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The Unlocking Project podcast is a joint production of Illustra Media and the Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture. We aim to equip students and others to decide the question of our origins and purpose. No indoctrination here...Just scient

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Nomination for Banned Book of the Year

Mon, 25 Sep 2006 22:23:33 +0000

This week we steal a show from our friends at ID the Future. In this episode, Dr. John West offers his pick for banned book of the year--the early pro-intelligent design textbook Of Pandas and People and highlights one of the main goals of the Darwinist establishment--to ban contrary ideas. Listen up and prepare to become very angry! Click here to find out what Darwinists are so afraid of.

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It's A Meaningful World After All - Part Two: Dr. Benjamin Wiker Interview

Wed, 20 Sep 2006 16:59:27 +0000

This week we sit down with Dr. Benjamin Wiker, co-author of the great new book entitled A Meaningful World. Easily one of the best interviews you'll hear on intelligent design and the search for purpose in this big, beautiful universe.

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Evolution in Action

Fri, 25 Aug 2006 15:00:22 +0000

(image) What are the limits of evolution? 150 years after Darwin, very little experimental research has been done to answer that simple question. Many scientists simply take evolutionary change from species to species (macroevolution) for granted, given the small scale change within species (microevolution) that we see every day. However, actually testing the limits of evolutionary change is a different animal (no pun intended). This week we steal yet another show from the ID the Future podcast. We'll hear Rob Crowther interview former Stanford Medical School and now University of Wisconsin-Superior microbiologist Dr. Ralph Seelke about evolutionary change in the 2000 generations and 1.5 trillion bacteria cells he's observed. You can check out Dr. Seelke's bio and home on the web here and read his What Can Evolution Really Do? paper here. For more info on intelligent design and evolution visit

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It's a Meaningful World After All

Fri, 18 Aug 2006 21:58:03 +0000

(image) A Meaningful World: How the Arts And Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature By Benjamin Wiker & Jonathan Witt Publisher: InterVarsity Press Imagine that your world is not just a lucky rock in the midst of a worthless universe. Then imagine a place where meaning and genius are not just hoped for, they abound in real, testable ways for all to see. That's the world you live in and that's the subject of a great new book by Jonathan Witt and Benjamin Wiker entitled

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design

Fri, 18 Aug 2006 19:27:10 +0000

(image) This week, catch an interview with Jonathan Wells, author of the new The Politically Incorrect to Darwinism and Intelligent Design. You can also check out the book website at Thanks to the ID the Future podcast for this episode...

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South Carolina Students to Honestly Evaluate Evolution

Tue, 20 Jun 2006 21:41:22 +0000

(image) This week we talk with Casey Luskin from the Discovery Institute about the South Carolina school board's decision to encourage honest teaching of Darwin's theory in public schools. If you're a student, a parent, or a teacher, you'll want to tune in to hear about what's going on in South Carolina and its potential impact on science education throughout the U.S.

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The ACLU and the Famous Dover,PA Lawsuit over ID in Schools

Wed, 31 May 2006 16:35:24 +0000

(image) Recently in Dover, PA Judge E. John Jones ruled that intelligent design was unconstitutional in public schools. Prior to this decision, Dover citizens elected a new school board, which ran on a platform completely opposed to the intelligent design-friendly curriculum enacted by the former school board and which was the target of a lawsuit brought by a handful of local parents represented by attorneys from the ACLU and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. However, prior to Judge Jones' decision, faulty as it was, the newly elected Dover school board was presented a legally-viable opportunity to nix the ID curriculum, potentially saving the residents of Dover $1,000,000 in legal fees from the ACLU and Americans United. Shockingly, the new Dover school board voted to keep the very policy they ran against. The result--a million bucks in legal fees for the ACLU and Americans United. Hear about this fascinating turn of events from Joe Manzari of the American Enterprise Institute and decide for yourself. For a great critique of Judge Jones' pathetic decision in the Dover, PA case, check out Traipsing Into Evolution. You can also log onto for more info on ID and evolution in public education.

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