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ReLo'd to BA from SD

in late 2006, relocated my angst, business, and social life to NoCal from SoCal ... just a 40-something chick in the 'burbs of the SF bay area who randomly posts about random topics ... the occasional quirky stories of dating (or not) at 40-ish, work-

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'09 halloween: the beginning


highlighter (or tri-lighter) hottie?!that is sort of the concept.we'll see how this plays out the rest of actual halloween day/night.enjoy the weekend!(2008 halloween offering? ... OVER HERE)

cog: this time, it was the word detail


cubiapersneeded for my cuburination momenton oct 7th(last time was over here and over here)common demoninator?ponytail gal.key word?DETAIL(out of context, doesn't mean much. within context, it's pee-in-my-pants)thanks, ponytail, for the chuckles this week.very, VERY much needed and welcomed.XOXOXO!!!



today iscal's homecomingcal v. usctwo years ago i took my friend joanne to her first cal football game ... OVER HERE documents her virgin-voyage.this season, cal's showing as follows ...and despite the obvious chatter about cal's game last weekend, today perhaps will be THE DAY that we beat U$ or bottom, anyone?what say you?tailgate crawling, anyone?!see ya!

mcgayver or macgyver? ...


problem ... the floor easels do NOT have the proper holders for displaying poster boards.solution ... binder clips.other considerations ...diameter - diameter of easel leg determines whether a medium, large or uber-mega binder clip is used.fashionista - we only had black clips. if this trend continues, may consider silver and brass clipsposter board - featherweight or weighty? featherweight works

haiku on the run at harris ranch?


at harris ranch for a couple of nights. a couple people were inspired upon our arrival lunch ...harris ranch here nowbeef o' plenty - live and deadoh - smell of money?!oh moose on the wallsweet potato fries are herei pet you - cow chairmaybe more later ... or not?

r|break: not to wear out loud ... ?!


today's tank tee(under my hoodie)during my comp time stint stop with the #11 (!), misters ... ha!meanwhile weekend is cal v. usc(our homecoming!!!!) enjoy your weekend!

r|break: saturday morn fiber break - i love you more than ...


so it has been a while since a saturday morning fiber break where you can provide feedback or ponder.fiber break ... that special several minutes in the morning when you just ... just can be you and have your special moment (or moments). so for today's fiber break ... revisiting and adding on to -i love you more than .... grits at rudy's . happy hour with the gals .. watching glee . pressing

r|breathe: cubraffiti ...


cubraffiti ... "graffiti" in a cubester's squalor.sometimes, when i am on the phone and need a mental break (because to whomever i am talking is unhappy, near yelling, angry, or snarky - or perhaps needs a dose of my cubraffit), i stare at my cubraffiti section of my cubicle. and i am reminded of the following ...adolfo girala - i have postcards with images of some of his paintingskelly

(re)r|break is an r|psa: sat morn fiber break


this is a (re)post ... from back in may '09 (over here) when ponytail clued a few cubesters into, apparently, an "international" event ... have at it!however, today (09/19) my "new" pirate name ... murderous alison(oh! sadly, our captain, ponytail,was not around on sept 18, so we'll have to partake next year,or perhaps when captain ponytail returns ...we'll figure something out)on friday,

cCacao clan: mia culpa on posts


i am very (VERY!) behind on my cCacao posts with my last post over here (~ 3 weeks ago) about the scam sh** and a more traditional post (aka last login) over here (more than 1 month ago) about the metrics (e.g., clickety-clack, yippity-yap, blah-blah).PENDING math is fun ... i'll get to posting current stats when i get on-line. maybe i'll finally do another vlog. who knows?voices in my head on

seas6reality: for my soul sistah ...


... who is out in vermont. shout out!!!(inside joke: "oh, I had an ATM scam, now I can only get money from the bank, oh yeah, and you know the bay bridge is closed for three days, and it is a holiday weekend " ... *sniff*sniff* do I smell scam!) although i'm still quite a bit behind on posting the seas6reality tv show sh**, i am reminded of the lovin' from harold's girl. so here y'go ...yes, i

"MINE!" ... rudy's me with some pork ribs, dude!


july 23 din-din ... i loves me my rudy's (... as in rudy's can't fail | cafe OVER HERE)as a kick-start ... for getting the season 6, reality tv frivolity started for top chef and project runway, i found pics for a din-din moment in time way-back in july where rollercoaster man (AND gadgetman) were NOT (and i repeat NOT) sharin' their pork ribs lovin' with me.(pictured is rollercoaster man)say

r|break: home-cooked meal time?!


time to do a little home-cookin'with some food lovin'!!!(click on image ... supercook: recipe search by ingredients you have at home) thanks to au who had shared ..."Plugged "tuna steaks" and "mango" into to find a recipe and made the most delicious mango salsa and tuna dish last night. I have made every meal for the past week from this website. It is truly a gift from heaven

r|break: this past friday afternoon ...


aug 28th, i was a cog ...and a miracle was performed by many!!!... and once againponytail and l.a.g. cheered egged watched me press the buttonand cuburination!!! (1st time, over here)mission accomplished - now where are mycubiapers?!

ibillic: course of events & my little web research efforts


[back story over here about the scam]how it all started to end ... the following are the series of events from last weekend (aug 22/23) regarding the romance scam - and what a weekend it was, closing out the nearly 2 week volley of emails.on the afternoon aug 22 (12:33 pm), i figured out i was a target of an internet dating scam.that same afternoon (2:03 pm), i told/texted some girlfriends i'd

ibillic: and then he said - let's just PRETEND ...


[back story over here]... he, ibillic (italian born in london living in california), was real and spoke (and wrote) in italian. that said, the last note i received would have looked something like this (according to google language tools over here) IF it were written in italian (and perhaps poor italian) ...[and if you are too lazy to do that cut/paste yourself, at the end of this post is the

cCacao clan: my nigerian prince (aka ibillic) ... got blog fodder?


my nigerian prince-wannabe-boyfriend(aka ibillic) is in trouble.spare some change?"... Honey can you help me with this? if you can't just know that i will understand, i am just trying my luck anywhere... a drowning man will clutch at any thing so please if you can help me then that means that you will have to do a westernunion money transfer of exactly $1850 to J***s Fisher in Beijing China who

all that matters before i leave san diego


as if there is anything else that matters ... ... because there isn't.

a l'il mia & my biennial mecca in august/september?


last year ... i had THESE PLANS (sept 2008) and that (and more) is what i did.two years ago (aug 2007) - THIS.this year ... i am headed back to SD for several days. unlike having plans in the past 2 years, i am just going. i gotta gets my ass outta the BA. plans? i dunno.aug 12 ... driving down to kettleman city for some work (and hope to meet an old friend before heading into the work stuff this

cCacao+ clan: month 2 + heading into week 2 (400?!)


last login ... was a very (!) quick one last week OVER HERE. this, too, shall be quick. closed out at 2 yippity-yap | 9 clickety-clack | 19 tbd | 351 closed. starting out this evening ... there are 8 clickety-clack and 25 tbd (with 362 zippity-zap'd). i have spent the week NOT pressing that crack-button and decided this evening that i would. (the 7 per day rate has dramatically reduced over the

r|break: today ...


i was a cog ...... andponytail watched me pee my pants!!!cuburination: pee-your-pants moment by a cubestertoday was a good day!(thanks ponytail!!! we shall celebrate june july 29as the anniversary date of literally crying tears of absurdity.)

cCacao clan: month 2 starts with this quick check-in ...


last login ... was last week OVER HERE after a nearly 1 month hiatus of posting update. and as of the last post, stats were at 2 yippity-yap | 14 clickety-clack | 15 tbd (with 319 zippity-zap'd).starting out this evening ... there are 8 clickety-clack and 27 tbd (with 338 zippity-zap'd). i decided to "press the button" and behold (!) - make that 33 tbd. so let's get a crackin' on the triage.

bliss + mimoco ...


... equals?yes! i posted a little something about bliss back OVER HERE, for which she is 1 of 100 ford fiesta agents OVER HERE (#14)! i love (love -LOVE!!!) that she chose the mimobot mission (who the f**k wouldn't?!) ... i loves it almost as much as i love ramona (#398). oh, the memories when i first met her!!! time to fall in love with another mimobot, eh?! bliss-mimo-MINE!!!Q: how happy was i

cCacao+ clan: it will be nearly 2 months ...


... since the whole clickety-clack, yippity-yap, zippity-zap and peek-ity-boo. in other words, i've been keeping some friends (from over here) updated about the on-line world for which they may live vicariously, as well as have a little insight to my quirky ba dating activities. and though i wasn't intending to jump into another update, i figured it has been quite sometime since i've posted an

curse or blessing: who'd have thunk ...


... that nearly 25 years later, i'd be reunited with a college chemE buddy (man-with-hat) under circumstances that were somewhat reminiscent of nearly 25 years ago? curse or blessing?!?!jeez louise man-with-hat ... when ya coming back to visit the bay area so my "social" life can pick-up (no pun intended) some more?!two data points ... when man-with-hat is around, perhaps similarities in the