to other page. Except they move their mouse to the link.

Some people also said if the best color is catch attention color that different with your site color. For example if your site color is standar you can use red color for your adsense. The catch attention color is more attractive so user will click the adsense.

There are many best color for adsense, which one is the best?

After reading on some blog I make a conclucion that best adsense color that can give more click is different for each site. But there are main choises ie blending, blue, and catch attention.

* Use blending if you want your adsense looks like part of your site.
* Use blue if you want use user minded if blue is link.
* Use catch attention if you want show your adsense to user so they interest to click it.

What is the best for your site can be found by experimental. You can use adsense channel for this.

Create adsense code with your color format choises than give a channel that can be show what color that use are using. For example blue color on site A give channel siteA_blue. Then put your adsense code on your site and let it for several days or weeks.

After several days or weeks change to the other color format or you can combine the color for all adsense on your site. For example use blue for adsense code on sidebar and blending for adsense code on main bar.

Then you can compare earning for each channel and use what color that give you more income to your site for a long time as long as you don't change your site template.

Have fun!

Webhosting Affiliate Program

Fri, 26 Sep 2008 10:04:00 +0000

I believe there are many hosting affiliate program that will pay us if someone buy hosting form hosting company. But I just found that 000webhost offer affiliation too. For your information 000webhost is free webhosting service. So you will be pay if someone sign up to get free webhosting.

The payment will be sent to your paypal account after reach $100.

Have a nice try!

Spedia - Old Pay to Surf Program

Tue, 23 Sep 2008 08:38:00 +0000

Some of you maybe ever heard Spedia - Pay to Surf program. It's old program and now the website still exist. I try to login with my username that registered with them some years ago and it fails. I don't know if the program still pay their member or not.

You can get money by install bar software from Spedia and reffered member. Every member that you referer you get 10% of their earning. The software indicator must be in green if you earn money and it's dificult for me. Every 10-15 minutes the indicator become yellow allthough I surf their ads. The color indicator will be green after 10 - 15 minutes indeed I must restart the program.

However on 2001 this is one of best Pay to Surf program.

Get your Payment from Western Union

Mon, 01 Oct 2007 03:19:00 +0000

Now, Google Adsense offer Western Union for payment. You can withdraw funds from Western Union a day after your payment date. So you don't need wait for 2-3 weeks for the payment. Your Western Union Quick Cash payment will be made in US dollars. However, at most Western Union agents, you may be able to pick up your payment in your local currency.

This is very usefull for people who live outside USA. But until now payment by Western Union is currently available in the following countries and areas:
* China (Mainland)
* Malaysia
* Pakistan
* Romania
* Philippines
* Argentina
* Chile
* Peru
* Colombia

Someday we hope my country will be include for Western Union.

You can find this information here

Ask Google Adsense If You Have Some Problem

Thu, 20 Sep 2007 09:00:00 +0000

You want put Adsense on your site but you afriad if your site againts TOS, You see something strange on your Adsense, or you're wondering about something. So would should I do? You can ask people on Adsense forum about your problem and wait the answer if people know the answer. If not so you will not get the answer.

The best solution is ask Google about your problem. There are two email addresses to use, depending on the type of question:

If you have techical questions or concerns:
If you have general question or something about your account:

They'll respond for your problem within a working day. So don't be afraid to ask Google if you have problem with Adsense

Adsense for Mobile

Tue, 18 Sep 2007 07:44:00 +0000

Great news for you who have site for mobile. Now you can put Adsense Unit on your mobile site. With this feature you can earn more income with Adsense from not just from website but mobile site too.

Here is the article Google AdSense for Mobile unlocks the potential of the mobile advertising market

To get started:
1) Sign in to your account.
2) Select the AdSense Setup tab and click on AdSense for mobile.
3) Follow the instructions to customize your ad unit for AdSense for mobile.


Google Adsense Beetwen Posts

Thu, 23 Aug 2007 03:18:00 +0000

Good news for blogger that have blog on blogspot. Now you can insert Google ads between your blog posts. Get the tutorial at the AdSense blog’s post on Getting inline.

Some of blooger maybe will be happy with this feature!

Alternate Ads

Tue, 14 Aug 2007 13:45:00 +0000

If you familiar with Adsense, you must know about Alternate Ads. Alternate ads allow you to utilize your ad space in the event that Google is unable to serve targeted ads to your page. By default, Google shows public service ads (PSAs) if no targeted ads are available.

You can create html code and make ads like Adsense but you can decide what ads will be show. Or you can html code for image and the link as destination if people click the link. Then save the html page on dan upload into your domain server. You must put the address where you upload the html page into Adsense code.

You can find how to insert Alternate Ads when you create Adsense code for your site. There is an option call Alternate Ads on More options Menu. You can choose which one you one to choose

* Show public service ads
* Show non-Google ads from another URL
* Fill space with a solid color

If you choose Show public service ads, Google will show you public service ads (PSA) which is not give you money when people click it. If you choose option three you will ask what color you want to use. And on the website if Google is unable to serve targeted ads, Google will show the color that you choice.

So the best choice is option two or Show non-Google ads from another URL

It's doesn't metter if you have domain hosting. But how if you don't have domain hosting? How you can do that if you just have blog like me? :)

The answer is using Alternate Ads service form internet.

One of them is Default Ads. You just need to register and create html page as you want. Get the code and put the url into Google Alternate Ads.

You can also categories your ads and make it show like Adsense Format

It's simple.

Insert Adsense on Wordpress

Wed, 08 Aug 2007 14:21:00 +0000

It's easy to insert adsense code on blogger. Yeah it's so easy because now Google is the owner of blogger or blogspot. But how if you using Wordpress. It's so difficult to insert adsense code on Wordpress template. Maybe you can do that, but I'm sure you should have experience about coding.

So should I move my blog into blogger in order can show adsense code into my blog? Not necessary, you can use Adsense plugin and instal it into your Wordpress. With the plugin you can put adsense on every where place you like it.

For me I like use Wordpress with plugin to put Adsense than use blogger. Because you can put Adsense code every where you like it. You can put on header, sidebar, footer, and of course on your posting. Blogger can't do that. Blogger just can put adsense on the template not the posting.

But I still choose blogspot because Google own it and I love all tool from Google.

Now, what are plugin you can use with your Wordpress. Below some list of plugins. You can read how to install the plugin on their site.

Adsense Plugin for Wordpress

* Adsense Inline
Inserts Google adsense in blog posts

* Adsense Deluxe
Offers advanced options for managing the automatic insertion of Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads to your WordPress posts. Adsense Deluxe+ claims to have a an improved ad limiting algorithm.

* Adsense Manager
AdSense Manager is a Wordpress plugin for managing AdSense ads on your blog. It generates code automatically and allows positioning with Widgets.

Adsense Injection
Simple Wordpress plugin that just inserted Adsense code randomly into a pre-existing blog

How to Delete 'nofollow' Attribute to increase Page Rank

Wed, 08 Aug 2007 10:36:00 +0000

You can read about why you should remove 'nofollow' attribute here

After remove 'nofollow' attribute you can join Do Follow blog and start to increase your Page Rank, and also your Adsense earning.

So how do I remove 'nofollow' attribute? Below some tutorial how to do that?

How to Delete 'nofollow' Attribute on Blogger

1. To do this, login into your blogger. Usually you will bring to Dashboard after login.
2. Choose your blog and click "Layout"
3. Click "Edit Html" subtab og the "Template" tab
4. Before remove remove 'nofollow' attribute, please backup you template by clicking Download Full Template and save your template. You can use it if you get error when make modification of your template.
5. Check "Expand Widgets" checkbos at at the top of the Edit Template text box. This expands the Blog Posts Widget Code within which is the comments code.
6. Scroll down the template and find


7. Detele the bold code rel="nofollow" and save the template.

How to Delete 'nofollow' Attribute on Word Press

You need install plugin to your Wordpress blog. This is the same auction with showing Adsense on your wordpress. Remember you can't put Adsense without plugin.

Below some plugin to delete 'nofollow' attribute on word press

* Do Follow
* DoFollow
* Remove Nofollow
* Link Love Plugin

You can read how to install plugin on that site.

How to Delete 'nofollow' Attribute on Blogsome

1. Change your comment author url using following code:


2. Change your comment text using following code:


3. Test it by search 'nofollow' in your every blog page source. If you have not found any nofollow attribute, then you pass :)

If you have any suggestion how to remove 'nofollow' attribute on other blog please tell me.

"Do Follow" to increase your Page Rank

Wed, 08 Aug 2007 10:33:00 +0000

My friend told me about "Do Follow" with blogs. I means he leave comment on other blog and put his url and other people also put comment and url on his blog. Every time another site enjoys your article, there is a chance they will copy and paste it to their own blog, leaving a linkback (or trackback) URL to your page so that the readers know where it came from. In simple sentence I can describe this with "If you put your comment on my blog I will put my comment on your blog too"

And guess what, you now have incoming link from another site. Your PR will increase too because when Google index the blog, Google will find your the url of blog too. You can get higher position on Google search. The advantage this tips can be increased your Adsense earning because many people will visit your blog

Maybe you think it's so simple, but actually you must change some script on your blog tempalate. Why? Because blog usually put 'nofollow' attribute on comment script. This is done to discourage comment spam. Search engine will not index website that have nofollow attribute on the link script. But you can edit it on customization template of your blog.

You can read about how to remove 'nofollow' attribute on your blog here

After that you can ask some blogger to join "Do Follow" with your blog and make sure that the blog remove 'nofollow' on comment script. Put your comment and blog url into their blog, and hoping that they forget to add their comment into your blog :)

Adsense Earnings RSS Feed

Thu, 26 Jul 2007 09:55:00 +0000

This is a rather simple script that will create an RSS feed with your daily Adsense earnings, making it easy to track them via your regular feed reader.

Click here to visit Adsense Earnings RSS Feed site

Top 10 Ways to Get Awesome Web Traffic Using Blogs

Thu, 26 Jul 2007 09:52:00 +0000

Like many important people before you - perhaps you've underestimated the power of blogging. Blogs can be used, not only as the single easiest way to get a listing in the search engine for your desired keywords, but also serve the fantastic purpose if building a relationship with your quickly growing list of readers, listeners and viewers.After a light lunch today, I was left in the greatest mood. So I figured I would sit down and share with you 10 ways you can share my success and popularity using blogs.1. Use a keyword specific blog title and description. When creating your blog, I just used the free service you're asked to title or name your blog and give a short description. Take this chance to think a little.Ask yourself:a) Who do you want to read your blog?b) What is your interest or topic - what will you enjoy writing about?If you have a poetry blog for example - use the word poet or poetry in your title and description. You can research the popularity of your keywords use Overture's free tool here: http://inventory.overture.com2. Try to update often (short daily entries work great) using hand written or bot generated keyword rich informative content. Give your visitors something they want to read. I love to write so I create all my original posts, but if you have a site that needs traffic or a topic that you don't know much about you can set up an automatically updating feed using other people's blog posts, or articles. Each entry is seen as its own html page, so the engines see your blog as a multi-paged site, that is updated regularly and rich in links and keywords.3. Create an interesting profile. Searchers and fellow bloggers love the fact you're a real person, this helps to build personal relationships. Again, put a little time and effort into this one. Tons of people peek at your profile, and keeps track of all your views, so open up and share a little. Everything on your profile page is taken as a searchable keyword. Things like: what you like to do, your favorite movies and music, etc. Each one will get you listed under that topic in the directory.4. One way to jump right in and get visitors and feedback immediately is by posting to similar blogs and linking back to your blog. Say you have a poetry blog: you can use Blogger's search tool and your keyword - in this case "poetry" or "poet." (Another way to get a quick high listing is to search Google for example "poetry blog.")You can post a comment on their blog, just a short personal remark will do. Keep it polite, no one wants to hear negative criticism. Blogs are more personal than chartrooms or forums, and often contain personal views and opinions of the author, so don't go stepping on toes. The point is to make contact, build relationships, and exchange links. More links to your blog equals more free targeted traffic for you.5. RSS is your friend! Create an RSS feed, by hand or using Feedburner. This gives your readers the option to subscribe to your blog with just a click. What this means to you is 100% deliverability of all the content you write by the readers request - your posts are sent directly to your subscribers via their RSS reader otherwise known as an aggregator. They are personally notified every time you post to your blog. And best of all, no spam complaints ever, and they get every update you make - no blockers or filters. Total word freedom!6. Spread you[...]