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> Viajes, tecnología, fotografía y otras curiosidades

Updated: 2018-03-06T07:17:49.443+01:00



We got good review here on last big projects ;-)


changed pension plan settings last night. Last minute as usual. Seems so far but I guess it'll come one day.


it's great to see that the VTM proposition is getting such good response. More big global deals to come very soon... and shortlisted for MWC Best Enterprise Service


Vodafone Global Enterprise signs first Telecoms Management global deal with Oracle in Europe, Middle East and Africa


just watched Pirates of Silicon Valley. A classic on the Apple & Microsoft story.


Ups, yes, irregular, caught ;-)


just catched up with Lost. S1 to S6 E2. Now I have to wait every week? No way...


found some pictures from University 15 years ago. Still smiling ;-)


Biggest full moon of the year last night. It's still very big today. Have a look outside.


iPad - Deja vu - Oct 2001 - Apple's iPod spurs mixed reactions


Sorry, this is the right link if you want to try free 2GB account


SugarSync, one of my prefered applications for PC, Mac, iPhone and BB


Testing service to update Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter in one shot.

How Having Fun Changes Customer Behaviour


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Get Excited and Make Things


Nebulosa del Cangrejo / Crab Nebula


Just reblogging the content of the Photo of the day from NASA, as it's one of my prefered objects in the sky.

This is the mess that is left when a star explodes. The Crab Nebula, the result of a supernova seen in 1054 AD, is filled with mysterious filaments. The filaments are not only tremendously complex, but appear to have less mass than expelled in the original supernova and a higher speed than expected from a free explosion. The above image, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, is presented in three colors chosen for scientific interest. The Crab Nebula spans about 10 light-years. In the nebula's very center lies a pulsar: a neutron star as massive as the Sun but with only the size of a small town. The Crab Pulsar rotates about 30 times each second.

Sugarsync : keeping your key information in the Cloud


When I became a Mac user, one of my priorities was to find a way to move information efficiently between my PC and Mac, even if one of them was staying at the office and the other at home.

While I have a network drive ( Buffalo D-link ) which I can access from anywhere, I'm aware it may die one of these days and all the information would be lost, so I decided to give a try to one of the cloud-based storage services.

It seems that the two key leading services in this area are Sugarsync and Dropbox, in addition to the service from Apple.

As the Sugarsync systems supports Blackberry access in addition to PC and Mac, I decided to give it a try and registered for a free account ( 2 GB storage space ).

One more benefits is that they have clients for most OS both in computer and mobile device. Pc, Mac, Windows Mobile, Apple, Blackberry, Android...  all of them very intuitive and simple to use.

I've been using Sugarsync intensively for the last two months, storing there the key documents and presentations I'm working everyday so I can resend them easily while on the move or access them at home from my Mac computer ( powerpointing is a completely different experience when you have a Mac ;-)

The end result of this testings is very, very positive. Sugarsync gives me the confidence that my key files are backed up and even if a loose or forget my laptop I'll have access to my critical information from everywhere. Both my Mac and PC have an updated folders where the last version of my Evangelism presentations are stored, and resending to anyone or sharing a full folder is just a question of seconds.

In addition to this, I found Sugarsync a very useful service to share pictures with many people. In the past I used public folders in Flickr to do this, but this made the rest of my pictures to change their assigned web address, and most of the photo hyperlinks in this blog stopped working. With Sugarsync it's very simple, you just create a new folder, share it and send the link to as many people as you want.

As a summary, I'm loving my Sugarsync service and it's coming now to the list of the services I'd be ready to pay for if I really need more than 2 GB space. I had a look to Drop Box again, but I don't see a clear advantage why I should use it versus Sugarsync, so I'd stick to my sweet friend.

Elephants and more - fotos from Africa trip



I finally spent some time selecting pictures from the trip to Africa. You can see more in Flicker, by clicking here

Updated to Snow Leopard


Some of you following in Facebook already know I moved to the bright side some months ago ( by the way one of the best decisions I've ever taken ).

Today I have updated my Macbook Pro 15" to Snow Leopard with no problems. All hardware works well, all software still works...

Very different experience than any Windows update in the past...

Bristol Balloon Fiesta


This Saturday I spent some time at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. Very nice event specially the night glow of the balloons as well as sunset launch.[...]

Algunas fotos del viaje a Italia


Como algunos ya me habeis comentado que estais cansados de ver la cara de Lewis ( o la mia ? ) cuando abreis el blog, he dejado la pereza del fin de semana a un lado y seleccionado alguna foto del ultimo viaje a Italia

Espero que os gusten. Hay muchas mas, algunas espero que buenas. A ver cuando tengo otro rato y las selecciono.

Atardecer en Florencia

Orta de San Giuglio, Lago de Orta

(image) Portofino


Barcelona F1 : otra vez con el amigo Luis


Esta vez la foto sí que fue individual, y además el tio me dijo quesoy bastante alto. ¿ No será que él es muy bajito ????Lewis contando que el coche no va ni con pedales. Que no se agarra al suelo y sale disparado en cada curvaAlonso tenía prisa, y no iba de muy buen humorY luego paseo por el paddock y el box de McLaren. El suelo estaba tan limpio que se podian tomar sopasLos de Ferrari estaban justo al ladoLas bombas de combustible[...]

Waddesdon Manor


(image) (image)

Excellent visit close to Oxford and London.

The impressive Manor was built by the Rothschild family 130 years ago to exhibit their extensive art collection.

More information at

San Francisco : trabajo, vino y barbapaella


El fin de semana pasado tuve la suerte de disfrutarlo en la zona de San Francisco, una de las regiones que más me gustan por la combinacion de clima, calidad de vida y cosas interesantes para hacer en los alrededores.Empezo con una comida el viernes con los compañeros de Global Enterprise Costa Oeste ( sí, tenemos empleados e incluso edificio de Vodafone en la zona ). Para ir descansando del ajetreo de los dos dias anteriores, comida al sol en Tiburón tras cruzar el Golden Gate.El sabado excursión a los viñedos de Sonoma y Napa, las dos zonas más conocidas de producción de vinos en el norte de California. En general tanto el clima como los paisejes recuerdan mucho a España, con todo muy moderno y además muy orientado al turismo. Finalmente, el domingo tuve que cumplir la promesa de hace mucho tiempo y cocinar una paella californiana con los elementos que tenía a mi disposición. Encontra la paella ( recordad que así se llama el recipiente, que no paellera ) fue fácil, pues las venden importadas desde España en la tienda de menaje de Walnut Creek. Luego una combinación de gambas, pescado y algo de marisco junto con buena ración de verduras consiguió que estuviera bien sabrosa.Como podeis ver en la foto, el mejor sitio que encontré para cocinarla fue una barbacoa de gas, que resultó muy conveniente pues para secar el arroz bastó con cerrar la tapa y quedó bien en su punto al tener el calor bien distribuido. Creo que este es el inicio de la BARBAPAELLA ( variante del Arroz al Horno )Una vez pasado el fin de semana, algo más de trabajo en la zona, visita a Denver ( Colorado ) donde además de tener una reunión estupenda con un gran cliente pude ver nieve por todos lados y la mayoría de la gente esquiando todos los días. De allí directamente vuelta para casa en el fresco y lluvioso Newbury. Conclusión : San Francisco cada vez me gusta más ;-)[...]