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Preview: Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

we have a podcast.

Updated: 2018-03-06T06:02:40.660+11:00


Episode 27.5: Touching Yourself On The Bus


This week, James destroys a small business, complains about food, we talk about love in unusual places during James' Love Tips, pour over the results of a survey about love, and other delicious tidbits.

Episode 24: December Makes Me Feel This Way


Keeping up our high standards of quality and quantity, here is Choose Your Own Adventure's Christmas Special '08 - 'December Makes Me Feel This Way'

Search for 'choose your own adventure' on iTunes to subscribe, or hey, just click on the link below to listen, if you're lazy or a racist old person.

Christmas Conversations



with james & stu

- lots and lots of OCD dramas for james

- and stu too.

we love diddy.


and diddy loves men.


i've got a myspace weiner in me


we're all myspaced up now.

hopefully our wacky puerto rican listeners can keep us entertained.

Video Podcast 3 Who's Houses


Video Podcast 2 - what's all that about?


this does actually make sense, you just have to watch it over and over again.



James Booth's Debut FIlm Clip
(object) (embed)
Sorry about the long delay between podcasts, we've been busy with the film clip to the new song from James... Presenting... Sex & Sun!

a little random


IMG042.JPG, originally uploaded by stu_mcdonald.

you know whats great about this picture?

there's no way of working out what the fuck its about.
make up your own caption and comment it.

or just go fuck yourself.



Guess what i got you for xmas?
(object) (embed)
seriously, this is the best xmas present i could ever give anyone. as a matter of fact, dane wrote this on his xmas wish list. fact.

Episode 12 - Later is Better than Never


- we haven't done a podcast in ages.
- but we do have a vidcast up now, and lots to come
- whats happened while youve been missing us, particularly our two Puerto Rican listeners
- K FED: the man, the tabloid robot, the comedian, and well, not the rapper. oh, and the wanker.
- Michael Richards, his wacky racial slurs and the hilarity (did we mention we have a soundboard? fuck yeah)
- breaking news: lazy eye folk now have to wear shirts that read 'i have a lazy eye, try not to look at me in the face'
- a page from the diary of james (saved by the salvos)
- part 1: stu's report on erect nipples on maniquins


itunes isnt our friend, but we get along...


heres another attempt at actually making our podcast easier to listen to:

now that the itunes music store has pulled its finger out, we're back on the store and if you click on this link 'Choose Adventure in ITMS' it should take you to our show through itunes on your mac or pc.

or just copy and paste this into your browser:

WHAT'S MORE, you can post this link all over the web in forums and peoples myspace pages so we get more listeners (especially in perto rico)

Video Podcast 1 - finally


the first of many vidcasts to come.

they might even be better than this first one.

coming soon - stu and his fascination with nipples on clothing maniquins, and 'its okay, its david bowie'

Episode 11 - Chinese Democracy


- where is james?

- stu, dane and pili are back again for this episode, and luckily pete easily replaces james obsessive compulsive role with his own obscene, insulting self

- WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS: our nz correspondant, pete, gives a kiwi twist to the segment. he's angry enough to actually do the segment justice, unlike james and stu, who dont have the hatred or passion for it much. Big headphones, and kevin federline (prononced `doo-ch-ebag')

- PETE IN EXILE: pete retells some of his wacky adventures in new zealand (at his sexshop), this section probably isnt suitable for kids (but make them listen anyway - itll be one more kid that pete has messed up)

-CONFESSIONS OF A SATURDAY NIGHT: a story written by several authors for stu's 21st. its about sunshine, lollypops, rainbows and unicorns. plus a normal voicemail message left by luke and stu for pete.

- maybe because james isn't here, the show wraps up quite early, before our quality control falls through.

- plus music from lemon jelly, kevin federline, fergie, and human nature (not really, dane just requested we play human nature)



how to open a beer with a helicopter
(object) (embed)
christ, and i thought i had a lot of time on my hands!



Remember when you were a kid?
(object) (embed)
Yeah, whos folks didnt make them dance like this?



Weird Al Yankovic Polkarama!
(object) (embed)
fuck yeah.

the mans a genius!

watch this all the way to the end, its worth it.



Boothie's dancing practice
(object) (embed)
To make himself more appealing to potential record labels, james has been practicing 'getting his freak on', as he calls it. What do you think? Does he have what it takes to dance and avoid being a fag? Leave a comment. Maybe we should have a poll...

Episode 10 - Little Lines


- dane returns for another foray into radio, for once hes sober. yes he returned from exile after his karaoke extravaGANZA. trish is here too but stu dumps her during one of the songs then she leaves and everyone tries to cover it up, like she had some reason to leave (besides going to dumpsville). yeah bitch got jacked.
- we talk about some fugly bogan kid in bathurst and jennifer hawkins.
- new segment this week: confessions of a saturday night (with stu this week)
- a page from the diary of pete cassey, porn shop attendant
- new segment: HORRORscopes, an insight from the stars
- what grinds my gears: lots of stuff including parking spots, gay emails from mick, underage girls being sexual, and stupid people in general.
- boothie finds more reasons to say 'bitch got jacked'
- new segment: 'crazy nans', not indian food, but grandparents. everyone shares.
- extended shit song of the week: the torture contiues
- bitch got jacked
- james makes a double entred joke that dies in the arse
- bitch got jacked



The Drunken Chronicles of Dane Twohill
(object) (embed)
Dane got heaps drunk and put this on youtube. hey at least its not myspace.



Treadmill Bike
(object) (embed)
I just love stupid ideas.



Boothie's music career is launched! Presenting "Chopping Broccoli - the remix"
(object) (embed)
Of all the exclusives and pre-release music we get on the show, this is without a doubt my favourite.

It turns out Boothie has been signed to Warner (they're kinda desperate) on the basis of this song.

More news on boothies music career to come!

Vote Now - is Stu's phone really that gay?


allowtransparency="true" src="" frameborder="0" height="150" scrolling="no" width="350">


Episode 9 - Speak When You're Spoken To


- trish and nicki help out tonight, and boothie remembers things that stu had forgotten which expose how much of an arsehole stu is.
- yes, its all a little too much information about stu, really. but hell, its funny.
- we play two 'shit songs i found on danes ipod' this week - it gets stranger and stranger.
- stu rants and raves about beyonces new song, and forgets to turn the mics off before making a dick of himself. brilliant
editing too...
- boothie's gears are grinded by text messages from stu in the early morning. then he attacks my phone claiming its 'tacky', now people can vote on it on the blog (
- hmm blog of the week dies in the arse - its having a rest for a few weeks, maybe
- plus boothie talks about brian wilson at splendor, with trivia and fantastic impersonations
- to cap it off, we end with another 'shit song i found on danes ipod' - fucking hilarious.

-sleepy jackson
-minus the bear
-grandmaster flash