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Preview: John Shed's Saturday Night Shakeup (with occasional appearances from those Who Boys)

John Shed's Saturday Night Shakeup (with occasional appearances from those Who Boys)

The John Shed Podcast - Live (ish) from London. An evening of good music (mashup, drum and bass, dub, rock, folk, avant-garde, electronic, easy-listening), great lager and dodgy conversation. With John Shed, Rita Says, Celebrity Chef Simon Collier, Cele

Published: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 19:45:50 +0000


Show 3

Mon, 23 Nov 2009 15:02:22 +0000

After a short hiatus due to Mr Shed having a nervous breakdown and needing a break during which he travelled to the amazonian jungles of South America in order to seek guidance and healing from the local shamen, he is BACK WITH BALLS TWICE AS BIG AS A SICK BABY'S SWOLLEN HEAD AND HE IS READY TO ROCK! Yes, it's John Shed's Saturday Shake Up show 4, featuring a story about a jacket and a tribute to Brian 'WhoBoy' Coleman who has just been released from the fraggle wing of San Quentin Prison. Full of the latest, greatest, hippest and happeningest new beat music, it's time to put your polo neck on, don a beret and light a huge pipeful of SHAG. It's Sheddytime... Tracklist 1 are you bored? 2 Uncle- Rabbit in your headlights 3 Mic Check 4 Nervous breakdown 5 covcast 6 Haircut 7 Apeboy-Enya vs Prodigy(lenlow Edit) 8 Marky who boy in da house 9 Richard cheese – Gin n Juice 10 – Back to back 11 Snoop dog – Gin n Juice(Acapella) 12 Revolting individual 13 Peverelist + Appleblim – Circling 15 ThePeterBell500 – Squish 16 A bit like football 17 Strange Pyramid – The WhoBoys 18 The Genius that is Brian Coleman 19 NickNackPaddyWacked – The WhoBoys 20 Marks short Story Time - The wrong Jacket 21 Unkle – Never Never Land – Back and Forth 22 To Much Booze 23 Syd Dale – The Appartment 24 Church Bells and more cheese 25 StereoLab – Get Carter 26 Killed a hare in the Arctic 27 U-Zig Goodbye Goodbye

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Episode 2

Wed, 19 Aug 2009 10:03:53 +0000

Yes, hipsters and popniks worldwide, it's John Shed's Saturday Night Shake Up, Show Number 2! Brace yourself for a breathless evening of top rhythm and blues tunes straight from the disc jockey's turntable, some challenging chat with John's beguiling guests, and all round generally just the most modern experience it is possible for a young teenager to have in modern Britain! We're sure you'll join in with John when he gives his familiar shout: "Let's Shake it up!" Hooray! 1-Welcome 2-Spizz Energi-Wheres Captain Kirk? 3-Prize Giveaway 4-New York Jazz Ensemble- Linecheck Samurai 5-I like water 6-The Dub Pistols-The Problem Is 7-Henri Mancini -Peter Gun 8-Bad Weather 9-London Crying-The WhoBoys 10-Lets All Chip In 11-DJ BC- Tripper Trouble 12-Pigeons 13-Mark Vidler -Rapture Riders 14-Where Are You Giles? 15-Hallucinagen- Remix(Ott) 16-Lovely Indeed 17-Aggro1-Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting. 18- Interview-The Frunt Room 5 19-Frunt Room Five-Technically perfect(but also really bad) 20-Plums 21-The Flashbulb- Lawn Wake1X 22-Wheres Mark? 23-Steve Reich-The People are the heroes 24-Lean Into The Mic 25-Iggy Pop(David Bowie)-Turn Blue 26-Kick Her Out The Car 27-Bob Dylan-Lay Lady Lay 28-Mark's Short Story 29-Unkle-Cocaine And Camcorders 30-Goodbye. 31-The Who Boys-Mars Five

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JohnShed 's Saturday Night Shake Up With Occasional appearances from those Who Boys

Sat, 18 Jul 2009 19:57:31 +0000

Off the back of the last 40 shows, we bring you the new John Shed Saturday night Shakeup, with occasional appearances from those Who Boys! ocasional Yes! Rather than waste the immense listenership that those whacky Who boys and Mr Shed generated on the last series of shows, we decided FUCK IIIIITTTT! Let sheddy do a show! The legendary John Shed returns from the dead to speak to you again, yes, to you, personally, through your headphones and into your little head. So press play, settle down, roll a massive doobie, crack open a can and close your tired, bleary eyes while you listen to the new John Shed experience. 1. What you up to tonight? 2. do you want to stroke this chicken? 3. Space patrol-The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra 4. On the Farm 5. Fool - The Who Boys 6. Email 7. Thats not food! 8. When They Come Around- The Who Boys 9. Good Tourists 10. Wisdom 11. Target Friday - The Who Boys 12. Frunt Room 13. HorseWarp - The Tony Crackburn Orchestra 14. A couple of Degrees 15. Burn Me Out - The Morlocks 16. CovCast (ish) 17. The Bug - Warning 18. Theres ash on the keyboard 19. Dragon on me - Tod 20. Argument 21. Mark's Short story time 22. Cyril - The Who Boys 22. Sorry 23. Both Sides - Davey Graham 24. Account Balance zero 25. Majun (a taste of Tangier) - Davey Graham 26. Nice cup of T 27. The Ghost of Saddam Hussain 28. Interview With Andrew Joseph O' Neill 29. Francois 30. Good Old Who Boys 31. I feel Ace - The Who Boys 32. Spinach 33. Time for a Change - Syd Dale 34. Prick. Goodbye 35. 24hr Chemist - The Who Boys

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Show 40 – Saturday Night with the Who Boys – The Final Show

Tue, 31 Mar 2009 23:39:48 +0000

Show 40 – Saturday Night with the Who Boys – The Final Show Yes, this is it, listeners – the very final show, and it’s nearly 3 bloody hours long. In which we play every track from our final album of original tracks, ‘Party songs for Outpatients’ – best album we’ve ever done - FACT. To download the album for free, just go! Well, 40 shows, eh? A lot has happened since we started this podcast, and it’s been one hell of a journey. We’ve loved it, even though it nearly killed us. And we love you for listening to it – thank you. May you all live happy and joyous lives, and that’s from our hearts. Apart from that bastard Keith in Newcastle. So as of now the Who Boys are giving up music to start painting and filmmaking – keep an eye out for us on t’internet. We’ll be back. Enjoy the show. And remember – never forget yer Who Boys. Over and out. 1. Shermancast 2. Let us flipping have it 3. The original Who boys Theme 4. No more podcasts, no more music – BUT – our final album 5. Jeff Randall is Alive – the Who Boys 6. What’s that all about? 7. English Fat Stupid Boozer – The Who Boys 8. I’m suing you before I die 9. Having a Good Time – The Who Boys 10. John Shed reminisces 11. Blackpool Pier – The Who Boys 12. Grabbing Noel’s balls 13. Just Like They Do In Hollywood – The Who Boys 14. John Shed leaves for Shedland. 15. Because – The King’s Singers 16. My favourite little economic crisis 17. London Life – Syd Dale 18. The Who Boys finally shut up 19. Hurry Up Harry – The Who Boys Choral Society 20. Summat like that 21. Move Move Move – Alan Hawkshaw 22. Proper rave up music 23. She Works Long Hours – The Who Boys 24. Convenience Shopping – Alan Hawkshaw 25. Always remember yer old Who Boys 26. Man With Python In Pants – The Who Boys 27. Using spam for lyrical inspiration 28. Get With The Programme, Mike – The Who Boys 29. Final hello from Mrs WhoBoy 30. Grand Prix – Johnny Pearson 31. Pissing and Shitting 32. Didn’t You Change Your Shoes? – The Who Boys 33. A bit of a scat session 34. Sita Ram – Davey Graham 35. Do you want to be part of my big picture forever? 36. Little Secret – The Who Boys 37. Have you got a little secret that I don’t know about? 38. The Biggest Lie – The Who Boys 39. Four funerals and a wedding 40. Assault Course – Johnny Pearson 41. Can I listen to your brain? 42. I Think Of You – The Who Boys 43. Our last gig in Germany in May 44. Lifestyle – The Who Boys 45. Where you’re listening from 46. Tuna Brine – The Who Boys 47. It’s the little things that drive you over the edge 48. O.C.D. – The Who Boys 49. The rhythm of a washing machine 50. The Hollywood Scene – Syd Dale 51. Very nice indeed 52. Anything You Can Do – The Who Boys 53. It became a bit of a chore 54. Getting The – The Who Boys 55. Hey! You’ll Look Funny When You’re 50 ought to go on the album! 56. You’ll Look Funny When You’re 50 – The Who Boys 57. Here’s another one about lifestyles 58. Cucumber And Milk – The Who Boys 59. Who are THEY? 60. Very Naughty Boy – The Who Boys 61. You be the cheese and I’ll be the wine 62. Java Jive – The King’s Singers 63. So, the last track of the album… 64. Waste – The Who Boys 65. Just like fish fingers, maaaan 66. Very John Shed 67. Mark and Giles WhoBoy give thanks 68. Time, Gentlemen, Time – The Who Boys 69. The 70. End.

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Show 39 – Saturday Night with The Who Boys – The Old Jack Mathers Show.

Sun, 22 Feb 2009 19:15:42 +0000

Show 39 – Saturday Night with The Who Boys – The Old Jack Mathers Show. On this show we play our only ‘concept’ album, ‘The Life & Disaster of Old Jack Mathers’, in its entirety. We feel this is arguably our best lyrical and musical achievement as a whole album. It’s dark – my God it’s dark – but it’s based on a character we used to see in our local pub when we lived around Holloway Road, London – a very sinister man. This is his life story, in the form of music. It doesn’t really matter what we say in between the tracks on this show, as the show is really all about the album, so the programme just lists the tracks of the album in order. Turn the lights off, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy. 1. Young Jack Mathers 2. Old Jack Mathers 3. "He was one of these self-deluded tossers" 4. Mathers in the betting shop 5. Place that Bet 6. "He was somebody who looked like he wanted to kick yer head in" 7. Mathers’ Wife 8 ."I’ll tell you about old Jack Mathers" 9. He Went Down 10. "This became my local when I got out of prison" 11. Mathers’ Memories 12. "He was a malign influence on the pub" 13. Inside the Mind of Mathers 14. "There’s one in every pub" 15. Lonely Hatred, Putrid, Wasted 16. "Some say the guy had a criminal record" 17. Mathers Waits 18. "I remember the smell" 19. "I warned him" 20. Mathers in the Hospital 21. "So what happened to him then?" 22. No one miss you when you die 23. The Legacy of Old Jack Mathers

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