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a return to greatness

Updated: 2016-12-02T03:32:47.565-08:00


Quote of the moment


"fox news.  100℅ correct, 10℅ of the time!"

-- patron of arby's at lost hills, CA, screaming at a TV set

CA theatre



San Jose, CA

(My first panoramic on my new phone... Don't know how it will offer.)

Quote of the moment


For me, the end of What is a final reiteration of the ultimate lesson of 2016: Take nothing for granted. No set of values, no repository of human knowledge, no political system, no passionate community, is guaranteed safety from outside forces and from the passage of time. Nothing is too great to fail.

-- Nikhil Sonnad, on the death of

headline of the moment


Soylent recalls another product amid gastrointestinal mayhem

-- boing boing

the importance of bon Jovi


according to NBC

Hillary Clinton campaigns with First Lady Michelle Obama in Winston-Salem, NC at 2:00 pm ET… Donald Trump makes three stops in Ohio, hitting Springfield at 1:00 pm ET, Toledo at 4:00 pm ET, and Geneva at 7:00 pm ET… Mike Pence makes stops in Iowa and Nebraska… Tim Kaine is in Ohio…And Bon Jovi holds a concert for Clinton in Pittsburgh

headline of the moment


Giuliani on rigged election: 'Dead people generally vote for Democrats'


quote of the moment


Best troll ever: Assange asking why I'm up at 4am, while I'm wondering why I'm up at 4am, after he told me to be up at 4am.

-- Matt Dougan

the closest thing I'll ever have to a selfie...



... my spinal fluid.  (don't be misled by the back of the test tube label -- it's clear, colorless.)


headline of the moment


Man sues Samsung, saying Note 7 exploded in his pants


quote of the moment


"Excessive use of the internet is an understudied phenomenon that may disguise mild or severe psychopathology; excessive use of the internet may be strongly linked to compulsive behavior and addiction."

-- Jan Buitelaar

headline of the moment


Wild radioactive Fukushima boars breed like rabbits, ravage local countryside


headline of the moment


What did the 'real' Loch Ness monster look like?

-- Christian Science Monitor

quote of the moment


Perhaps Lady Gaga and other artists need to remind the Internet that pop music is supposed to be fun, not a death match.

-- Daryl Deino

statistic of the moment


roughly 1 in 9 private space launches are expected to fail

-- tech

quote of the moment


"if you live a brave life, you will get your ass kicked."

-- brene brown

quote of the moment


"It's not important to be timely when you are wrong."

-- bo3b Johnson

statistic of the moment


in 2015, Delta airlines mishandled 276,000 of 120,000,000 bags.

-- NYT

quote of the moment


"No car gets out of Chicago unscathed."

-- skip roth

quote of the moment


We try to tell these young cats, the po-po ain't the power structure. The police are not the power structure. The police are controlled and moved like pawns on a chess game. And I tell these cats all the time, man, y'all gotta start playing chess instead of checkers.

-- professor Griff

headline of the moment


Woman leaves dogs in car; dogs crash it into Walmart


quote of the moment


"When viewers last saw April she had just given birth inside of a shark."

-- Rebecca Schumann

quote of the moment


"I don't give a damn if they put a nickel in the slot machine. I want them to pay my admission."

-- Steve Wynn

quote of the moment


"Pokémon Go is the latest tool used by spy agencies in the Intel war, a cunning despicable app that tries to infiltrate our communities in the most innocent way under the pretext of entertainment."

-- hamdi bakheet, member of Egypt's defense and national security committee

quote of the moment


"The size of RR245 is not yet exactly known, as its surface properties need further measurement. It's either small and shiny, or large and dull."

-- Michele Bannister