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Iraq snapshot


Monday, September 18, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, Hayder al-Abadi and Nouri al-Maliki preach hate, one person dies in Kirkuk as a result, the Baghdad based Supreme Court insists it has jurisdiction over a KRG vote, and much more. Because they'd always gotten their way, they'd assumed they always would. So months ago, when the Kurdistan Regional Government declared that they would hold



Everyone thinks they have a right to determine the Kurds self-determination. Reuters Top News‏Verified account @Reuters  3h3 hours ago More U.N. chief: Northern Iraq vote would detract from Islamic State fight  4 replies18 retweets29 likes Reply  4 Retweet  18 Like  29 Direct message Al Jazeera English‏Verified account @

Kat's Korner: Another classic from Tori Amos


Kat: You are aware that Tori Amos isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, aren't you?  And that, as Ava and C.I. pointed out last week in "Media: Next year, better include Tori Amos," she is qualified. 1992 saw the release of her debut album LITTLE EARTHQUAKES. 25 years later, her 15th studio album is out and NATIVE INVADER is quite an accomplishment. For me, the five star Tori albums are:

Who armed the Islamic State and why do the Kurds have to wait?


RT reports:         Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) operatives managed to infiltrate US military command centers and obtain documents allegedly proving collusion between Washington and ISIS terrorists in the region, a top Iranian commander claims. The claim was made by IRGC Aerospace Force Commander Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh on Friday during a TV interview.

The right-wing transnational forces that control this country also control Harvard


Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:  Pinned Tweet Margaret Kimberley‏ @freedomrideblog  23 Apr 2016 More A Cashless Society? Not Before Tubman’s $20 Arrives  Photo of Sojourner Truth in Harriet Tubman article. @calmesnyt 3 replies50 retweets58 likes Reply  3   Retweet  50   Like  58   Direct message  Margaret Kimberley 

The Gathering to Abolish War (David Swanson)


The Gathering to Abolish War By David Swanson Have you about had enough yet? I have! Sixteen years of endless wars, endless spending, endless killing, endless dying, endless environmental destruction, endless erosion of our rights, endless suppression of activism, endless militarization of police, endless promotion of bigotry and

Why is Amazon deleting negative reviews of Hillary Clinton's new book?


From WSWS: The moves to censor the Internet are not limited to Google. The WSWS has documented the role of other Internet companies, including Facebook and YouTube, in seeking to restrict online content.Today, we report on a revealing incident--the moves by Amazon to delete over 1,000 negative reviews of Hillary Clinton's new book.Earlier this week, WSWS writer Bill Van Auken exposed the role

Diana Ross and Ethel Waters on THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE


Diana Ross and Ethel Waters on THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL singing "Bread and Gravy" (a Hoagy Carmichael song Ethel introduced -- and had a hit with -- in 1939) together and Ethel performing "Supper Time" solo ("Supper Time" is from Irving Berlin's AS THOUSANDS CHEER and is about a wife learning her husband has been lynched).

US Senate Candidate Says Kid Rock Is Not A Serious Choice


AnitaBelleG MI, US Senate (2018) Anita Belle is running for the US Senate.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9/12/2017 Contact: Media Assistant 1, Anita Belle for US Senate (313) 395-6200 (517) 294-9914 US Senate Candidate Says Kid Rock Is Not A Serious Choice “Crude behavior illustrates an inability to lead,” says Belle A candidate seeking the US

Episode 47: Real Health Care Takes A Big Step Forward


It’s not going to happen tomorrow or even next year. But, the day when insurance companies are no longer bankrupting people every single day because of outrageous premiums is drawing closer.Today, Bernie Sanders will unveil a “Medicare For All” bill that rockets the conversation about universal health care to a new level. And he won’t be standing alone: more than

Iraq snapshot


Friday, September 15, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, yet even when the topic opens a press briefing the press isn't interested. Department of State‏Verified account @StateDept  17h17 hours ago More .@statedeptspox: We condemn in the strongest terms the barbaric terrorist attacks that took place in Nassiriya, #Iraq. Spokesperson Nauert Condemns Terrorist Attack in

Iraq snapshot


Thursday, September 14, 2017.   Chaos and violence continue, the September 25th vote on independence in the KRG and Kirkuk Province looms, the US Senate decides they're okay with abdicating their role, and much more. The US Senate again reveals its pro-war nature.  It was in the US Senate where, in 2002, Democrats linked arms with Republicans to vote in favor of the Iraq War. And it was in

I Don't Blame You (Cat Power)


The one and only Cat Power performing her song "I Don't Blame You" (first appears on her album YOU ARE FREE).

Iraq snapshot


Wednesday, September 13, 2017.  What does it mean to be "a fierce advocate for women and children," as Hillary Clinton has billed herself?  We spend the snapshot exploring words versus reality. Hypocrites. The world's full of them. John Wren‏ @JohnWren1950  Sep 10 More Won't somebody think of the CHILDREN OVERBOARD or the thousands of Iraqi children Howard murdered. #auspol

End Hillary's welfare


For years now, I've pointed out that Hillary Clinton should pay her own security costs when she's off on some money making scheme and that her publishers would not put her on book tours if they had to pick up the costs. At CERNO, Andrew Mayer reports on Laura Looner attempting to ask Hillary questions: Loomer was detained by Secret Service for 20 minutes after asking these questions, but not

Iraq snapshot


Tuesday, September 12, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, talk of suing the US-led coalition swirls in Iraq, Kurdish independence remains a looming question mark, US Senator Rand Paul stages a protest, and much more. US Senator Rand Paul wants to end the authorization used for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (Barack used it for seven wars).  Senator John McCain didn't even want it debated.  



Photojournalist David Bacon has had many exhibits and written many books, his latest book is IN THE FIELDS OF THE NORTH/ EN LOS CAMPOS DEL NORTE.   He has an important new photo essay that we'll note the opening of. JUSTICE FOR DREAMERS - PUNISH THE AUTHORS OF FORCED MIGRATIONBy David BaconWorking In These Times, 9/8/17

Veterans Reflect on September 11


From Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America: PRESS CONTACT Tel: 212-982-9699 NEW YORK, NY (September 11, 2017) – Today, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the leading voice of Post-9/11 veterans, honor and remember those who lost their lives in New York City, Shanksville, Pa. and at the Pentagon 16 years ago on September 11, 2001. Below is a statement

Iraq snapshot


Monday, September 11, 2017.   Lessons learned? It's 16 years after September 11, 2001. That tragedy was used to sell war. And war continues to this day. Robert Parry (CONSORTIUM NEWS) observes: The New York Times and other Western media have learned few lessons from the Iraq War, including how the combination of a demonized foreign leader and well-funded “activists” committed to flooding

Parasite Oliver Willis


Oliver Willis‏Verified account @owillis  8m8 minutes ago More 9/11: never forget how george w bush mishandled intel that led to the attacks, and responded to them by invading iraq, killing thousands 10 replies46 retweets120 likes Reply  10   Retweet  46   Like  120   Direct message Really? That's what we're never going to forget? How about never forget that



Isaiah's latest THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "The Sit Down."  Donna Brazile busts into the middle of Jane Pauley's interview with Hillary Clinton.  Donna holds some paper and explains, "Wait! Wait! Hillary, I've got the questions!"   Isaiah archives his comics at The World Today Just Nuts. the world today just nuts comic  the sit down donna brazile hillary clinton jane pauley  the common

Politics in Iraq and an attack on a journalist


September 25th, a referendum on Kurdish independence is scheduled to take place.  Tim Arango (NEW YORK TIMES) reports on it today: Numbering about 30 million people spread across four countries – Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran – the Kurds are often described as the world’s largest ethnic group without their own homeland. Iraqi Kurdistan, an oil-rich enclave in northern Iraq, may be their best

Sarah Abdallah Tweets


Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah:  Sarah Abdallah Retweeted Hannibal Barca‏ @The_Cyrenian  14m14 minutes ago More Replying to @AtiliusRegulus @sahouraxo WRONG. In 2016, Obama admin Apprehensions = 530,250, Deportations = 344,354. In 2015, Apprehensions = 462,388, Deportations = 333,341. 0 replies8 retweets16 likes Reply     Retweet  8   Like  16   Direct message

UN chief warns against the march to world war – SEP Newsletter


Remember that WSWS doesn't play sides.  It will call out those who need calling out.  It will report real stories that the media ignores or gets wrong -- reporting, not columns.  Yes, they have great columnists as well, but they also get out there and do the real reporting.  For all these reasons and more, WSWS deserves to be applauded.  Instead GOOGLE wants to censor it.  That doesn't happen in

Torture invades children's movies


Talk Nation Radio: Heidi Tilney Kramer on Torture in G-Rated Kids’ Movies Heidi Tilney Kramer is a mom and independent scholar focusing on Critical Children’s Studies and U.S. Media. A