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Unrequited love


I played with fire and I'm going to get burned but I'm totally in love with my neighbor's young dog. Candy is supposed to be a terrier/ lab mix but I strongly suspect she's got Border Collie in there. I've spent enough time watching her to recognize certain tell tale signs of that. She belongs to a neighbor. single working mother of two boys. Nice enough lady but got a dog for the age old reason

This Group Is Draining


I have tried to post with good faith in this group. Some people have been decent and even kind. Mostly however the posts are attacking toward me. Why. because I know Jerry Howe personally. It appears that for a group who say's they kill-file him. the fact is they are obsessed with hate for him. And that seems to be much of the focus here. I can not post without being called a groupie. I love my

Multiple Sclerosis and Pets


My wife has ms and is bedridden most of the day. Recently we had to put our dog. to sleep. He was a part of the family and my wife took it pretty hard because he was always by her side and kept her company during the day when I was at work and when the caregivers were gone. Although it takes a while to get over the loss of a pet. especially a pet who is a part of the family and who we've had

Nutritional Information / Resources


Here's HOWE The Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing Puppy Wizard feeds his dogs: Unbeknownst to yourselves. this has been a difficult couple weeks for Your Puppy Wizard. Not to complain. but he's been necessarily temporarily abandoned by his Mrs.Puppy Wizard who had to attend to affairs out of town for nine days. helpless and hapless to cope with domestic and personal needs.

i can't get my puppy to sleep when i want her to...


i've had my puppy for two weeks now. she's reaching 10 weeks old. the first few nights i had her sleep in her crate but i realized she didn't connect it with being her den/home so i moved it in the kitchen to try to get her used to her crate. a couple of nights. i let her rest in my bed. this past week i've tried making her run around and catch toys for at least 20 minutes before i wanted her

yeah for Riley!


My sister and her husband finally gave up their dog to a better home. He use to be in a crate in a dark basement 23/7 and now has a home with a man who works from home and will give him a great life. I am finally at peace with this situation! Hopefully they won't ever have another dog (this is the 5th one they had and gave up). Yeah for Riley! Good idea to give the dog up. Five times wrong.

Avrama Gingold


As I read this e-mail. tears fell from my eyes. I had "met" Avrama on this group and had exchanged messages here and via e-mail. She shared her great wisdom and love for dogs. particularly Dobermans. I just google her name and see that the news of her death was already posted on rec.pets.dogs.behavior. What a wonderful present I got today! the rest of the city got it also. but I'm the one who

Scratching door and window during feeding time


This is my first post here. Hope someone will be able to help advise me on my dog's behavior please. My dog stays outside the house. and when its near her feeding time she'll start jumping up to peer through the window and also start scratching the door/window to get our attention. I really don't know how to stop her from doing this. I'm afraid that one day the window will break. The door is

snake avoidance training?


here's a great article. it just might save a dogs life so forward it to anyone you know who keeps dogs. I had a black lab bitten by a timber rattlesnake. This article may be reprinted. posted on any website. and freely used as long as it remains in its entirety and as long as all links and attributions. including this license remains intact. It may not be sold. don't kill nonvenomous snakes.

taken from


(the dog mentioned here made me think of mine. heres what not to do with a shy dog. or any dog. i had bad trainers but at least i didnt have this guy! I just finished reading your articles on dog aggression. It sounds like my dog Meeka. She is a 2 year old Keeshond. We have great concern for her. My husband feels that she will change in time. We purchased her from a pet store back in Dec 1997.

Pet Ownership - Killing Through Kindness


Recent research has shown that the average lifespans of domesticated animals are up to 4 years less than those of their feral counterparts. The findings of this research highlight the hypocrisy and selfishness of pet owners - that these so-called animal lovers brutally and callously cut short the lives of their four-legged companions. spoke to the scientist behind the research and

Agility DOG free course online creation


Hi Agility Dog Lovers! Just want You to know that is available a totally FREE online tool for Agility Dog Courses and exercises creation! And You can print the result from Your PC! Hi Agility Dog Lovers! Just want You to know that is available a totally FREE online tool for Agility Dog Courses and exercises creation! And You can print the result from Your PC!

My Dog and His Leg


WELCOME to The Simply Amazing Grand Puppy WIzard's 100% CONSISTENTLY NEARLY INSTANTLY SUCCESSFUL FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual Forums. Take your sh*t somewhere else. My dog was in a possible serious condition. and I really don't need to hear about crap. Sa te duci sa iti futa mamata in cur cu o bata asa de tare pina face ca si o Toyota. Ai intiles? Bine. So take your spambot

Gee I didn't know that


Someone who works there told me that in this private animal hospital they euthanized a dog today that was a "problem" for its owners. Something vague about tearing up the inside of a house. Is this legal. that private hospitals can euthanize animals at their own discretion for an over-the-counter fee? The Insanely Freakin Simply Amazing Grand Puppy Wizard told you this was a rough group.

Assault with a deadly Chihuahua


Mo. (AP) - A woman angry that her new puppy had died pushed her way into a dog breeder's home and repeatedly hit her on the head with the dead Chihuahua. The 33-year-old woman told police she had taken the puppy to a veterinarian. who said it was only 4 weeks old and needed to be returned to its mother. But before she could return the puppy. the woman went to the breeder's home. pushed her way

Cat spay wound infection puss drainage, 10th day, done by 3rd world vet in Peru, help!


In response to the new posts. I am in Peru and here the housing is all built just stuck together; neighbors can even enter your house. so only pieces of broken glass are placed in between your house and the neighbor's. hoping they won't cross over. Cats just wander between houses and jump over the broken glass. During the summer here. so many male cats had been entering my house through the roofs

My Dog Daycare


It's been an interesting couple of months. I received a phone call from the city asking if I was operating a home based dog daycare without the requisite "Class 2 Home Occupation Permit." After it all was explained to me. I admitted that I was. I had received a complaint; while they're not allowed to divulge much. the city was kind enough to tell me that it was not from a neighbour and that

dog clothing


I've been doing dog clothing business for some time now. and I noticed few dogs just loathe them. Is there any way for the owners to make them behave and actually "like" the clothing? HOWEDY black vomit you anonymHOWES miserable lyin dog abusing punk thug coward active acute chronic long term incurable mental case.

What happened to this group?


What happened with this group? Where did everyone go? I've posted here several time in the last year or two and (after learning how to killfile) usually get prompt responses with helpful advice. I posted a question (see Drooling Problem) over two days ago and haven't had a single sole reply. Has everyone given up on this group or has everyone moved on to a different group? I haven't even



The dog newsgroups' most infamous. bizarre and ubiquitous troll is. a self-proclaimed animal rights extremist. seriously mentally disturbed individual. spammer and chicken-shit racist. He attempts to shout down any poster who doesn't agree or sympathize with his truly bizarre philosophy pertaining to dog ownership and training. He also makes it more expensive for many posters to even download

socializing puppies


i just have to share. at the shelter where i volunteer we have 12 puppies we are working with who are not socialized with people. they were taken from a hoarder/breeder along with two adult dogs who cant be handled yet. because they are not settled in (i cant wait to see if i can work with them too. i recognize the fear in their eyes and cant wait to see them brighten up and calm down:-)) anyway.

lost/found Golden in OH


Location Found: Cincinnati. Ohio area. Specifically. Sharonville/West Chester Border near Fields-Ertel Road. my neighbors found a Golden Retriever female stuck in a creek that runs between their back yard (in Bennington Place) and the Indian Creek subdivision. This is right off and to the North of the part of Fields Ertel Road that runs betweein U. S. Route 42 and Reed Hartman Highway (where

Drooling problem


About a year or so ago a few of you helped me out with a problem I was having with my female Shih-Tzu. Nikki. If you might remember. I hadn't had her socialized with other dogs as a pup and when she met a neighbor dog she was curious but timid and cautious. Following the advice of a few helpful members of this group. I was able to get Nikki to become friends with the neighbor dog and they got

destructive beagle


She still acts crazy all the time. My parents have a hyper jack russel and I would say our beagle probably has triple the energy. I would think after a year she would be improving. She constantly wants to bite everyone. I was wondering if biting is her way of showing affection? She is very destructive. We have lost a air bed and probably 100 dollars worth of blankets. She has wet on both of our

Dr. Fetko: "In Dog Training, Jerk Is A Noun, Not A Verb."


Dogs Are Like Wet Cement - Whatever TouchesThem Makes A Lasting Impression. So Please Make Every Touch Loving." We're repeatedly told that dog training requires jerking the dog's chain choke - or even pinch - collar and to lift and shake them by the scruff of their necks and pin them on their backs. I've trained dogs (and many other species) all over the world for decades and was taught to use