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movies for teaching orgs & workepopp

Tue, 11 Oct 2016 18:57:46 +0000

A few days ago, Mark Suchman, chair of ASA’s OOW section, circulated a Google Doc with a call for people to add movies they use in class to illustrate work and organizational concepts to students. Orgtheory has had a couple of threads on this topic over the years, and I just added a couple of my own […](image)

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should you publish in PLoS One?fabiorojas

Tue, 11 Oct 2016 00:13:00 +0000

My response to this question on Facebook: Do not publish in PLoS if you need a status boost for the job market or promotion. Do publish if journal prestige is not a factor. My case: good result but I was in a race against other computer scientists. Simply could not wait for a four year […](image)

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does making one’s scholarly mark mean transplanting the shoulders of giants elsewhere?katherinechen

Mon, 10 Oct 2016 18:30:51 +0000

The Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) website has made Neil Fligstein‘s powerpoint slides on the history of economic sociology available for general viewing.  It’s a fascinating read of the development of a sub-field across continents, and it also includes discussion of a challenge that some believes plagues the sociology discipline: Both Max Weber […](image)

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cuida tu espiritufabiorojas

Sun, 09 Oct 2016 00:42:50 +0000

From Marilyn Crispell. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street (image)

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no complexity theory in economicsfabiorojas

Fri, 07 Oct 2016 00:39:34 +0000

Roger E. Farmer has a blog post on why economists should not use complexity theory. At first, I though he was going to argue that complexity models have been dis-proven or they use unreasonable assumptions. Instead, he simply says we don’t have enough data: The obvious question that Buzz asked was: are economic systems like […](image)

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why do some states have higher mass incarceration than others? comment on pamela oliver’s blogfabiorojas

Thu, 06 Oct 2016 00:29:40 +0000

Over at Race, Politics, and Justice, Pamela Oliver asks why her home state of Wisconsin has such high rates of Black imprisonment in comparison to other states, even in times when rates are falling: Wisconsin has stayed at the top of the pile in Black incarceration even though its Black incarceration rate has been declining. […](image)

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book announcement: theory for the working sociologistfabiorojascover_theory

Tue, 04 Oct 2016 00:01:15 +0000

Dear friends and readers, This coming Winter, Columbia University Press will publish my next book, Theory for the Working Sociologist. The book is my attempt to present social theory in a way that is accessible to upper division social science students, graduate students, and any reader who just wants to know what sociology is up […](image)

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bernie in the street: how occupy wall street fits in the democratic partyfabiorojas

Mon, 03 Oct 2016 00:17:55 +0000

Mobilizing Ideas has a new forum where a scholars are discussing movements and elections. I’ll start with a few snippets from “Bernie Sanders and the Occupy Wall Street Wing of the Democratic Library,” written by my dear friend Michael T. Heaney: While it is impossible to definitively establish what fraction of Occupy supporters also supported […](image)

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you stepped out of a dream, diva big bandfabiorojas

Sun, 02 Oct 2016 00:02:03 +0000

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street    (image)

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bias in social movement researchfabiorojas

Fri, 30 Sep 2016 00:01:49 +0000

Earlier this week, we discussed the need to study failed movements, not just the successes. Here, I want to draw attention to the general issue of bias in social movement research. The way I see it is that movement research is shaped by the following biases: Survivor bias: We tend to focus only on movements […](image)

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putting limits on the academic workdaykatherinechen

Wed, 28 Sep 2016 19:16:50 +0000

Today, among the various administrative tasks of scheduling meetings with students and other responsibilities, I decided to RSVP yes for an upcoming evening talk.  I didn’t make this decision lightly, as it involved coordinating schedules with another party (i.e., fellow dual career parent). With the use of technology such as email, increasing job precarity, and […](image)

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the pager paper, sociological science, and the journal processfabiorojas

Wed, 28 Sep 2016 00:10:05 +0000

Last week, we discussed Devah Pager’s new paper on the correlation between discrimination in hiring and firm closure. As one would expect from Pager, it’s a simple and elegant paper using an audit study to measure the prevalence and consequences of discrimination in the labor market. In this post, I want to use the paper […](image)

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the donald and the mulefabiorojas

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 00:37:35 +0000

In the 1950s, Isaac Asimov wrote a series of books called The Foundation Series. The plot is simple and fascinating. Far in the future, civilization is collapsing, Roman Empire style. A small group of mathematical social scientists (“pyschohistorians”) use all kinds of models to predict what might happen to humanity. They decide to let the […](image)

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party in the street: why study failed movements?fabiorojas

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 00:06:41 +0000

This is the last post responding to Professor Amenta’s lengthy, supportive and critical take on Party in the Street. We earlier discussed whether it was wise to group Afghanistan and Iraq and if our explanation of the anti-Vietnam War movement was valid. In the review, he asks, if the antiwar movement of the 2000s failed, […](image)

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just your average minimalist finnish alt-folk groupfabiorojas

Sun, 25 Sep 2016 00:14:27 +0000

MyBubba. 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street(image)

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new article on insider activism by briscoe and guptafabiorojas

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 00:10:58 +0000

Forrest Briscoe and Abhinav Gupta have a new article  “Social Activism in and Around Organizations” in The Academy of Management Annals that reviews recent work on movements inside organizations. The abstract: Organizations are frequent targets for social activists aiming to influence society by first altering organizational policies and practices. Reflecting a steady rise in research on […](image)

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bad reporting on bad scienceepoppFigure 1.

Thu, 22 Sep 2016 12:28:35 +0000

This Guardian piece about bad incentives in science was getting a lot of Twitter mileage yesterday. “Cut-throat academia leads to natural selection of bad science,” the headline screams. The article is reporting on a new paper by Paul Smaldino and Richard McElreath, and features quotes from the authors like, “As long as the incentives are in […](image)

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gary becker 1, rational choice haters 0fabiorojas

Thu, 22 Sep 2016 00:20:34 +0000

One of the most striking arguments of Gary Becker’s theory of discrimination is that there is a cost of racial discrimination. If you hire people based on personal taste rather than job skills, your competitors can hire these better works and you work at a disadvantage. I think the strong version argument isn’t right. Markets […](image)

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are there good advisers? or just good students?fabiorojas

Wed, 21 Sep 2016 00:01:57 +0000

Recently, the topic of quality advising has come up in conversation. The question is: are there actually good advisers? Or is it mainly a selection effect? A related question: do star advisers make star students? I’d be interested if readers know if there is  a literature on this question. Here are some hypotheses: It is easy […](image)

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forrest stuart and the public good of ethnographyjeffguhin

Tue, 20 Sep 2016 01:02:00 +0000

Forrest Stuart has a great piece in the latest issue of Chicago magazine, “Dispatches from the Rap Wars.”  You can read the whole thing here, and here’s a good pull quote: There are hundreds of gangs in Chicago these days, a splintering that occurred in the wake of the collapse of the traditional “supergangs” like […](image)

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why blogs persistfabiorojas

Tue, 20 Sep 2016 00:01:03 +0000

A few months ago, we discussed the general shift from blogs to social media and anonymous boards. But a question remains: if that’s true, why bother with blogs at all? In fact, our evil twin blog surrendered and admitted defeat, while retreating into Facebook. Why continue? Answer: Only a blog does what a blog does […](image)

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sas programmingfabiorojas

Mon, 19 Sep 2016 03:29:29 +0000

“How do you feel about programming in SAS?” “Here’s how I feel. When I program in SAS, I feel like I got my master’s degree in statistics in 1980 and I’ve been running the same basic analysis over and over again for my corporate bosses for the last twenty years. I then feel like it’s […](image)

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yma sumac, live from moscowfabiorojas

Sun, 18 Sep 2016 00:01:55 +0000

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street(image)

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party in the street: let’s talk about vietnamfabiorojas

Fri, 16 Sep 2016 00:26:37 +0000

Earlier this week, I discussed Professor Amenta’s insanely generous review, “Raising the Bar for Scholarship on Protest and Politics,” which just came out in Contemporary Sociology. We’ve been discussing Amenta’s criticisms. On Tuesday, I discussed why it is useful to see the wars in Iraq an Afghanistan as part of a broader war on terror. […](image)

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pro-religion, pro-sciencefabiorojas

Wed, 14 Sep 2016 00:06:28 +0000

Tim O’Brien* of UW-Milwaukee and Shiri Noy of U-Wyoming have a new article in Socious (“A Nation Divided: Science, Religion, and Public Opinion in the United States“) that explores people who are both religious and pro-science. From the press coverage: “If we look at the modern group and the traditional group and their political and […](image)

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party in the street: response to amentafabiorojas

Tue, 13 Sep 2016 00:33:46 +0000

In the most recent Contemporary Sociology, Irvine’s Edwin Amenta wrote an incredibly kind and generous review of Party in the Street (“Raising the Bar for Scholarship on Protest and Politics“). It’s really humbling to have such an accomplished researcher so deeply engage with our work and find so much value. Not only did Professor Amenta […](image)

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the mind blowing achievement of john hattie – or, we know how to run schoolsfabiorojashattie-ranking-influences-effect-sizes-student-achievement-rangliste-updated-2009-2011-2015-new-web.png

Mon, 12 Sep 2016 00:01:45 +0000

We often act as if running a school is a mysterious thing. It’s not. There have been thousands of studies looking at every sort of education policy. John Hattie is an educational researcher in Australia who took the time to collect data from thousands of studies and do a meta-meta analysis to figure out what […](image)

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red clay, it never gets boringfabiorojas

Sun, 11 Sep 2016 00:22:21 +0000

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street(image)

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in defense of shameless self-promotionfabiorojas

Thu, 08 Sep 2016 00:07:04 +0000

To be honest, much of this blog is just a shameless exercise in self-promotion. But still, there remains the question – why self-promote at all? Should you be a shameless self-promoter? First, start with the question – do I need promotion, especially shameless self-promotion? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Some of us are just […](image)

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how ‘who you worked with’ doesn’t workjeffguhin

Wed, 07 Sep 2016 18:36:43 +0000

“Who did you work with?” It’s a question applicants get all the time on the job market, and for good reason: if you know someone’s dissertation advisor, you probably know a bit more about how that person works, the kinds of questions they study, the sorts of methods and theory they use. Of course, the […](image)

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did bill clinton accelerate black mass incarceration? yes, but he did put a bunch of white people in prison to even it outfabiorojascpus_race_nationalcpus_blackdisp_national

Wed, 07 Sep 2016 00:18:04 +0000

Pam Oliver has a fascinating post that empirically investigates incarceration trends during Clinton 1 era (1993-2001). It’s an impressive post. Professor Oliver pulls up a lot of data on overall incarceration rates and breaks it down by race. You should read it yourself, but here is my summary, diagrams are from her article: Imprisonment rates, […](image)

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hold on… did that pro wrestling commentator just get into sociology?fabiorojas

Mon, 05 Sep 2016 00:01:33 +0000

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street(image)

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susie ibarra, solo drum explorationfabiorojas

Sun, 04 Sep 2016 00:01:49 +0000

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street(image)

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more tweets, more votes: wired magazinefabiorojas

Fri, 02 Sep 2016 00:01:28 +0000

A few weeks ago, Wired magazine discussed how you can use social media data to improve political forecasting. From Emma Ellis: Traditional polling methods aren’t working the way they used to. Upstart analytics firms like Civis and conventional pollsters like PPP, Ipsos, and Pew Research Institute have all been hunting for new, more data-centric ways […](image)

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trump symposium iii: social science and trumpfabiorojas

Thu, 01 Sep 2016 00:44:57 +0000

In this third installment of the Trump symposium, I want to talk about how social scientists should think about Trump. Let’s start with prediction – who foresaw Trump? We need to make a distinction. Some people, including myself, actually suggested years ago that we would have a populist take over of the Republican party. The […](image)

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trump symposium ii: the organizational basis of today’s crazy politics – a guest post by josh pacewiczfabiorojas

Wed, 31 Aug 2016 00:39:05 +0000

This guest post on Trump’s run for president is written by Josh Pacewicz, a political sociologist at Brown University.  +++++ In case you haven’t noticed, this has been a crazy election cycle. On both the Democratic and Republican side, a candidate who is more extreme than the typical serious presidential contender went all the way […](image)

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trump, social solidarity, and the performance of politics: a guest post by tim gillfabiorojas

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 00:01:30 +0000

Tim Gill is a CIPR fellow at Tulane University. His research addresses political sociology and globalization. This guest post addresses the candidacy of Donald Trump. ++++++ In May, I taught my final course at the University of Georgia as I finished up my dissertation: a three-week long seminar on political sociology. Before the course, I […](image)

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trump symposium weekfabiorojas

Mon, 29 Aug 2016 00:01:20 +0000

This week, we’ll have a few posts about the candidacy of Donald Trump. It will have three parts: Tom Gill will post on Trump as a political performer. Then, Josh Pacewicz will dig into Trump’s poll numbers. We’ll wrap up with a post by me on Trump, where I’ll add some of my own thoughts. […](image)

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has twitter killed blogs?jeffguhin

Sun, 28 Aug 2016 18:17:41 +0000

Fabio has written about this a bit already, but it’s worth thinking about how sociology on the internet parallels this larger story about blogs as distinctive showcases of writers’ voices to  to the greater immediacy of twitter alongside the ubiquity of “blogs” on many different kinds of websites. In the New Republic, Jeet Heer argues […](image)

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having olympics withdrawal? we’re here to helpfabiorojas

Sun, 28 Aug 2016 00:01:44 +0000

From “The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet.” 50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street(image)

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