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Published: Sun, 11 Dec 2016 00:15:02 GMT

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Now, rise and prove your patriotism
After the Supreme Court ruling on playing the national anthem in all movie halls, Veenu Sandhu misses the innocent days when patriotism was part of our being, not a prescribed potion to bring all our problems to an end.

Five reasons why Indonesia's Widodo's visit is important
Despite regular meetings between the two sides, it is often said that India-Indonesia relationship is overshadowed by an element of mutual neglect. Jokowi's visit has the potential to rejuvenate what is otherwise called as one of the most underrated relations, says Dr Rahul Mishra.

5 reasons why Jokowi's visit is important
It is often said that the India-Indonesia relationship is overshadowed by mutual neglect.

The race to demonetise Modi
The note ban is Modi's make-or-break gambit for 2019.

How RBI can fix the cash crunch quickly
'If the RBI now only prints Rs 100 in small denomination notes and the remaining amount is printed in Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 denominations, then by March-end the central bank can completely normalise the cash crunch situation.'

Why the RBI kept the rate unchanged
Wednesday's hawkish and essentially courageous decision underscores that Governor Urjit Patel will largely represent continuity, rather than a break, with the policies and approach of his predecessor, says Richard Iley.

8 lessons from Bigg Boss
The show offers ample lessons in behaviour management, leadership and setting the ground for the future.

Mera Wala Shah Rukh!
From 'Mera Wala Shah Rukh' to Salman's Being Hygienic ways, my super filmi week, says Sukanya Verma, has a lot on its mind.

A tragedy called President Trump? Not quite
Protectionism and a rollback of regulation.

What heights she would have taken India!
'She dwarfs every known politician of recent times with her imperious aura, iron will, tremendous drive, dauntless pursuit of goals she set before herself, ability to capture the people's imagination and unshakeable grip over her party and government,' says B S Raghavan, the distinguished civil servant.