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The Importance of Storytelling in Content Marketing #MPB2B

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 17:30:32 +0000

Once upon a time … A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … There once was … These aren’t just classic fairy tale or movie beginnings. They represent memories. They evoke feelings. They get our minds churning. They signal that an exciting story is about to unfold—and those stories are powerful. As [...]

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Marketer or Mind-Reader? 3 Ways to Find Out What the B2B Buyer is Thinking #MPB2B

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 10:30:30 +0000

When it comes to creating quality content that informs, entertains, engages and inspires action from our target audience, we marketers wish we knew one thing: exactly what our audience is thinking. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly possible. While we’d all like to believe we have amazing mind-reading capabilities, most of us really only have the informed [...]

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Learn How to Launch an Integrated Strategy for Account Based Marketing #MPB2B

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 18:56:15 +0000

“How do we start to synchronize all of the efforts between marketing and sales into a coordinated play through account based marketing?” That is the question Jon Miller posed to an audience of 150 marketers in today’s first breakout session at MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum. As the CEO and Co-founder of Engagio and Co-founder of [...]

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A Preview & Exclusive Insights for the 2016 MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum #MPB2B

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 09:30:41 +0000

This week, members of the TopRank Marketing team are off to Boston to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum. It’s no mystery that this conference put on by Ann Handley and the incredibly talented MarketingProfs team is one of our favorites. In addition to our CEO Lee Odden speaking at the [...]

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50 B2B Marketing Influencers Speaking at #MPB2B 2016

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 10:03:59 +0000

First of all, Happy 10th Birthday to Ann Handley and the MarketingProfs B2B Forum team! Time flies when you’re working hard, smart and with style – just like Sharon Hudson, Julie Pildner and their team have been for so many years to create a great experience for B2B Forum attendees. There are a very small [...]

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Mastering the Art of Blogging: 6 Recipes to Help You Become A More Successful Content Creator

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 10:30:01 +0000

Last Saturday, Ashley Zeckman presented to a packed room of bloggers and shared a presentation titled: Mastering the Art of Blogging: 6 Recipes to Help You Become A More Successful Content Creator at the annual MN Blogger Conference. The MN Blogger Conference offers a great opportunity for bloggers and content marketers to gather and learn [...]

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Online Marketing News: Infographics in SEO Strategy, Google Pixel & The Value of UX

Fri, 14 Oct 2016 10:30:13 +0000

Why Infographics Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy [Infographic] It isn't just readers who appreciate the value of a good infographic -- search engines do, too. Infographics drive more engagement and social shares, signaling bots that content is relevant to the searcher and is a good answer for what they're looking for. But how do you create a great infographic? Read on for 6 simple steps to make your own. HubSpot src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"> Google Pixel marketing push is worth $3.2M in ads and much more Google released Google Pixel, their new smartphone offering, to the market and has made quite a splash. Google has reportedly spent $3.2 million in their initial advertising push for TV ads, and experts in the field believe that's just the metaphorical tip of the iceberg in terms of spending. Their Pixel product is rumored to be poised to connect with the iPhone, which begs the question, how will this affect marketing and design for mobile devices? TECHMalak The Business Value of User Experience Design [Infographic] A good user experience on mobile is key to ecommerce success - users are more likely to stay on site and convert when a site is optimized for mobile. MarketingProfs reports on a recent PointSource study: "67% of customers are more likely to purchase on mobile-friendly sites. Mobile users are 5X more likely to abandon a task if the site is not optimized for mobile." MarketingProfs Best Times to Post on Social Media [+ 75 Industry Breakdowns] TrackMaven evaluated the best times to post on social media based interactions per post per 1,000 followers during each hour of the day and day of the week. They found that Thursday evenings on Facebook and Twitter are good times to post, Wednesday mornings are best for LinkedIn, Friday evenings are best for Instagram, and Pinterest posts tend to do best in the wee hours of Friday morning. TrackMaven It Pays to Provide Customer Service via Twitter (Report) "Customers who receive responses when they tweet businesses are willing to spend 3 percent to 20 percent more on average-priced items from those businesses in the future," reports SocialTimes. Not only are those customers more likely to spend more, they're more likely to advocate for a brand socially that provides customer service via Twitter. SocialTimes Report: on average day, nearly 40 percent of searchers use only smartphones Google recently released new “cross device” research that tells us a substantial amount of web users are searching via mobile. According to MarketingLand: "Users spend 170 minutes on their smartphones daily vs. 120 minutes on PCs and roughly 75 minutes on tablets (for those who own tablets)." MarketingLand New IAB Standards Promise Major Ad Shakeup "The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s new formats and standards for ad units will have a major, positive impact on user experience -- helping to stem the tide of ad blocking" reports MediaPost. These standards were released on September 26th and will be available for public comment until the end of November. MediaPost Snapchat courts Hollywood producers for new programming Snapchat is actively recruiting hollywood producers to create shows for its Discover platform. This, following last week's break from the title of 'social media' shows a change in the way media platforms are thinking about the content they create. Digiday What were your top online marketing news stories this week? I'll be back next week with more digital marketing news. If you just can't wait for more, follow @toprank on Twitter for your daily dose of industry happenings. The post Online Marketing News: Infographics in SEO Strategy, Google Pixel & The Value of UX appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.[...]

100+ Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Become A More Effective Marketer

Thu, 13 Oct 2016 10:30:25 +0000

Here’s the honest truth: You’re busy and finding the time to be not only efficient but effective is a constant struggle. Recent research from MarketingProfs has found that B2B companies plan to increase digital marketing budgets by 12 – 15% year over year. But are the funds being invested in the right place? A healthy [...]

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[eBook] Influencer Marketing: It’s Time to Get Real

Wed, 12 Oct 2016 10:30:03 +0000

If you’re interested in influencer marketing, let’s do a little thought exercise: Imagine being invited to a party full of influential people. The moment you walk through the door, you approach the first famous face you recognize and say, “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but can you help me move this weekend?” Imagine the stunned silence…the sideways glance…the “And you are…?” that is sure to follow. The hardest thing to imagine would be that strategy succeeding. In real life, we take time to get to know someone before asking them for a favor. We take an interest in them as a person. We try to do something nice for them. After a good long time, we might lay a big ask on them—once we could make a compelling case for doing so. All of this is a no-brainer in real life. It’s instinctual. Yet many marketers are asking influencers to help them load a moving van before they’ve even been introduced. Why not apply what we instinctively know about relationship-building to influencer marketing? You’re Invited to an Influencer Marketing Brunch… Our friends (and clients) at Traackr are dedicated to helping marketers improve their influencer marketing—to create relationships that are meaningful, lasting and mutually beneficial. They wanted to demonstrate how IRL (in real life) social skills could translate to influencer marketing. So, with our help, they invited influencers and brands that rock influencer marketing to get together. In person. To hang out. They met over brunch to exchange ideas, offer their expert perspectives, and contribute to the conversation in a new eBook. The eBook is called Influencer Marketing in Real Life. It’s a series of organic discussions of influencer marketing from both sides of the equation, illustrated with some pretty spectacular pictures of the event: That’s our CEO, Lee Odden, chilling with LinkedIn Global Content Marketing Leader Jason Miller (client) and Citrix's Head of Global Social Media Justin Levy. And Global Content Marketing author Pam Didner sharing intel with Toprank Marketing President Susan Misukanis. It was a pretty impressive gathering of people who have a proven influencer marketing track record. While we can’t all kick back and sip mimosas with top influencers, we can still listen in on the conversation and learn. Here are a few insights I discovered in Influencer Marketing in Real Life: #1: Make Sure You’re a Match Influencers are looking for brands with a relevant message, compatible point of view, and intriguing new audience to explore. Brands are seeking influencers who are knowledgeable about the brand’s subject of interest and influential with a particular kind of audience. Shared values and goals are important as well as appreciation for the work, whether it's through recognition, compensation or a combination of the two. Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing CEO It’s worth taking the time to see if you’re a good fit before reaching out to an influencer. Just like in real life—there are super cool people out there you may admire, but if they hate camping and you go camping every weekend, it’s going to be hard to hang out together. No harm, no foul—just find someone else to share your tent. #2: Identify Internal Influencers Sometimes the most influential subject matter experts aren’t out in the wild. Rather, they’re right inside your company. If you are one of those experts, let it show. Keep a blog. Engage on social media. Post on LinkedIn Pulse. When you build up a body of work, bring it to the marketing department and see where there are opportunities to demonstrate your expertise. If you’re looking for internal experts, seek out the people who are going places but haven’t got there yet. “It’s likely easier to get a meeting with a senior director than securing time with a VP,” Tim Washer sa[...]

Social Media Marketing: 7 Opportunities for B2B Brands to Rock Pinterest

Tue, 11 Oct 2016 10:30:50 +0000

While other visual social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are getting most of the press these days, Pinterest is still a growing platform that offers B2B brands and marketers an opportunity to grow and connect with their audience, drive brand awareness and website traffic, and enhance their overall social media marketing strategy. But [...]

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Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on Working at TopRank Marketing

Mon, 10 Oct 2016 10:30:38 +0000

Applying for a new job isn’t too different than today’s world of online dating. You do a little research to see if you like them and then once you hit submit, you wait anxiously to see if they like you back. When you receive that email or phone call that they’d like to interview you, [...]

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Online Marketing News: Organic CTR Hacks, Annoying Social Habits and Expanded PPC Ads

Fri, 07 Oct 2016 10:30:39 +0000

Infographic: 11 Amazing Hacks that will Boost Your Organic Click-Through Rates Organic search is one of the most important traffic channels for digital marketers. Optimizing your organic click through rate can only help increase the amount of organic traffic you see, and actions taken by those who arrive on site. But how exactly can one increase their organic CTR? This infographic has 11 tips to get you started. Search Engine Land src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"> New Study Looks at What Makes People Unfollow Brands on Social Your social followers are more likely to convert than those consumers who don't follow your brand, so it stands to reason that a good marketer wants to keep them around. So, what annoying habits cause users to unfollow? Being too promotional, posting too frequently or too infrequently and sharing irrelevant content. Social Media Today Google's New Expanded PPC Text Ads: The Impact on Advertisers eConsultancy reports: "New expanded text ads came out as part of Google’s latest changes in summer 2016 and will replace the old text format by January 31, 2017." What does this mean for marketers? Potentially, an increased click through rate, an increased conversion rate, and a lot of work to transition. Is it worth it? Sources seem to think so. eConsultancy Introducing the New Website Conversions Objective Twitter has announced two changes to their campaign options. First, they're rolling out their Website Conversions objective in their advertising platform, meant to "help advertisers drive cost-efficient conversions at scale." Second, they're changing the name of their Website Clicks or Conversions objective to Website Visits to more accurately reflect actions driven by that type of campaign. Twitter E-Commerce 2Q16 Benchmarks by Device Type MarketingProfs reports: "Traffic to e-commerce websites is now almost evenly split between between desktops and mobile devices, according to recent research from Monetate." 51% of visits to e-commerce sites came from desktop, while mobile accounted for 49%. MarketingProfs We're making Canvas easier to create for any business or any goal Facebook is now making their Canvas offering more accessible to business -- making them easier to create without the help of professionals, and enabling more various campaign goals than were previously available. For example, instead of driving visits to an external link, marketers can now use Canvas to drive users to another Canvas album or elsewhere within the Facebook platform. Facebook Why Snapchat, Facebook and Other Platforms Are Trying to Shed the 'Social' Label Social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook are rebranding to exclude 'Social' from their lexicon. The shift is due to many factors, namely that these media companies need to diversify to thrive, and that 'social media platform' doesn't adequately describe the benefits of their product offerings. AdWeek Eye-tracking study: Viewers need entire web ad on screen for at least 14 seconds to matter New research shows that 14 seconds is the minimum viable time for an ad to be on screen to register with a user. If the ad is on screen for fewer than 14 seconds, it has little value to the advertiser. This, compared to the IAB's definition of a 'viewable ad' -- if half of the pixels appear on screen for at least one second -- shows that online advertisers need to be aware of how long their ads are showing, and what they can expect in that amount of time. Marketing Land What were your top online marketing news stories this week? I'll be back next week with more digital marketing news. Need more, faster? Follow @toprank for the latest. The post Online Marketing News: Organic CTR[...]

Dear Marketing Client: When You Succeed, We Succeed

Thu, 06 Oct 2016 10:30:38 +0000

Like pairing fine wine with artisan cheese, the client-agency relationship is a beautiful medley of innovation, execution and synergy. Okay, it’s rarely that romantic. But in my five years working in the agency world, I have been witness to marketing programs that consistently outperform objectives, which are undoubtedly fueled by a winning client-agency relationship. No [...]

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5 Actionable Insights from the 2017 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report

Wed, 05 Oct 2016 10:30:24 +0000

If you’re a B2B content marketer, you likely remember where you were when the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs released last year’s B2B Content Marketing report. The same way different generations will always remember hearing about Elvis, Kurt Cobain, or Prince, that dark day is seared into our industry’s memory. Last year’s report showed a decrease in documented content marketing strategy—even though a documented strategy was proven to be a vital part of success. It showed that fewer content marketers rated their efforts as effective than the previous year. At Content Marketing World, Joe Pulizzi somberly declared content marketing had reached the “trough of disillusionment,” out of which we would have to climb. Secluded in her tiny writing house, Ann Handley paused for a moment to wipe tears from her trademark glasses. It was no fun. Fortunately, this year’s report—The 2017 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—shows that by and large, we’re moving onward and forward to content marketing success. Sixty-two percent of respondents report they are much more or somewhat more successful with their content marketing now than a year ago. It’s good to know that, as an industry, we’re not letting Joe and Ann down anymore. And, of course, good to know we are on the way to better results and more effective content. However, to me one of the most useful parts of this massive report is right up front. It’s a chart called This Year’s Top B2B Content Marketing Performers at a Glance. It collects the responses of just those marketers who rated their organization’s approach extremely or very successful, and compares them with the rest: The rest of the report has valuable insight for everything from content creation to amplification channels. But this chart by itself is a blueprint to making your organization a content marketing champion. Let’s take a look at these characteristics of top performing B2B content marketers and the practical steps you can take to go forth and do likewise. #1: Know What Success Looks Like 81% of top performers say their organization is clear on what an effective content marketing program looks like, compared to only 41% of all respondents, and 14% of the least successful. It makes sense that such clarity would lead to better performance. How can you pursue success if you don’t know what it looks like? Another important aspect of knowing what success looks like is having a realistic outlook on what is possible. 91% of top performers say they are realistic about what content marketing can achieve, compared to less than half of the least successful respondents. How to Do It: See what content marketing can do by exploring industry success stories. See how the top performers are achieving their goals. From there, you can see how to adapt what works to your specific industry and audience. Then channel that overall picture of success into a specific plan with reasonable goals and metrics to measure. #2: Commit to Content Marketing At Content Marketing World this year, Joe said it was time for organizations to go “all in” on content marketing. This stat supports his plea: 91% of the most successful are extremely or very committed, compared to 63% overall and only 35% of the least successful. The commitment aspect is important because content marketing works far better as a marathon, not a sprint. It’s an ongoing process that takes time to build a critical mass. If you shutter your content marketing initiative a few months in, you may be missing out on the chance for amazing success. Seventy-seven percent of top performers agree that leadership gives ample time to produce results, while only 2[...]

7 Helpful Hacks for More Successful Social Media Community Management

Tue, 04 Oct 2016 10:30:20 +0000

It’s no secret that social media plays an important role in our daily lives—and as a result—has become an important component of the marketing strategies for brands of all sizes and industries. In fact, 90% of marketers say that social media is important to their business, according to Social Media Examiner’s 2016 Industry Report. But [...]

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How to Become a Better Search Marketer with Effective Communication

Mon, 03 Oct 2016 10:30:20 +0000

Our job as search marketers is to provide the best results for our clients (both internally and externally). In order to provide the best results, we need to effectively communicate the value of everything we do. An effective communicator will be able to show the value of a search strategy/tactic to get the most out [...]

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Online Marketing News: Bird’s Eye View, FTC Skepticism and Facebook for Business

Fri, 30 Sep 2016 10:30:11 +0000

Infographic: Latest Twitter Study Sheds Light on Just How Well Video Is Doing Based off of Twitter's annual Online Video Playbook, this infographic shows what's cleverly referred to as 'The Bird's Eye View of Video' on Twitter. For example, 93% of the video views on Twitter are on mobile. Users who watch video want breaking news, information, and viral content the most, followed by entertainment and celebrity content. AdWeek src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"> The FTC Is Skeptical When Celebrities Are Paid to Like Your Product The FTC is investigating a few big name brands for bending the rules that govern paid celebrity endorsements. Of course, rules regarding endorsements from celebrities aren't news to marketers, but the onset of digital marketing did prompt new rules and regulations. The one thing that hasn't changed? Disclosure. Entrepreneur Facebook Set to Launch ‘Facebook at Work’ Next Month Facebook is launching 'Facebook at Work' -- a private network for your business -- in the next three to four weeks. This will allow inter-office communication in a known format for larger, or even smaller, organizations. The network exists separately from personal profiles so there's not as much temptation to use personal Facebook during work time. Social Media Today Content Marketing Takes a Turn for the Better: New 2017 Research MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute paired up to produce their B2B Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends -- North America, and the findings are fascinating. Most notably, marketers are more positive about their content marketing efforts than they were in the previous year. Read the full report, it's full of great information. Content Marketing Institute Snapchat reveals its $130 Spectacles and rebrands as Snap Inc. Snapchat revealed Spectacles, a $130 pair of sunglasses with a 115-degree lens camera. According to The Next Web, "content recorded using the glasses is automatically pushed to the Memories section of the Snapchat application in a new circular video format — which can be played full screen in any orientation — via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi." The Next Web Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Verizon are all eyeing up a Twitter bid TechCrunch reports: Twitter continues to inch its way to a sale process, and the latest developments come in the form of alleged bids from potential buyers ... we have also independently heard that both Google and Salesforce are interested in buying the company. We have additionally heard that Microsoft and Verizon have also been knocking." What, if anything, could this mean for Twitter marketing? TechCrunch Google (finally) launches cross-device retargeting According to Marketing Land, Brad Bender, VP of display and video advertising at Google revealed breaking news about Google AdWords retargeting: "We’re introducing cross-device remarketing for Google Display Network and DoubleClick Bid Manager to help you reach the same user across devices, apps, and sites." This means marketers can target the same users, across devices, for a more cohesive experience. MarketingLand Facebook Allowing Advertisers to Create Rules for Turning Off Ads, Email Alerts According to recent information submitted to SocialTimes, "Facebook appears to have given advertisers the ability to establish rules to automatically turn off ad or send email alerts once certain criteria are met." The report comes complete with screenshots for reference, we'll have to keep an eye out for this developing story. SocialTimes What were your top online marketing [...]

5 Cool Ways to Make Marketing Magic with Interactive Content

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 10:30:54 +0000

On the occasion of the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I was thinking about the fantastical wizarding world of Harry Potter. Who wouldn’t want to live in a world with magical items like pictures that move, newspapers that automatically update themselves, portraits that speak? Then it hit me: My smartphone can show moving pictures and auto-updated news, and it doesn’t have to be delivered by owl. AND it’s a lot more compact than the average Daily Prophet issue. Sure, we can’t play proper Quidditch yet—someone get Elon Musk on flying broomstick development—but as far as interactive content goes, Muggles have got it on lock. The point is, content can do a lot more these days than sit on a screen and look pretty. Are your content marketing efforts taking advantage of that fact? Do you invite your readers to participate in an experience? Or are they left doing this? src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"> There are dozens of ways both subtle and flashy that you can add an extra kick to your content. Here are five to get you started, complete with examples to interact with. #1: Make Data Extra-Relevant Say you have a big set of data that relates to 12 different verticals within your target audience. You could make a dozen different infographics. You could write a dozen different blog posts. If you were feeling really sadistic, you could mash all the data into one content source and let each vertical search for the relevant info. Or you could start with a template, let the user pick which data sources they’d like to see, and watch the most relevant info magically fill in. That’s what LinkedIn did, with the help of the wizards at Ceros, for their Where to Find Talent in the United States infographic. Pick your industry at the top, and it fills in the template with customized data. Numbers fly in as you scroll down, delivering exactly the information you were looking for like a Hogwarts owl on a mission. It’s a neat way to make sure each viewer finds exactly what they’re looking for. #2: Allow for Automated Hyper-Personalization Checklists are a go-to content type that content marketers use to add a little extra value. It gives your reader a condensed version of your content, all action items, no filler. Readers tend to enjoy checklists, too—they perform well as a gated asset or as a stand-alone. But you can improve on the humble checklist by making it interactive. Let your audience pick the most relevant points and compile their own list automatically, as in this interactive infographic from Cross Country Home. SnapApp helped the home maintenance company create the infographic, which allows the reader to choose areas of particular concern, then generate a customized to-do list (after ponying up an email address). The interactivity makes the checklist far more valuable for the reader, and justifies having the end report gated. It also introduces an element of discovery with clicking on each icon—which might lead to readers spending more time with the content. #3:  Tell Readers Something about Themselves Let’s face it—we love looking at ourselves, talking about ourselves, taking pictures of ourselves, and learning about ourselves. Don’t chalk that up to millennial narcissism either. Some of the earliest photographs we have are self-portraits (not to mention all the old-school self-portraits from painters and sculptors). You can capitalize on the joy of self-discovery with quiz-based content. From personality quizzes to identifying y[...]

10 Tools to Help Marketers Get More Out of Twitter

Wed, 28 Sep 2016 10:30:27 +0000

Most marketers understand that their Twitter efforts need to go beyond consistent tweeting if they want to grow their following and boost engagement. It takes commitment, strategy and constant management. But as social networks and audiences continue to evolve—and marketers find themselves juggling more social networks and content responsibilities each day—staying on top of it [...]

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What Social Media Marketers Need to Know About Facebook Live

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 10:30:23 +0000

In the age of Netflix and DVRs, it’s weirdly ironic to watch the growing popularity of live video for social media marketing. Sure, most of it is recorded so you can access it later, but it has far more in common with the nightly news than with modern on-demand, personalized content. It turns out, there’s [...]

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