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Applying for your first tech job? Here are some CV / interview suggestions.Iain

Tue, 03 Aug 2010 21:17:33 +0000

I’m on holiday for a few days and have been reviewing job applications! Joy! Here are some things to think about when applying for a tech job. This is mostly aimed at first time job hunters … DON’T make simple spelling and grammar mistakes in your cover letter or CV. There is simply NO excuse. […](image)

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UK ADSL Broadband Network – Still NOT fit for purposeIain

Tue, 20 Jul 2010 08:04:04 +0000

I’ve written about this before – here – and here – but two recent incidents have raised this again in my mind and suggest that things have got worse and not better. Beware – this is mostly just a rant to make me feel better! I stand by all of my original comments and am […](image)

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Thoughts on the iPhone iOS 4Iain

Sun, 27 Jun 2010 22:11:20 +0000

It’s nearly one week since I upgraded my 3GS with iOS4. Been waiting on this for a while! So what’s the verdict? Well … let’s say the excitement isn’t going to keep me awake at night but it’s definitely a worthwhile upgrade. Pros The multi-tasking / fast-resume functions are good – Evernote syncs in the […](image)

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USB 3.0 in a nutshell – a quick guideIain

Thu, 22 Apr 2010 22:40:37 +0000

The third major incarnation of the Universal Serial Bus is starting to arrive on the high street. USB is the name of the connector/cable/interface most commonly used to connect external equipment to your computer or laptop – most phones, printers, cameras, scanners, webcams, mice, keyboards, external hard drives, flash disks etc now connect using “USB”. […](image)

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I’m an iFan!Iain

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 22:04:20 +0000

Oh dear … despite my anti-apple protestations (all in jest to wind up the fan boys of course! mostly!) … and after a succession of windows mobile & blackberry devices … it would appear that I’ve become an Apple fan …. almost! There can be no doubt that the 3GS is a sublime machine. The […](image)

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Blog traffic spikeIaina7d35555-6ba5-4588-9b79-432788be2fc1

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 22:40:56 +0000

I’ve had this blog for over three years now! Scary! I’ve never looked at it as a revenue generating exercise (thank goodness …. ‘cause that would have been a dismal failure!) – but I do wish I’d put a bit more effort into it. I have certainly learned one thing about blogging. It’s hard work! […](image)

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Keeping a window on top – AquaSnapIain8cad959f-7b91-47c9-b0ad-17105c2982fc

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 22:05:35 +0000

Been looking for a while for a simple utility to let me quickly set an application as “always on top”. Very useful for a calculator app when working on a document – or when entering data into a spreadsheet from a web page etc. Tried a few but most had some unpleasant side effects! Here’s […](image)

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It’s been a while …Iain

Sat, 30 Jan 2010 01:06:18 +0000

Been a bit slow around here recently! I’m officially a blogging lightweight! So what’s new in my little technical world in the last few months … ? Windows 7 – On all my main machines now. Very impressed. Stable. Pretty. Efficient. Equally attractive to the consumer & corporate markets. Saved the bacon of MS if […](image)

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Virus found – explorer.exe crashes when loading cmd or regedit – antivirus won’t updateIainimageimage

Tue, 28 Apr 2009 23:18:08 +0000

We’ve had a spate of customer’s machines get infected with this over the last week. Had us scratching our heads for a few hours … thought it was conficker or some variant but it seems not. Looks like it was actually Trojan:Win32/Daonol.B Symptoms Causes some or all of the symptoms below :- 1. Antivirus software […](image)

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Record useful tweets in EvernoteIain

Thu, 16 Apr 2009 21:04:40 +0000

Here’s a brilliant new feature from Evernote … I was actually just thinking about this earlier today. There is so much cool & useful stuff that gets posted on twitter that I don’t have time to read/review/pursue most of it during the day when it’s live – but would like to refer to again. I […](image)

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