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Updated: 2017-07-27T05:42:39.383-07:00


Isakson, Tester Applaud Committee Approval of Comprehensive G.I. Bill Reforms


Senator Johnny Isakson (above) is the Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.  His office issued the following today: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, July 28, 2017 Contact: Amanda Maddox (Isakson), 202-224-7777 Marneé Banks (Tester), 202-604-5521 Isakson, Tester Applaud Committee Approval of Comprehensive G.I. Bill Reforms Bipartisan legislation seeks to improve

Get Gone (Fiona Apple)


Fiona Apple performing "Get Gone" (first appears on her album WHEN THE PAWN . . .).

Iraq snapshot


Wednesday, July 26, 2017. On his trip to Russia, Nouri al-Maliki has now met with the country's president Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin‏ @PutinRF_Eng  5h5 hours ago More Meeting with Vice President of #Iraq Nouri al-Maliki …   29 replies87 retweets264 likes Reply  29   Retweet  87   Like  264

Iraq snapshot


Tuesday, July 25, 2017.  The politics . . . Starting with human blunder Kurt Eichenwald.  John Stauber Retweeted Julian Assange‏ @JulianAssange  20h20 hours ago More Newsweek/MSNBC/Vanity Fair's @KurtEichenwald libels me as a child rapist, STD spreader & Putin agent -- after losing @WikiLeaks libel case. 505 replies2,638 retweets4,307 likes Reply

Iraq snapshot


Monday, July 24, 2017.   Nouri goes to Russia and more. This morning, Susannah George (AP) reports that there are some questioning the future of the Shi'ite militias in Iraq.  She reports on her conversation with Shi'ite Sheikh Fadil al-Bidayri: Al-Bidayri says now that Mosul has been retaken and the Iraqi military has been partially rebuilt, he believes the Shiite militias should be

That ongoing Iraq War


Today, the US Defense Dept announced: Strikes in Iraq In Iraq, coalition military forces conducted seven strikes consisting of 19 engagements against ISIS targets: -- Near Beiji, a strike destroyed two ISIS tactical vehicles and a vehicle. -- Near Qayyarah, three strikes engaged two ISIS tactical units and destroyed an ISIS-held building. -- Near Rawah, a strike destroyed three ISIS boats.

Iraq: political intrigue, violence and Nouri goes to Moscow


ALL IRAQ NEWS reports that Iraq's prime minister Hayder al-Abadi met with the Shi'ite militias today. Afterwards, ALSUMARIA notes Hayder issued a statement insisting that the militas were part of the national security forces and it was the government's duty to protect them. The government's duty to protect them? Interesting.  What about the militia's duty? It's supposed to protect the

Dems put Stein's name in the mix to smear the left (Margaret Kimberley)


Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley: Pinned Tweet Margaret Kimberley‏ @freedomrideblog  23 Apr 2016 More A Cashless Society? Not Before Tubman’s $20 Arrives  Photo of Sojourner Truth in Harriet Tubman article. @calmesnyt 3 replies46 retweets59 likes Reply  3 Retweet  46 Like  59 Margaret Kimberley‏ @freedomrideblog

Leading Veterans Organizations Call on Members of Congress to Defeat Unacceptable Choice Funding Bill


Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America issued the following today: Contact Claire Owens Press Secretary Tel: 212-982-9699 Email: WASHINGTON, DC (July 22, 2017) — Following is a statement released today by IAVA and the nation’s leading veterans organizations ahead of a vote scheduled Monday in the House of Representatives. This statement comes after a

Iraq snapshot


Friday, July 21, 2017. Let's pretend that the fighting in Mosul really is over, what next? Susan E. Reed (WBUR) offers: ISIS did not rise up the minute U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq in 2011. It had been long fermenting in weakly governed communities marked by sectarian strife where Sunnis were routinely persecuted under the leadership of Iraq’s former Prime Minister Nouri Maliki. The

Isakson, Tester Introduce Comprehensive G.I. Bill Reforms Broad, bipartisan measure will make necessary improvements to post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefits for student veterans


Senator Johnny Isakson (above) is the Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.  His office issued the following today: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, July 20, 2017 Contact: Amanda Maddox (Isakson), 202-224-7777 Marneé Banks (Tester), 202-604-5521  Isakson, Tester Introduce Comprehensive G.I. Bill Reforms Broad, bipartisan measure will make necessary improvements to

Iraq snapshot


Thursday, July 20, 2017. Since the discussion of human rights abuses -- War Crimes -- entered the press conversation regarding Mosul last week, there has been silence from the US government. Turns out not all leaders of government are being silent.  REUTERS reports: German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday urged Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to investigate alleged human rights

Burn Pits 360 July 27th Congressional briefing


Latest news from Burn Pits 360 View this email in your browser Research | Outreach | Advocacy  Copyright © 2017 Burn Pits 360 Veterans Organization, All rights reserved.You are receiving this email because you submitted your contact information via the Burn Pits 360 website.Our mailing address is:

Iraq snapshot


Wednesday, July 19, 2017.  Oh, look, it's another 'turned corner'! -- let's all try to pretend we don't remember where this leads to. Joseph Pennington sees a 'turned corner' in Iraq. Yet another one. We've been here before, many times before. Has Pennington? From his US State Dept bio: Joseph S. Pennington Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iraq BUREAU OF NEAR EASTERN AFFAIRS Term of

Iraq snapshot


Tuesday, July 18, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, the War Crimes continue but Little Fancies rush in to distract us with nonsense. Heaven save us all from Little Fancy. Our latest Little Fancy? Max Fisher. Proof positive that THE NEW YORK TIMES needs to improve their hiring practices.  (And probably not hire from hysteric outlets like VOX to begin with.) Little Fancy Tweeted: Max

Iraq snapshot


Monday, July 17, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue -- as does The Mosul Slog. FRB-I‏ @FRBIU  1h1 hour ago More #Iraqi Army soldier showcases just what ‘liberation’ in #Mosul looks like 0 replies12 retweets3 likes Reply     Retweet  12   Like  3 That passes for 'liberation' in Iraq. And The Mosul Slog continues. IRAQI NEWS reports today: An Iraqi

Look who suddenly cares about Iraq


Look, THE DAILY BEAST just discovered that bombs were being dropped on Iraq. Noah Shachtman‏Verified account @NoahShachtman  6h6 hours ago More EXCLUSIVE: Trump's air war is killing *12 civilians per day* in Iraq/Syria. … 11 replies251 retweets157 likes Reply  11   Retweet  251  

War Crimes and same old same old


It's the War Crimes. ABC News‏Verified account @ABC  6h6 hours ago More Videos allegedly show U.S.-backed Iraqi forces beating, executing prisoners after liberating Mosul from ISIS.  63 replies77 retweets124 likes Reply  63   Retweet  77   Like  124 Conflicts Zone‏ @Conflictszone  20h20 hours ago More Activist from Mosul

I Love You (Sarah McLachlan)


Sarah McLachlan performing "I Love You" (first appears on SURFACING).

IAVA Welcomes Stronger GI Bill Following Defeat of Troop Tax


Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of the War issued this release Thursday: Claire Owens Press Secretary Tel: 212-982-9699  Email: New York, NY (July 13, 2017) — Today, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, the leading voice of the Post-9/11 generation of veterans, welcomes a new bill that will strengthen and expand the GI Bill to benefit more veterans,

Price tags on #healthcare mean toe tags on us (BAR)


Some Tweets from BLACK AGENDA REPORT: Black Agenda Report‏ @blkagendareport  Jul 13 More  Does Chokwe Lumumba know that all the Berniecrats plan to do is pimp him, his father's legacy, & Black liberation? 1 reply10 retweets13 likes Reply  1 Retweet  10 Like  13 Black Agenda Report‏ @blkagendareport  Jul 13 More http:

Isakson, Tester Applaud House Introduction of Legislation to Improve GI Bill


Senator Johnny Isakson (above) is the Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.  His office issued the following Thursday: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Amanda Maddox (Isakson), 202-224-7777 Thursday, July 13, 2017 Marneé Banks (Tester), 202-604-5521  Isakson, Tester Applaud House Introduction of Legislation to Improve GI Bill Sweeping

Green Party US remains the party for #SinglePayer


Some Tweets from the Green Party:  Green Party US  🌻 Retweeted Young Greens US  🌻‏Verified account @GPUSyouth  7h7 hours ago More Getting ready to start another productive day at the @GreenPartyUS Annual Meeting 2 replies13 retweets36 likes Reply  2   Retweet  13   Like  36  Green Party US  🌻 Retweeted Maryland Green Party‏Verified account @



Dear readers, -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To view the current issue of Drum Corps World please go to: Another week, another set of show reports, another issue of DCW as the season

Iraq snapshot


Friday, July 14, 2017.   The Mosul Slog, officially over, continues.  Day 269 of The Mosul Slog -- yes, it is still going. Liz Sly‏Verified account @LizSly  23h23 hours ago More People coming out of Mosul. I don't think we have any idea what a humanitarian tragedy this has been 157 replies4,261 retweets3,197 likes Reply  157 Retweet  4.3K Like  3.2K And