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between barren ease and rich unrest

Updated: 2018-03-20T15:54:00-04:00


many things make a post


Talking to the Muppet Guys Everything I know about economic systems I learned from science fiction. I might have a friend or two who resembles this... My college spring breaks were never this cool. A hard but important sports story....

many things make a post


Nailed it. I agree: I like that people like this place but it's just not for me. The best parts of the bunny? Mental and intestinal fortitude. Even though I know it would kill me instantly, I still want to...

qotd, how else will we learn?


"To understand the corruption of the administration*, Mueller is teaching the nation, you have to understand the corruption of the businesses. And to understand the corruption of the businesses, you have to understand the ability of the man to corrupt...

shameless self-promotion: 628 in a series.


This week's Dry Martini column: in which I run a little and rest a lot.

qotd, life goal


“I think [Bowie] understood happiness and pleasure really well,” [Laurie Anderson] said, “and also, he wasn’t pushing difficult stuff away. As an artist, he loved stuff that had real pain in it. I thought of him as such a successful...

shameless self-promotion, 5 in a series


Over at Another Mother Runner: the reason for my silence last week. (Also? The trip was fabulous!)

many things make a post


Best job at the Olympics. (Related.) It might be time to shift our focus? How to run 100 miles. A thing I have long wondered. Cosign. Mostly for my husband. I kinda want to do this race.

qotd, on marriage


"Know that everyone is doing the best they can with what they got, so get a bigger emotional toolbox to fix your problems." - Kristen Bell