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Those Nasty Questions


There are a lot things that a recruiter needs to know about your (the candidate) situation in order to do their job well. I could probably think of a 100 things but I won't list them all now in order to prevent your early unscheduled nap. A lot of the things we ask help us assess urgency. Like most decisions, urgency is one of the things that drive the timeline of a decision.

I know that most people who read this will change jobs in the next 10 years. My clients who hire me to find qualified candidate in a position now to make a move are not interested in candidates interested in making a move in 10 years or even 2 years. We are looking for people who are in a position now to make a move. In most cases, just having an interest is not going to be enough. As a result, all I can do or any recruiter can do is probe by way of asking questions to make sure that no one gets their time wasted in the process of interviewing. Time is one of those things that no matter what you do, you can't get back if you lose it.

So, even though some of the questions that you get asked may seem inappropriate, if you are dealing with a good recruiter, those questions are important. I'm going to give you an example of a real call that took place yesterday between me and a candidate who contacted me about a new opportunity.

The candidate worked at AMD and I am aware of the AMD layoffs that took place there. I asked the candidate if he was affected by the layoffs. He became irate and questioned why this was important. I explained it is important for me to know because I need to know as much as I can in order to do my job which is to ensure that if an offer gets generated, it's an acceptable offer and it gets accepted. So I asked again a little differently. I asked if he was currently employed and if so, is there a time line on that employment. Again, the candidate got very agitated and questioned why at this point what I was asking was important. I knew right away, this relationship was not going to go anywhere and we both ended the call.

Changing jobs is not easy, I am sure it is one of the most challenging situations right up there with death, taxes and divorce. Thing is though, there are things a recruiter needs to know in order to ensure everything works out for the best. I would advise you to answer these questions, it will go a long way and if things work out, you get a new job with a company you like and ideally it's a position that will provide an enhanced level of challenge, responsibility, and money. It all sounds good right? As for me, Recruiting can be a thankless job. I love it thought. Have a great day.

Actively Recruiting


There are three types of Hardware Engineers I am actively recruiting.

1. Senior Level Chip Verification Engineer.

2. Senior level Analog Design Engineer doing high speed analog circuit design.

3. Senior Level Digital Circuit Design Engineer with about 8 years experience.

Please forgive me for the lack of detail I have listed here because I know if this is what you do, you already know what's required and I can fill in the blanks once we talk details on the phone. Please contact me at 647.342.5166 or send me an email at

Recruiting can be a thankless job sometimes


Being a recruiter can be a thankless job. It can and usually is very transactional. We get called when we are needed and after we deliver, it can be the end of the line. Sometimes though you can find things or hear things that make you feel that you did good. Here is a quick example. Back in the mid 90's I recruited a software engineer who was working on Toronto for a client of mine in California. I rarely ever met the candidates I was working with because they were in the US and I am in Toronto. In this case though we met at a coffee shop so we could say hello to each other. I placed him with my client and we had a few conversations after that but that was it. Last week, I thought I would call him and say hello. I tracked him down and gave him a call. He answered and I said hi, It's Jason Davis, do you remember me? Of course he said no and I proceeded to remind him of who I was was. He said Oh Wow, you changed my life. I said for the better? He said yes! He is now a manager at a different company and he loves California and has done very well. It's the little things.

Where are they now?


It's interesting to see where people are now. I have information of well over many many hundreds of hardware and software engineers from ATI. The company does not exist anymore and it's interesting to see where everyone is working today. I spent some time yesterday night looking at some of the software engineers who were writing device drivers back in the 90's and found an interesting company headed by Alexander Neshmonin. He is in Toronto and started a company called 3D Condo Explorer. It's an interesting company and it seems things are going well for them.



I think it's great when people try to create interesting ways to attract candidates. There is a guy named Raj Singh who runs staffing at Intersil. He has come up with new system that hooks into your network on Facebook and allows the sharing of job opportunities. The site is called myjoblinx. I would be amazed if there is a rush of design engineers in the semiconductor industry applying for jobs this way. Maybe I am wrong. I plan on calling Raj this week to get the lowdown.

New CEO at Exar


Exar has a new CEO. They also have some good design engineers. Exar also has a Director of Physical Design Engineering in Sunnyvale available right now.

Marketing Positions in the Semiconductor Industry


Companies hiring marketing folks with a semiconductor background

If you would like to post your marketing and communications openings, you should consider

Check out a big list of semiconductor companies that are hiring right now.

Director of Marketing for Texas Instruments


What do you think the chances are that Texas Instruments will fill the role of a strategic marketing director for precision analog products without the help of a recruiter?

When a recruiter calls


Here is my tip of the day:

When a recruiter calls you and asks if you are interested in a new opportunity. You should always say - yes I am providing it proves to be an enhancement over what it is I do today. The recruiter is going to say "Fantastic" and then ask you some questions about your background and then tell you a little about the position he or she is recruiting for.

Every smart person should be interested in something better and by saying yes, you are opening up to have a good investigative conversation. It does not mean that you are ready to go into your manager's office and resign.

Always be open to a conversation about your next opportunity. I guarantee your boss has the same attitude.

Congrats Doug Berg - Jobs2Web


Congrats to Doug Berg and the entire team at Jobs2Web. It was just announced that they were acquired by Successfactors which as it turns out was just bought by SAP. I learned about that acquisition through one of the dumbest posts I have I ever read on Techcrunch.

Looks like Jobs2Web was acquired for about 110 million. Not bad!

I did a video interview of Doug Berg back in 2009 if you want to see what he looks and sounds like.

Update to Semiconductor Company List


I added abut 30 more semiconductor companies with direct links to their career section.

A Recruiting Phone Call Yesterday


A real phone call that took place yesterday.

Me: is Billy Bob there? (name changed to protect the innocent)
Secretary: Who's speaking?
Me: It's Jason Davis
Secretary: What's this in regards to?
Me: It's a personal call.
Secretary: Oh, you're a headhunter. One moment please while I put you through.

ASIC Design Jobs


There are a number of ASIC Design Jobs available right now. 

ASIC Design in Boston, Austin, Dallas, Santa Clara, San Jose, Colorado

Please apply directly to the jobs.

Lots of Good Engineers


I talked to a number of good engineers today.

Product marketing Jobs in the Semiconductor Industry


I have done a roundup of marketing an applications jobs in the Semiconductor Industry.

Applications Engineer

Technical Marketing

Director of Marketing

Product Marketing

Semiconductor Jobs in California


If you are looking for an engineering job in California as a design engineer in the Semiconductor Industry, Have a look at all the current jobs available. You can change the search parameters as well to narrow down on location.

Digital IC Design Engineer at Silicon Labs


Mike Anderson is a recruiter at Silicon Labs.  Mike says he is recruiting a digital IC design engineer or architect, product manager or applications engineer with MCU, audio or video experience.

You can contact him directly at

Here are more jobs at Silicon Labs

Counter Offers


Counter offers happen all of the time. It happens a lot in the Semiconductor Industry. There are some who feel it is no big deal to accept a counter offer, after all it's all about the money. Others, including most recruiters feel it is a mistake and there is a ton of stuff written about it.

I personally feel it is a mistake to accept a counter offer for a lot of reasons. I just read a blog post that was written last month by a recuiter and it has a lot of comments by other recruiters. If you work in the Semiconductor Industry and want to get some insight into a recruiter's mind as to how they think about counter offers, Read this.

Job Links


 Here are three Job links to a lot of jobs that appeared in my Semiconductor Newsletter yesterday:

Product Marketing -

Circuit Design -

Jobs in Silicon Valley -

Semiconductor Companies in Santa Clara


There are a number of Semiconductor Companies in Santa Clara that are hiring right now.

If you have not joined the Semiconductor Jobs LinkedIn Group, maybe you should. I send out interesting links and information about the Semiconductor Industry once a week.

Mixel is Looking to hire a Director of Engineering


I received an email yesterday from the CEO of Mixel that they are looking for a Director of Engineering. They are located in San Jose.

The candidate should have a MSEE or PhD EE and 10-15 years experience, with expertise in the design of PHY, SerDes, and high-frequency Transceivers. Experience with PLLs and DLLs is a plus. 

Read the rest of  the job description on Mixel's employment page.

Semiconductor Jobs LinkedIN Group


I run the Semiconductor Jobs Linkedin group and today it hit 13,000 members. There are some great talented people who are members. If you work in the semiconductor industry you can join by clicking this link

Emerging Semiconductor Companies


I just read an article about the industry's most respected emerging semiconductor companies. They are listed below.

Silicon Labs
Dialog Semiconductor
Spreadtrum Communications
Silicon Image

You can read the full article here