Mundane details of the Sampson family's life in Portland Oregon

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Snakes at The Lammers'


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Wyatt Graduates Kidergarten


Congrats Big Guy!

Jet Boatin'


My parents came up for a visit to Portland and one cool thing we did was a jet boat tour of The Willamette River.

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Couple More Weeks and We Will Be Done With the Inside


We will probably move in about two to three weeks from now.  Mostly finishing touches inside at this point.  Still need to do the deck outside and repair some of the exterior siding that was modified in connection with the work we did.

We're still not sure we like the distressing on the wall

Dry bar and kitchen

Kitchen and nook

Gettin' There...


Couple more week and we'll be move-in ready.Master fireplace and upstairs carpet Great Room "feature wall" and built-in cabinetsKitchen coming alongFinish carpentry and lighting getting installedStairway coming alongNew front door on the way[...]

Snow Day Today


It's been below freezing all day and won't get over that until mid-day tomorrow. Some excerpts below and all the pics/videos here.

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Perimeter Countertops Installed


The perimeter countertops are installed and the island will be in next week.  Most off the finish carpentry is installed except for built in cabinets in the family room and formal living room.

Hard to get a really good look at things due to all off the saw dust...

Silcox Hut for Melissa's 40th


Jason planned this trip for Mellisa's 49th birthday almost two years ago. Overnight at a remote and historical mountain cabin. The Silcox hut has a interesting history and they now rent it out to groups of up to 24 people to spend the night. Accessible only by Snowcat, once your there, your stuck there for the night. Some pics below and more in the album.

Elf It!


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Cabinets Being Painted and Tile work


The upstairs is almost done with about the only thing needed is carpet.  Downstairs finish carpentry is starting and the cabinets are about done being painted.  We will have delivery of appliances soon and fabrication of our counter tops.

Laundry room

More Progress on the New House


All cabinets are now installed and more trim work getting installed downstairs.  Upstairs is half down with paint and carpet will be up there soon.

More pics in the online album.

Wide shot of the kitchen and dry bar (the bare wood will be painted white)

Shower door in master (it never had a door before)

The dry bar

I'm really diggin' the crown on the cabinets

Cabinets Going In


Kitchen and dry bar cabinets are mostly installed.  The island and bar are a dark brown stain while the perimeter cabinets will be painted white.  The pics below have been added to the online album.

More Progress on La Mesa Ct


Making progress on patching things up.  Downstairs is almost done with drywall and the cabinet are being delivered this week.  The upstairs just needs paint and carpet and will be done.Our new interior doorsDrywall is pretty much done in the kitchen...ready for cabinetsMoved the nook door to the opposite side and removed a windowThe big window by the fireplace will become a big sliderDouble slider that will go next to fireplace and lead to the expanded deck[...]

Just Some of the Latest Remodel Pics


Nothing too exciting.  Getting deeper into the electrical rough-in work.  Lots of drywall had to be removed to get everything done.  A few off the latest pics below from the photo album.

Google PhotoSphere

The window on the left will become a double slider

The kitchen nook

The whole kitchen will have been rewired

Modified this wall put a refrigerator it in

Hidden Compartment Under the Sairway


We will have a hidden door in the wainscoting that will go along the wall under the stair.  Of course the kids have big plans for this little room.

Hard Floors Will Be Done Before End of Week


Just a couple more updates to the remodel photo album.  Floor are 2/3 done and will be complete by Friday.  I like how it's turning out.

Hardwood Floors Going In


Remodel Update


Completed some framing in the kitchen to give us a better layout.  That necessitated some re-configuring of the pantry and passage way between the formal dining room and kitchen.  Also framed out relocated closets in two of the bedrooms.  Wood floors start going in tomorrow.

The picture album has been updated and a few highlights below.

Pantry on the left, refer in the middle and passage to dining on the right

Here's the wood floor we picked out.  Testing out some wall colors.

One of the relocated bedroom closets

Stairway will be completely updated.  Original builder left all of this junk under the stairs.

And the Zombie Version for Halloween


Good Lookin' Boys


The school pictures are in.  Sawyer's first grade picture and Wyatt's kindergarten picture...

New House Remodel in Lake Oswego


New house at 5724 La Mesa Ct being remodeled.  See the photo album.  I will add more photos as things progress.

Wyatt's Drawings...a Monologue


Wyatt likes to describe his drawings.  He REALLY likes to describe his drawings.  Here's his latest drawing monologue.  I've mercifully increased the speed by 8x.  The original is 5 mins long.

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Sunriver for The Lammers Family Reunion


Just got back from an amazing week at Caldera Springs in Sunriver, OR.  We had our usual good times as in years past at this spot.  Several members of the extended Lammers family joined up to make it a family reunion too.  Videos and excerpts from the picture album below.

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Cannon Beach Trip


This hottest day of the year was forecast for this Saturday so we decided at the last minute to beat the heat in Cannon Beach. We got lucky and found a room for Saturday night at Schooner Cove Inn.  It was the hottest weather we've ever experienced in Cannon Beach but was still worlds better than being at home.

We did the obligatory lunch at Mo's (twice) and lot's of hanging out on the sand.  On the way home we did a little hike at Ecola Park along the coastal cliffs.

Video and picture excerpts below.  Full photo album here.

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The Moment When Wyatt Didn't Need Training Wheels


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