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Preview: 1-American-Politics: Your Average Voter

1-American-Politics: Your Average Voter

A frank discussion on the state of politics and government in America and what we can do to choose better leaders.

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Social-ist Security?


Here's link to an article from the Wall Street Journal: we begin to tackle the touchiest of touchy politicial subjects: social security![*applause*] [*howls of disapproval*]I know how you guys love a good argument. Well, we're bound to find one here.The Wall Street Journal is probably as conservative as the New York Times is liberal, so we should allow for

Kofi Says Full Disclosure Might Hurt UN


A few timely news stories: "Come Clean Kofi" - "Kofi Annan and the Insanity of International Law" - "The Senate vs. the U.N." - Chicago Sun Times Have you ever seen a movie or TV show where some smug, self-important foreigner gets away with heinous crimes by way of diplomatic immunity? Ever fumed at the idea of international representatives letting unpaid

Does Judicial Activism Beget Judicial Activism?


A few related links: The talk of the political circles this week (aside from the state of the Democratic Party) is the US Supreme Court. Speculation is flying about who will be the next Chief Justice and whether or not President Bush will appoint right-wing

A Moment of Political Clarity


I suppose it's typical after an election to do one's best to be conciliatory. Both the President and John Kerry, to their credit, did superbly in their respective post-election speeches to put aside the bitter battle for the White House and implore Americans to come together again. This is perhaps our brief moment of national political clarity. Make no mistake about the ongoing presence of

Pres. Race May Require Coin Toss


Check out the current polls at Looks like we're in for a real sumo match on Tuesday. 3 of the 5 tracking polls are showing a dead heat. One web site I saw calculated 33 different ways the race could end in a tie; 269-269. In that case, the House gets to break the tie. I rather think the candidates should settle it like men: paper, rock, scissors, or if you prefer,

The Other Side of the Coin...


In my last post I pledged to try to find an example of a conservative making an judgment-driven generalization about liberals. After looking around for a while, doing a few Google searches, I decided to "go where the fish were biting," and headed for This was an obvious place to look, since Ann is notorious for being outspoken about her dislike of liberals. So here's a quote

A good example...


I found this on the ABC News discussion forum... (anti-Bush) In short, this poster decided to make fun of some young folks who weren't paying attention to where they were standing, so the letters they were holding up spelled BUHS," instead of "BUSH." The comments become even more distasteful when you look closely and see that the people look

The most venomous campaigns in history?


Hate Bush? Hate Kerry? Hate Nader(poor Ralph must be feeling left out...)? Hate politicians in general? When did politics get so disgusting? And worse, are we partly to blame? As a somewhat educated person with a healthy interest in government and politics, this election season has been bittersweet. Interest in the race for the White House is the highest it's been in recent memory. Pollsters