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Great show Paul. I never had you pegged for some ...


Great show Paul. I never had you pegged for some kind of 'private school snob' (no one who did those shows from Swaziland could ever be that kind of person) but it was interesting to hear about the things that you think influenced the person you've become.

Schoold days weren't the best days of my life either. I spent virtually my entire school life not fitting in. I recall one whole school year where I didn't have more than a handfull of conversations with any other students - I basically spent the the whole school day alone. I was ignored by the teachers and teased by the other students. Why? I was into drama and alternative music and reading poetry at a school where the only value you had was what you could contribute to the sporting teams. I didn't wear the right clothes or have the right interests and was shunned because of it.

But, as my dad would often tell me, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I certainly can atest to that.

Thanks for sharing your story

Hi Paul, Wonderful podcast with perfect reflective...


Hi Paul,
Wonderful podcast with perfect reflective music. We are so similar and I don't want to bleat on about it but my background was one where I went to a really bad school was told the best I could hope for was to be painter & decorator like my dad (rather than be a painter). But somthing clicked at school and I worked my backside off just to prove everyone wrong and became an Architect. It wasn't easy along the way and I went through a divorce when I was young and with my second child on the way with my new partner I'm finally getting my life sorted. Your past always has a bearing on who you become but it is up to you to make the best of every situation and find that inner peace, for me without god.

Jason (Manc-Oxford)

A wonderful episode. I wish I could go back in tim...


A wonderful episode. I wish I could go back in time a give junior Paul a fiver to cheer him up, poor little guy.

Your story about your teacher reminded me of something similar. i was told by my art teacher that I had no artistic ability and shouldn't even try. Three or four years later I saw him working at the tills of WH Smith.

Loved the show Paul, a very personal insight into ...


Loved the show Paul, a very personal insight into the man that is PodCastPaul. I was out on my daily walk along the highways and byways of my island and listened to your show whilst taking a break, sitting in the sunshine looking out over the Irish sea. It brought back memories of my own childhood and made me reflect on my past and the reasons I am who I am today.
Thanks for sharing.