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PC Today profiles GritwirePC Today profiles Gritwire


We received a product review in the May 2006 edition of PC Today. The first page of the article is available here: Gritwire Free Web-based RSS & Podcasts

One interesting piece of misinformation is that it suggests we've been online for only six weeks?? A pre-alpha-version of Gritwire was up June '04, which was followed quickly in July with a slightly-less-pre-alpha-version of Gritwire, and the WebTop version of Gritwire was launched leading up to our sponsorship of the Syndicate Conference in December.

Outside of that erroneous detail the writeup is primarily a functional description of our features. We're hoping to fix a couple of mentioned "shortcomings" including reintroducing a feed directory and improving access to instructions...although our real goal is to be easy enough to use that instructions are unnecessary. As alway, if you DO have questions or ideas, you can contact me via this blog, email, or phone.