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Peace, music, politics, the human condition

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Illustrated truths

Tue, 24 Jan 2017 02:09:00 +0000

Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Another Fine Mess" went up over the weekend.Hillary is responsible for her failure, non one else.Amir ‏@amiraminiMD  Jan 22MoreI appreciate your newly discovered solidarity w/ Muslim women-I just wish u had discovered it when Obama was dropping 26K bombs on them/year49 replies552 retweets918 likesReply 49 Retweet 552 Like 918"Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Monday, January 23, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, eastern Mosul -- turns out -- not fully liberated as claimed last week, thug Nouri al-Maliki continues to cast a shadow over Iraq, what were US State Dept employees doing in the streets of Erbil on Saturday, and much more.Why do they lie?Maybe to excuse away their actions and ignore their guilt.Yet again the corporate media is pimping the lie that Iraq came together to defeat the Islamic State.It's not defeated.Nor do people feel that their country came together.#IRAQ شمرية العراق ‏@moonnor27  24h24 hours agoIraqi army crimes لاتعليق الرساله احزنتني ولم اجد كلمات للتعبير انتم اقرئوها افضل14 replies121 retweets43 likes  #IRAQ شمرية العراق ‏@moonnor27  24h24 hours agofrom #Mosul here 65 Iraqi Sunni family killed by sectarian Iraqi army Airstrikes #Warcrimes #IRAQ2 replies46 retweets23 likes  #IRAQ شمرية العراق ‏@moonnor27  Jan 22Iraqi army crimes كانت حاضره الدنيا اعرق مدن العالم انها الموصل بعد ان دخلها مغول العصر الجيش الشيعي المجرم حولها لمدينه اشباح 6 replies136 retweets60 likes  #IRAQ شمرية العراق ‏@moonnor27  Jan 22Our Sunni city #Mosul become a ghost city Completely destroyed by Sectarian Iraqi army #Warcrimes #MosulOffensive #IRAQ 1 reply44 retweets22 likes  #IRAQ شمرية العراق ‏@moonnor27  7h7 hours agoعاجل طلاب جامعه الموصل الكرام يخرجون بمظاهرات عارمه تنديدا #بهدم الجيش #الشيعي #الارهابي لجامعتهم ولاعاده بنائها فورا واكمال دراستهم 15 replies143 retweets71 likes  #IRAQ شمرية العراق ‏@moonnor27  7h7 hours agoBreaking #Mosul University students protesting For the reconstruction of their university destroyed by sectarian Iraqi army Air strikes 0 replies48 retweets22 likes  Mosul.The city seized by the Islamic State in June of 2014.Early last week, the world was told eastern Mosul had been liberated.Strange because yesterday Mostafa Abulezz and Jean-Marc Mojon (AFP) reported:Iraqi forces on Sunday retook two areas from the Islamic State group in Mosul, sealing their control of the east bank three months into an offensive to reclaim the city.They recaptured "Al-Milayeen neighbourhood and Al-Binaa al-Jahiz area and raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings", the military said in a statement."These are the last neighbourhoods of the centre of the city (on) the left bank," the statement said, referring to eastern Mosul.They did that yesterday?But Wednesday, January 18th, outlets reported eastern Mosul was liberated.  Here's Jim Michaels reporting for USA TODAY:Iraq's armed forces said Wednesday they are now in full control of eastern Mosul, a key development in a bloody fight with the Islamic State to win back the country's second-largest city.Iraqi Army Lt. Gen. Talib Shaghati, who commands the counterterrorism forces, said the achievement was a “big victory,” describing the success of the Iraqi forces as “unprecedented,” the Associated Press reported.So that wasn't true?Wasn't true.And still isn't.The eastern neighborhood of Rashidiyah still remains under control of the Islamic State.98 days after Hayder al-Abadi launched the mission to liberate the city of Mosul, the offensive continues[...]

Roberta Flack

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 17:45:00 +0000

Betty asks, "Aren't we all sick of fake ass Alyssa Milano?"I answer, "Yes, we are."She posts three videos in one day, while claiming to be pro-woman, and all are of male vocalists?As Betty wrote, Alyssa clearly doesn't believe women can produce music.At THE COMMON ILLS, that would never happen.C.I. realizes that we create the canon.We have that power.We can merely repeat the excessive male choices or we can use our voices and spaces to promote women.Alyssa doesn't care about that because she doesn't care about women.She's just a hacktress who can't really act and who's not smart enough to be political (something she should inform her mouth and fingers of) and she does real damage with all of her nonsense.She harms women and girls with every stupid Tweet she publishes.Women can and do make music.I'll focus on only one of the greats.Here's Roberta Flack doing the Beatles "Let It Be" in the early seventies. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">Roberta's most recent album is 2012's LET IT BE ROBERTA: ROBERTA FLACK SINGS THE BEATLES. Kat reviewed it here.It's an incredible album.Roberta, a Grammy winner, sings, plays the piano and also produces.Yes, Alyssa Milano, women can make music.Here's Roberta performing her classic hit "Killing Me Softly With His Song." allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">Here's Roberta performing the number one hit she sang, wrote and produced "Feel Like Making Love." allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">Lastly, here's Roberta performing "Oasis." allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">I did four videos, unlike Alyssa's three, because "Oasis" is one of my all time favorite Roberta songs."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Friday, January 20, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue in Iraq but, faded celebs from a time gone by, insist that the real tragedy is here in the US as the country prepares for the inauguration of Donald Trump.Today, Barack Obama passes the presidential baton to Donald Trump. Ella Septima-Hamer ‏@Jbrous14  9h9 hours agoPlaces where they ain't thanking Obama: Flint Somalia Yemen Syria Libya IraqAfghanistan Honduras Haiti Etc.......19 replies394 retweets584 likesMaybe Elton John can warble his "dead blondes" song (nod to Keith Richards) live over the internet to console The Cult of St. Barack.Because Barack is leaving.And if you doubt that, Antonia Juhasz has suddenly re-discovered Iraq.For years, she's avoided it -- like the fake ass that she is.Just another hostage to the Democratic Party, unable to speak for what's important.How did she find Iraq?With 'veterans' that mean old John McCain wouldn't meet with.Did they have a meeting scheduled?Nope.Are they his constituents?Nope.Did they bother to make themselves presentable for a meet-up?Some did.  A few guys wore suits.Some needed to shave or trim their beards.One woman in particular needed schooling on the dangers of clown make up in broad daylight.But they showed up.To cause trouble.This is the same group of veterans who showed up at the RNC 2008 convention to disrupt and to make John McCain look bad.(After getting punked by Barack at the DNC convention.)So they've got no appointment, they're not his constituents and the last time they were around they were trying to ensure his defeat in the presidential election.McCain would meet with them why?They want headlines and they've certainly become the focus of Antonia's Twitter feed but then it's all partisan politics which is all cheap whores like Antonia can offer.Remember how we wrongly took her seriously?She produced that bad, plodding book. It was so poorly written, we took it for sincerity.Why would a non-writer try writing for so many pages unless they were sincere?Well if they're a former Democratic Party operative apparently their spot[...]


Fri, 20 Jan 2017 03:26:00 +0000

Am I watching anything?  David asked that in an e-mail?Not really.I am watching PORTLANDIA but I don't count that because I rarely watch it live.But I do love the show.I watch THE GREAT INDOORS live sometimes.  Mainly because Mike and our daughter watch.It's a funny show though.I am so not looking forward to it going off because some idiot decided it was time to bring Judd Hirsh back to 'comedy.'Speaking of TV . . ."TV: When the missing return" (Ava and C.I., THE THIRD ESTATE SUNDAY REVIEW):By taking moments, by letting the story breathe, THE OA leaves viewers caring.When things don't add up on BEYOND, you're not left wondering what that means, you're just rushed off into another cliffhanger.  When it's not making sense on THE OA, you're left to wonder if Prarie made the whole thing up?You also care about the supporting characters on THE OA -- especially Steve (Patrick Gibson), Betty (Phyllis Smith, following up her teacher role in BAD TEACHER playing another teacher), Brandon Perea (French), Brendan Meyer (Jesse) and Buck (Ian Alexander). If Prarie's made it all up, what does it mean for the four who were with her?The show resonates while BEYOND gets by on thrills that never add up and the very natural appeal of Burkely Duffield.  As a result, BEYOND isn't a failure but it's far from the more mature slate that the former ABC FAMILY has been promising since it changed its name to FREE FORM.Stan's "FEUD" talks about a show I will be catching -- Susan Sarandon playing Bette Davis and Jessica Lange playing Joan Crawford.That should be a really interesting show.I am not a big TV watcher, as you know if you read this site, but I really can't get over how tired this year's offerings have been."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Thursday, January 19, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, the Mosul Slog continues, give REUTERS access and they'll kiss your ass, billions still being made off the Iraq tragedy and much more.Robert Burns (AP) reports, "Sending thousands more American troops into Iraq or Syria in a bid to accelerate the defeat of the Islamic State group would push U.S. allies to the exits, create more anti-U.S. resistance and give up the U.S. military's key advantages, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said in an Associated Press interview."It's a failure of Barack Obama's that Ash Carter even has to say that.The answer has always been a political solution.President Obama said it himself on June 19, 2014.But instead of offering a diplomatic surge, he let John Kerry play general and fail at the job of Secretary of State.Apparently still hurting over his Swift Boating -- what most people forget was the biggest laughs during that period came from John in shrink wrap shorts in Hawaii -- he was going to lead . . . the military if not the State Dept.Kerry was an idiot.It's rare that the Secretary of State shows a greater desire for military actions than for diplomacy.Ash Carter had a good run as Secretary of Defense.He ran his department far better than John did State.The interview with Carter also includes this:So while he believes faster is better, "It's important that it be done in a way that victory sticks." That was a reference to avoiding a repeat of the disastrous events of 2014, when Islamic State militants swept into western and northern Iraq from Syria and grabbed control of large swaths of territory as the Iraqi army collapsed. The Obama administration was caught by surprise at the hollowness of the Iraqi army, weakened by political and ethnic strife.They were caught by surprise.But the surprise was 'turned corner' is still believed.Those of us who endured the reporting of the first years of the Iraq War -- especially from THE NEW YORK TIMES -- should remember the turned corner very well.It maintained: 'We have turned a corner in Iraq.'It maintained that repeatedly.Over and over.So much so that US forces appeared to be walking circles in Iraq as they were forced to turn, turn, turn and turn again non-stop.The US gove[...]

Tweet of the Week

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 04:21:00 +0000

Amen to this Tweet.Ken Silverstein ‏@KenSilverstein1  12h12 hours agoMeryl Streep is the Resistance? God help us all. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="359" id="xdm_default9159_provider" scrolling="no" src="" style="border-width: 0px; display: block; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" width="100%">0 replies1 retweet4 likesReply  Retweet 1 Like 4 MoreIt has to be Tweet of the Week.In case the link doesn't show up above, it's here and this is from it:If you want a better future than either Trump of Hillary offered, it’s better that Trump delegitimizes himself with his supporters because liberal whining from the likes of Meryl Streep and the cas[t] of “Hamilton” is not going to do it. We need a reality-based political movement to oppose Trump because the short-term satisfaction of impeachment, especially a bogus one, is only going to lead to a President Pence administration and won’t help usher out the rancid corpse of the Democratic Party that this election exposed.Amen."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Wednesday, January 18, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, the Mosul Slog continues, the truth behind Barack Obama's decision on Chelsea Manning, and more.Let's start with Chelsea Manning.  I added a sentence on that to yesterday's snapshot when I found out about it.Ed Snowden is a whistle-blower.  So is Chelsea Manning.Chelsea got her sentence commuted.  There was no word on Ed yesterday.Will there be today?I don't think so. Here's what I was told.andBarack's inside circle split on Chelsea -- pardon or not.But Barack made the pardon out of fear.History, he argued, would have no problem with him not pardoning Ed but due to Chelsea's sexuality there could be a historical backlash because she could end up in another category besides "whistle-blower."Barack's aware of history and how horrific treatment of African-Americans or Jews, for example (his), could have been tolerated 40 or so years ago, it's not today and some are judged for their actions in the past.  Due to the fact that Chelsea is not an exception but part of the march to the future (she is a role model -- much more so than some celebrity versions) and keeping her imprisoned might defeat -- when people look back a few decades from now -- his work on the bathrooms issue.Ed doesn't have that.And Ed doesn't have a chance.Why am I writing this?Ed's chances are fewer also because some of Barack's advisors were arguing Ed didn't show "remorse" and that Ed wasn't in prison or in the US.I knew at least one would argue that.Ed has more than a few supporters advising Barack. I'm writing this to make it transparent why Chelsea got commuted and Ed got nothing yesterday in the hopes that this will re-start the conversation among Barack's circle (and because I was asked to write it by someone wanting to restart it with Barack).Ed deserves a pardon.He did a great service to the country and did it at great risk.Commuting of Chelsea leaves Barack "basking," I was told.  We need feet to the fire if Ed's going to get pardoned.And if that means revealing why Barack really decided to pardon Chelsea, then so be it.As it is, there is nothing to praise Barack for there.He made a calculated decision that 40 or so years from now, there will be more awareness of transgendered persons and that he would be seen as horrible person.  He has no real legacy to speak of and he's aware that reality is going to hit home strong.Pardoning Ed would be bravery.  Anything less just goes to Barack's vanity. Ed Snowden is an America[...]

It had been a good magazine

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 00:00:00 +0000

Awful. John Stauber RetweetedJeffrey St. Clair ‏@JSCCounterPunch  1h1 hour agoNew Yorker cartoonists stuck in Cold War. The KGB dissolved in Nov. 1991. The FSB established in 1995. The CIA has doubled since then0 replies3 retweets3 likesReply  Retweet 3 Like 3 MoreThat magazine has just gone down hill so bad since David Remnick took over.I used to live to read that magazine.Even handled Tina brown's tenure.But the 00s were awful and it's only gotten worse.The critical secition is a joke.The 'reporting' domestic is an embarrassment (especially Jane Meyer).Iraq?Barely there.I have old issues bound and, of course, the set on the discs -- CDROM? -- that go back to the start of the magazine.THE NEW YORKER is tired.It's boring.It's represents David perfectly."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Tuesday, January 17, 2017.  We explore the lies that allow the Iraq War to continue.Gwen Ifill was a closeted lesbian, Laura Flanders is now an out lesbian.Due to various reasons -- none of them positive -- a number of e-mails have been noting Flanders and how she's been awful and didn't make the list I did of the most disappointing a few weeks back.  She didn't?  I'll take your word for it.  I'm limited in what I can say about Laura Flanders. (Though if I take a current book offer -- I probably won't -- I don't care what's supposedly off the record and what's not.)  So if you think she's getting a pass, she's not.  I know a great deal more than I'm allowed to say publicly and so I tend to avoid her.But among the reasons some of you are upset in e-mails (and if you're a community member, I'll gladly write about Laura for this Friday's gina & krista round-robin and you'll get why I try to avoid Flanders) is that Ms. Media Critic Laura Flanders Tweeted love to the late Gwen.As you note, this is the Gwen who laughed -- on air -- when Blackwater attacked civilians -- dismissed the shooting and joked that it was no more than a bottle of water being thrown at them. This is the Gwen who carried water for the Bully Boy Bush administration.The Gwen who was a cheerleader for the Iraq War before it started, etc., etc.Why in the world would Laura Flanders praise her?The only reason I can offer publicly (in this forum) is what I offered at the top.Remember when that hideous 'journalist' wrote that embarrassing cover story on Ann Coulter?And remember how Rachel Maddow defended the article -- the article everyone was trashing -- media critics, the left?It was left to me to explain to you that Rachel was personal friends with the writer -- she 'forgot' to tell you that.  Although he himself told me he considered Rachel his "angel."She spent three days on radio defending that story and never told her listeners that she knew the author, let alone that she was friends with him.There are so many layers that never get made public.(And that, by the way, is how my book editor friend is trying to hook me.  For those of you in the press who are not my friends, unless you're Tim Arango, you should worry.  Especially if you're a certain economist who used to work for THE NEW YORK TIMES and write nasty e-mails attacking me for my 'mistakes' but the errors were actually at THE DAILY HOWLER.  I could do a whole chapter on your stupidity and foul mouth alone.)Gwen was a joke in life and she remains one in death.  Dying did not make her a better person and it certainly didn't make her a better journalist.Gwen was a joke, PBS is a joke.As a friend with THE NEWSHOUR likes to say, "If we told the truth, do you think they'd keep us on air?"No.To demonstrate that, let's drop back to Friday's NEWSHOUR when they pretended to explore Iraq.There were two segments.First, a supposed report.  Second a discussion.Let's start with the alleged reporting.JUDY WOODRUFF: Looking at President Obama, he came into office with a desire to wind d[...]

Shut up, Patty Arquette

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 00:28:00 +0000

Patricia Arquette is an idiot and always has been.(C.I. is friends with her.  I'm speaking for myself.)I can remember when the idiot was a devotee of Anais Nin.Then she found out Nin was a bigamist -- Nin had been dead for over 20 years by this point -- and she hated Anais and couldn't shut up about it.Anais Nin was a writer.Grow up, Patty, you stupid ass.What a lunatic she is.She proves it again with this nonsense:Patricia Arquette ‏@PattyArquette  Jan 15If U communicate like a 9 year old who skins cats & lights matches U will B spoken 2 accordingly. Hard 2 feel safe with America in UR hands.21 replies134 retweets614 likesReply 21 Retweet 134 Like 614 MoreYou think that's cute?I think it's cute that you don't have a TV show anymore and despite your Oscar win, you don't have a film career.I think it's cute that your hideous teeth have never been fixed.I think it's cute that Nicholas Cage left you.  (I know him, I like him.)Mainly, I think it's cute that you didn't speak out when Barack dropped bombs all over the world.She's a disgrace.She's 48-years-old.  She's been acting forever.But she still hasn't turned in one performance as challenging as her sister Rosanna.Nothing she's done compares to Rosanna's work in BABY IT'S YOU, AFTER HOURS, NEW YORK STORIES, PULP FICTION, CRASH, BUFFALO 66 . . .Rosanna is a gift and an artist.Patricia's still just Rosanna's kid sister."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Monday, January 16, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, the Mosul slog continues, one editorial board asks about Iraq, and much more.Goodness gracious, who has Donald Trump attacked today.According to this morning's MORNING JOE, it's John Brennan.Poor John Brennan, just minding his own damn business and wild and wacky Donald Trump attacks him?Michael Tracey ‏@mtracey  15h15 hours agoCIA director goes on TV to mock and attack the incoming president. Interesting times. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="393" id="xdm_default7327_provider" scrolling="no" src="" style="border-style: initial; border-width: 0px; display: block; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" width="100%">120 replies337 retweets478 likes   As I dictate this over the phone, Dionne Warwick's coming out of the speakers wondering, "What's it all about, Alfie?"Good question, Dionne.What's it all about?Gross stupidity, maybe.A man stands at the podium onstage at a national convention and attacks Donald Trump.Not the end of the world, it's politics.Donald responds and it's, "Trump attacked him!!!!"Corrupt John Lewis attacks Donald Trump and Donald responds and it's "Trump attacked him!"Trump's responding.I know him, remember?Donald Trump's favorite topic is?Donald Trump.He wouldn't notice any of these people if they weren't attacking him.Let's stay with the ridiculous bought-and-paid-for John Lewis.  Patrick Martin (WSWS) observes:There are many reasons to reject and oppose the presidency of Donald Trump: he personifies the financial oligarchy that now dominates the US political system and seeks to subordinate all public policy to its mad drive to amass ever-greater wealth; he has filled his cabinet and White House staff with ultra-right ideologues, fellow billionaires and ex-generals; his government is committed to a program of drastic cuts in social spending, for education, health care and other public services, combined with a massive military buildup.Lewis, however, mentioned none of these things. He based his rejection of Trump on the report by US int[...]

Who's the idiot at WSWS?

Sat, 14 Jan 2017 22:56:00 +0000

Apparently Brad Lewis.There was no need for their article attacking Robert Kennedy Jr. (disclosure, I know him).But they wanted to hop on the 'science would never lie to us!!!' bandwagon.You know what, it's not science.It's medicine.Our knowledge of medicine evolves.For example, we don't use leeches anymore -- well, there's David Brock.But for treating disease, we no longer use leeches.There are medical break throughs all the time.I love the WSWS readers for pushing back on the article by Lewis.What's my stance on autism and vaccines?I'm not a medical doctor.I'm a psychologist.So from a personal point of view, I don't know that I'd ever stake my opinion on a position because 'a study was discredited.'THE LANCET study on deaths in Iraq was 'discredited' and it's an accurate study.I think the issue needs real exploration.Until that happens, I'm not picking a side.I also don't confuse loud mouths worshiping at the groin of corporate pharma with informed discussions.I like Robert.He's a good guy.Trump should put him in charge.Robert wouldn't shade a study.  He'd do his best to get to the bottom of the issue and do his best to share the results whatever they were.Now for a lost musical gem, "Snow Queen of Texas" by the Mamas and the Papas -- from their final album PEOPLE LIKE US. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">I really enjoy that album more with each year.I also love "I Wanna Be A Star" and "People Like Us" to name two other tracks."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Friday, January 13, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, the Canadian government won't answer to whether or not their soldiers receiving treatment in Iraq were injured in battle, when do we ever arrive at what passes for 'victory' and much more.More and more, I think what any occupant of the White House needs is a car with twin 11-year-olds in the backseat, bored, hopped up on Monster and kicking the seat in front of them while repeatedly asking, "Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?"Are we there yet?That's one of the most important questions that president-elect Donald Trump will face once he's sworn in as President of the United States.And someone needs desperately to define where ''there" is.The Iraq War, or at least this century's installment, started in March of 2003.Two months shy of 14 years, the war continues and US troops are still engaged in it -- from the air and on the ground.As a point of reference, WWI and WWII did not last as long -- did not last as long combined.Yet still the Iraq War continues.Erik Gustafson (THE HILL) offers four things to remember regarding Iraq.1) Victory in Mosul does not mean the ISIS threat is over.2) Young democracies like Iraq are not the place for strongmen.3) Reconstruction must address the longterm needs of the Iraqi people.4) Iraq's ability to secure its future is limited by serious economic shortcomings.A fifth?Maybe . . . don't take your eyes off Iraq?  Don't ignore it?Kenneth RothVerified account ‏@KenRoth  11h11 hours agoTerrorism in Iraq gets far less attention, but Iraq was the site of the deadliest terrorist attack in 2016. 1 reply64 retweets43 likesYep, it does get less attention.Why is that, Kenny boy?Because you used your Twitter feed to campaign for Hillary Clinton?I'm sorry, I thought Human Rights Watch was politically neutral.Had you just focused on Iraq, maybe it would get the attention it needs.Had you just Tweeted about HRW's Iraq reports, it might have gotten attention.But before the election you thought you were slyly promoting Hillary and post-election you've had a tantrum or two.Maybe if you'd focus on human rights and the work of HRW, Iraq could get the attention it deserves.If you're part of the problem, that's on you.So maybe we could also try to avoid dumb assery as well?Yusra M. ‏@Temimi_Yusra  5h5 h[...]

Our new Joe Lieberman

Fri, 13 Jan 2017 02:12:00 +0000

At THE NEW REPUBLIC, Sarah Jones has an important piece which opens:Cory Booker is not your friend. Fresh off a rousing speech against Jeff Sessions’s nomination to become attorney general, Booker voted against an affordable drug proposal from Senators Amy Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders on Wednesday evening. Had it passed, the bill would have created a reserve fund to allow Americans to import inexpensive prescription drugs from Canada. Booker was one of 13 Democrats to reject it, a boon to Big Pharma.Booker had earned liberal acclaim earlier on Wednesday for his testimony against Sessions’s nomination:“Senator Sessions has not demonstrated a commitment to a central requirement of the job—to aggressively pursue the congressional mandate of justice for all,” he said. “At numerous times in his career, he has demonstrated a hostility toward these convictions, and has worked to frustrate attempts to advance these ideals.”Booker is exactly right about Sessions’s record, and his decision to violate Senate norms is admirable. But his rejection of the Sanders-Klobuchar proposal is the latest entry in a legislative record that should worry progressives.Reality, I'm not applauding and Dem for attacking a Republican.  I kind of expect that to be natural.I will hold against any Dem who kills proposals that will help the lives of most Americans.Cory Booker is a joke.He's a tool of Wall Street.He's not someone who would be a friend to Americans if in office.I think he's the Joe Lieberman of 2017.Here's Glen Ford (BLACK AGENDA REPORT) from 2014 on Booker:Booker and Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie worked hand-in-hand as preachers of the school charter gospel. Both took credit for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million donation to Newark schools, and, both made sure that charter schools got more than their fair share of the money. By 2016, thanks to both Booker and Christie, charter schools will account for more than a third of Newark’s student enrollment. Wall Street is betting on charter schools, because that’s where the most profits can be made. How can a speculator lose, when the public foots the bill while the education corporations reap the rewards? That’s why President Obama, the consummate corporate politician, has acted as chief national booster and bully for charter schools. However, most Democrats draw the line at private school vouchers. Cory Booker would very much like to appear to be a mainstream Democrat – the kind that can win presidential primaries or be tapped as vice presidential running mate. But Booker has never turned his back on the private school hucksters that launched his political career. He will have little choice but to vote in favor of Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander’s school vouchers bill, thus putting himself at odds with most of the Democratic Caucus in the Senate. Booker is likely to start his tenure as Senator in the same place he began his political career – in bed with the most reactionary rich white people in America.Teachers should especially be alarmed."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Thursday, January 12, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, the Iraq War continues, big tenting with some is simply not possible, and much more.Starting with Conor Friedersdorf.  Conor is a talented writer for THE ATLANTIC -- talented in both thought and writing.  But I'm calling out this piece:A large cohort of Americans have reservations about the presidency of Donald Trump, who lost the popular vote by 2.9 million, strikes many who did vote for him as a highly flawed “lesser of two evils,” and has a dismal 37 percent approval rating. These ideologically diverse skeptics must cooperate if they hope to minimize the damage they believe the Trump Administration will do to America if left unopposed. But so far, the[...]

I pick the corporate media

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Were doing theme posts.Who/What was the most disappointing in the last 8 years?My choice?Deplorable Melissa ‏@sweetatertot2  31m31 minutes agoThis is EPIC! Watch Anderson Cooper caught LYING to his audience to protect Hillary. CNN is the very essence of #fakenews #ObamaFarewell allowfullscreen="" id="player_tweet_819381731644112896" src="" style="border-style: initial; border-width: 0px; height: 284.625px; left: 0px; position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 506px;">32 replies162 retweets252 likesReply 32 Retweet 162 Like 252 MoreThe corporate media.In 2016, they made no pretense of how horrible they thought Donald Trump was, of how journalistic standards needed to be tossed out the window because they thought he was so horrible . . .They weren't impartial.C.I. warned repeatedly that this behavior was not hurting Trump, that it was created sympathy for him.She even noted how she was feeling sorry for him and she loathes Donald Trump.The media refused to play fair.I've never seen anything like it.Even when the media openly titled for Barack in 2008, it wasn't as bad as this.Here they went out of the way to destroy the GOP candidate.I've never voted for a Republican nominee for president and I doubt I ever will.But I was still appalled to see how the media played favorites.We always need to remember that what they do to the other person, they can do to us.  We need to call it out when we see behavior like that."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Wednesday, January 11, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, the Mosul slog continues, US troops may remain in Iraq beyond the defeat (if it happens) of the Islamic State, Barack cries in public during his farewell speech, I defend Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and more.We're starting with the issue of when I know someone.  I have not written once of Joe Biden's wife.  I may after Joe's out of office and she's in private life.  I have nothing but praise for her.  But if I ever wrote about her here that would mean if something went wrong I might have to call her out.I still consider Bob Filner a friend.  I am so sorry for the women who were hurt by him.  I hope their lives are better today not that they've spoken out.  I would have loved not to have to ever mention that Bob harassed those women.  But I wrote about him and when, to my shock, those revelations came out, we covered it.Nothing like that would have happened with Joe's wife but the press loves to create drama so I've avoided mentioning her here in case they went to town on her.  That way I could always respond to someone who knows me, "I've never mentioned her name before, why would I now?"And though I like Joe, he's Vice President, and I've torn him apart here.  He's also gotten praise here but when he was wrong -- or my opinion was he was wrong -- we didn't put on the kid gloves.  I didn't try to be nice like The Cult of St. Barack did with their personal savior.If he did something idiotic -- or John Kerry -- they got called out.I know RFK Jr.  I've disclosed that before.Were he to serve in any capacity on a commission or panel on vaccinations or oversee a study, it would be a benefit to the nation.I get that this a country where historical amnesia is instilled.I get that the corporate press will always go along with big business -- whether it's Big Pharma or Big Tobacco.As someone who has spent decades doing fund raising on the issue of autism, I am aware of and versed in the debate on vaccines.My role is to gather money for research and treatment of autism.In that capacity, I need to show respect -- not have tantrums in public like Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes.There are many [...]

Norman Solomon on Russia lies and me on Norman

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This is from Norman Solomon's latest at CONSORTIUM NEWS:Two months after the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the most cohesive message from congressional Democrats is: blame Russia. The party leaders have doubled down on an approach that got nowhere during the presidential campaign — trying to tie the Kremlin around Donald Trump’s neck.Still more interested in playing to the press gallery than speaking directly to the economic distress of voters in the Rust Belt and elsewhere who handed the presidency to Trump, top Democrats would much rather scapegoat Vladimir Putin than scrutinize how they’ve lost touch with working-class voters.Meanwhile, the emerging incendiary rhetoric against Russia is extremely dangerous. It could lead to a military confrontation between two countries that have thousands of nuclear weapons each.At the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last Thursday on foreign cyber threats, ranking member Jack Reed, D-Rhode Island, denounced “Russia’s rejection of the post-Cold War international order and aggressive actions against its neighbors,” and he condemned “a regime with values and interests so antithetical to our own.” It was the kind of oratory that would have made John Foster Dulles or Barry Goldwater proud.Like so many other senators on the committee, Reed seemed eager for a new Cold War while accusing Russia of digital aggression. “In addition to stealing information from the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign,” he said, “and cherry-picking what information it leaked to the media, the Russian government also created and spread fake news and conspiracies across the vast social media landscape.’’C.I. asked if someone would note the column and I replied I would.Norman Solomon was a huge disappointment over the last 8 years.Especially considering his lies of 2008 when he was a delegate for Barack but forgot to mention that repeatedly on KPFA.Then Barack's in office and where is Norman?Where were you, Norman?You weren't calling out the Iraq War.You weren't demanding Barack pardon any war resisters.You were completely useless.I wish that wasn't how it was but that is how it went down.Which is why C.I. has to ask if someone could please note Norman's latest.That's how tired we are of this nonsense.I'm noting Norman this time, because C.I. is a best friend, but I can't say I'll ever note him again."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Tuesday, January 10, 2016.  Chaos and violence continue, the Mosul slog continues, Barack Obama's legacy of war continues, all that and Meryl Streep.Hail to the departing Celebrity In Chief.  Having appeared on Samantha Bee's poor copy of THE DAILY SHOW on October 31st, our braless starlet Barack Obama had exhausted all From March 22, 2009, that's Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Celebrity President." A bra-less Barack, in a slinky little number, sits next to Jay Leno explaining, "Life in the bubble, Jay, everyone's Simon Cowell. Let me tell you about my motorcade or, if you want, I can make fun of the front row kid in the wheel chair." Jay responds, "How about your tasteful nude scene? You want to take a break and answer that when we come back?" [Added: Isaiah says refer to Third's "Editorial: Barack's too immature to apologize" and "TV: The War Goes Ignored" and Friday's "Barack has not apologized and people need to quit making excuses."] Isaiah archives his comics at The World Today Just Nuts.My favorite moment of all his airhead TV appearances?It would still be with Jay but it would be the October 25, 2011 appearance on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO.Barack Obama: The entire national security team that we've had has been outstanding. And it's not just rivals within the Democratic Party.  My Secretary of Defense, Bob Gates, is a Republi[...]

Meryl Streep is a danger to the world

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Meryl Streep is an idiot whose bought into a corrupt system to such a degree that she can't admit to reality.Cindy Sheehan is right, it's all about empire:I never gave Obama a "break" like I was constantly urged to do by people, I assume, who didn't want the truth pointed out to them.  No matter how some want to keep their heads in the sand, the barest reality is that Obama continued the imperial rampage through the Middle East; is aggressively, continually, and maniacally provoking Russia; passed a "health"care reform bill that was nothing but welfare for big pharma, HMOs and insurance companies; increased the police state and didn't prosecute killer cops; increased oil production and financially protected BP after the Deepwater Horizon gusher; prosecuted twice as many whistleblowers as all the presidents before him since Wilson, and etc, and etc. Obama was the perfect foil and servant of Empire for the past two-terms because if anyone opposed him we could be smeared with the awful sobriquet of "racist," and many were afraid to oppose him for fear of even giving the appearance of being a bigot. Also, I have learned (the hard way) that many things considered evil during a Republican regime are not so bad to some when a Democrat is the prez. Partisan politics in the US will kill this earth if we don't realize this and struggle against it. Also, incredibly, if you didn't want Obama to be a stone-cold killer, you were tarnished with being a "purist," as if anything about waging mass-murder against civilian populations is positive, and only someone who is "pure" would be against it?Meryl is in her late 60s and can't admit the truth.She's completely useless.In her idiotic eyes, Hillary would have been The One.No, Hillary is corrupt.Meryl's vested in a crooked system and tries to convince herself that one crook is better than the other.She is wrong.People die around the world every day because people like Meryl Streep try to preach propaganda."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):January 9, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, the Mosul slog continues, though Hayder al-Abadi swears it is in the "final stage," Meryl Streep gets partisan and some mistake it for political, and more.Let's start with a basic learning exercise because a lot of fools don't seem to know what happened.Meryl Streep did not go "political" at the Golden Globes.At the Academy Awards many years ago, you had a group led by Frank Sinatra and a group led by Shirley MacLaine -- both went political.  Shirley was right, Frank was wrong.The issue was Vietnam.Shirley was against the war and I agreed with that stance but that's not why she was right.She was right because a winner had gone political and there was no need to comment on it in the ceremonies.Bert Schneider, accepting his award for HEARTS & MINDS, made comments and Frank and Bob Hope and a few others were outraged, composed a letter supposedly on behalf of the Academy andread it on air.It did not speak for the Academy nor were Frank and Bob Hope supposed to speak on behalf of the Academy.They were wrong, Shirley was right.Bert went political.Meryl Streep, on yesterday's Golden Globes, did not go political.She went partisan.There is a difference.The studios understand there's a difference and you didn't catch the suits applauding Meryl's stupidity last night.The industry is under attack.Meryl didn't touch on that.  Might have hurt her own career to do so.But the industry is under attack.Where are the new stars?Jennifer Lawrence is not a star and the role that made her famous already saw erosion with each chapter of the HUNGER GAMES.  And the doe eyed novice really isn't an archetype you can age through as a woman.Movies are under attack and Ridley Scott and a few other brave voices ar[...]

Enter the bulls**t b**ch

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Yeah, I'm calling her that.Sorry if it offends.Phyllis Bennis offends me.She's written a new piece of garbage.  Here's a sample:Despite his claimed opposition to current wars, President-elect Donald Trump has promised to end limits on Pentagon spending, increase the size of the U.S. military, and even to expand the US nuclear arsenal. Military budgets will likely go up over the next four years, not down.Now more than ever, it is important for us to remember what past wars have cost — all the costs. George W. Bush’s Iraq War continues today, though U.S. military involvement is different and it’s morphed into the “global war on terror.”And the costs continue to rise.So it was appropriate, indeed necessary, that the Iraq war — its lies and its costs — was the subject of an important tribunal coordinated by the antiwar activist group Code Pink in Washington, DC, in early December.Was it important, Phyl?Was it necessary?In December of 2016?Read her writing above.She's calling out Donald Trump -- not even in office yet -- and Bully Boy Bush.Gee, who was president for the last 8 years?Oh, right, Barack Obama.Funny how it's Bully Boy Bush's war and not Barack's.I'm sorry, who did Phyllis whore for in 2008 -- oh, right, Barack.Ms. Evans of CodeStink was even a bundler for Barack.So for the last eight years as the illegal war continued under Barack, where was their protest?It wasn't anywhere to be found.Now they're out for Donald Trump and they suddenly care about Iraq.They think they can bulls**t their way to the podium.Uh, no, Phyllis.You've whored for Barack and Iraqis suffered.You're not going to cut to the front of the line and pretend like you've been speaking out this whole time.You're a b**ch and you're one because Iraqis were being persecuted by their government -- installed and backed by the US government and you said nothing because Barack was the president.You are a b**ch.  It's the only term for you.Sorry if that offends someone's delicate sensibilities."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Friday, January 6, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, more bombs dropped by Barack Obama this year than last, more US troops are wounded in Iraq and Syria, we look at Amnesty's report again and we remind who the League of Righteous are and what deal Barack made with them in 2009.Yesterday, human rights organization Amnesty International issued a report entitled [PDF format warning] "IRAQ: TURNING A BLIND EYE THE ARMING OF THE POPULAR MOBILIZATION UNITS."  REUTERS reported:Militias fighting alongside Iraqi troops against Islamic State are committing war crimes using weapons provided to the Iraqi military by the United States, Europe, Russia and Iran, Amnesty International said on Thursday.The rights group said that the predominantly Shi'ite Muslim militias, known collective as the Hashid Shaabi, were using weapons from Iraqi military stockpiles to commit war crimes including enforced disappearances, torture and summary killings.Yesterday on AL JAZEERA's INSIDE STORY, host Jane Dutton explored the issue with Qatar University's Mahjoob Zwein, Exeter University's Tallha Abdulrazaq and "Former US army officer & Iraqi government adviser" Michael Pregent.Excerpt:Michael Pregent: This should be something that the US intelligence community would agree with.  That US weapons, US supplies, US monies is falling into the hands of designated terrorist groups in Iraq and are falling into the hands of those Shia militias -- two of them which are designated terrorist groups Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq  [League of the Righteous] and Kata'ib Hizbullah [Hizbullah Brigades].  And they are falling into their hands because weapons are going through Baghdad and Baghdad is beholden t[...]

No to a second round of The Cold War

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2 Tweets:Michael Tracey ‏@mtracey  1h1 hour agoIt used to be that granting anonymity was frowned upon less it served a very specific journalistic purpose. Remember that? The good ol' days10 replies74 retweets173 likesReply 10 Retweet 74 Like 173 MoreMichael Tracey ‏@mtracey  1h1 hour agoNow anonymity is granted whenever some "official" has a rumor to spread about Russia. And no one objects, because they're in a Trump Frenzy.23 replies95 retweets221 likesReply 23 Retweet 95 Like 221 MoreI am really losing patience with the idiots who are trying to revive the Cold War.Hillary is not worth it.If you lived through that period, you should know that no one is worth it.The Cold War was a nightmare.It wasn't fun.It was fearful.I don't want it back."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Thursday, January 5, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, Amnesty International releases an important report on Iraq's militias, THE NATION issues a fan club special edition on Barack, and much more.Where is the functioning press in the United States?Off inventing fake news?"There has been no greater privilege . . . than serving as the Commander in Chief of the greatest military in the history of the world."That's Barack Obama, US president, at the farewell military parade he staged for himself yesterday and it's a statement the White House elected to promote.No greater privilege?A functioning press would be questioning this just on the basis of the US is not supposed to be a junta.  They'd also be combing through his statements in his campaigns.  They might even note that this is just more sucking up from a liar who repeatedly changes his remarks to flatter whomever he speaks before.We don't have a functioning press.We have, instead, crap like this.That wouldn't qualify as news in a high school paper.It's an advertorial and NPR's running it.  Using tax payer dollars in one of the biggest cons of all time.  ('Most goes to member stations!' Yes, and NPR receives it back via fees for NPR programming the member stations pay NPR.)NPR won't put a reporter in Iraq but they will waste money running advertorials or last month's infamous one-sided report which featured 'diversity' via a sub-literate who doesn't grasp that you don't put two verbs together without at least an and whose 'news outlet' prints lies that, when exposed, are left uncorrected.  But, hey, you got your check on the diversity box so who cares if no other outlet would features that person as a trusted source.The nonsense never ends.Want to waste ten dollars?If so you can buy the special issue of THE NATION devoted to Barrack.Iraq is really not noted and then, when noted, it's with detachment.As though Barack didn't win the White House on his promise to end the Iraq War?Michael TraceyVerified account ‏@mtracey  21h21 hours agoAs Obama leaves office, the U.S. is once again mired in a major ground war in Iraq. That should define his "legacy." Click here for Michael Tracey's piece on this topic at MEDIUM.But at THE NATION?Multiple people weigh in with 'essays' and Iraq isn't a main topic for anyone.While Chris Hayes does at least mention Iraq -- in passing and, shades of Judith Miller, deep in the column, Patrica J. Williamson does not.Why should Patricia J. Williamson write about Iraq?Well in 2008, she repeatedly stated that Barack Obama voted against the 2002 resolution on the Iraq War.That's also known as lying.And, no, it wasn't a mistake.  She was corrected -- at one point, she was even corrected on air.Dropping back to March 6, 2008:The clue should have been Professor Patti going on KPFA and mai[...]

Nate Silver

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For the record, I long ago called out Nate Silver.This is from Nathan J. Robinson's piece at CURRENT AFFAIRS:On the whole, it’s a humiliating record. In the primaries, Silver didn’t even do as well as Carl Diggler, a fictional parody-pundit who literally just makes stuff up based on whatever his gut tells him. Presuming Silver is supposed to be something different from the rest of the jabbering punditocracy, his career should be over.Yet bizarrely, in the days after the election, Silver was bragging about his performance. Silver insisted that after Election Night, he felt vindication, and scoffed that some major pundits had been “smugly dismissive of Trump’s chances.” Looking back on Silver’s record of statements on Trump, one wonders to which pundits he may have been referring. For over a year (July 2015 to Aug. 2016) he wrote smug “dear media” letters about Trump-hype and called Trump’s strategy “delusional,” insisting that Trump just didn’t understand the math. Having expressed regret after the primary for “acting like a pundit” and underestimating Trump, in the general election he was still acting like a pundit and underestimating Trump.Thus Silver took a cheerful victory lap, despite having totally failed, repeatedly and embarrassingly, to provide any information of use. He bases his claim to have succeeded off his having given Trump a somewhat higher probability of a win than some other people, despite still thinking Clinton was the definite favorite. But it doesn’t take a statistical genius to be cautious in a situation of high volatility. (The main reason Silver is being praised for being wrong is that a man named Sam Wang of something called the Princeton Election Consortium was even more wrong, giving Clinton a 99% probability of a win.)The myth of Nate Silver’s continued usefulness is based on a careful moving of goalposts. His initial claim to fame was based on number of states correctly predicted. But in 2016, if we measured by that number (especially if we subtracted the states whose outcomes were most obvious), Silver wouldn’t look good at all.Again, I called him out long ago.  For example, from December 1, 2012, "The always disgusting Nate Silver:"Sunny printed up an e-mail from George who asked me to listen to something called The B.S. Report with Bill Sammons.  It's an ESPN radio program and bookie Nate Silver was on.I've written before about how damaging the New York Times' bookie is to political coverage.  After I called that out, you may have noticed that Pew released a study about how the last weeks of the presidential campaign the press based coverage on polling.Instead of issues, Nate Silver creates distraction.  He is the problem.So to hear him accuse anyone else of covering politics "like its sports"?  He lodged that accusation at POLITICO.You know what?  He is right.  They do reduce politics to that.But so does he.He's kidding himself if he thinks any makes any contribution to democracy.Instead his work robs us of information and makes us collectively dumber.We don't need the 'who's hot and who's not' that Nate Silver and POLITICO offer, we need serious discussions on issues.Nate Silver's basically a subway flasher calling out a panhandler for bothering people.That's all he is."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Wednesday, January 4, 2016.  Chaos and violence continue, journalist Afrah Shawki is released by her kidnappers, the Mosul slog continues, Barack Obama couldn't throw a parade for the troops who served overseas despite promising he would but today Barack stages a military parade for hi[...]

The next four years

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"2016: The Year of WTF" (C.I., THE COMMON ILLS):Donald Trump needs to end his Twitter feed, I believe.But what he does on Twitter is as stupid as what Barack's done for the last 8 years -- repeatedly inserting himself into matters that he doesn't belong.Hillary should have been called out for many things.That also includes saying Donald Trump wasn't qualified to be president.Voters decided he was.That's what an election is.An appointment?Sure thing, say someone's not qualified.But in a democracy, if you win the nomination you're qualified.The election should have ended November 8th.But sore losers can't let it go.Donald Trump will be -- barring some strange death -- sworn in as President of the United States later this month.He is our president.And instead of whining "Not my president!" or labeling yourself the ridiculous "Resistance," you should be making clear that Donald Trump is the president and, most importantly, that position is a public servant.Yes, in The Age of Barack, so many forgot that fact.The president's power comes from the people.The people are the president's boss.Don't worry.Don't panic.Make demands.We are his boss.We can very easily repeat his catch phrase ("You're fired") in four years if he doesn't represent the policies we believe in.Who knows what 2017 holds?Defeatism before it even started, was never the way to go.  (Nor was attacking Oprah for daring to point out after the election that hope still exists.)We can't afford defeatism.If we are to fight for the next four years, we'll need encouragement and some form of hope."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS): Tuesday, January 3, 2017. Chaos and violence continue, Barack Obama's legacy is continuing the Iraq War, the United Nations does the bidding of militias, and much more.Michael Tracey ‏@mtracey  13h13 hours agoEvery examination of Obama's "legacy" should lead with the fact that U.S. troops are engaged in active combat in Iraq as he leaves office24 replies326 retweets452 likesJessie Jane DuffVerified account ‏@JessieJaneDuff  19h19 hours agoJessie Jane Duff Retweeted President ObamaReality: Under Obama, over 2,500 Americans died in Afghanistan/Iraq and the U.S. has been at war longer than under any other U.S. president. Jessie Jane Duff added,President Obama @POTUSWe brought home more of our troops & strengthened U.S. leadership—leading with diplomacy & partnering with nations to meet global problems.104 replies690 retweets621 likes   Then-Senator Barack Obama campaigned for the 2008 Democratic Party's presidential nomination and then for the presidency itself on ending the Iraq War.Where ever The Cult of St. Barack gathered, he was fond of yelling out, "We want to end the Iraq War!"  In states where it was close between Hillary Clinton and Barack, his campaign especially loved to run commercials with that shout.In fact, let's go beyond a shout.  Let's go to one of his 2008 speeches, this one is from March 19, 2008:Five years ago today, President George W. Bush addressed the nation. Bombs had started to rain down on Baghdad. War was necessary, the President said, because the United States could not, “live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder.” Recalling the pain of 9/11, he said the price of inaction in Iraq was to meet the threat with “armies of fire fighters and police and doctors on the streets of our cities.” At the time the President uttered those words, there was no hard evidence that Iraq had those stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. There was not any evidence that Iraq was responsible for the atta[...]

Diana Ross

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Kat's "Kat's Korner: Diana Ross's diana and the RCA Years" went up tonight.It's a great look at seven albums Diana Ross released from 1980 to 1987.If you love Diana, you will love this music criticism.It covers her last Motown studio album diana as well as the RCA albums WHY DO FOOLS FOR LOVE, SILK ELECTRIC, ROSS, SWEPT AWAY, EATEN ALIVE and RED HOT RHYTHM BLUE.Motown RecordsVerified account ‏@motown  5h5 hours agoIt's the last Friday of #2016...Who's ready to bring in a new year? #MichaelJackson #DianaRoss Repost [ @okayplayer]1 reply13 retweets21 likesReply 1 Retweet 13 Like 21 MoreThat's a pretty interesting photo of Diana and Michael.Diana will also be headlining the upcoming Essence Festival.Brandon HHS1987 ‏@BWyche  Dec 20#NEW Diana Ross, Mary J Blige, Chaka Khan, Doug E Fresh, Erykah Badu & More Set to Headline @Essence Fest 2017 allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="131" id="xdm_default6824_provider" scrolling="no" src="" style="border-width: 0px; display: block; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" width="100%">0 replies0 retweets0 likesReply  Retweet  Like  MoreAll time favorite Diana Ross ballad: "It's My Turn."  I have loved that song forever. Fast song: "Until We Meet Again" and "The Boss" and "Upside Down" and "Chain Reaction."Medium paced: "Surrender.""Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS): Friday, December 30, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, the US government admits to bombing a hospital in Iraq, kidnapped journalist Afrah Shawqi remains missing, and much more.As 2017 winds down, and the Iraq War continues, Will Bardenwerper (WASHINGTON POST) reflects:Who can forget Donald Rumsfeld’s pronouncement — delivered with the unwavering confidence that characterized his leadership — that the Iraq War might last “five days or five weeks or five months, but it certainly isn’t going to last any longer than that”? As it turns out, the current struggle to liberate Mosul — for the third time, this time from a terrorist organization, the Islamic State, that didn’t even exist when Hussein was killed — is now projected to last longer than Rumsfeld assured us the entire war would. Just this week, the first of 1,700 soldiers from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division hugged their loved ones goodbye before deploying to Iraq. The youngest were 5 years old when the United States launched the invasion to remove Saddam.One wonders how anyone, most notably the war’s architects, can cling to the view that delivering Hussein to the gallows was worth the trillions of dollars spent, not to mention the 4,500 service members killed, the more than 30,000 wounded, or the hundreds of thousands of violent deaths across the region since his overthrow? That doesn’t even count the millions forced to flee the violence with little more than the clothes on their backs, or the terror threats that are now a routine feature of American and European landscapes. None of the American policymakers responsible for this have been held to account as their British counterparts were in the U.K.’s damning Chilcot Report.It's day 74 of the Mosul "slog."  The Islamic State seized Mosul in June of 2014.  74 days later[...]

A kidnapped journalist matters -- if you can leave your celeb death parade

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CNN Breaking NewsVerified account ‏@cnnbrk  Dec 27Outspoken Iraqi journalist Afrah Shawqi al-Qaisi kidnapped from her home in Baghdad, sources say 38 replies414 retweets297 likesReply 38 Retweet 414 Like 297 MorePeople are lamenting the death of Carrie Fisher but don't have time to note this journalist?Afrah Shawqi al-Qasi has been kidnapped.Who will speak for her?Her face should be plastered on the front of every newspaper in the world, her story should lead every hourly newscast.I'm sorry George Michael is dead.He made a difference and he was a nice man.  I know him through C.I.  Knew him.I also knew Carrie Fisher through C.I.I don't believe Carrie's life is more important than Afrah Shawi al-Qasi.Also Carrie and George are both dead.Afrah might still be alive.Who will speak up for her?How about the world makes clear to her kidnappers just how much she matters?"Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Thursday, December 29, 2016.  Chaos and violence continue, has CNN been caught faking the news again, Afrah is the name that should be on the global press' lips but her kidnapping continues to be ignored by so many, more bombs dropped on day 73 of the Mosul slog, and much more.Elaine's already noted this Tweet:Rishi Bagree ‏@rishibagree  22h22 hours agoamazing how 3 Different Men in3 Different Refugee Crisis - GAZA , IRAQ & #alleppo in3 different Time period End up saving the same Girl60 replies896 retweets546 likesIs CNN back to its old tricks?In April 2000, Tom Bishop (WSWS) reported:Cable News Network (CNN) and National Public Radio (NPR) have acknowledged that eight members of the US Army 4th Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Group served as interns in their news divisions and other areas during the Kosovo war. PSYOPS is a highly specialized unit of the military whose personnel are trained in the production and dissemination of US government propaganda, including on television and radio programs.According to CNN executives and military officials, the intern program began last June and ended in March. A total of five PSYOPS sergeants were assigned to the network's Atlanta headquarters. These included two at the Southeast bureau, two at CNN Radio and one at the satellite department.Three PSYOPS personnel also worked at the Washington DC headquarters of NPR, a publicly-funded radio network. They worked for periods ranging from six weeks to four months from September 1998 through May 1999 on such programs as All Things Considered and Morning Edition.On March 29 top CNN officials acknowledged the presence of the military personnel in a written reply to the media watchdog group Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), which had issued a media alert two days before, entitled “Why were government propaganda experts working on news at CNN?”And, of course, there's this:TV NEWS LIES, INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE and assorted others used to note that footage back in 2003 and 2004.  This month ZERO HEDGE noted it:The first part of this video shows the stage set he was on while he clowns around with fellow CNN staff. The Saudi Arabian “hotel” in the background is adorned by fake palm trees and a blue wall in a studio. This clip was leaked by CNN staff.The second part of this video is a live CNN satellite feed recorded onto VHS showing the final cut. Charles Jaco is wearing a different jacket, but he had the same act. Even though the acting is terrible as Charles Jaco wore a gas mask, and his fellow correspondent Carl Rochelle wore a helmet—the American public [...]

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Rishi Bagree ‏@rishibagree  10h10 hours agoamazing how 3 Different Men in 3 Different Refugee Crisis - GAZA , IRAQ & #alleppo in 3 different Time period End up saving the same Girl37 replies605 retweets346 likesReply 37Retweet 605Like 346MoreReminds me of when CNN was putting military psy-ops into their newsroom or when they staged that footage of a shooting overseas that wasn't really a shooting.If it's true, it's just more shame to CNN.The worst thing that ever happened to that network was it's merger with what became AOL TIME WARNER DISNEY ET AL.I remember April Oliver's strong and sourced report.I also remember how the ABC and TIME aspect of the conglomerate rushed to kill the story after blowback and CNN was encouraged to join in."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Wednesday, December 28, 2016.  Chaos and violence continue, the US bombs a bridge in Mosul, journalist Afra Shawq al-Qasi remains kidnapped and so many reporters make clear that they don't give a damn, ISIS will be cleared from Iraq in three months . . . or maybe two years . . . or something, and much more.Place your bets, place your bets.The IndependentVerified account ‏@Independent  15h15 hours agoIsis 'will be eliminated from Iraq in three months', says Prime Minister allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" id="xdm_default8030_provider" scrolling="no" src="" style="border-width: 0px; display: block; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" width="100%">8 replies17 retweets20 likesThe Islamic State will be eliminated from Iraq in 3 months per Hayder al-Abadi, prime minister of Iraq.And earlier this week, Kimberly Dozier (DAILY BEAST) reported:The general commanding coalition forces in Iraq predicts it will take two years of hard work to clear the so-called Islamic State from its twin capitals of Mosul and Raqqa, and then to burn out the remnants that will likely flee to the vast empty desert between Syria and Iraq.In a Christmas Day sit-down with The Daily Beast at his headquarters, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend would not put specific timelines on the battle. But he mapped out a grinding campaign that he thinks is going slowly but as well as can be expected, considering how much time ISIS had to prepare and how brutal its fighters are willing to be.The Islamic State will be eliminated from Iraq in two years says US Lt Gen Stephen Townsend.So which is it?Two years?Three months?Have you seen a greater indication that no one knows?And they probably don't know because no one knows what to do.Hold that thought while we break into yet another chorus of Mosul Dam Is Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down, Mosul Dam Is Falling Down . . . Dexter Filkens (NEW YORKER) writes:On the morning of August 7, 2014, a team of fighters from the Islamic State, riding in pickup trucks and purloined American Humvees, swept out of the Iraqi village of Wana and headed for the Mosul Dam. Two months earlier, ISIS had captured Mosul, a city of nearly two million people, as part of a ruthless campaign to build a new caliphate in the Middle East. For an occupying force, the dam, twenty-five miles north of Mosul, was an appealing target: it regulates the flow of water to the city, and to [...]

The truly original Stevie Nicks

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allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">The clouds never expect itWhen it rainsBut the sea changes coloursBut the sea does not changeSo with the slow Graceful glowOf ageI went forth with an age oldDesire to pleaseOn the Edge of Seventeen.I love Janis Joplin, absolutely.  Glad that they keep trying to make a film out of her life.But I wonder why no one's doing that with Stevie Nicks?Maybe she's opposed to the project?They could still do a wonderful documentary on her. Stevie really is one of a kind. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">Yes, Stevie's always had a huge number of fans.But a large number of critics just couldn't get what she was offering.They slammed her and dismissed her.She hung around long enough to benefit from a critical shift as well as a critical reappraisal.She remains one of a kind -- an original in an industry that's forever churning out pale photocopies.Stevie's the best."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Friday, December 23, 2016.  Chaos and violence continue, the Mosul slog continues . . .The Iraq War was illegal.  It was based on lies.  It was supported by Bully Boy Bush, Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, John Kerry, Harry Reid, the US media and so many more.Iraq did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction.Then the post-justifcations became (a) Saddam Hussein (ruler of Iraq) was a 'bad man' and (b) democracy will bloom in Iraq.That really hasn't happened.MEMRIVerified account ‏@MEMRIReports  Dec 22Former Iraqi MP and Shiite Scholar Ayad Jamal Al-Din: I Used to Call for Democracy, Now I Wish for a Dictator like Saddam allowfullscreen="" id="player_tweet_811868248354553856" src="" style="border-style: initial; border-width: 0px; height: 284.609px; left: 0px; position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 505.996px;">9 replies190 retweets155 likesTranscript of the above for those with streaming issues: There is a single Islamic rhetoric.  Sunni, Shi'ite, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Dawa Party -- all the Islamic rhetoric is the same.  It's clearest manifestation is that of ISIS.  With ISIS, it is unsweetened, unvarnished.  The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood an the Dawa Party appear with red silk neckties, talk their way around it, fabricate a little.  But in essence, they are the same.  They are against democracy and against human rights. Someone who tells you that there is an Islamic party that believes in human rights is either a liar or an ignoramus.  No Islamic party believes in human rights.  Human rights mean that an atheist and a polytheist are equal to sayyid Al-Sistani and the Sunni source of authority and they have the same rights and the same duties.  This is not just our problem.  It is the problem of the entire region and of the Islamic world: You can either have a dictatorship with security or a democracy with disintegration.  Saddam was a dictator and the country had all the security of a grave. The minute Saddam was gone, they all wanted to take his place.  We now have 20 Shi'ite Saddams, 30 Sunni Saddams, and 40 Kurdish ones.  The country has disintegrated.  It's gone.  We want democracy with security, freedom with security, not with anarchy, militias, slaughter, killing, corruption, and the plundering of the budget.  The Arab coun[...]


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Let's follow these Tweets by Michael Tracey:Michael Tracey ‏@mtracey  5h5 hours agoThis has officially entered permanent liberal lore. Hillary victimized one last time by the "vast right-wing conspiracy"41 replies214 retweets431 likesReply 41 Retweet 214 Like 431 MoreMichael Tracey ‏@mtracey  4h4 hours agoInstead of Comey, why don't liberal pundits blame Loretta Lynch?19 replies87 retweets181 likesReply 19 Retweet 87 Like 181 MoreMichael Tracey ‏@mtracey  4h4 hours agoBetter yet, blame themselves for rallying around a candidate with such unprecedented, explosive legal problems. That was a historic first.14 replies66 retweets187 likesReply 14 Retweet 66 Like 187 MoreI love that.But I do realize that logic and supporting proof presented in an solid argument will not convince the delusional and so many are.They cannot face that Hillary was a lousy candidate.Or that you don't run someone under federal investigation.That itself was sheer lunacy and many of us pointed it out in real time.Bernie Sanders could have won this election, my opinion.But the delusional pinned their hopes on Hillary.That was their bad."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Thursday, December 22, 2016.  Chaos and violence continue, the Mosul slog continues, we look at the celebrity 'activists' who ignore and betray Iraq as well as some of the pundits who should hang their heads in shame.It's day 66 of the Mosul slog.James Cogan (WSWS) reports:Barack Obama is the first two-term American president to have presided over war every day of his tenure in office. He bequeaths to a Trump administration ongoing operations in Afghanistan, continuing drone strikes in northwest Pakistan, the consequences of the 2011 destruction of Libya, the instigation of civil war in Syria, US sponsorship of the brutal Saudi interventions in Yemen, and the civil conflicts in Ukraine, the Caucuses and across Africa.Obama’s blood-soaked legacy, however, is most graphic in Iraq. There is a bitter irony in this, given the fact that he was elected in 2008 largely on the basis of claimed opposition to the Bush administration’s invasion and occupation of the country, and his boasts, after continuing the war for nearly three more years after his inauguration, to have ended it with the formal withdrawal of US forces in December of 2011.Obama launched new military attacks in Iraq following ISIS’ June 2014 capture of Mosul, where one of the most criminal episodes in over 25 years of US violence against Iraq and its people is currently unfolding.The northern Iraqi city is under siege by tens of thousands of US-led Iraqi Army forces, Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) troops and sectarian Shiite militias. The objective is to take back control of the city from the Sunni extremist Islamic State, which was able to capture Mosul and other Iraqi cities from the Shiite-dominated government in Baghdad only because of the weaponry and recruits it had gained in Syria by serving as a proxy for the US and its allies in the war for regime change against the government of Bashar al-Assad.The Obama administration seized upon this blow-back from its own policy to resume large-scale American operations in Iraq and directly intervene in the war in Syria. Uncounted numbers of Iraqis and Syrians have paid with their lives as a result. The majority Sunni cities of Fallujah and Ramadi in western Iraq have already been effectively dest[...]

The e-mails were a problem

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Michael Tracey ‏@mtracey  3h3 hours agoWho wants to bet that none of these whiners actually read the search warrant or affidavit, and have no idea what constitutes probable cause24 replies163 retweets346 likesReply 24Retweet 163Like 346MoreIf the FBI had no justification, take it up with the judge who agreed to the warrant.That said, they had every right.Anthony Weiner, disgraced pervert, was hiding yet another sexting scandal.That means he was ripe for blackmail.No e-mails from Hillary Clinton to his wife should have been on his laptop to begin with.Talk about a security risk!I'm a psychologist.I love Mike and we're married but he's not got access to my patient files.Anthony Weiner shouldn't have had access.They keep avoiding, the whiners, the reality that Hillary's communications were not secure.If they're on Anthony Weiner's laptop, that proves they're not secure."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Wednesday, December 21, 2016.  Chaos and violence continue, the US media continues its silence on Hoshyar Zebari, Ayad Allawi works diplomacy, and much more.Let's start with fake news.Liars across America are concerned with 'fake news.'The Shrill Hillary contingent will always lie so let's not even factor them in.But the ones who consider themselves journalists?Let's pretend they have ethics for a moment and can recognize their own hypocrisy.Hoshyar Zebari is no longer the Finance Minister of Iraq.  Since 2006, he's been the Foreign Minister of Iraq and/or the Women's Minister, etc.Now he is not in the Cabinet.Hoshyar Zebari ‏@HoshyarZebari  Dec 20Unfortunately lost our appeal to Iraqi Federal Court 6 by 3 votes. Now I am a private citizen after 13 years working for the new Iraq25 replies27 retweets63 likesHe Tweeted that yesterday and we noted it yesterday.Why are we bringing it up again?Other than Nouri al-Maliki (prime minister from 2006 to 2014), no Iraqi politician got more US press attention than Zebari.  And he visited the US more than any other Iraqi politician.Newspapers and networks and magazines in the US treated him as a sage, a fount of wisdom.And yet where are the stories about him today?He was sacked in September, yes.But other than UPI, no US outlet covered that.THE FINANCIAL TIMES OF LONDON, for example, is not a US outlet -- nor is REUTERS or AFP or RUDAW, to cite but a few that did cover the story.He was fired in September and you could give various US news outlets a break by saying, "Oh, it's Iraq, things change often.  Zebari says he's appealing so they're just waiting for the verdict on his appeal."And that might have been true.If Zebari had won his appeal, the US press might have suddenly covered the story yesterday.But they've ignored it.Why was he removed from office?Corruption is the reason the Parliament gave.  (Zebari has maintained he was removed as part of a plot by Nouri al-Maliki to discredit Hayder al-Abadi's government and stage a coup that would allow Nouri to become prime minister yet again.)Supposedly, corruption is a topic the US press is interested in.They certainly sang hoseanas for Hayder when he announced he was addressing corruption and for Nouri when he, years earlier, announced he would end corruption in less than 200 days.Those were big stories in the US press.But now their hero Zebari has been removed from office due to charges of corruption.And they're silent.Fake news?Try their ignoring the ugly stories/truths about the man they spent years propping up and[...]

Moments of truth telling

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Chris Hedges (ICH) writes about the Hillary nonsense:Is the Democratic establishment so clueless it believes its party lost the presidential election because of the leaked John Podesta emails and FBI Director James Comey’s decision, shortly before the vote, to send a letter to Congress related to Clinton’s private email server? Can’t the Democratic leadership see that the root cause of the defeat was that it abandoned workers in order to promote corporate interests? Doesn’t it understand that although its lies and propaganda worked for three decades, Democrats eventually lost credibility among those they had betrayed? The Democratic establishment’s outrage over the email leak to the website WikiLeaks ignores the fact that such disclosure of damaging information is a tactic routinely used by the U.S. government and other governments, including Russia’s, to discredit individuals and entities. It is a staple of press coverage. No one, even within the Democratic Party, has made a convincing case that the Podesta emails were fabricated. These emails are real. They cannot be labeled fake news.  I think C.I.'s covered it better (and does so again in today's snapshot) but I'll note Chris on the above.  There are other areas in that article that I disagree with -- some strongly disagree.Over at THE DAILY BEAST, Erin Gloria Ryan nails that awful Lena Dunham:Women don’t need Lena Dunham to “normalize” abortion by having one. The only thing comments like Dunham’s serve to normalize is that tucked away in urban centers live a tribe of feminist caricatures, 30-year-old millennial feminists that have the empathy and self-awareness of petulant teens.I am so glad that the hideous GIRLS is ending.Now Lena will have to try to get a real job.Can't imagine any other networks giving her a try after the lousy ratings for GIRLS.Can't imagine film offers flooding in.She is woefully untalented."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Tuesday, December 20, 2016.  Chaos and violence continue, War Hawk down as Hillary Clinton loses in the Electoral College, and much more.Yesterday, in the United States, the Electoral College voted.  Despite the Tweets of a lot of lunatics like Debra Messing who don't even know how the law works, Hillary Clinton was not declared president.  In January, Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States. Jeanette Verdista RetweetedJanice Bond ‏@JaniceSBond  12h12 hours agoI've very proud for voting for my conscious. #ElectoralCollege177 replies436 retweets1,384 likesMichael Tracey ‏@mtracey  9h9 hours agoAmazing -- now Hillary is truly a loser of historic proportions.…32 replies294 retweets465 likesMichael Tracey ‏@mtracey  10h10 hours ago5 electors abandoned Hillary (3 more attempted) while just 2 abandoned Trump -- Dems continually think of new ways to humiliate themselves.61 replies1,104 retweets1,804 likesMichael Tracey ‏@mtracey  11h11 hours agoHillary lost a total of 5 electoral votes (WA, HI) She would have lost 8 if three Bernie electors (MN, ME, CO) hadn't been expelled/coerced25 replies419 retweets638 likesIt was a historic humiliation.For a historically unpopular candidate.Turns out Barack Obama's biggest lie in 2008 may not have [...]

Is there a reason Paul Krugman lies?

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Let's not mince words, Paul Krugman is such a little bitch.Paul Krugman ‏@paulkrugman  Dec 18I stuck my neck way out -- I was pretty much the only major-paper writer saying that we were being lied into war. So this is annoying 4/91 replies128 retweets707 likesReply 91 Retweet 128 Like 707 MorePaul Krugman ‏@paulkrugman  Dec 18You might want to look at what I was actually saying, compared to everyone else: 3/ allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="130" id="xdm_default8506_provider" scrolling="no" src="" style="border-width: 0px; display: block; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" width="100%">14 replies83 retweets350 likesReply 14 Retweet 83 Like 350 MorePaul Krugman ‏@paulkrugman  Dec 18What really gets me here is the final bit about "Paul Krugman, who was mostly silent during the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq" 2/22 replies54 retweets185 likesReply 22 Retweet 54 Like 185 MorePaul Krugman ‏@paulkrugman  Dec 18I don't waste much time on the anti-anti-Russian left, but this was forwarded to me by friends 1/ …83 replies123 retweets412 likesReply 83 Retweet 123 Like 412 MoreHe was not calling out WMD.His memory's as bad as Donald Trump's."George W. Queeg" (Paul Krugman, NYT):Over the past few weeks there has been an epidemic of epiphanies. There’s a long list of pundits who previously supported Bush’s policy on Iraq but have publicly changed their minds. None of them quarrel with the goal; who wouldn’t want to see Saddam Hussein overthrown? But they are finally realizing that Mr. Bush is the wrong man to do the job. And more people than you would think.That's from his March 14, 2003.He's not questioning WMD.  He's not questioning starting a war.He just does not think Bully Boy Bush can pull it off.Paul Krugman is a weasel and a liar."TV: HULU, 8 or so years on" (Ava and C.I., THE THIRD ESTATE SUNDAY REVIEW):SHUT EYE is a caper show.  It's about a married couple working a con -- played by Jeffrey Donovan and KaDee Strickland -- as psychics for a Roma gypsy mob.Over ten episodes, the couple plot and plan to get out from under the mob -- while Donovan's Charlie actually manages to develop psychic powers.If that's all the show offered, it would still be a success on pure entertainment terms.But what really made the December offering a success was Isabella Rossellini's performance as Rita. SPOILERS follow.Rita's the mother of mobster Fonzo (Angus Sampson).And from the start, she was shudder inducing.  Charlie's sister is caught in a lie and, to punish her, Rita has mobsters hold her down while Rita carves letters into the woman's face.She's not at all troubled by what she's doing or by the screaming taking place as she does it.Throughout later episodes, she goads and admonishes her son.This includes when, to end a beef, she forces Fonzo to mar[...]

Foolish reporter

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It's almost too sad to watch.Amy Moreno ‏@VivaLaAmes  20h20 hours ago.@Newsweek reporter @kurteichenwald goes BAT-CRAP INSANE on LIVE TV! Complete w/crazy laughter & mood swings! allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="362" id="xdm_default3571_provider" scrolling="no" src="" style="border-width: 0px; display: block; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" width="100%">50 replies280 retweets330 likesReply 50Retweet 280Like 330MoreAlmost.He really is an embarrassment so watching him embarrass himself is something to see.Michael Tracey ‏@mtracey  16m16 minutes agoSupposedly “Objective Reporters” Not So “Objective” When It Comes To The Scary Russian Menace allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="362" id="xdm_default1282_provider" scrolling="no" src="" style="border-width: 0px; display: block; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" width="100%">5 replies18 retweets36 likesReply 5 Retweet 18 Like 36 MoreBut there are a lot of embarrassing reporters -- look at the fools repeating that Russia hacked the election."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Friday, December 16, 2016.  Chaos and violence continue, the Mosul slog continues, US troops remain in Iraq, there's still no political solution, and much more.The liberation or 'liberation' of Mosul continues. Another press briefing by the US State Dept took place yesterday and Iraq was ignored as usual while the obsession over Syria continued. ☬ AHMED HUSSAIN ☬ ‏@AHA1R  3m3 minutes agoIraq: Two Months into Mosul Operations, Over 96,800 Iraqis Displaced allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="130" id="xdm_default9060_provider" scrolling="no" src="" style="border-width: 0px; display: block; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" width="100%">0 replies0 retweets0 likes#IRAQ شمرية العراق ‏@moonnor27  7h7 hours agoIraqi Sunnis refugees استمرار #تهجير العوائل السنيه العراقيه من الموصل بخطه الحشد الشيعي #الارهابي تحت امرة #لارهاب الصفوي بصمت عالمي16 replies299 retweets111 likes#IRAQ شمرية العراق ‏@moonnor27  7h7 hours agoIraqi Sunnis civilians fled from #Mosul due war #MosulOffensive #MosulOperation #MosulOps3 replies114 [...]

Still want to believe the CIA?

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The whispers from the CIA leakers are being treated as gospel.Why?The CIA lies.Repeatedly.Here's just on example:"Information Clearing House" - "teleSur" - The administration of Barack Obama released Monday a CIA report on Operation Condor, the 1970s covert efforts to rid U.S.-backed dictatorships of progressive opponents or to topple progressive governments outright in South America.According to a press release announcing the documents, the National Security Archive — an independent non-governmental research institute and library in Washington, D.C. — said the CIA disclosures are among 500 pages on repression in Argentina during the military dictatorship in that country beginning in 1976.According to the archive, “Another proposal under study included the collection of material on the membership, location, and political activities of human rights groups in order to identify and expose their socialist and Marxist connections. Similar data reportedly are to be collected on church and third-world groups,” the documents state. Amnesty International was one of the groups named in the documents.One of the documents highlighted by the archive was a National Security Council summary of the torture of Argentina’s Alfredo Bravo, president of the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights. President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski received the report from his top aide for Latin America, Robert Pastor, detailing the torture by the military of Bravo.In the 1978 document, Pastor recounted that Bravo was “subjected to a bucket treatment where his feet were held in a bucket of ice water until thoroughly chilled and then shoved into a bucket of boiling water.” He also admitted that Bravo had been given electric shock treatments and “subjected to ‘the submarine’ — repeatedly being held under water until almost drowned.”According to the archive, Brzezinski reportedly hand-wrote on the document’s margin: “a compelling, powerful report.” The State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research reported that “six Southern Cone nations” which were “participants in a counterterrorist network codenamed ‘Condor’” have agreed “to undertake the liquidation of Latin American” targets “living in France,” noted the archive in its statement. Dispatching teams to London was also under consideration.That is what the CIA does.What is always does.So it is so depressing to see some of the left -- even the fuax left -- rush to treat the CIA as a wonderful thing or a trusted institution.The CIA should be abolished."Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):Thursday, December 15, 2016.  Chaos and violence continues, the Mosul slog continues, a report that Iraq's government is slashing benefits on a woman who may be the oldest person on the planet, and much more.2h2 hours ago Mohammed Tawfeeq ‏@mtawfeeqCNNToday marks the end of second month since the #Iraqi-led coalition launched the operation to retake #Mosul from #ISIS on Oct 17,2016. It's day 59 of the Mosul operation [...]