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Preview: - Zillacast with Zillafag - *Gay Queer F-A-G*

- Zillacast with Zillafag - *Gay Queer F-A-G*

The Gay Podcast from Columbus Ohio which does NOT have closeted homos in it and you will never hear me mention Phil Collins.

Updated: 2012-04-15T18:38:56.369-04:00


Hey I have moved....


Go to to subscribe to the new feed. Or put feed address to get the new feed. See Ya there Zillafag

Mfer 136 On FIRE!


Great song by Bevil The Two Headed Monster
Then a bit of talk
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Mfer 135 Backyard talk


Backyard cast
Commitment to the yard
I am GOD!
Code enforcement sucks
Signs for podcasters
A new Holiday...quiet
I am OLD!
Sympathy Fucks
Hot or whiney?
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MFer 134 Music and rant


A great song from Failures Then onto the rant...Creation VS Evolution
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MFer 133 Back to 1998


A short bad video from 1998
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Mfer 132 One Year Old


One year of podcasting rap up.
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Mfer 131 Society and Culture


The 4th stuff
iTunes changes again
Doggie and I get scared
July 6th will be end of feedburner feed and one year for me
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Mfer 130 Bird coffee sex


Birds, cras, trains, coffe, poop, sex, violence (image) EMAIL----VOTE----Subscribe in iTunes

Mfer 129 Peanut Zombie Freedom


Peanuts are killers
Zombies for seniors
Chips and dogs
Declare your rights
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Mfer 128 Youngstown


Go to my flickr page at to see faboo pics from lovely Youngstown Ohio (image)
Do not forget the new FEED
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Mfer 127 Sucker 2006


World Cup
Wake up
Soccer is boring
Must score
Straight Men
Children are bad
Use birth control
Planed Parenthood not just keep making kids
Pope is a molester
Nuns are bitches
Jesus was cool
New Zillafag Religion
Religions are funny
Contract wedding weekend
Hanging out Ceremony
Group of two
Respect my ass
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Mfer 126 I was #1?


(image) I was #1?
Pissed off a straighty
Plane crash dream
Work then get into that politics stuff again.
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Mfer 125 short short podcast


I thought this was 124.. Just me in the side yard with the dogs (image) EMAIL----VOTE----Subscribe in iTunes

Mfer 124 I am hated again


Working for Mom and sis
the rest of the story
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Mfer 123 Eyes Wide Open


(image) Sign The Letter to Congress to end this war. AFSC Board Statement on Immediate Troop Withdrawal The Board of the American Friends Service Committee grieves at the ongoing and increasing deaths of Iraqis, Americans, and others in Iraq, including as many as 100,000 civilian deaths and many more maimed. We believe that an immediate end to hostilities is essential to stem the carnage. We are convinced that the presence of U.S. troops is a destabilizing force in the region and contributes to the increasing loss of life. We are anguished by the damage and lasting scars we are causing to another generation of American soldiers who have been asked to serve in another war in a distant place for questionable ends. Therefore, we urge the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops. This is a short video I did at the Eyes Wide Open from Columbus Ohio (image) EMAIL----VOTE----Subscribe in iTunes

Mfer 122 My Statement


A bit of serious Zillafag doing a statement for Willing Warrior and his site called iam I like the idea behind this site and hope it catches on and highly recomend all to submit a video. (image) EMAIL----VOTE----Subscribe in iTunes

Mfer 121 All Alone Again


All Alone Dog Stuff Pissing people off Podcaster bullshit I am shit with money Banks suck Use curse words! Need a big trip plan
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Mfer 120 Fan cast


So it is the Fan cast
A first in podcasting history!
Yeah whatever...
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Mfer 119 The Sirius Show


This is my show that played on Sirius radio last week.
Thanks to Madge for playing this show
48:30 of Zillafag can ya stand it!
It is all new and just me talking and ya need to just listen and tell me if it sucked.
Of course the show was played when my whole site was all in transition so I got zero listeners but then podcasting is so a fad that is dying...too bad
I also love that Adam Curry trashed me and I got played on what is his show which is so cool!
Actually he thinks it is not his show but it is part of his company but me being played is what it is all about.
It was a cool thing and even though I see podcasting going to a watery death it has been fun.
So Listen and tell me what ya think.
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Mfer 118 Happy 666 Day!!


The Rainbow to Satan!
Bad and good Satanic movies
Is Satan coming to town?
Listen to Hidden message in the song Stairway to Heaven
Stark-Effect for the song
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Mfer 117 MTV Video


Video I did for the band SMEER
Yeah the video is kinda lame but this band kicks ASS!
And I had some fun with my cheapo bluescreen.
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Mfer 116 Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act


A short reality check
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Mfer 115 The dogs take over!


Is it beastilaity if someone pretends to be a dog?
Dog song by Little Thom
Toronto is INSANE!
Chaos in Canada!
Love ya Mikey!
Pumpkin Fuckin..shit I am popping my P's!
Hairs all sucks
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Mfer 114 Fun with Gizmo


Just having fun with Gizmo
Apple are assholes
Top story
The Blowjackets are for real
Gamblin is bad
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Mfer 113 Tv and Alex


I hate TV
Who is Alex Jones
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