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Georgia Bulldogs. 2012 SEC East and state champions.

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Louisiana defensive back commits to the ‘Dawgs



The Georgia Bulldogs put on a clinic last night in front of a host of big time recruits. It didn’t take long for it to pay dividends either.

Brule, a 6’2, 205 pound Metaire, Louisiana native, chose the Bulldogs over offers from Arkansas, Mississippi State, Arizona, Tennessee, and Texas among others, though he’d essentially narrowed things down to UGA and Mississippi State. Some dispute exists among recruiting services about exactly where to rank Brule. According to 247Sports he is a 3 star recruit not among the top 30 safeties in the country (or among the top 15 players in Louisiana). Rivals however rates him a 4 star peospect and among the top 250 players in the country.

Either way, Mel Tucker seems to have decided months ago that he wanted Brule as part of UGA’s 2018 class.

Brule is a versatile, aggressive defender who could ultimately play safety or move up to inside linebacker. He attacks the ball carrier, and looks surprisingly comfortable in coverage for his size. If pressed for a comparison, I’d say he reminds me of junior linebacker Juwan Taylor, another ‘tweener type, who has nevertheless earned some snaps.

It’s tough to divine too much from Brule’s commitment about where Georgia stands with other prospects because it’s also hard to know where Georgia sees him playing. I think Brule makes the most sense at middle linebacker because he doesn’t really have the length the ‘Dawgs prefer in an outside linebacker nor the hip flexibility and pure speed you’d want from a safety.

Only time will tell. But Georgia is getting a guy who likes to come up and pop ball carriers with abandon, and that’s never a bad thing. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!

2017 College Football Polls: Week 5


Week 5 Polls The Associated Press Top 25 Alabama Clemson Oklahoma Penn State USC Washington Georgia Michigan TCU Wisconsin Ohio State Virginia Tech Auburn Miami Oklahoma State Washington State Louisville USF San Diego State Utah Florida Notre Dame West Virginia Mississippi State LSU The USA Today Coaches Poll Alabama Clemson Oklahoma Penn State USC Washington Michigan Georgia Ohio State Wisconsin TCU Virginia Tech Miami Oklahoma State Auburn Washington State USF Louisville Utah Florida San Diego State LSU West Virginia Mississippi State FSU The Massey computer composite Every poll and rating smashed into one continually updating ranking, basically. Early in the season, it still includes some preseason projections. Alabama Clemson Oklahoma USC Washington Michigan Georgia Penn State Ohio State Wisconsin TCU Virginia Tech Oklahoma State Notre Dame Miami Mississippi State Louisville (t-17) Washington State (t-17) San Diego State Duke Auburn South Florida Florida Stanford Minnesota Bill Connelly's S&P+ ratings Alabama Ohio State Florida State Oklahoma Wisconsin Clemson Penn State Washington Michigan USC Miami-FL LSU Auburn Georgia Oklahoma State Stanford TCU Louisville Notre Dame Virginia Tech Washington State Ole Miss Florida Mississippi State Texas Georgia Overview Georgia shut up Mississippi State, winning 31-3. The defense is legit, and Jake Fromm is asking some serious questions. Movers Fell Out: #12 Florida State, #24 Oregon Newcomers: #22 Notre Dame, #23 West Virginia Overrated #5 USC The Trojans are not going to make the college football playoff. There. I said it. Darnold has an interception issue, and the Pac 12 isn’t strong enough to carry a less than worthy champion. Underrated N.C. State They should be ranked. Period. This Week’s Top 25 Matchups #16 USC at #16 Washington State #24 Mississippi State at #13 Auburn #2 Clemson at #12 Virginia Tech Upset Alert Last week, I finally had a loser in Arizona. This week, I’m taking Rutgers vs. Ohio State… Kidding. East Carolina will beat South Florida. [...]

15 Thoughts Thinks Jim Chaney is a Sexy Beast


After a couple of weeks away from the blog due to hurricane stuff and a bunch of overtime (thanks for stepping in, MaconDawg) I’m back for another installment of 15 Thoughts. What an awesome thing to witness in spectacular high-def last night. First, a little dig at a trolling member of the opposition’s community from an earlier thread: Blinders On You must have then blinders on brotha. You have no idea what is coming at you guys tomorrow. Last Laugh I will be laughing when there is nobody left in the stands tomorrow but State fans!!!! Damn that’s going to be so freaking funny. (Comments by T-Dawg81) Both your comments were, (ahem) overrated. Have a nice life. I have never understood what motivates a grown man (or woman) to come over to someone else’s house party and poop in their living room. Dude graduated in ‘81? You’re older than me, man. Act it. Anyway, you’ve been unbanned if you care to rebut. Just don’t show your butt. 1. Where to begin? Of course you have to start with the defense. Everyone was swarming to the ball all night long, but Roquan Smith is a defensive Sidewinder Missile launched from the rocket rails of Mel Tucker’s fighter jet that is seemingly never out of position on any play, is as sure a tackler as we’ve had since Jarvis Jones, and is always around the ball. He’s a pleasure to watch. Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images 2. Every now and then a true difference maker winds up in your program and imparts real dynamic change immediately. That player is J.R. Reed. This kid is about as good of a tackling cornerback in run support as I’ve seen in watching 4+ decades of Georgia football. Reed had 10 tackles and 3 pass breakups. In fact, all of our corners are really great at playing a physical brand of run support. Aaron Davis is steady as a rock. And the young guys rotating in are learning by example. This unit is improving. 3. Deandre Baker, #18 in your program; #1 in our hearts, had himself a game. He was pressed into man-to-man coverage all evening and was excellent, breaking up a couple of pass attempts on very accurate throws, and tallying the season’s first pick, which was a beautiful thing to watch as he read Nick Fitzgerald’s eyes and broke on the ball. This set up Thought #9... 4. As beautiful as Baker’s pick was, Dominick Sander’s 13th career interception (putting him in a 5-way tie with Kirby Smart, Scott Woerner, Jeff Sanchez and Ben Smith) was one of those moments when a deflected pass hung in the air for a few impossible seconds and Sander’s leap, catch and run was better than anything Xbox Live could muster. That was a “jump outta your chair and scare the cat” moment for me. The interception drought is over. We’re gonna get a whole bunch more, methinks. 5. Nick Fitzgerald got some yards on designed QB runs, but by halftime that guy had to be hurting. He certainly doesn’t lack for bravery. Nick was taking a beating, and Roquan Smith’s hit on Fitzgerald on a drop-back early in the first quarter could be felt all the way down in Broward County. 6. We rotated our defensive line all night long. These guys stayed fresh and Mississippi State simply could not utilize their backs as planned into the interior of the line. Depth is crucial at any position, but true depth on the defensive line is causing teams to try and test the edges, and we’re just too fast. 6a. Kudos to our guards for basically neutralizing State’s nose tackle, Jeffrey Simmons. I didn’t hear his name called much. And pocket protection for Jake Fromm was outstanding. 7. Going forward, the blueprint for true success is getting an early lead and forcing teams to get out of their comfort zone against a defense that is not going to give up yards and points easily. At 14-3, I felt fairly comfortable. At 21-3, I was “happy drankin.” You know, that is the opposite of angry, nervous, upset, the last 3 or 4 season style of drankin’ (also known as Tenne[...]

Winning Smart Victory Post



Bulldog v. Bulldog, Part Two

It is our intention to celebrate Georgia Bulldog Football Wins whenever and wherever they occur. The ugliness of any particular win is irrelevant for the purposes of the Winning Smart Victory Post.

However, yesterday’s Victory was just about the prettiest girl we’ve ever seen at the dance.

It is therefore my deepest honor and privilege to bring to you this week’s edition of: Winning Smart Victory Post.

Coach Kirby Smart currently boasts a 12-5 record and a 0.706 winning percentage, having carded his Twelth win overall after the Classic City Canines performed beyond expectations against the #1 offense in the NCAA Mississippi State Bulldogs. At the identical juncture in their careers:

Vince Dooley’s 17th game as head coach resulted in a Bulldog Loss to the Kentucky Wildcats giving Coach Dooley a record of 11-5-1 and 0.676 percentage.

Coach Mark Richt was 13-4 (0.765) after beating the Alabama Crimson Tide during the 2002 season. His second season with Georgia was CMR’s best season during his tenure.

Sixteen games in to his head coaching career Kirby Smart is 2nd in line trailing Coach Mark Richt by one game and ahead of Coach Vince Dooley by half a game. He’s holding his own versus two winningest coaches in Georgia Football History.

As always . . .

Go 'Dawgs !!!

Sunday Morning Hangover: Georgia vs. Mississippi State Edition


Welcome to the Sunday Morning Hangover, where we cope with the joys and sorrows of yesterday. Here are ten items of note from Georgia’s 31-3 blowout of No. 17 Mississippi State to get you rolling. Song of the Week: src="" style="border: 0; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; position: absolute;" allowfullscreen="" scrolling="no"> Walking in the park. Grantham. Frightened of the dark. Some kind of solitude is measured out in you. You think you know me but you haven’t got a clue. Was the Offense Offensive? Not. At. All. From the first throw to the final moments of the game, the offense did what it needed to do. Props to Jim Chaney for taking the Chaney Chains of Jake Fromm a bit. That opened things up. A slew of positives from this game against an allegedly elite defense: The offensive line looked as strong as it has at any point in the past few seasons. The offense surpassed 400 yards. This is a trend now (for at least two weeks). I put this after bullet-point 1 above because that seems the best way to tip the cap to the big uglies. Fromm was incredibly impressive. A few drops hurt hum but he still hit on 9 of 12 passes for 201 yards and two touchdowns. Who knows what the damage may have been if the margin of victory wasn’t so wide. Chubb looked close to Old Chubb in my opinion. Sony Michel looked like a tank. D’Andre Swift is quickly becoming a star. Seeing the tight ends getting involved made me downright giddy. Todd Grantham looked like a joke. Was the Defense Defensible? Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports The defense was absolutely stellar. I had my doubts about the prowess of Michael Vick Cam Newton Nick Fitzgerald (as expressed here), and Mel Tucker’s defense made him look downright pedestrian. Statistically speaking, he wasn’t any better than any other QB Georgia has faced this year. He completed fewer than 50% of his passes while tossing for 83 yards (a measly 2.9 yards per attempt), 0 TDs and 2 INTs. He ran 10 times for just 47 yards and no scores. Aeris Williams never got rolling (11 carries for 24 yards) and neither did any other portion of the Mississippi State offense. The fleaflicker to open the game will be the SportsCenter moment, but the highlight of the game was the final stop as time expired and the giddiness from Georgia’s sideline that ensued. How Special was Special Teams Play? All Hot Rod jokes aside, Blankenship was fantastic. He kicked the ball into the end zone consistently and nailed a deep field goal. No news is good news and that’s starting to become Georgia’s identity on special teams. Never thought I’d say that. Stat of the Game 3. That’s how many points Mississippi State scored this week. Last week, the Dan Mullen’s Bulldogs scored 37 against LSU. Something You Really Shouldn’t Read Into This game as a whole shouldn’t make you overly confident. As I said in Friday’s column, I don’t think Mississippi State is a great team. They were getting a bump for beating a team (LSU) that was presumed to be good, but LSU is probably trash. A huge, convincing win is huge. A top-25 win is huge. A win in front of crucial recruits is huge. But we don’t know much more about Georgia than we did yesterday morning. Please don’t mistake my trepidation for a lack of satisfaction. Just know this Mississippi State team is probably not a Top 25 team. Georgia should beat less talented teams convincingly at home. Something You Really Should Read Into We might actually have a quarterback controversy on our hands. For the first times since taking over for Jacob Eason, Fromm looked the part of starting quarterback. Don’t get me wrong, he was impressive in his first three contests. But he looked like “the guy” against Mississippi State. This could get interesting. Goal Check-In At this point, everything is still on the table for Georgia. The Bulldogs are 4-0 and[...]

Sunday Morning Dawg Bites



Well, that was fun.

While many of us expected a Georgia victory on Saturday, I don’t think any of us expected one quite like that. The Dawgs dominated Mississippi State and looked good doing it. And so we should take a few moments today to celebrate, but then it’s time to turn our attention to next weekend. After all, it isn’t every Saturday that you have to take on a team of perennial Life Champions™.

Let’s do this. These are your Sunday Morning Dawg Bites:

  • First up, if you’d like to relive last night’s game, you can do so here. Or here. Or here. Or here.
  • Next, The Red & Black has a graded breakdown of how each positional group performed against the Bizarro Bulldogs. I don’t necessarily disagree with any of their assessments, but these Dawg-colored glasses are pretty strong at the moment so I’m gonna give everybody an A+ (on principle).
  • We all know rankings are ultimately meaningless at this point in the season. That said, as great a performance as Georgia had last night, I want some of what this guy is smoking.
  • Cool picture. Terrible last line.
  • Finally, it’s a well-known fact around these parts that I don’t care for Jesse Palmer. And it extends beyond him being a Gator (which in any other case would be enough). Frankly, unless I needed help picking a tie entirely too tiny for my torso, I wouldn’t look to Jesse Palmer as an authority on anything. Still, I can’t argue with him here and it’s certainly a nice change of pace to see effusive praise for something Georgia-related coming from an ESPN talking head for once.

That’s it for now, folks. Until next time...


MVDs: Most Valuable ‘Dawgs



It’s time to once again recognize the players who keyed a UGA football victory. While it’s a little harder job when so much goes right, it is oh so satisfying.

Offense: The big uglies. The clear offensive MVP for Georgia was the whole dang offensive line. Mississippi State’s vaunted front seven spent much of the night being pushed around by them on the way to giving up 203 yards on the ground. They also kept Jake Fromm’s jersey clean for most of the night, allowing the young quarterback to get comfortable in the pocket and stay that way.

Honorable mention: Jake Fromm. Fromm hit his first 8 passes. He finished 9 of 12, but the 3 incompletions were 2 drops and a pass he threw away. All but a perfect night, and a solid AJ McCarron impression. You can go a long way in the SEC with a great defense, a solid rushing attack, and a quarterback who just doesn’t screw it up.

Defense: Roquan Smith. Honestly the defensive MVP could be Smith every single week. Sure, he had 8 tackles and that’s great. But the biggest contribution from Montezuma’s finest was the constant harrassment he doled out to Mississippi State QB Nick Fitzgerald. By the end of the third quarter Fitzgerald had stopped lowering his shoulder when he ran. He didn’t want any more on this night. And that was all about Roquan Smith.

Honorable mention: JR Reed. Reed was solid in coverage with 3 pass breakups, including one that led to a Dominick Sanders interception. He also contributed a career-high 10 tackles. Pretty amazing.

Special teams: In Rod we trust. Rodrigo Blankenship kicked off 6 times on the night. All were touchbacks. Every. One. Remember when we used to wonder how hard it could possibly be for Mark Richt to find somebody to just boot the dang ball out of the back of the endzone? Well, we found one, and it is a gorgeous sight. Rod also hit a 49 yard field goal which, while not essential to the outcome, was still a really nice kick.

Honorable mention: Cameron Nizialek. "Boomer" punted 4 times for a solid 45.5 yard average, with none of those kicks being returned. It is hard to overstate how Blankenship and Nizialek making opponents go 75-80 yards on every series against that stout defense is making life easier for the Bulldogs. It’s just how football is supposed to be played. Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!

Georgia 31, Mississippi State 3: Two Dawgs enter, one contender leaves.


Mississippi State came into Athens this evening ranked #16 in the country. The maroon Bulldogs throttled LSU 37-7 and were going to be a challenge for the Classic City Canines. Nick Fitzgerald was going to be a playmaker, and Jeffrey Simmons was going to give the Bulldog offensive line all they could handle. It was going to be the day that Mississippi State announced its claim to the title of SEC West challenger to the Crimson Tide. Yeah. About that. Instead it was Georgia who looked the part of the ascendent champion, throttling the Bizarro Bulldogs 31-3. There are still questions about this Bulldog team. But let's start with the things we do know. For one, UGA is fielding as good a defense as it has in five years. A championship level defense. Mississippi State came into the evening averaging 47.7 points per game. Sure, it wasn't murderer's row that they rang up those numbers against. But when you are held 44 points below your season average it's safe to say you ran into something you haven't seen before. Fitzgerald, who entered to the tune of Dak Prescott comparisons, exited looking a lot more like Chris Relf. Fitzgerald was 14 of 29 passing for 83 yards, and he surrendered two second half interceptions that effectively spelled the end for the Fightin' Mullens. The return of veteran cornerback Malkom Parrish from a broken foot spurred the Georgia secondary toward its best performance of the season, smothering the maroon receivers all night. Deandre Baker and JR Reed came up big in coverage again and again, with Baker tallying 7 tackles, breaking up 2 passes, and returning an interception that set up a Georgia touchdown. Reed had a monster night, leading all Georgia defenders with 10 tackles. When you've got a really good defense, you're a match for anyone. When your good defense starts taking the ball away and setting your offense up with short fields, it starts getting hard to lose football games. We also know that if you give Jake Fromm a solid gameplan and a lead he will game manager the heck out of you, even as a Bullpup. Fromm came out firing on all cylinders, connecting on each of his first eight passes for 160 yards. He finished the night 9 of 12 for 201 yards and 2 touchdowns, a brutally efficient evening of football. At this point it is difficult to think of this as anything other than Jake Fromm's football team, even though it was clear four weeks ago why Jacob Eason was the one starting. The decision regarding how to handle things when Eason becomes game-ready again is one I'm glad i do not have to make. Honestly, if Fromm is effective at Tennessee and Georgia wins convincingly how do you sit him at this point? This is the most first world of football problems. Regardless of who is under center, we know he'll be standing in front of a stable of weaponized tailbacks. As expected, Jim Chaney came out firing, but once staked to a lead let his offensive line and bruising tailbacks bludgeon MSU and burn clock. Offensive game plans have a tendency to look better when they work, and that may have been the case to some extent tonight. We once again saw the Wild Dawg, and there was once again no real passing threat associated with it. But when Nick Chubb is taking the snap and blasting untouched to a 28 yard touchdown no one really cares. Chubb was but one of a phalanx of UGA backs who churned out 203 rushing yards on 42 carries, winning the time of possession battle and giving SEC opponents a preview of post-game ice baths to come. The big man from Cedartown led all Bulldog rushers with 81 yards on 15 carries. D'Andre Swift chipped in 69 energetic yards on 10 carries. Terry Godwin continued his special season, reeling in 2 catches for 80 yards, principally the 59 yard touchdown on the first play of the game that set the tone and kept the Mississippi State defense off balance from the word go. The tight ends we[...]