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between barren ease and rich unrest

Updated: 2016-09-27T11:22:26-04:00


many things make a post


Tardigrades, man. I really want to go to the Earth Room. The Washington Post's annotations of political speeches and TV appearances are keeping me sane. *snerk* The U.S. really needs to up its stamp game. All of these are true,...

qotd, do what now?


Priebus is a busy man, holding the party of Lincoln together and all, and I thanked him yet again for taking more time out of his packed schedule. Before concluding this Tuesday with Reince, I sought one final morsel of...

shameless self-promotion: 267 in a series


It's alive! My latest column for Another Mother Runner is alive! And it's right here: Under the Tuscan Run.

many things make a post


I'm back from an a-maze-ing trip to Italy. Re-entry has been rough but we will all fuel the process with wonderful memories, a few of which will be shared once I recall which way up is. Until then: What People...

many things make a post


Duck Soup, meglomaniacs, and the presidential campaign. Additionally, this might be my favorite Marx Brothers' movie. I vote that we all wear this to work next Tuesday. The. Worst. People. Chandra deserved better. (Also: while scores of movies/TV shows with...

shameless self-promotion, 619 in a series


This week's Dry Martini column at AMR, in which I channel my inner grouch and dive deep into TMI.

many things make a post


I say this with all sincerity: Fuck these guys. If this doesn't make you dance in your desk chair, your boogie may be broken. You didn't think you wanted to read a story about the U.S.'s summer electricity use but...

qotd, I love you Glen Weldon


"[The judges on RuPaul's Drag Race] are joined this year by (it hurts to type these next two words) YouTube sensation Todrick Hall, because kids today, with their raccoon coats and their phone booth stuffing and their goldfish swallowing." -...