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"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." -- Sinclair Lewis

Last Build Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2017 16:55:19 +0000


DNC Chair Vote: Keith Ellison Has Already Won Much-- Sing Along To Help Him Win More!

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 14:00:00 +0000

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="255" src="" width="420">Who would have thought so much drama, and fun music, could be catalyzed by the Democratic National Committee’s vote for a new chair (due on February 25)?Even before the vote, Bernie-endorsed candidate Congressman Keith Ellison has accomplished much, including: • Keith drawing public attention to the generally backroom selection process.• Keith collecting enough support to force opponents to run a relatively high profile ‘non-Ellison’, which they found in Tom Perez, Obama’s ex-Secretary of Labor who was being groomed for higher office (such as by being floated in 2016 as a potential Vice Presidential running mate for Hillary).• Keith creating enough competitive pressure to provoke Perez into publicly admitting the Hillary-Bernie primary “was rigged,” after which he retracted the admission, by claiming that he had “misspoke.” This has highlighted Perez’s lack of experience in message discipline under the pressure of public scrutiny, and is a reminder of Perez’s track record of ‘only following orders,’ notably on Obama’s big push for mainly Republican lame-duck passage of the labor-opposed Trans Pacific Partnership.• Keith announcing major labor union endorsements as pushback to Perez’s recent attempt to replicate Hillary’s usage of friendly press mouthpieces to create ‘inevitability’ by adding up anonymous private voting commitments.• Keith making it obvious that a Perez win would constitute DNC defiance of demands for major changes in business as usual, despite the catastrophic electoral failures of the DNC, and of its favored candidates from Hillary on down.• Keith making himself a lightning rod to attract the kinds of underhanded attacks that any progressive candidate would face, and giving himself opportunities for creative compromise. For example, if Keith’s being too ‘Muslim’ is the main problem for pearl-clutching (and Haim Saban-clutching) voters, then Keith could propose a compromise candidate like anti-corruption legal expert Zephyr Teachout, who would probably horrify friendly lobbyists so much that voters would be relieved to accept a compromise candidate like Bernie-supporting Congressman Raul Grijalva. The identity-flaunting Perez anointers could even claim Grijalva’s election as a win for them, by announcing: "We got a non-Muslim Latino just like we wanted!"DNC members voting to elect the new chair are mainly office-holders, candidates, operatives, lobbyists and/or donors who have benefited from the inside game’s domination by fundraising. So they will only vote against Perez if they fear they will lose more from electing him than from loosening establishment control of the DNC.What’s their main fear now (other than their never-ending fear of losing donor funds)? They probably don’t believe that Bernie could win the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2020 (partly because the establishment would hit a 2020 Bernie candidacy earlier and harder than they did in 2016), but they do understand that Democratic nominees will be weak unless they can retain support from most of Bernie’s supporters and sympathizers.One way to increase their fear of angering Bernie supporters is to show them that we too can start the 2020 nomination contest earlier and more effectively than we did in 2016. The earlier and bigger we can make a ‘campaign-in-waiting’ (or a People’s-Party-in-waiting) for Bernie, the more establishment Democrats will fear to publicly show disrespect towards Bernie’s allies (like Keith) and visibly dismiss our concerns about donor-driven nominations and policy positions.In other words, the more we #FeelTheBern, the more they will pretend to #FeelTheBern, out of fear that we will make their well-covered posteriors truly #FeelTheBern. We face years of effort to make the DNC and other insiders responsive to reality, so let’s take full advantage of Bernie’s and Keith’s hard-earned visibility and seat at the table by strengtheni[...]

Black Lives Matter? Ice-T And Body Count Have Something To Say About That

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 05:00:00 +0000

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="260" mozallowfullscreen="" src="" webkitallowfullscreen="" width="420">Body Count's new album, Bloodlust, will be out March 31 but yesterday, the band's new single was released. You can hear it-- and watch the provocative new video-- above; please do. It's special for me, mostly because Bodycount is a band I worked with when I was general manger of Sire Records. Seymour Stein had signed Ice-T to the label and he was a star-- a successful star who sold a lot of albums. In 1990 Ice asked me to come see his metal band, Body Count, play. Their music and stage show were right up my alley and they were a big hit at Lollapalooza in 1991. It's nice when you work at a record company and actually like the music you have to work.In early 1992, we released the eponymous album and I was thrilled that Ice had decided to give me credit as executive producer. What an honor! Commercially-speaking, he album was modestly successful-- not on an Ice-T level-- but big for a debut by a new rock band. I don't remember the exact figure but we had sold a solid 100,000 albums when the record was "over." Returns started trickling back from the retail accounts and it was time to start thinking about the next Ice-T album. Then something incredible happened.We hadn't got a lot of airplay or effective promotion for the Body Count album. But then the Dallas Police force got involved and started complaining about the song "Cop Killer." Complaining really loudly... and really effectively. DC politicians suddenly saw an opportunity to jump on a slightly, subtly racist "law and order" bandwagon. And it wasn't just Republicans. Suddenly we had Dan Quayle and then George H.W. Bush denouncing our artist and their song by name-- on national TV. The trickle of returns stopped and the orders for more album started coming in-- bigly! The album went gold quickly, quickly enough for me to make a gold album for Dan Quayle for helping get the massive sales rush going. (My boss asked me not to send it to him.)Soon Tipper Gore and Joe Lieberman jumped in and started denouncing us. (Anyone remember the PMRC?) It turned into a real mess. The police would claim several times a week that they had a bomb threat for our building and kept evacuating us so they could search the building. It was pure harassment and it went on and on and on. In the end, the corporate bosses in New York were concerned about Time Warner's stock price. They demanded we drop Ice-T. We refused. They demanded louder. Eventually, the chairman of the company asked me if I wanted to go to New York and argue the case. I said sure. He asked me if I owned a suit. I said, "Of course... I had a bar mitzvah." He looked at me strangely and wished me luck. When the meeting was done-- they walked out cursing under their collective breath-- I was sure my career at Warner Bros was over.The next time I saw these corporate overseers was about a year later at a company meeting. By then I was the president of Reprise Records, one of their crown jewels. They looked at me and I could see then thinking, "Oh my God, it's him again! Where are the aspirins!" In the interim, though, Ice decided to leave Warner Bros, amicably. I was sad too see him go but it worked out really well for him-- and Warner Bros was basically out of the Black Music business for years.Among the guest musicians on the album-- not on this song though-- are Megadeth's Dave Mustaine )n the song "Civil War"), Randy Blyth from Lamb of God (on the song "Walk With Me") and Soulfly's Max Cavalera (on the song "All Love is Lost"). There's also a cover Slayer's "Raining Blood" and "Postmortem."Here are the "No Lives Matter" lyrics: It’s unfortunate that we even haveTo say Black Lives MatterI mean if you go through historyNobody ever gave a fuckI mean you can kill Black People in the streetNobody goes to jail nobody goes to prison,But when I say Black Lives MatterAnd you say All Lives Matt[...]

Sex Crimes And The Orangeman, 2.0

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 02:00:00 +0000

-by Helen KleinOnce he was elected, Trump must have taken a deep sigh of relief, thinking that his past sexual escapades were behind him and no longer worthy of scrutiny. Although the press has unfortunately left this topic alone for a while, this is likely to change very soon. In light of the Russian brouhaha going on, this aspect of Trump’s background now deserves focus under a microscope. Surely there is plenty more fodder along this vein to support the case for Russian blackmail, and it would be unfathomable for the media to ignore any aspects of Trump’s history that would shed further light on his actions and predilections.Now that Alexander Acosta is up for Congressional approval as Secretary of Labor, this is a new opportunity to revisit Acosta’s past court cases, particularly the one involving Jeffrey Epstein, a longtime associate of Trump’s.The February 16th Politico article, Trump’s Labor Nominee Oversaw ‘Sweetheart Plea Deal’ in Billionaire’s Sex Case, reviews Acosta’s role in the case against Jeffrey Epstein. Acosta could face a grilling in the Senate over claims that-- while he was the top federal prosecutor in Miami-- he cut a sweetheart pleas deal in 2008 with a billionaire investor accused of having sex with dozens of underage girls. As the U.S. attorney for Southern Florida, Acosta agreed not to file any federal charges against the wealthy financier, Jeffrey Epstein, if he pled guilty to state charges involving soliciting prostitution and soliciting a minor for prostitution.Acosta’s involvement in the saga could be personally or politically awkward for Trump, drawing fresh attention to his ties to Epstein-- including the financier’s tenure as a member at Trump’s Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago.“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York Magazine back in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it-- Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”Despite a decade of alleged serial sexual abuse and rape of an unknowable number of girls, some as many as 100 times according to court filings, Epstein was offered a deal. He received an 18 month jail sentence, of which he served only 13 months-- this included a 6-day "work permit" allowing him to stay home most of the time. Basically it was a slap on the wrist. This led to outrage from his other alleged victims.Officially, Epstein is a convicted rapist and sex offender, although he minimizes this and laughs it off. “I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an offender,” he told the New York Post in 2011, shortly after a New York judge classified him as a level 3 offender, “or a threat to public safety”… ”It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel,” Epstein said.Epstein is notorious for his relationships with underage girls. His plane, nicknamed The Lolita Express, and known as a hot-spot for underaged sex orgies, flew many friends and associates, including Trump, to his private island, referred to as Sex Slave Island. He also has a mansion in Manhattan, where various nefarious activities of a sexual nature are alleged to have taken place.Some further information about the Trump-Epstein connection was provided by Amanda Prestigiacomo in the May 2016 edition of the Daily Wire: When under oath, while Epstein acknowledged he knew Trump, he “curiously pled the Fifth to Trump attending sex parties with underage girls.”At least one of Epstein’s underage sex victims was recruited from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, which he frequented often.Trump was subpoenaed in 2009 for his connection to Epstein’s underage sex slave rings. Trump has denied ever being served. The lawyer who served him said this was patently false.This may be only the tip of the iceberg regarding Trump’s sexual exploits. More could and should be exposed that would be hugely embarrassing to him.On August 20th, this writer wrote a DWT post entitled, A Poten[...]

Can Foreign Leaders, Outside Of Putin, Trust Anything Trump Or His People Say?

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 22:00:00 +0000

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="255" src="" width="420">Trump's fascinating hour and 17 minutes performance art piece Thursday-- one Republican senator, not amused suggested he should have done it privately, with a therapist, not on live TV-- was unmoored from objective reality. Subject by subject, getting at any semblance of The Truth was not on Trump's agenda. Instead, he sent the fact checking services into a flurry of overtime activities.One particularly bizarre lie he harped on-- perhaps forgetting the campaign (in which nearly 3 million more people chose Hillary Clinton than himself-- was an old right-wing gem about Hillary giving away 20% of America's uranium supplies to Russia. If you're a brainwashed or drugged up denizen of Hate Talk Radio or Fox you know all about that. If you're just a normal American, you probably were hearing the baseless charge for the very first time.After Trump's performance art piece Thursday, CNBC reported the claim false, as PolitiFact had already done when Trumpy-the-Clown was repeating it on the stump. At a campaign rally in Waukesha, Wis., Donald Trump made a number of attacks on Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state, including one involving Russia.Clinton "gave up 20 percent of America's uranium supply to Russia-- to Russia," Trump said Sept. 28, 2016, two days after their first debate. "You know what people do with uranium, don’t you? It’s called nuclear. Twenty percent. They could have never done it without her."The Hate Talk Radio stations Trump listens to as if they were real news, have long reported that Russia’s nuclear energy agency bought a controlling stake in Uranium One, a Canadian company with mines in Wyoming, Utah and other states. It doesn't produce 20% of America's uranium and, unless Trump grants it to them, it doesn't have an export license to send Russian even one gram of uranium. Uranium One also owns mines in the former Soviet Republican of Kazakhstan and that's what Putin was interested in. PolitiFact's rating: Trump says Clinton "gave up 20 percent of America's uranium supply to Russia."The reference is to Russia’s nuclear power agency buying a controlling interest in a Toronto-based company. That company has mines, mills and tracts of land in Wyoming, Utah and other U.S. states equal to about 20 percent of U.S. uranium production capacity (not produced uranium).Clinton was secretary of state at the time, but she didn’t have the power to approve or reject the deal. The State Department was only one of nine federal agencies that signed off on the deal, and only Obama had the power to veto it.So, yes, Trump was lying again. Now, let's see if this was all about Trump giving Putin an export license for American-mined uranium and then blaming Hillary and Obama, who never allowed any U.S. uranium to go to Russia. Would it surprise you? It wouldn't surprise me if Trump sold Putin the White House silverware. Yesterday, The Scotsman reported that the leader of Scotland's Conservative Party, Ruth Davidson, is telling people that after Theresa May met the unhinged sociopathic American president the British government began "reassessing" America's reliability as an ally. She described Trump's Regime as "chaotic," blaming a "lack of professionalism and moral seriousness." She pointed out that Trump's Regime is one step away from being run by a pack of "white supremacist bloggers." Referring to the UK-US relationship, she said: “We are going to want to make sure that any deals that are done he is going to honour. We have to be sure of that.”Ms Davidson does not attend cabinet meetings but has an invitation to attend Prime Minister Theresa May’s “political cabinets”, when political strategy rather than government business is discussed.Her comments come after the Prime Minister attempted to strike a friendly tone when she visited Mr Trump last month... The Scottish Tory leader also said caution was required with [...]

Trump Was In Charleston Yesterday-- The Area's GOP Congressman, Mark Sanford, Is No Fan

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 18:00:00 +0000

Early yesterday morning Señor Trumpanzee tweeted "Going to Charleston, South Carolina, in order to spend time with Boeing and talk jobs! Look forward to it." There was a big demonstration against him when he arrived at the North Charleston Coliseum, although the state's moron governor, Trumpist Henry McMaster, was quoted as saying "This may be the single best day in the history of South Carolina, and we have a great and distinguished history." For those who think of South Carolina as a backward red hellhole... well, Charleston is different. Just watch an episode of Bravo's Southern Charm. And though the state went for Trump 54.9% to 40.7%, not just Charleston city but the entire county was Hillary territory. She won the county-- South Carolina's second biggest-- 89,299 to 75,443. All of Charleston County is part of Mark Sanford's congressional district, in fact, the home of more voters, by far, than any of the other 4 counties in the district. People in Charleston are decidedly not Trump people-- not even the Republicans. Trump won the South Carolina primary by 10 points but Rubio won Charleston County. Trump's share of the vote: just 26.4%. This morning Sanford-- who, after intense pressure from his constituents was joined by Senator Tim Scott-- held a town hall meeting in Mt. Pleasant. It was packed and overflowing... and pretty lively. The first questioner said "I'm not a paid protester" and the whole audience broke out into applause. Early on, a constituent asked the two officeholders if they are proud that they backed Trump and that he's now president. Scott said, "Given the two choices I had, I am thankful." Sanford had a different response: "I think we’re all struggling with it." He also mentioned that "Nobody would agree with Trump’s notion of alternative facts."This weekend, Politico Magazine has an interview by Tim Alberta with Mark Sanford, I'm A Dead Man Walking. I'm surprised Sanford hasn't been on Southern Charm, although I haven't been watching it religiously and perhaps he has been-- or will be when it starts up again in April. His personal melodrama is right up the show's alley. But Alberta's interview isn't-- thankfully-- about Sanford's extramarital affair; it's about his perspective on Trump's unsuitability to be president. Most Republicans in Washington are biting their tongues when it comes to Donald Trump, fearful that any candid criticisms of the new president could invite a backlash from their constituents or, potentially worse, provoke retribution from the commander in chief himself.Mark Sanford is not like most Republicans in Washington.His policy résumé is beyond reproach to those on the right: He was D.C.’s dashing fiscal hawk during his first stint in the House, and then, after term-limiting himself and returning home to South Carolina, he won the governorship, vetoed hundreds of measures from his Republican-led Legislature and gained fame by refusing to accept President Barack Obama’s stimulus funding in 2009. His political instincts are razor sharp: Sanford has never lost a campaign, which, joined with his ideological mooring, once made him a conservative favorite for the presidency. And his personal failings-- namely, the infamous 2009 affair with Argentinian television journalist María Belén Chapur-- appear to have been forgiven by the people of South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, who sent him back to Congress in a 2013 special election before re-electing him in 2014 and 2016.All this gives Sanford a unique sense of liberation to speak his mind about a president whose substance and style he considers a danger to democracy. “I’m a dead man walking,” he tells me, smiling. “If you’ve already been dead, you don’t fear it as much. I’ve been dead politically.”His digs at Trump cover the spectrum. The president, Sanford says, “has fanned the flames of intolerance.” He has repeatedly misled the public, most recently about the national murder ra[...]

Susan Collins Voted Against Confirming Pruitt To The EPA-- But Only After She Voted To Make Sure He WOULD Be Confirmed

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 14:00:00 +0000

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="255" src="" width="420">Thursday, the Republicans invoked cloture to shut down the debate over the qualifications of one of Trump's Pence's worst nominees, Oklahoma's corrupt Attorney General Scott Pruitt, with whom they hope to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The vote was 54-46, the Senate's 2 most right-wing Democrats, Joe Manchin (WV) and Heidi Heitkamp (ND) crossing the aisle to go with the Republicans to end the debate. (This went down even as EPA employees were taking the extraordinarily courageous step of organizing opposition to Pruitt. NY Times: "Many of the scientists, environmental lawyers and policy experts who work in E.P.A. offices around the country say the calls are a last resort for workers who fear a nominee selected to run an agency he has made a career out of fighting-- by a president who has vowed to 'get rid of' it.")A few hours later, Rachel Maddow revealed-- in the opening of her show (video, up top; you can skip the gruesome first 12 minutes if you have a queasy tummy)-- why there should have been no rush to cut off debate on Pruitt. Maine Republican Susan Collins, who did vote to shut down the debate so that Miss McConnell could rush to a vote, told her constituents that she would vote against Pruitt. Collins tells Maine Public Radio she met at length with Pruitt and reviewed testimony from his confirmation hearing. She says he’s “an accomplished attorney with considerable knowledge about environmental laws,” and if he were nominated for another position in the federal government, Collins says she might support him.But when it comes to the role and mission of the EPA, Collins says she and the nominee have very different visions.“Specifically, I have significant concerns that Mr. Pruitt has actively opposed and sued the EPA on numerous issues that are of great importance to the state of Maine, including mercury controls for coal-fired power plants and efforts to reduce cross-state air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,” she says. “His actions leave me with considerable doubts about whether his vision for the EPA is consistent with the agency’s critical mission to protect human health and the environment.”...Pruitt has sued the EPA 14 times, and according to a letter from more than 400 former EPA workers last week, issued more than 50 press releases celebrating lawsuits to overturn EPA standards to limit mercury emissions from power plants, reduce smog and haze, clean up the Chesapeake Bay and control greenhouse gases.Pruitt’s record, they wrote, “raises serious questions about whose interests he has served to date and whether he agrees with longstanding tenets of U.S. environmental law.”During his Senate confirmation hearing, Pruitt was grilled over a series of letters he sent to federal agencies on state stationery that were critical of the economic effects of environmental rules, and drafted, almost word for word, by energy lobbyists. He has also been criticized as a climate change denier and someone who has indicated that he would like to see a limited role for the EPA.But McConnell was in a frantic, breakneck rush to get Pruitt voted on Friday-- or, at least, before Tuesday. Why? Oklahoma County District Judge Aletia Haynes Timmons ordered Pruitt to release the papers he's been illegally hiding about his relationship with the Big Oil and Gas corporations who are behind his nomination. Timmons found that "there was an abject failure to provide prompt and reasonable access to documents requested." [The Center for Media and Democracy, a] liberal watchdog group had asked for the correspondence between Pruitt's office and Koch Industries, mining and drill companies and the Republican Attorneys General Association, according to the CMD's general counsel, Arn Pearson."Those are the types of things we're looking for that go toward his co[...]

Progressives Need to Think Through Implications of Flynn's Resignation

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 05:00:00 +0000

-by Sam HusseiniMany so-called progressives are stoked that Trump's National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigned as the result of charges surrounding his discussions with a Russian ambassador while Trump was president-elect.Congressional Democrats want to use this to go after Trump. Rep. Nancy Pelosi: "After Flynn resignation, FBI must accelerate its investigation of the Trump Administration's Russian connection."Even before Flynn's resignation, Rep. Maxine Waters did a segment on Democracy Now: "Trump Should Be Impeached If He Colluded with Russians Ahead of Election."There's certainly reasons to want to see Flynn go-- he recently put Iran "on notice" while the White House tried to gin up the case against Iran.And there are obvious reasons to try to impeach Trump that don't require congress people to qualify them with an "if"-- his violations of the "emoluments clauses."But it's perhaps easier, more "nationalistic" and ultimately horrifying for "progressives" and others with an alleged interest in peace to be harping on the Russian angle.The Clinton campaign repeated that time and again during the campaign-- with disastrous results. Clinton talked about Russia and Trump talked about jobs in the rust belt. Guess who won the presidency?Many so-called progressives are in effect making an alliance with the most war-mongering parts of the U.S. establishment. They are in effect buttressing incredibly dubious notions of U.S. victimology and demonizing official enemies that increase U.S. militarism and the likelihood for confrontation with the other nation on the planet that could destroy the planet a hundred times over.Trump had just reportedly turned down Elliott Abrams' bid to be number two at the State Department. That was a good thing. Elliott Abrams was part of the Iran-Contra scandal and needed a Christmas Eve pardon from George H.W. Bush. He backed death squads in Central America. He then did a stint in the George W. Bush administration in charge of "democracy promotion" and was almost certainly behind still unaccountable horrors by Israel and in Iraq and elsewhere.But he somehow gets depicted as "reasonable" by many. In fact, just as the major media were closing in on Flynn, Elliott Abrams appeared on CNN, saying he thought Steve Bannon was behind him not getting the job. Damn that crazy Bannon for apparently blocking a certifiable war criminal.Trump won the presidency in large part because he was a Republican who could with minimal credibility talk about being against the "establishment." I didn't buy it, but lots of people did. He won an election that I doubt many in the vast Republican field could have. Trump talked about non-intervention, he talked about preserving Social Security and Medicare.One upshot of the Flynn resignation is that Vice President Mike Pence, a white "Christian" nationalist, who is also is a darling of both Wall Street and the "neo con" interventionists comes out smelling like roses. Trump is a twisted narcissist who is a political opportunist. But Pence is likely what a lot of people claim Trump is.Flynn was compelled to resign in large part because what is euphemistically called the "intelligence community" apparently had recording of his dealings with Russian representatives that he allegedly mischaracterized.This implies that people will be held accountable for their falsehoods if-- and only if-- their stance upsets the CIA, NSA, et al.It's worth keeping in mind that when Trump seemed to challenge this part of the permanent government in January, leading Democrat Chuck Schumer said Trump was "really dumb" for attacking the intelligence agencies. Said Schumer: "Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you"And what else did we just see happening as Flynn was resigning? Steven Mnuchin, from the good folks at Goldman Sachs was confirmed as Treasury Secretary. The[...]

Planned Parenthood And Equality California Both Ignore "Identity Politics"-- Each Endorses Jimmy Gomez Based On His Record Of Achievement

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 02:00:00 +0000

Debra Spector presents Jimmy Gomez with Planned Parenthood's Champion of Choice awardPlanned Parenthood was never an unhinged group of self-serving profiteers the way EMILY's List is, but many women candidates expect to be endorsed by an organization with Planned Parenthood's stated objectives, which are, after all, focused primarily towards making the lives of women better. And Planned Parenthood does endorse women candidates-- lots and lots of them. Why do they endorse women candidates? Easy: because the women candidates they endorse are better than their opponents. How revolutionary is that? Yesterday Planned Parenthood announced their endorsement of Jimmy Gomez for the open Los Angeles congressional seat that Xavier Becerra resigned from when he was appointed Attorney General. There isn't really anything remarkable about this endorsement, except for the fact that among the two dozen candidates in the race, several are pro-Choice women.Jimmy's not a woman but in 2015 he was named Planned Parenthood’s "Champion of Choice" and last year he wrote and passed AB-1671, a law that protects Planned Parenthood clinics from illegal recordings by the right-wing extremists and the terrorists who consistently harass them, threatening their staff and patients. One of the women candidates running for the seat, Wendy Carillo, a journalist and former Bernie volunteer, is also a decent candidate and if I had to bet, I'd bet that given the chance she'll be good on Planned Parenthood's issues too? With Gomez, though, there's no guess work.Celinda Vasquez, Vice President of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles explained why her organization gave their nod to Gomez. "Jimmy Gomez is a true champion for Planned Parenthood health centers and the women they serve. For three consecutive years we have turned to Jimmy Gomez to author and pass legislation to protect the safety of Planned Parenthood patients and staff, and to advance access to critical services like birth control and cancer screenings. We are confident that Jimmy will continue to advocate for women and families in Congress, and be a strong ally in the fight for access to Planned Parenthood health centers across the Country. Planned Parenthood Action Fund proudly endorses Jimmy’s campaign for Congress."The best potential candidate for president in my opinion, Elizabeth Warren, happens to be a woman. I'm glad she is and I'll be glad to see a woman president. But if I thought Joe Biden or Cory Booker or that O'Malley character was a better candidate, I'd be rooting for one of them. I just looked at the Blue America list of the fiercest and most awesome congressional voices of the Resistance. The list includes Pramila Jayapal and, obviously Elizabeth Warren. They're not on the list because they're women; they're on the list because they are the best of the best, the cream of the crop; the smartest, the most effective, the most powerful.I don't know the folks at Planned Parenthood but from watching them over the years, I've come to trust their instincts on candidates more than most DC-centric organizations. They gravitate towards candidates who are the best fighters for their cause-- man or a woman. Unlike the other candidates in the CA-34 race, Gomez has an incredibly strong record of accomplishment and leadership on their specific issues and on other issues important to progressives. Gender doesn't come into it. Nor should it. No one thinks we need more Betsy DeVoses, Marsha Blackburns, Joni Ernsts and Kyrsten Sinemas in government, right?Same goes for the gay community. Two of the absolute worst Democrats in Congress both happen to be gay-- Sean Patrick Maloney (New Dem-NY) and Kyrsten Sinema (Blue Dog-AZ). ProgressivPunch rates their lifetime vote scores, very low "F." Sinema is probably worse but just marginally and both are corrupt on a Republican-level of co[...]

Lincoln had his Team of Rivals. Now we're proud to have our Administration of (Rich) Kooks!

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 22:00:00 +0000

No, we don't want to ban our kooks; we want to celebrate them.Guest post by Conrad L. OsborneThe following was submitted 72 hours ago to the Opinion Editor of the NY Times. [Note: This was written some days ago. The DWT publishing wheels grind slowly. -- Ed.] As expected from dishonest press, failing newspaper did not publish or acknowledge. But (no surprise!) 3 days later (Sun., Feb. 12, Review Section, p.2) published own weak version of idea, minus all the good parts. Really, really disastrous. Losers imitating winner, so sad & unfair. So all of us at KLC are very grateful to good friend and patriot Richard Slade [on whose blog this was previously posted -- Ed.] for assistance in getting this vital announcement out to you, the great American public. See you at the meeting!Contact: www.conradlosborne.comON NOTICE: KLC TO LAUNCH!Now that our Cabinet is falling into place, I’m excited to be able to announce the founding organizational meeting of the KOOK LUXE CLAN ©* (KLC). Will take place real soon at some fantastic location. Membership slots are still open! Primary requirement: complete ignorance of and/or implacable opposition to any jurisdiction to which you are assigned. Certified officers/members to date: Betsy DeVos (Chairperson), Ben Carson, Rick Perry. Gen. Michael Flynn: not actually qualified (see relevant military exp., very unfortunate), but appointed on grounds of temperament. Gen. Mad Dog Matthis: not sure about him, might need to review (great name, though). Emeritus: Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney.Those posts are gone, but highly desirable ones remain! For instance:❡ Head, Nat’l Endowment for the Arts. Prerequisite: Unswerving advocacy of privatization of all arts funding, and of (this is crucial) simultaneous elimination of tax deduction for charitable giving.❡ Head, Nat’l Endowment for the Humanities. Prerequisite: ditto above. Also helpful: healthy skepticism about so-called “progress”--”Renaissance,” “Enlightenment,” blah-blah-blah.❡ Head, Nat’l Science Foundation. Prerequisite: ditto that last. Also, should be on record that theories are just opinions. And against elitist “evidence.” Only fair in a democracy, right?❡ Ambassador to Mexico. Prerequisites: Background in construction; must manage Accounts Payable. Remember the Alamo.❡ Ambassador to Taiwan. This post temporarily withdrawn, pending review. Got to get it right! But Taiwan beautiful incredible country.❡ Plenipotentiary Extraordinaire to court of Vladimir I. Prerequisites: 1) Must depose in advance that all poisonings, shootings, knifings, blindings, drownings, stranglings, and jailings of gov’t officials, oligarchs, opposition figures, et al. inf., are the work of American agents or disgruntled ballet dancers. Sports doping likewise. 2) Must not speak/understand Russian. I guarantee you will have an unbelievable time in Moscow!A plus for all the above: major personal wealth, stupendously rich friends.Fresh vacancies are bound to occur soon! But to qualify, you must be a member of the KOOK LUXE CLAN ©* (KLC)! Welcome to the meeting, if you can find it. Alternatively, gather on The Mall.Respectfully submitted,Conrad L. OsborneFounder & Recording Sec’y*Resemblance to any other organization, living or dead, is unintentional and coincidental.P.S.: the title “KOOK LUXE CLAN” © 2017, by Conrad L. Osborne. My rules: For political allies, unlimited use free of charge, but please attribute. For political foes: Use strictly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of any accidentally remaining law.#[...]

The GOP's Great Putin-Gate Coverup

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Philly Congressman Brendan Boyle struck twitter gold yesterday with his comparison between how Republicans reacted to Watergate and how they're reacting to Putingate. So far, Ryan, McConnell, Burr, Nunes and Chaffetz are all about a coordinated effort at covering up the Trump-Putin connection. As House Intelligence Committee ranking Democrtat Adam Schiff told Greg Sargent, he wants to make sure Nunes doesn't put up "any artificial limitation of the scope of the investigation.... We ought to investigate Flynn's contacts with the Russian ambassador... Any of the Russian contacts with the Trump campaign surrogates, which include Flynn, have to be a necessary part of our investigation."People aren't forgetting Rand Paul's statement so fast-- that there should be no investigation of Flynn while the GOP retains control of Congress. On Tuesday he told Fox viewers that "it looks like the president has handled the situation, and unless there’s some kind of other evidence of malfeasance, this sounds like something that was internal White House politics, and it looks like the president’s handled it. I just don’t think it’s useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of your own party... We’ll never even get started with doing the things we need to do like repealing ObamaCare if we’re spending our whole time having Republicans investigate Republicans. I think it makes no sense."As one Twitter wag put it on Wednesday, Kellyanne Con-Man and Spicy-Spice are trying to make Trump supporters believe "Michael Flynn died in the Bowling Green Massacre."And Nunes was on Fox yesterday focusing on leaks, which he blamed on Obama administration holdovers still working for the government. "I think most of this is probably from people who were in the old administration, but there still could be some people that have burrowed in and are providing classified information to the media." Trump's solution? Another nefarious billionaire. President Trump plans to assign a New York billionaire to lead a broad review of American intelligence agencies, according to administration officials, an effort that members of the intelligence community fear could curtail their independence and reduce the flow of information that contradicts the president’s worldview. The possible role for Stephen A. Feinberg, a co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management, has met fierce resistance among intelligence officials already on edge because of the criticism the intelligence community has received from Mr. Trump during the campaign and since he became president. On Wednesday, Mr. Trump blamed leaks from the intelligence community for the departure of Michael T. Flynn, his national security adviser, whose resignation he requested.There has been no announcement of Mr. Feinberg’s job, which would be based in the White House, but he recently told his company’s shareholders that he is in discussions to join the Trump administration. He is a member of Mr. Trump’s economic advisory council.Mr. Feinberg, who has close ties to Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s chief strategist, and Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, declined to comment on his possible position. The White House, which is still working out the details of the intelligence review, also would not comment.Bringing Mr. Feinberg into the administration to conduct the review is seen as a way of injecting a Trump loyalist into a world the White House views with suspicion. But top intelligence officials fear that Mr. Feinberg is being groomed for a high position in one of the intelligence agencies.Mr. Bannon and Mr. Kushner, according to current and former intelligence officials and Republican lawmakers, had at one point considered Mr. Feinberg for either director of national intelligence or chief of the Central Intelligence Agency’s cla[...]

No, Unfortunately, The Republican Agenda Is Not A Mirage

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allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="255" src="" width="420">Wednesday House Republicans rolled back another Obama rule so that-- after Trump signs it-- when people file for unemployment compensation they will be able to be drug-tested. Looks like the GOP is eager to ramp up the War of Drugs again-- and fill those private prison jail cells for their campaign donors. Kevin Brady's blil passed 236-189. Four of the very worst right-wing Democrats crossed the aisel to vote with the Republicans: • Jim Cooper (Blue Dog-TN)• Dan Lipinski (Blue Dog-IL)• Collin Peterson (Blue Dog-MN)• Kurt Schrader (Blue Dog-OR)And-- lo and behold!-- this horrible legislation is rendered "bipartisan."Yesterday, John Harwood reported for CNBC that when ole Rahm met with Trump, he came away chattering that Dreamers will be safe-- one was arrested in Seattle this week-- and that the GOP plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act will fail but that the Republicans will achieve Wall Street;'s top priority of neutering Dodd-Frank, setting the predatory banksters loose to plunder America again.When Jennifer Steinhauer reported in yesterday's NY Times that the GOP's grand vision for Congress is falling apart and now looks like a mirage, she wasn't taking into account that the one tie that binds all Republicans for all wings the party is the greed and selfishness factor and that the pro-Wall Street/anti-Dodd-Frank mania is far from a mirage. If they accomplish not else but that, they're go to their political demises happy as pigs in shit. Sure, Trump and amateur, a buffoon and a bungling moron, but Republicanism inches forward. Congressional Republicans, who craved unified control of the government to secure their aggressive conservative agenda, have instead found themselves on a legislative elliptical trainer, gliding toward nowhere.After moving to start rolling back the Affordable Care Act just days after President Trump was sworn in last month, Republican lawmakers and Mr. Trump have yet to deliver on any of the sweeping legislation they promised. Efforts to come up with a replacement for the health care law have been stymied by disagreements among Republicans about how to proceed. The same is true for a proposed overhaul of the tax code.The large infrastructure bill that both Democrats and Mr. Trump were eager to pursue has barely been mentioned, other than a very general hearing to discuss well-documented needs for infrastructure improvements. Even a simple emergency spending bill that the Trump administration promised weeks ago-- which was expected to include a proposal for his wall on the Mexican border-- has not materialized, leaving appropriators idle and checking Twitter.At this point in Barack Obama’s presidency, when Democrats controlled Washington, Congress had passed a stimulus bill totaling nearly $1 trillion to address the financial crisis, approved a measure preventing pay discrimination, expanded a children’s health insurance program, and begun laying the groundwork for major health care and financial regulation bills. President George W. Bush came into office with a congressional blueprint for his signature education act, No Child Left Behind.But in the 115th Congress, the Senate has done little more than struggle to confirm Mr. Trump’s nominees, and Republicans ultimately helped force his choice for labor secretary, Andrew F. Puzder, to withdraw from consideration on Wednesday in the face of unified Democratic opposition.The House has spent most of its time picking off a series of deregulation measures, like overturning a rule intended to protect surface water from mining operations. For his part, Mr. Trump has relied mostly on executive orders to advance policies.The inactivity stems from a lack of clear pol[...]

Don't Fall For The Hype: John Wisniewski Is Not Bernie Sanders And Is Not A Real Progressive

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Want Wisniewski to be more pro-Choice? He says he's not a "vicious ideologue."I wish there was a great and plausible candidate for the New Jersey governorship this year. I would love to be endorsing Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka or former Congressman Rush Holt. But they're not running and the whole weight of the Democratic Party seems to be coming down on the side of Phil Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs billionaire/bankster endorsed by the whole establishment, from Machine hacks like Joseph DiVincenzo and Stephen Sweeney (as well as the Bergen and Monmouth county Democratic organizations) to Senators Cory Booker and Robert Menendez, Congressman Frank Pallone and... Jon Bon Jovi, always the weather vane for pathetic establishment politicians. Not on board with Murphy-- quite predictably, the Bernie crew.State Senator Ray Lesniak and Assemblymen John Wisniewski are the more progressive options in the race, though neither seems to be making any progress against the bankster. Lesniak is the better progressive but Wisniewski has something else going for him: he was the chairman of Bernie's New Jersey campaign. It doesn't seem to matter to many people, though, that he was the worst Bernie state chairman ever and harmed the campaign far more than doing anything to help it. Thanks in part to Wisniewski's jaw-droopingly bad performance, Hillary killed Bernie in the Jersey primary-- 542,927 (63.3%) to 315,327 (36.7%). She won all the machine counties where the party bosses count the votes and all Bernie won were two small counties Warren and Sussex. All the most corrupt counties-- Essex, Union, Bergen, Camden, Atlantic, Hudson saw Bernie come in with ridiculously low numbers, under 40% in every one of them. When people talk about how party bosses stole the primary for Hillary, they're talking about DiVincenzo, for example, delivering Essex County for her 75,071 (73.2%) to 27,449 (26.8%). I bet that even Wisniewski would have complained if DiVincenzo announced that the vote was 99% for Clinton and 1% for Bernie.This week, The Observer reported that Wisniewski was doing for himself what he never did for Bernie: fighting. He "took his gubernatorial campaign to South Jersey today, criticizing fellow Democrat Cory Booker for joining Senate Republicans to vote down an amendment sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders that would have allowed Americans to purchase cheaper prescription drugs from Canada." “That vote against it was about protecting the pharmaceutical industry,” said Wisniewski, who served as chairman of Sanders’ presidential campaign in New Jersey campaign chairman, told a forum in Evesham sponsored by Our Revolution New Jersey, a grass roots group whose genesis was Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign.Wisniewski pledged to put pressure on New Jersey-based drug manufacturers “on day one,” if he is elected Governor.But when challenged about bad votes he had taken in the Assembly-- supporting two Republican anti-Choice measures-- he responded with extraordinary lamesness, attacking, in effect, the progressive base he was trying to reach out to: "You would hope that in your elected leaders that they are able to go through an evolution of thought and grow with the times and not be vicious ideologues at every turn." Gee-- "vicious ideologues" is a pretty strong term for people who care about Choice, Wiz; and very revealing.The thing is, for many Bernie supporters, especially the more naive ones, crap Democrats who glommed onto Bernie's campaign for their own agendas-- Tulsi Gabbard (HI) and Shawn O'Conner (NH) were easily the worst, but Wisniewski is right up there as well-- they don't look beyond someone's backing for their hero. "Wisniewski," explained PoliticalNJ writers, "took a considerable poli[...]

Know Any Crazy Gay People Who Voted For Trumpanzee?

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Even he's laughing at the idiotsPerhaps you read something about Trump being forced to fire his National Security Advisor after just a few weeks on the job, when he was exposed for taking cash from Putin and illicitly conniving with him even before Trump was sworn in. Many people find that rather important. But the bigoted little shit from the KKK that the Senate confirmed as Trump's Attorney General has something else he wants the Department of Justice to prioritize for investigation and remediation: LGBT equality. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III sees equality for gays and lesbians as a criminal problem. Jessica Mason Pieklo, writing for Rewire reported this morning that "within his first 48 hours as attorney general, Jeff Sessions made it clear that targeting LGBTQ rights would be a Department of Justice priority." It didn’t even take U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III two full days before using the power of his position to go after the rights of transgender students, sending a clear message about the future under the Trump administration.The message came in the form of a court filing in a Texas case challenging an Obama Department of Education (DOE) guidance that public schools and universities receiving federal dollars should protect the rights of transgender students by allowing them access to facilities that align with their gender identity rather than their biological sex. Schools that refuse to comply with the guidance would be considered in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education, and risk losing their federal funding.Shortly after the guidance was announced, several states run by conservative lawmakers filed a lawsuit in federal court in Texas arguing the administration had overreached its authority in issuing it. In August, a federal judge blocked its enforcement nationwide, ruling the Obama administration could not punish schools for not accommodating transgender students while the lawsuit proceeds. The Obama administration appealed that initial ruling. That appeal is currently before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.The new Department of Justice (DOJ) under Sessions changed the course in that case in two significant ways. First, Sessions withdrew a request by the Obama administration to limit the court order blocking enforcement of the guidance to only those public schools in states that sued against the order originally. Sessions and the DOJ then filed a joint request alongside the states challenging the rule, asking the Fifth Circuit to remove oral arguments in the case from its calendar. The request noted that all parties were “currently considering how best to proceed in the appeal.”In other words, Sessions and the DOJ are trying to find the legal avenues to argue the guidance should not be followed, while the administration works on unwinding it altogether... All this doesn’t just suggest the Trump administration is reversing course on the position that existing civil rights laws protect transgender people from discrimination. It also suggests the DOJ will now actively work against transgender rights by siding with conservative states seeking to do the same.Oh, and by the way, to answer our own question in the title, exit-pollsters estimate that 14% of gay people voted for Trump-- and his infamously homophobic running mate-- in November. Are they all on prescription drugs like the rest of Trump's supporters? (Bonus question: how many Jews voted for the Nazi Party in the 1933 Reichstag elections?)[...]

Senate Right Wingers Trash Rule Meant To Keep Guns Out Of The Hands Of The Severely Mentally Ill

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A few weeks ago we pointed out that House Republicans repaid the NRA for al;l it;s support by getting rid of an extremely popular rule that sought to prevent the severely mentally ill from buying guns. Yesterday the Senate voted on the NRA bill and, guess what, it passed 57-43. Notice, the Democrats didn't try to filibuster it. Thank Little Chucky Schmucky for that.Every single Republican senator voted to allow severely mentally ill people to buy semi-automatic weapons and ammo, including Susan Collins (R-ME) and Dean Heller (R-NV). But 4 Democrats crossed the aisle and voted with the Republicans: Joe Donnelly (IN), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Manchin (WV) and Jon Tester (MT) and they were joined by Angus King (I-ME).Just over 4 years ago we reprinted the newspaper ad from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence that you see up top that was aimed at Heidi Heitkamp. The ad helped persuade Heitkamp to back away from her threat to vote with the NRA on an earlier bill that included universal background checks and a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines. She had gone on This Week With George Stephanopoulos sounding very much like the NRA supporter she is. "I think you need to put everything on the table, but what I hear from the administration-- and if the Washington Post is to be believed-- that’s way, way in extreme of what I think is necessary or even should be talked about.  And it’s not going to pass." And right from the NRA talking point book: "Let’s start addressing the problem. And to me, one of the issues that I think comes-- screams out of this is the issue of mental health and the care for the mentally ill in our country, especially the dangerously mentally ill. And so we need to have a broad discussion before we start talking about gun control."Once the ads started running in North Dakota newspapers, she realized she better care more about what her constituents thought than about NRA blandishments. This was the statement her office issued in January, 2013: Senator Heitkamp believes that Americans have a right to bear arms. But with that right, come responsibilities. And we have a responsibility to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, while protecting the rights of law abiding gun owners. Senator Heitkamp also believes that the problem of violence in America must be dealt with in a multifaceted way. While every option must be considered there is no one single answer. The discussion and ultimate solution to these mass violence tragedies must go beyond a singular focus on gun laws, and that the discussion must examine mental health, school security, and community development to help parents identify and address children potentially suffering from mental illness. Senator Heitkamp has clearly stated that all options must be on the table when it comes to addressing gun violence in America.Yesterday that didn't keep her from skipping across the aisle and helping the Republicans make it easier for people suffering from schizophrenia, for example, to but an AK-47. As my friend Daisy-Mae mentioned when the House passed the same bill earlier in the month, "now someone dressed as Napoleon can walk into a gun shop and buy a semi-automatic assault rifle and run down the street and shoot up a nursery school." There were 6 House Democrats who voted for the bill-- Sanford Bishop (Blue Dog-GA), Henry Cuellar (Blue Dog-TX), Ron Kind (New Dem-WI), Tom O'Halleran (Blue Dog-AZ), Kyrsten Sinema (Blue Dog-AZ), and Tim Walz (MN), 4 of whom have taken large sums in legalistic bribes from the gun lobbyists. And, no, not all of them come from Trump districts.In Kyrsten Sinema's Phoenix-area district, for example, Hillary clobbered Trump, 54.7% to [...]

Field Notes from the Battle Within the Democratic Party

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allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="236" src="" width="420">TYT reporter Nomiki Konst interviews DNC Chair candidate Tom Perezby Gaius PubliusIf you ask mainstream Democrats (not a homogeneous group, but easily identifiable by their Clintonist, Obamist policies), and also their collaborators in the so-called "left media," this question — "What about the battle within the Party?" — they'll ask incredulously back, "What battle? Doesn't everyone want unity?" Which is, itself, the next phase of the battle within the Party. The old guard, the Clinton and Obama factions, want unity  — so long as they're still in charge. Which sets the twin terms over which the next phase of the battle will be fought: the demand for "Party unity," and the insistence on silence about fundamental, irreconcilable differences. Here are two small instances to illustrate that battle and its terms, field notes if you will about how the Party split is being handled its leaders. Both are from the above interview by TYT reporter Nomiki Konst with Tom Perez, the Obama wing candidate for DNC Chair. Keeping the Money Game Alive Let's begin with an exchange about the interests of big-money consultants and consulting firms in keeping the Party's budget "bloated" (Konst's term) so they could drain into consultant coffers money that could bolster state party organizations instead. (Recall that Party funding and use of money was a key Sanders concern.)At 3:48, Konst asks Perez about the Party's ties to those high-dollar consultants and firms. His answer is revealing. He starts by saying he believes in "grassroots organizing" instead of just putting money into high-dollar TV advertising. Yet when pressed (at 6:08, which is where I cued the clip) about the role of those consulting firms, which benefit financially from their role in current Party practices, in shaping the future of the Party, he avoids the question completely.So she tries again. At 7:30 she asks about conflicts of interest between what the consulting class wants and what the Party needs. Her example is the forward-looking "Unity" commission, on which a major Party consultant sits. This, to her, is a clear conflict of interest.Here's that exchange (my transcript; emphasis in the original conversation):Konst: Aren't conflicts of interest a concern? If you're going to change the culture on the ground, how do you change it without banning these conflicts of interest who want to keep the party bloated?Perez: When you say that someone wants to keep the party bloated, I don't know. The people that I talk to want to build a Democratic Party that works for everyone. ... The folks that are running the Unity Commission, there's going to be a lot of different perspectives that are put to bear — that's what we want!Konst (incredulous): Including consultants?Perez: We have a big tent in the Democratic Party....He then pivots to talking about how he would use more "minority contractors" — in other words, he repeats the Democratic Party appeal to "identity" rights and benefits as a way to distract Democratic voters and supporters from how money changes hands in the inner circles.Shorter Perez: We're a big-tent party. Even the corrupt have a seat. (For a real-life example of what that corruption looks like, scroll or jump down to the end of this piece.)Where Are Your Sanders Supporters?The second interview chunk I want to point out is about why his own campaign for DNC Chair contains no high profile Sanders supporters or surrogates. At 9:08, Konst sees she's being given the off-camera signal by a Perez staffer to wrap it up, so she hurries to ask "one last question":[...]

Nixon Was A Master Of The Media-- But It Didn't Save Him... Will It Save Trump?

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The other day I was asked to participate in a BBC World Service radio debate about the Flynn firing. One of the participants was a Trump shill who reminded me of my brother-in-law-- just repeating mindless talking points from the regime via Hate Talk Radio and Fox. His talking point du jour was that the "real story" wasn't Flynn's and the Regime's connivance with Putin but the leaking. That was the scandal-- the leaking. An Adderall-fueled Trump tweeted about it two days in a row:TuesdayWednesdayHouse Intelligence Committee Ranking Democrat, Adam Schiff admonished Trump to "stop whining and act like a president... Real scandal here is @POTUS knew Flynn lied about Russian contacts and did nothing about it until the leak." That isn't what Ryan and his House Republican lemmings, now in full-on coverup mode, want to hear.The Trumpist congressman from Iowa, neo-fascist Steve King was yelling and screaming and accusing the CIA of undermining the Regime. "We're at great risk if we have these kinds of moles" [in the intelligence community]. That is unpatriotic." Trump's amigos in Russia-- like official Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov and neo-fascist Senator Vladimir Jabbarov-- are saying that the revelations that the Trump Regime was working clandestinely with Putin are "part of an intelligence community conspiracy to have the President impeached." Putin is said to be dazed at the loss of Flynn who he spent so much money on putting in as National Security Advisor. The loss of Trump who be a complete disaster for him.Seth Moulton (D-MA) is no hot head or rabble-rouser. He's a cautious and relatively conservative congressman who came to politics after an active duty stint in the military-- 4 tours of duty in Iraq. Tuesday he was on CNN accusing members of the Trump administration/campaign of "conspiring" with Russia, pointing out to Wolf Blitzer "that's the very definition of treason... I mean, let’s not lose perspective on exactly who we’re talking about here. Russia is the No. 1 enemy of the United States of America. If members of the administration are essentially conspiring with Russia-- either through the campaign earlier or now in the administration itself-- I mean, look, Wolf, that’s the very definition of treason. This is a very, very serious affair. The definition of treason is putting our enemy’s interests ahead of our own. That’s what the definition is."As Dan Rather warned earlier this week, Putin-Gate is likely to prove much bigger and more toxic than Watergate. But the Republicans in Congress are working with all their might to cover to up. Ryan and McConnell have been conspiring to prevent an independent nonpartisan investigation, preferring to control everything through puppet hacks like Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr, House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes and the useless co-conspirator Jason Chaffetz of the House Oversight Committee. Their latest line is that with Flynn resigning, everything is over andante with. "Nothing to see here, sheeple."Perhaps Rand Paul was the most honest of the 2Live GOP Cover-up Crew, telling Fox viewers that he disagrees with McCain's assertions that Flynn's firing "raises further questions about the Trump administration’s intentions toward Vladimir Putin’s Russia." Ran thinks "that might be excessive. I think it looks like the President has handled the situation and unless there’s some kind of other evidence of malfeasance, this sounds like something that was internal White House politics and it looks like the President’s handled it. I just don’t think it’s useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of your own part[...]

Feel Like Celebrating Puzder And Flynn? Here's A New Rickie Lee Jones Song That Should Help

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allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="265" src="" width="420">I had dinner with an old comrade-in-arms last week. You may remember her from this great song she did with the Squirrel Nut Zippers for Blue America candidates. Yep, Rickie Lee Jones, currently of New Orleans. She told me about the video above for a song she and Madeleine Peyroux had recently recorded with producer Larry Klein. I was a fan of the David Essex version but this duet is amazing-- and the video: WOW! These are some pretty provocative images everyone should think about and think about again, especially people who got something out of Helen's post yesterday.The good news here-- aside from the sheer joy of this song and the video-- is that Rickie and Madeleine will start touring in a few weeks and be on the road for virtually all of March. The tour starts in Montreal on March first. Here are the dates so far: March 1- Théâtre Maisonneuve, MontrealMarch 2- The Wilbur, BostonMarch 3- Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingwood, NJMarch 4- Town Hall, NYCMarch 6- Mayo, Morristown, NJMarch 7- Bethesda Blues & Jazz, Bethesda, MDMarch 9- Peace Center, Greenville, SCMarch 10- Gailard Venter, CharlestonMarch 11- Capitol, Clearwater, FLMarch 12- Variety Playhouse, AtlantaMarch 14- Majestic Theatre, DallasMarch 16- Fox Theatre, TucsonMarch 17- Arlingtion Theatre, Santa BarbaraMarch 18- Luckman Fine Arts Center, L.A.March 19- Jewish Community Center (Kanbar Hall), San FranciscoMarch 21- Royal Theatre, Victoria, BCMarch 22- Neptune, SeattleMarch 24- Rococo Theatre, Lincoln, NEMarch 25- Paramount Theatre, Aurora, ILMarch 26- Northern Lights Theater, MilwaukeeMarch 28- Ames Center, Burnsville, MNMarch 29- Englert Theatre, Iowa CityMarch 31- One World Theater, AustinApril 1- Heights Theater, HoustonApril 7-15- AustraliaApropos of nothing in particular... did you ever hear this Rickie Lee cover of Subterranean Homesick Blues from 2009? allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="255" src="" width="420">[...]

Resisting Trump By Fighting Racial Gerrymandering And Taking Back State Legislatures-- Like In Virginia

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As we've been explaining, Republicans hold a record number of state legislative seats right now. This is not because more people vote for them. Democrats aren't losing elections, as the so-called Democrat Jim Webb asserted on Meet the Press Sunday, because Democrats are too focused on "identity politics" or because we’ve moved too far to the left. This is because Republicans prevent people from voting and racially gerrymander statehouses across the country. With operation REDMAP and a slew of partisan policies, Republicans have systematically taken control of both houses of 32 state legislatures across the country, including in one of the two states with state level elections being held this year-- Virginia.In Virginia, Republicans used these tactics to take 66 of the 100 seats in the state house, despite the state having two Democratic Senators, a Democratic Attorney General and Governor, and having gone blue in every single one of the last three Presidential elections. Clinton beat Trump in November 1,916,845 (49.9%) to 1,731,156 (45.0%). Just as an example, courts ruled in both 2014 and 2015 that Virginia’s congressional districts were racially gerrymandered and needed to be changed and in 2016 the Supreme Court accepted a case arguing that 12 state legislative districts were racially gerrymandered as well.Reversing years of new Jim Crow laws and winning a 51-seat majority in the state house is not a one cycle project. But it is something that we need to start now if we are ever going to pass fair district maps. And passing fair maps is what we need to do if we’re ever going to have a chance to take back and hold Congress.That’s why I want to introduce you to Josh King. Josh is one of the top Delegate races in Virginia this year. He ran in 2015 and came within 125 votes of winning the seat, despite only being in the race for four months and being outspent 3:1. But now Mark Dudenhefer, the incumbent Republican, is retiring. Better yet, the district went for Hillary in a landslide-- by over 20 points. The district has parts of Prince William and Stafford counties. It's been pretty reliably Democratic in recent races. In the last gubernatorial race McAuliffe took the district against Cuccinelli 53-42%. The next year Mark Warner beat Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate 52-46%. In 2012 Obama won the district against Romney 58-40% and Tim Kaine beat George Allen 59-41%. The district goes south from Woodbridge along the Potomac to Quantico, heads further south down to Arkendale and Widewater Beach and west to Tacketts Mill and Roseville. This is definitely one where we can turn a Republican-held seat Blue... and progressive.This week Blue America endorsed Josh King, our first endorsement of 2017 for a Virginia legislative seat. There will likely be more. Meanwhile I asked Josh to introduce himself and explain why he's running and what he hopes to accomplish in the legislature. Please take a look-- and if you agree, please consider making a contribution to his campaign by tapping the ActBlue thermometer on the right. And, remember, this election is in 2017, not 2018.What I Stand For-by Josh KingMy name is Josh King. I'm an army vet, a deputy sheriff, and I'm running for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 2nd District.Three years ago my autistic daughter, Josclyn, was forced to go a year without a teacher because the public school she was assigned to couldn't afford one. In a state with one of the best education systems in the country, there was no money for her or six other special needs children. And when I investigated, I found that time and time again resources[...]

Revisiting the line of so-called-presidential succession

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The Man of Orange and our next man inVienna, Patrick Park -- Nos. 45 and 46?Michael Flynn and Donald Trump arrive at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa last week to visit the US Central Command headquarters.And on it goes -- yadda-yadda, more of this so-called-journalistic nattering. If you really want to read it, and/or check out the links, you'll find it here. It's like these so-called journalists have nothing better to do with their time, all the while that So-Called President Trump and his team are toiling to Make America Great KenIt's too soon to say that the wheels are coming off the so-called Trump administration, even if it's looking more and more like a succession of Keystone Cops shorts, which might be hilarious if this wasn't the officially empowered so-called government of the world's one and only remaining superpower. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="238" src="" width="440">Still, I was relieved to discover, via some behind-the-scenes DWT e-mail chatter, that I'm not the only American who's been pondering the constitutionally established (as, of course, constitutionally revised) presidential succession.Obviously thought of the succession has to being with So-Called Vice President Pence, but can that really happen? Not because the Unspeakable Pence is an extreme-right-wing crackpot, which is constitutionally permissible (cf. R. Reagan and G.W. Bush). Not even because of the overwhelming likelihood that he's not only a seriously pickled alcoholic but a deeply closeted homosexual and, therefore, because of his deepy closeted status, highly subject to blackmail. No, the fatal obstacles to his succession can be found in the extensive Russian intelligence reports, just as soon as Bannon and Preibus can work out who's sitting on the files.It could be, in line with a suggestion by our Noah, that those files are actually in the possession of So-Called House Speaker Paul "The Rat, and Not Just the Gym Kind" Ryan, who's way far up in that constitutional line of succession. Just watch and see if, when the so-called president finally resigns, the so-called vice president doesn't announce that, much as he'd like to oblige by assuming the office of the so-called presidency, his extensive commitment to attending Fuck Those Goddam Homos rallies all over the country make him unavailable for the job.SO WHO DOES THIS LEAVE TO TAKE OVERTHE REINS IF/WHEN THE TIME COMES?Don't bother dusting off your copy of The U.S. Constitution for Dummies, because the information it contains is only tedious but seriously out of date. Or perhaps you were part of the multitude of Trump-haters whose attention was diverted by the hullabaloo over the so-called president's announcement that from now the official language of the country will be Swedish and from now on underwear will be worn on the outside -- diverted, that is, from that day's official announcement of the New Rules of So-Called-Presidential Succession, which was scrawled on the "Official Stuff to Announce" whiteboard of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's office."Wait just a darned second!" you say? "The so-called president doesn't have the constitutional authority to change the order of so-called-presidential succession!" Perhaps you missed the announcement, "published" on the "Official Stuff to Announce" whiteboard of the chief Supreme Court spokesperson, of the opinion by Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch? To the effect that "From now on, whatever So-Called President Trump says goes"?"Now wait just another darned second!" you say? "What'[...]

Women In The Age Of Trump

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-by Helen KleinAn article in last Sunday’s NY Times Week in Review raised my hackles and led to the writing of this piece. Since When is Being a Woman a Liberal Cause? was penned by Susan Chira, a senior correspondent and editor on gender issues.As a baby boomer, I am old enough to have seen first-hand the dramatic changes that have taken place for women in this country. Mid-Twentieth Century, women were second-class citizens and did not have equal rights. During my 13 years in public school in New York City (K-12) I was never allowed to wear pants. This changed a year or two after I graduated. There were no girls’ sports teams at my high school, only boys’ teams. In my physics class, there were three girls out of about 40 students. In 1969, when my boyfriend entered medical school, there were three women out of the 100 in his class. Howie and I went to the same undergraduate college, State University of New York at Stony Brook. He had the option of joining the swimming team; I'm a better swimmer than he is but all I and all other women were offered was-- wait for it-- water ballet!This article looks at who gets to define what it means to be pro-women. The conservative women interviewed give little acknowledgement or credit to the courageous women who fought tooth and nail for women’s rights, rights these women take for granted, rights that have given them the opportunities they have had and lives they now lead. The left has staked its claim…Now the same groups that organized the march are proposing a general strike-- “a day without a woman”-- to show that women continue to oppose him (Trump) and that the world would be lost without them.The leaders of these protests argue that women’s causes-- abortion, contraception, economic equality, immigration, criminal justice-- essentially demand liberal solutions.That leaves conservative women-- those who support the President and those who don’t-- out. Their opponents claim to represent the best interests of an entire gender, one that happens to be theirs.The article goes on to share objections to this stance by various women. Four women’s comments are noted below and responded to later in this piece.Cleta Mitchell, a partner at the law firm Foley and Lardner who has long been active in conservative politics, finds nothing but hypocrisy on the part of women who claim to speak on her behalf. “These women don’t represent me or anyone I know.” For years, conservative women have wrestled with the very idea of feminism. “Conservative women say ‘don’t put me in the feminism bloc’ because somehow it’s emblematic of a whole set of liberal issues that may have nothing to do with promoting women,” Mrs. Mitchell said.Mary Matalin, the veteran Republican strategist who switched her party affiliation to Libertarian last spring, believes any attempt to brand the Republican Party as anti-women will fail. “The critical fallacy in the liberal logic of identity politics is that-- demonstrably-- ‘groups’ don’t think homogeneously; they don’t behave homogeneously.”“I guess I am not someone who thinks in terms of gender,” said Sharon Fraser Toborg, 48. (She) resents that her choice to stay home despite Ivy League and graduate degrees still draws condescension from many women. She did not back Trump in the primaries, but preferred him in the end to Mrs. Clinton. “I’m someone who thinks in terms of capabilities, so to me how many men or women are in a particular president’s cabinet, I don’t keep score.”Lani Candelora, 3[...]

The DCCC Should Start Making Devin Nunes Fight For His Seat

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Nunes: Masterminding the GOP PutinGate coverupDevin Nunes' Central Valley House seat is pretty safely Republican-- but not nearly as safe as it was when he was first elected in 2002. The PVI is still rated a daunting R+10 but the demographics have shifted precipitously. Only 41.9% of Nunes' constituents are white now and one day-- who knows?-- the DCCC might decide to target him. They should. Nunes shouldn't be given any more free rides. Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, he seems to think his function is covering up the Trump Regime's malfeasance in their activities regarding Vladimir Putin. His comment yesterday about Michael Flynn being fired for Putin-related activities, likely to include accepting bribes and probably treason as well, was that "Washington, D.C. can be a rough town for honorable people, and Flynn-- who has always been a soldier, not a politician-- deserves America’s gratitude and respect for dedicating so much of his life to strengthening our national security. I thank him for his many years of distinguished service." When pressed, Nunes told reporters that he would not investigate Flynn's discussions with Trump about his calls with Putin's ambassador. He's following the Republican Party line, in a knee-jerk fashion, that the "real story" is how the Trumpist Regime is being undermined by leaks. Andre'll investigate that instead.In 2012 Romney took Nunes' district with 56.6% of the vote. Trump's share in November was just 52.1%, even though he faced a far weaker candidate. Nunes' district, CA-22, is made up of large sections of Fresno and Tulare counties, although doesn't include any of the city of Fresno itself. Clovis, Visalia and Tulare are the biggest population centers.The DCCC didn't contest the seat-- guaranteeing that Nunes will feel no obligation to worry about accountability in Congress-- and he beat an unknown, under-funded opponent, Louie Campos 143,333 (68.2%) to 66,802 (31.8%). Nunes raised $2,459,235 for the campaign this year while Campos didn't raise the $5,000 that would have triggered an FEC report.Nunes knows that with the way the DCCC works currently-- no multi-cycle efforts ever-- he will never be forced to alter his behavior to appease the voters. Even ardent partisans in the Senate like John Cornyn (R-TX) and Roy Blunt (R-MO) have been calling for a thorough investigation of Flynn's and the Trump Regime's ties to Russia. Even if Nunes doesn't, these guys are saying they want Flynn to testify. Blunt on Missouri radio station KTRS yesterday: I think everybody needs that investigation to happen. And the Senate Intelligence Committee, again that I serve on, has been given the principle responsibility to look into this, and I think that we should look into it exhaustively so that at the end of this process, nobody wonders whether there was a stone left unturned, and shouldn't reach conclusions before you have the information that you need to have to make those conclusions... I would think that we should talk to Gen. Flynn very soon and that should answer a lot of questions. What did he know? What did he do? And is there any reason to believe that anybody knew that and didn't take the kind of action they should have taken?Jason Chaffetz, like Nunes, refuses to allow investigations of the Trump Regimes relationship with Putin. People follow Chaffetz around wherever he goes shouting "Do your job!" Nunes needs the same treatment-- plus a real effort by the idiot tasked with heading up the DCCC's West Coast operation, Kyle Layman, who would r[...]

America's Newest Villain-- Meet Trumpist Worm Stephen Miller From Santa Monica

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Readers have been asking why we haven't done much here on Trumpist lunatic Stephen Miller, the guy who writes the imbecilic crap Trump reads off his teleprompters-- instead of just harping on Bannon, Bannon, Bannon. #PresidentBannon. Well, over the weekend Miller stepped out into the limelight and went on national TV to defend Trump-- every channel, right?-- and to say Trump can't be held accountable by the judicial branch. The only Americans who agree are the drug-addled, two-digit IQ Trumpist base.Miller is from Santa Monica. His old home is represented by the Trump regime's most outspoken congressional antagonist, Ted Lieu. When Miller was transitioning from Lincoln Middle School to Santa Monica High, he stopped accepting calls from one of his close friends, Jason Islas, eventually telling him, "I can't be your friend any more because you are Latino." He was just 14 and the snotty little racist never looked back. "Displaying his hostility toward minorities, Miller complained to school administrators about announcements in Spanish and festivals that celebrated diversity. In his third year at the school, the 16-year-old Miller wrote a letter to The Lookout, a local publication, about his negative impression of Hispanic students and the use of Spanish in the United States... In that article, Miller also complained about his school's celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the existence of a gay club and a visit by a Muslim leader.Sunday, Digby did a pretty thorough job on Miller, Jeff Sessions' contribution to the White House inner circle. She cited both the new NY Times profile and an older what's-this-thing? from Mother Jones.Richard Spencer, one of America's most prominent, uncloseted young neo-Nazis-- as opposed to the ones that the Dulles brothers imported from Eastern Europe-- is an old comrade-in-arms of Miller from when they were pushing racism, xenophobia and bigotry at Duke. Glenn Thrush's Times profile introduced Miller as the 31 year old Trump advisor behind many of "Trump’s most contentious executive orders." While he worked for 2 prominent fascists in Congress, Michele Bachmann and sex predator John Shadegg before going on to the Senate office of sociopath Jeff Sessions. One of his jobs there was to kill Marco Rubio's immigration reform bill and at one point he was sending around "nasty news articles" (like a version of this one) to senators and their staffs. Republican senators are not Stephen Miller fans. The ascent of Mr. Miller from far-right gadfly with little policy experience to the president’s senior policy adviser came as a shock to many of the staff members who knew him from his seven years in the Senate. A man whose emails were, until recently, considered spam by many of his Republican peers is now shaping the Trump administration’s core domestic policies with his economic nationalism and hard-line positions on immigration.But his unlikely rise is emblematic of a White House where unconventional résumés rule-- where the chief strategist is Stephen K. Bannon, until recently the head of the flame-throwing right-wing website Breitbart News, and the president himself is a former reality television star who before winning the nation’s highest office had never shown much interest in the arcana of governing.Yet all three men are bound by a belief in an America-first economic policy that has suddenly moved from the fringes of American politics to the Oval Office.“Stephen was the kind of guy who would make a passionate ideological argument [...]

Putin-Gate-- is Multi-Dimensional Chess Back?

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allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="255" src="" width="420">Lindsey Graham was on CNN Tuesday talking Congress' role and next step in Putin-Gate. They invited him on to talk about Flynn getting fired and he almost immediately said that what he wants is to see the incriminating transcripts that the Trump Regime is hiding from Congress: "I haven't seen the transcripts; I don't know what we're talkin' about. What did General Flynn say to the Russian ambassador about lifting sanctions? Did he say anything at all or is this just being spun by the media? I think Congress needs to be informed about what General Flynn said to the Russian ambassador about lifting sanctions. And I want to know, did Gneral Flynn do this by himself or was he directed by somebody to do it? ... I'd have a hard time believing that General Flynn would get on the phone with the Russian ambassador and suggest that 'Don't worry, we will revisit this when we get to be president'... without some understanding that the administration would be sympathetic to the idea... Americans have a right to know whether or not this was a General Flynn rogue maneuver or was he basically speaking for somebody else in the White House.When the anchor pushed him on House Republican efforts to cover up the whole scandal-- basically Paul Ryan, Jason Chaffetz and Devin Nunes-- he pointed out that "we do have allegations now coming from the media that the Department of Justice informed the White House that the National Security Advisor may be subject to blackmail by the Russians. I think that's something Congress has a right to know." Listen to the whole tape. And then consider what Moby posted on his Facebook page Monday. Here's the screen-grab: allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="255" src="" width="420">Pretty heavy stuff-- and I suspect Lindsey Graham was not one of the DC friends Moby spent the weekend talking with. Nor was Moby the only one posting this kind of heavy scary shit about the Trump Regime on Facebook. Earlier today Dan Rather sounded a rather loud alarm bell: Watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now. It was the closest we came to a debilitating Constitutional crisis, until maybe now. On a 10 scale of armageddon for our form of government, I would put Watergate at a 9. This Russia scandal is currently somewhere around a 5 or 6, in my opinion, but it is cascading in intensity seemingly by the hour. And we may look back and see, in the end, that it is at least as big as Watergate. It may become the measure by which all future scandals are judged. It has all the necessary ingredients, and that is chilling.When we look back at Watergate, we remember the end of the Nixon Presidency. It came with an avalanche, but for most of the time my fellow reporters and I were chasing down the story it rumbled along with a low-grade intensity. We never were quite sure how much we would find out about what really happened. In the end, the truth emerged into the light, and President Nixon descended into infamy.Welcome to ChelseaThis Russia story started out with an avalanche and where we go from here no one really knows. Each piece of news demands new questions. We are still less than a month into the Trump Presidency, and many are asking that question made famous by Tennessee Senator Howard Baker those many years ago: "What did the President know, and when did he kn[...]

Republican Immigration Policy: Flood America With Eastern European Neo-Nazis

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The Dulles Brothers' policies enabled the rise of Trumpism in AmericaAfter World War II, Republicans encouraged an influx of Nazi and pro-Nazi immigrants from Europe. The Dulles brothers were at the nexus of an immigration policy that brought hundreds of thousands of Nazis into America-- not atomic scientists, most just Nazi thugs from all over eastern Europe-- like from Belarusia, which saw New Jersey, for example, become a major center of a Belarusian diaspora. Their communities--in places like South River (Middlesex County)-- are far more anti-Semitic than anything in the modern day South. In South River the Belarusian community center on Whitehead Ave., built for Nazi war criminals by the CIA, is also the local Republican Party headquarters.The Dulles brothers were the embodiment of where Wall Street, and the intelligence community blended seamlessly into the far right, pro-Nazi Republican Party and the inept Cold War jingoism. They overrode President Truman's and Congress' ban on allowing Nazi war criminals into the country-- let alone employing them-- purging their records and getting them U.S. citizenship. John Foster Dulles, who now shamefully has an airport named after him near our nation's capital, was complicit steeped in Wall Street backing for prewar Hitler and was at all times looking out for the interests of the wealthy Republican investors who invested in the Nazi take-over, particularly the Rockefellers and the Bushes. They had decided to open the floodgates to Nazi collaborators throughout Eastern Europe once Truman was defeated by Dewey.New Jersey, among a few other states, became a sanctuary for Nazi collaborators and war criminals from Eastern Europe. Nixon saw them as a counterbalance to the hated Jews, who always voted for the Democrats, and Eisenhower gave him supervisory powers over the operations to bring them to America. Ironically, many of them had been infiltrated by the Russian Communists and the entire program was an absolute disaster, bringing the U.S. no Cold War benefits whatsoever and costing the country hundreds of millions of dollars, but, eventually, helping elect Republican rightists from Nixon ando Christie to, obviously, Trump.A few years ago I spoke with John Loftus, author of America's Nazi Secret, interested nine what he thought about the motivations for flooding New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc. with anti-Semitic Nazi war criminals, many of whom had personally taken part in the Holocaust, in Belorusia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. This is what Loftus told me: My guess is it was 90 percent greed, as they funded the infant Bolshevik and Nazi parties simultaneously. In fact, Hitler knew the robber barons preferred the conservative and Catholic parties over the Nazis, so that is why he banned foreign ownership of German companies, which forced the robber barons to enact the Swiss Bank Secrecy Act of 1933. In the upcoming film American Secrets we document how the Auschwitz industrial park was originally a Russian-German partnership funded by the robber barons of Wall Street....Nixon always blamed the Jews for his narrow loss to JFK, and tasked George H.W. Bush as co-director of the RNC to recruit the Eastern European groups. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="255" src="" width="420">Sad how when things like these are covered up and we "move on," they jus[...]

Some "Democrats" Say Progressives Are Being Too Mean To Trump And His Cronies

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The DCCC recruited some real dogs for the 2016 cycle. Most lost and the few who won are now in Congress voting with Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy for the Republican agenda. That would be "ex"-Republicans Charlie Crist (FL) and Tom O'Halleran (AZ) and wretched Blue Dogs Josh Gottheimer (NJ), Stephanie Miller (FL), and Lou Correa (CA). House Democrats would be better off without them. The DCCC wasted millions and millions of dollars on electing and trying to elect these crap conservative candidates. The ones in Congress have exactly one function: allowing Ryan and McCarthy to tell the media that their horrific legislation is "bipartisan," thereby infuriating and alienating the Democratic bases. In committee, corrupt conservatives, especially Crist and Gottheimer, are already helping the Republicans to push their agenda forward.On top of that, the DCCC and Pelosi's House Majority PAC wasted immense amounts of money on dreadful losers-- some in blue districts that Hillary won-- but who just couldn't motivate voters. Plenty of voters who, for example, cast their ballots for Hillary in CA-25 just couldn't pull the lever for a crap candidate like Brian Caforio. Same in VA-10, where Hillary beat Trump by a very hefty 52.2 to 42.2%, but where the DCCC's horrid candidate, LuAnn Bennett, lost against a very weak Republican incumbent, Barbara Comstock by nearly 25,000 votes, 52.9% to 47.1%. The DCCC and Pelosi wasted around $6 million on that race. Shit candidates like Lon Johnson (MI-01- $2.2 million), Joe Garcia (FL-26- $5.5 million), Pete Gallego (TX-23- $3.5 million), Colleen Deacon (NY-24- $1.1 million), Monica Vernon (IA-01- $1.5 million), to name just a few, were horrendous recruits who no one is held accountable for.Hillary beat Trump in TX-23 49.8% to 46.4% but the Blue Dog who TX-23 Democrats had already been ousted in 2014 after disgusting them, Pete Gallego lost a race in a district where the population is 71% Hispanic. So what does Pelosi do? She re-ups DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Lujan to another term. And what does Lujan do? He re-ups conservative shithead Denny Heck as chairman of-- wait for it-- the DCCC Recruitment Committee. And scared-of-her-own shadow Republican-lite shill Ann Kuster was put in charge of incumbent protection-- which always amounts to protecting (as in financing) the Democrats who can't get any grassroots enthusiasm going because they vote with the GOP (like Kuster does). And so on...Heck was whining at the House Democrats' retreat the other day that the special election districts are too tough for the DCCC. Maybe someone should sit him, Lujan and Pelosi down and explain to them that in business, real success depends on developing a long term strategy, not going to a one-cycle quick fix. Under Pelosi, who has zero understanding of how business works, the DCCC has never looked beyond the current cycle, which is why they not having losing ingrained in their DNA. That's going to be very hard to break free of but I can guarantee one thing-- re-hiring losers like Denny Heck and Ben Ray Lujan ain't gonna do it.And then you have Garbagcrat Jim Webb, the ultimate fake Democrat-- remember when he ran for president and couldn't even get to 1% in any polls?-- on Meet The Press for some reason. And what does he want to moan about? What do racist pigs like him always want to talk about? Yes, that the Democratic Party has moved too far to the left and that they're not honor[...]