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North American Union driver's license created
Logo intended to standardize documentation across continent.

Government docs reveal 'conspiracy theory'
Outline of proposed 'harmonization' of North America uncovered

Republicans, Paul clash over Iraq war
Republican presidential contenders voiced support for the Iraq war Wednesday night despite a warning from anti-war candidate Ron Paul that they risk dragging the party down to defeat in 2008.

Ron Paul Signs Pledge to Kill the Death Tax
Congressman Ron Paul became the first presidential candidate to sign the death tax repeal pledge today at an event preceding tonight's New Hampshire presidential debate.

Mattel announces third toy recall
Barbie toys make up the majority of the affected toys though no Barbie dolls were involved in the recall, the company says.

The Coming NAFTA Crash: The Deadly Impact of a Secret NAFTA Tribunal's Decision to Open U.S. Highways to Unsafe Mexican Trucks
A legal ruling by a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) tribunal will be released in February 2001. The NAFTA ruling -- requiring the U.S. to permit access to U.S. highways by Mexican trucks -- may not only put American motorists and communities..

Ron Paul Campaign Hits 40,000 Meetup Group Members
As Labor Day kicked off the traditional start of the presidential campaign season, the Ron Paul campaign passed an important milestone: 40,000 volunteers signed up through to help Dr. Paul.

Congress to eye feds' spy satellite scheme
When politicians return to Washington from their August recess next week, one of their first orders of business will be lobbing questions at Bush administration officials over recently disclosed plans to open up powerful spy satellites to police...

Children's watering cans recalled due to lead paint
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a voluntary recall of Chinese-made Robbie Ducky Kids Watering Cans sold by crafts retailer Jo-Ann Stores Inc because their beaks contain lead paint. Launches "Operation Shop USA"
Operation Shop USA will allow retailers who promote and sell USA Made Products and USA Manufactures an opportunity to advertise in the Directory for half price

Poison found in kids' clothes from China
Poison in children's clothing is emerging as the latest health risk from China.

Ron Paul Dominates Straw Poll DoubleHeader
Presidential candidate wins big in Alabama and New Hampshire.

Conservative Coalition Assembles To Warn Americans About Agenda For ‘Hush-Hush’ North American ‘Merge-Fest’ In Quebec.
The Constitution Party, joins conservative groups and a growing number in Congress urging Americans to speak out against the formation of a North American Union

CNN: Americans May Need Passport To Have Picnic in a Park
Americans may need passports to board domestic flights or to picnic in a national park next year if they live in one of the states defying the federal Real ID Act.

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit Seeking Access to Security and Prosperity Partnership Advisory Group Meetings and Records
Agency’s Use of North American Competitiveness Council in Violation of Federal Advisory Committee Act

Still for sale: Bibs with lead
Tests by two firms show elevated lead levels in bibs sold at Toys 'R' Us, but retailer, Feds have not recalled item.

Recall adds to fears on Chinese goods
FEARS about cheap Chinese-made goods have been raised again after global toy company Mattel issued its second major recall of toys in two weeks.

China Wins NAFTA Super-Highway Battle
Red China is investing heavily in developing deep-water ports in Mexico to bring an unprecedented volume of containers into the U.S. along the emerging NAFTA Super Highway. This move signals China’s emergence as the unexpected economic winner in the North

Ron Paul Campaign Hits Goals in Iowa!
Ron Paul finished fifth yesterday in the Iowa Straw poll, receiving over 1,300 votes. Dr. Paul beat six other candidates and won nearly 10 percent of the vote despite his relatively fresh campaign efforts in the Hawkeye State.

Americans Call On Congress To Investigate Bush and Restore The Republic!
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC is calling for a formal congressional investigation into the non-enforcement and under enforcement of America's popularly supported and existing immigration laws.

Ron Paul Goes 20/20
GOP presidential candidate's eCampaign reaches unparalleled levels of success.

Ron Paul Wins Big in First New Hampshire Straw Poll
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul today won the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT) Straw Poll at their annual picnic in Hopkinton, New Hampshire.

Fourth Of July Resolution - Stop Chinese Food Importation
The Chinese poisoning of America and Canada continues. A Chinese spray seasoning was at the bottom of the Veggie Booty snack food recall. Again, Chinese poison in our food. When will this end?

Amnesty Fighters Gather at Pro Cloture US Senate State Offices Today! June 28, 2007
The calls, e-mails, and faxes are flying to US Senate offices as concerned citizens gather at the main state offices of each Senator that voted YES for CLOTURE on Tuesday of this week hoping to send a clear message that ...

Groups Unite for Thursday, be there! Call the Dems to Stop Amnesty! June 27, 2007
ALIPAC, Save Our State, NumbersUSA, 9/11 Families, and MCDC are Uniting behind the plan for Thursday

Senate resurrects immigration bill June 26, 2007
Backers of the controversial immigration reform bill in the Senate got the 60 votes they needed to clear procedural hurdles and resurrect the bill today.

ALIPAC Launches 'Stop Burr from Passing Amnesty' Campaign June 25, 2007
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC President, William Gheen is leaving Raleigh, at 3am on Monday morning, on an emergency mission to Washington, in an effort to convince Senator Richard Burr not to make the tragic mistake of voting YES on CLOTURE for the Senate Amnesty bill, which could lead to the bills passage.

New Poll! Only percent of Americans Approve of how Congress is handling illegal immigigration
Americans give both President Bush and the Congress failing marks on their handling of immigration, according to a new UPI Zogby poll on the topic

Historic Coalition Going to DC to stop Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
A historic coalition of organizations plan to converge on Washington, DC on April 22-26 to carry the message from the American public to lawmakers that America needs comprehensive immigration enforcement and not amnesty to deal with illegal immigration.

Truckers Boycott Border States
S T O P the Bush Kennedy Plan to Give Trucker Jobs to Mexican Drivers. All 48 CONUS state legislature capital buildings circled and shut down. National Capital UCircled. Bumper to Bumper. Three Wide, Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. April 23. 24. 25. 2007

Illegal Aliens Apprehended Carrying Bank of America Credit Cards!
Morganelli said two of the men were able to get Bank of America credit cards under a new program where the bank does not require social security numbers or a credit history to open an account.

JOB PROSPECTS Pain From Free Trade Spurs Second Thoughts
Mr. Blinder's Shift Spotlights Warnings Of Deeper Downside

New Luggage Strap to Help with Wheeled Luggage
USA-manufacturer Tough Traveler Ltd. has introduced The Add-On! ™ Accessory Luggage Strap to help people who carry wheeled luggage and want to carry an additional bag on top of their wheeled luggage.

Tough Traveler Ltd. To Receive Award
Tough Traveler Ltd. is announcing that the Schenectady, NY-based luggage, pack, and textile bag manufacturer will be receiving the prestigious Small Business Excellence Award from US Small Business Administration (SBA)

The American Energy Security Summit
Energy Independence through Domestic Alternative Liquid Fuels. The American Energy Security Summit

ALIPAC Asks NC Legislature and IRS to stop El Pueblo
Raleigh (NC), Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is calling on state lawmakers and the IRS to stop the non profit organization El Pueblo from lobbying for benefits for illegal aliens in North Carolina.

Commerce Department Applies New Duties Against Chinao
The U.S. Commerce Department, reversing more than two decades of practice, decided today to levy new duties on imports from China to compensate for Chinese subsidies to exporters.

Greenspan - American Skilled Workers Are Paid Too Much
Alan Greenspan says our skilled workers are paid too much -- and recommends we open a "signficant window of skilled workers" to come to the US and eliminate the remaining concentration of higher pay for skilled jobs in the American workforce.

Rentech Enters a Joint Development Agreement with Mingo County West Virginia
Parties Initiate Due Diligence Phase on a 10,000 to 30,000 Barrel Per Day Facility of AMERICAN OIL!

The U.S. Senate Wants to Restrict Your Access to Vitamins. ACT NOW!

Under the auspices of the Department of Commerce, the Security and Prosperity Partnership rolls on toward creating a North American Union virtually untouched, but not without at least a few thorns in their side.

Americans Call on Immigration and Customs to Raid Smithfield Plant in North Carolina
mericans for Legal Immigration PAC, a national organization with many supporters in North Carolina, is calling on their state and national supporters to contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requesting a raid on the Smithfield Packing Company’s processing plant in Tar Heel, N.C. for knowingly hiring illegal aliens.

Sue Myrick and the Scott Gardner Act
I am writing this as an observer and participant in a Town Hall Meeting Tuesday August 16, 2005 which Representative Sue Myrick held in Gastonia for the Gardner Family.

Tens of millions of Americans are in the process of purchasing Christmas presents. It's not for me to dictate how anyone feels about December 25th ...

Pastor’s aim: Toss U.S. sovereignty
I found the comments by Robert Pastor in the Dec. 1 guest commentary, “Making a competitive continent,” to be most interesting.

Rep Goode, NO Union on Continent
The Virginia Republican, who represents the 5th District, is asking the House of Representatives to pass a resolution opposing U.S. entry into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada, similar to the European Union.

North American Students Trained for 'Merger'!
10 universities participate in 'model Parliament' in Mexico to simulate 'integration' of 3 nations Under the sponsorship of the Canadian based North American Forum on Integration, students met in the Mexican Senate for five days in May in an event dubbed "Triumvirate," with organizers declaring "A North American Parliament is born."

Join The National Boycott of Miller Brewing Company!
Please join us in a national boycott of Miller Brewing Company of Milwaukee, WI. ALIPAC, FIRE Coalition, and many other organizations and their supporters are boycotting Miller because this company is giving money to groups that support amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens currently inside of the United States! More information and actions you can take are at

North Carolina Cracks Down On Illegal Immigration
In a historical and unprecedented move, the North Carolina Legislator passed four measures to get tough on those who enter our country illegally.

Congress Screws America Again
Oman Free Trade Deal Passes

House narrowly approves trade deal with Oman
Deal will allow Dubai to operate U.S. Ports. America Screwed by Congress again.

Sock makers message: Buy American N.C. manufacturers pitch in for new I-40 billboard
A new billboard on the westbound side of Interstate 40 heading into Hickory wants you -- to purchase American-made socks.

RED ALERT! Senators Agree to Revive Immigration Bill! ACT NOW BEFORE OUR COUNTRY IS GIVEN AWAY!
Senate leaders reached a deal Thursday on reviving a broad immigration bill that could provide millions of illegal immigrants a chance to become American citizens and said they'll try to pass it before Memorial Day. (AMNESTY)

Hispanic American Coalition, You Don't Speak for Me!, Joins With House Leaders to Oppose Senate Amnesty Plan
ou Don't Speak for Me!, a new national coalition of American Hispanics that supports immigration enforcement, is joining with leaders in the House of Representatives who have sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist opposing legislation that would grant amnesty to 12 million or more illegal aliens.

Chinese company buys Craftsmaster Furniture Domestic production expansion expected
An Asian company purchased Taylorsville-based upholstery maker Craftmaster Furniture.

National Anti-Illegal Immigrant Protest Rally
May 5th (Cinco De Mayo!) and 6th - National Illegal Immigrant Protest

300-500 counter-protesters rally in Cullman Co, AL
Hundreds of angry demonstrators raised flags, signs and their voices Saturday, blanketing the steps Cullman County Courthouse to protest amnesty for illegal immigrants. More Rallys Spring up Across the United States by Americans.

President pursues closer ties to US
... of the Americas by signing a mutual investment treaty with the United States while others stood strong against the US-backed Free Trade Area of the Americas. ...

Granholm's hopes on jobs plan
... "NAFTA and CAFTA have given us what? ...That's right, the SHAFTA... NAFTA was the North American Free Trade Agreement and CAFTA the Central American Free Trade Agreement. ...

Counter illegal immigrant rallies Set for Weekend
.Organizers of two separate immigration counter-rallies say they don't know how many people to expect at the state Capitol on Saturday and Monday. They are responding to last Mondays huge march in support of legal status for illegal immigrants.

CAFTA to increase DR trade with US by 30%
... and the United States should increase by 30 per cent as of the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement with Central America and the United States (DR-CAFTA ...

Immigration Protest in LA: Photo Essay
Photos that you wont see in the manin stream media. This will anger anyone who loves the United States.

An Alabama employment agency that sent 70 laborers and construction workers to job sites in that state in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina says the men were sent home after just two weeks on the job by employers who told them "the Mexicans had arrived" and were willing to work for less.

...our government seems oblivious to a growing threat of civil war right here in the United States. As anyone can see, millions of illegal aliens living here are becoming more vocal, more demonstrative, more belligerent, and more violence-prone by the day. Unless our government takes deliberate and significant action immediately, America could be in for serious civil unrest real soon.

What Would Mexico Do with Protesting Illegals? Deport them on the spot.
The Mexican government constantly hectors the American people about how we should treat its illegal migrants. President Vicente Fox, Foreign Secretary Ernesto Derbez, and Mexican consuls in the United States insist that Americans should be grateful for the hundreds of thousands of surplus Mexicans who break across our border each year.

The fact that the Dems are recruiting at these protests isn't a surprise. It fits into their big picture of race and politics (which is why the flyer's visual puts Texas and Mexico together). The Democrats classify people based upon race and then work to corner the racial voting collectives.

Many Blacks Concerned That Legalizing Undocumented Immigrants Would Hurt Low-Wage Workers
On one end, Oscar Bautista of El Salvador leaned against a low stone wall, hands shoved deep into his jeans pockets, and said he had been waiting more than three hours for a job. Across the lot, Art Jackson loaded potting soil into his Dodge Durango. Gesturing toward Bautista, he complained that immigrants are making it harder for Americans to keep good jobs, especially blacks.

What will happen to the United States if the Senate rewards a guest worker amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens? The answer is simple: when you allow lawlessness, you invite more of it.

The Mexican Solution to Illegal Immigration
The Congress has received lots of free advice lately from Mexican government officials and illegal aliens waving Mexico's flag in mass demonstrations coast-to-coast. Most of it takes the form of bitter complaints about our actual or prospective treatment of immigrants from that country who have gotten into this one illegally -- or who aspire to do so.

Warning! US Senate Amnesty bill contains in-state tuition for illegal aliens!
The controversial proposal to give illegal aliens taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition at American universities is included in the immigration "reform" bill that also contains the Guest Worker Amnesty proposals according to the Washington Times!

The Nation of Aztlan Video
It is a video made of clips of illegal aliens protesting in American streets with the audio of speeches made over the last 10 years by core leaders of the pro-illegal alien movement and some that are on our side like Congressman Tancredo.

Poultry Boycott for April
What exactly are the dangers in having workers who have TB handling the meat that you feed to your family? Is a risk worth taking?

John McCain Praises Pro-illegal Protests. What Other Crimes Does He Advocate?
Senator John McCain recently praised the illegal activities of the illegal aliens who paraded through our streets and demanded rights.

The Mexican Invasion Of America
BEYOND WORDS...LOU DOBBS REFERS TO THE ILLEGALS AS AN INVADING ARMY. Take Action and Visit Your Senators office ASAP to Voice Your Concerns!

Release Illegal Aliens allowed to protest in Charlotte with ZERO visible police!
North Carolina William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, is filing a formal complaint and calling for an inquiry by city officials to determine why there were no visible police officers or security at a protest attended by thousands of illegal aliens in downtown Charlotte on Saturday, March 25, 2006

William Gheen's Letter of Complaint to Charlotte, NC Authorities
The following letter is being sent to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police, Charlotte City Council members and Mayor, Mecklenburg County Commissioners, NC Media, and NC Attorney General's Office.

How to Reverse Illegal Immigration in America
Illegal immigration in the United States, can never be fully stopped; however it can be reversed. We can greatly reduce the number of aliens that attempt to enter America illegally, by reversing this flow with remedies that already exist in United States Law.

Flip Flopin Robin Hayes Says to Buy American
True to his name. The man who flipped and flopped on NAFTA and CAFTA and supported them both, now says to Buy American

'Yes' vote on CAFTA is a winner for Hayes
Last-minute switch on trade agreement brings rewards to GOP congressman The Concord Republican, who saved the pact by changing his no vote to a last minute yes, is getting high-profile, expensive help in his re-election bid

Business as usual
... Our complicit Congress favors big business over the working masses by passing and considering treasonous trade agreements, such as NAFTA, CAFTA and the FTAA. ...

Generous to a fault America needs to curtail massive overseas investment
We are not the only people who are proud of their country and want it to be free and independent. Many South American people are physically resisting CAFTA and FTAA.

Weasel Award March 4, 2005 Sen. Hillary R. Clinton
The Information Technology Professionals Association of America (ITPAA), an advocacy group based in Wilmington, Delaware representing professionals in the high-tech field has handed out its first Weasel Award of 2005 to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D - NY). The organization, representing over 1,200 IT professionals nationwide, presents this award to business and political leaders that it believes betrays the trust of the American people.

Several countries balking at Cafta plunge
... countries agreed to. In some areas, Cafta is not precise, said Enrique Lacs, the vice minister of foreign trade in Guatemala. The US ...

Finaly a member of congress doing something right for America! Third District Representative Walter B. Jones (R-NC) yesterday introduced H.R. 4808, the Unfair Chinese Automotive Tariff Equalization Act, a bill that would prevent imports of passenger cars from China until the U.S. and Chinese tariffs on these items are equal. Representative Dale Kildee of Michigan is the bill's principle Democratic cosponsor.

There it is, folks, in black and white. Hemispheric integration is about more than trade. It is a political construct, and from the standpoint of our future, a very dangerous one.

Video: Viva Saddam Hussein? Go back to Germany? This is Mexico?
This past Saturday, January 7th, immigration reform groups protested in 20 states to draw attention to America's illegal immigration crisis. In several locations, the protesters were met by large, hostile crowds promoting....

National Flyer Campaign Targets Employers that Hire illegal aliens!
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR), and released a new flyer to the nation today that tells employers how to only hire legal labor and tells employees how to report employers that hire illegal aliens to the authorities.

Delays Hit US-Central America Pact
The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR), touted by the George W. Bush administration as a tool to promote freedom and democracy in Central America ...

Colombia Says NO to US Free Trade
The Colombian Action Network opposing Free Trade and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (RECALCA, in Spanish) noted that this court action was one of its ...

Venezuela Steers A New Course
... 40,000: "Each one of us brought a shovel, a gravedigger's shovel, because [this] is the tomb of the Free Trade Area of the Americas." (Before Thanksgiving ...

Bush (Gee What a Surprise) to lead Enterprise Florida delegation to South America
... America on Wednesday (1/18) to promote trade in Florida, but more importantly to continue Miami's pursuit of the Free Trade Area of the Americas secretariat. ...

Cuba and Venezuela: A Bolivarian Partnership
... If the United States succeeds in advancing the FTAA, a proposed free-trade bloc that incorporates every country of the hemisphere except Cuba, Cuba will become ...

National Sovereignty: The Bahamas
... This is epitomized in the emergence of super-states, such as the European Union and other forms of international bodies (UN) and treaties (FTAA, WTO, NATO, etc ...

Mexico and Mercosur: A Trojan Horse?
... highlighted the distances between Mexico (faithful promoter of the U.S. proposal for the creation of the Free Trade Area of the Americas) and the countries of Mercosur, who rejected the proposal to put the FTAA on the Summit's agenda....

Guatemalans Protest Privatization
.... of the US proposal for the creation of the Free Trade Area of the Americas) and the countries of Mercosur, who rejected the proposal to put the FTAA on the ...

Florida (Whores) Promoting Central American Trade Pact
... to help the Florida business community capitalize on the opportunities presented by a recently enacted US trade pact, known by the acronym CAFTA-DR, with five ...

CAFTA hits delay
... CAFTA has become a hot issue in next month's presidential election in Costa Rica, the only country that hasn't ratified the agreement, and anti-trade ...

Bush TELLS Congress He Plans To Enter Trade Deal With Peru
... have stalled. The administration hopes eventually to complete a hemisphere-wide Free Trade Area of the Americas. That ambitious ...

... In relation to the trade agreements, NAFTA, CAFTA and now FTAA, (Free Trade Area of the Americas), our President Bush, Canada's Martin, and Vincente Fox have ...