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Top Stuff From RTOS at a Glance(EDUCATION)» AMX, KwikNet, KwikPeg (from KADAK Products Ltd.)» C EXECUTIVE(from JMI Software Systems, Inc.)» CMX-RTX (from CMX Systems, Inc.) » DeltaOS (from CoreTek Systems, Inc.)» eCos(from Red Hat, Inc.)» embOS (from SEGGER Microcontroller Systeme GmbH)» eRTOS (from JK microsystems, Inc.)» ETS(from VenturCom)» EYRX (from Eyring Corporation)» INTEGRITY (from Green Hills Software, Inc.)» INtime® real time extension to Windows® (from TenAsys Corporation)» IRIX (from SGI)» iRMX(from TenAsys Corporation)» Jbed (from esmertec, inc.)» LynxOS (from LynuxWorks)» MQX(from Precise Software Technologies Inc)» Nucleus PLUS (AcceleratedTechnology, ESD Mentor Graphics)» On Time RTOS-32 (from On Time Informatik GmbH)» OS-9 (from Microware Systems Corporation)» QNX Neutrino (from QNX Software Systems Ltd.)» QNX4 (from QNX Software Systems Ltd.)» REDICE-Linux(from REDSonic, Inc.)» RTLinux (from Finite State Machine Labs, Inc.)» RTX 5.0 (from VenturCom)» Portos (from Rabih Chrabieh)» smx (Micro Digital, Inc) (from Micro Digital, In.)» SuperTask! (from U S Software)» ThreadX (from Express Logic, Inc.)» Treck AMX (from Elmic Systems USA, Inc.)» Treck MicroC/OS-II (from Elmic Systems USA, Inc.)» TronTask! (from U S Software)» TTPos: (from TTTech Computertechnik AG)» Virtuoso (from Eonic Systems)» VxWorks 5.4 (from Wind River)Top Stuff From RTOS Book (PDF)» Real-time Systems: Specification, Verification and Analysis edited by Prof. Mathai Joseph (2.01 MB zipped)Top Stuff From Real-Time Operating Systems: Lecture Notes» RTOS and Operating System fundamentals(Must Visit)» Operating Systems Introduction (Must Visit)» Real-Time Systems» RTOS Notes (PDF)» Embedded Systems Notes » Real Time Systems Notes (PS)» Operating System Lecture Notes» Concepts, Algorithms, and Tools for Model Checking (PS)Top Stuff From RTOS - Research Papers» Embedded Systems White Papers(365 papers)» Reports on real-time by RTOS Lab at Seoul National University (Must Visit)» Embedded tools, rtos white papers» SNU RTOS Lab Publications supported by NRL» White Papers on Stack and Scheduling» A Debugger RTOS for Embedded Systems » RTOS Survey (Georgia Institute of Technology )» EDTN's e-library: Real Time Operating SystemsTop Stuff From RTOS Fundamentals, Basics, Concepts» Real time OS Basics (Must Visit)» Real-Time Operating Systems Presentation (PPT) » References : Advanced Operating Systems» 8-Bit Operating Systems» Articles on embedded systems» Embedded Systems Programming» Embedded Systems Internet Resources» Dr. Dobb's Embedded SystemsTop Stuff From RTOS, Embedded Systems Advanced and Misc Topics» Advanced Embedded x86 Programming: Paging » ZiLOG and the Embedded Internet» An Embedded Web Server Using a 16-bit Microcontroller » Microcontrollers and DSPs - Will They Converge?» Advantages of Flash Microcontrollers » Device Driver Development - Portability and Tools» 8051 Tutorial (Must Visit)» 8051 Interrupt Tutorial » 8051 Source Page» Basic introduction to the 8051 microcontroller» Online 8052 Resources» Unix Systems Programming In a Nutshell» What really happened on Mars?Top Stuff From VxWorks and Tornado » Windriver - Home of VxWorks People» VxWorks / Tornado II FAQ » comp.os.vxworks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) » WinDriver VxWorks - Device Driver Development Tool» VxWorks - An Overview» How to write software for the IOTA VxWorks system Top Stuff From QNX» Reliable RTOS Technology, QNX Software Systems» Download the QNX realtime platform» QNX Internet Resources » The Unofficial QNX Page» QNX Source Code Licenses » OpenQNX: The QNX community portalTop Stuff From Windows CE» Windows CE .NET Home» Windows CE 3.0 FAQ» Windows CE News» Craig Peacocks Windows CE Pages» Windows CE software - free shareware downloads» Jimmy's Windows CE Software Home Page» Windows CE Software Archieve Top Stuff From Pocket PC» Pocket PC Software List» Pocketgear - Software, News» Pocket PC Index» Pocket PC magazine» Pocket PC Passion» Pocket PC ThoughtsMore t[...]

Top Stuff From Indian Culture, History, Recipes, Literature


Overview of India - Culture, History, Recipes, LiteratureResources Compiled By : Shankar Sagare India... She can move you to question what you have taken for granted. And touch you so deeply so as to remain a memory, for ever...India - At A Glance A subcontinent with a 5000-year old history. A civilization united by its diversity. Experience the richness of culture, the glory of the past, the turbulences and triumphs. The landmarks of each era, the achievements of each age, the legacy of the regime. As you walk through history, through India's geography, through the religious, linguistic and artistic chapters, your interpretation will be your very own discovery.Top Stuff From Indian AstrologyThe roots of INDIAN ASTROLOGY can be traced back to the ancient Greek Civilisation. According to Indian Astrology, your true self & personality is defined by the position of the planets, at the time & place of your birth. The present & future positions of the planets are compared with those of your birth chart to predict your future. This is the basis of Indian Astrology. Astrology of India: Information about Vedic Astrology or Jyotish - Here you will find everything you want to know about the astrology of - The Sun Amongst Stars - Astrology, Tarot, Query, Consultancy, Horoscope, Rashi Phal, Free Horoscope, Astrological Classes, Astrological Software, Leo-99, Leo-pc, Leo-1, Future Samachar, Bio-Rhythmic Cycle, Seminar, Astrologers Directory, e-pandit, Mantras, Panchang, Ephimeris, Quiz, Muharat, Future Point, Sprituality, Stars, Download, Festivals, Market Predictions, BooksOnline Indian astrology, Vedic Astrology Predictions - Consultants providing online Indian astrology, vedic astrology predictions, india astrology zone, daily horoscopes, astrological predictions, weekly horoscopes, astro education, future predictions, etc.Jagjit Uppal's Website - Your Zodiac, Horoscope..It is a paid service at bare minimal costAstrological Society Of India - Online astrology service in traditional Indian horoscopes, horoscopes, marriage-compatibility reports, prepared using birth-data, astrology, numerology year guide etc.Vedic Astrology - Horoscopes From India - Vedic astrology horoscopes by Jyotish astrologers living in India. Provided in personal written reportsAvinash's Occult Center - The Center For Indian Astrology and Occult Sciences - An Indian ocultist working purely in indian astrology and TANTRA & solving problems, physical or metaphysical curing diseases- physical, mental or due to supernaturals through VEDIC MANTRAs, YAGYAs and TANTRAs also treatment of haunted buildings and persons is succesfully done with above mentioned procedures. No cheap miracles are performed here. In most of cases no physical presense is required, only photograph of afflicted person or building with full postal address is needed. Top Stuff From AyurvedaAyurveda is the Vedic system of health care that developed in India over 5000 years ago. A gift of the Gods, it was codified by the sage-physician Charaka and the sage-surgeon Shushruta. This ancient science is health, not disease, specific and takes into account the patient's entire personality - body, mind and spirit. What is Ayurveda? - Tutorial level introduction to AyurvedaAyurveda Resources Page (Incomplete) - Database of Ayurvedic resources, including bone fide physicians offering analysis and diagnosis online. The database will also include other Ayurvedic resources such as courses and supplies.Everyday Ayurveda - The mission of Everyday Ayurveda is to introduce the art of Ayurvedic living in ways that will be accessible, affordable, and adaptable to daily life. The approach empowers people to reclaim true health and find renewed enthusiasm for creating harmony in their bodies, minds and spirits.Good Health for You - Good health n you - The finest resource for your personal health information. Offering detailed study on the Alternative medicine - Ayurveda.Ayurvedic Foundations Web Site - Principals, meaning and origin of AyurvedaHolistic Heal[...]

Top Stuff From Utilities


Top Cool StuffUtilities Download,Wallpapers,Screensavers, Trivial Facts, Greeting CardsTop Stuff From Tools and UtilitiesProgramming Utilities Download Tools, Utilities Sysinternals Freeware Cygwin - UNIX environment for Windows Utilities from Sunbelt Software Utilities for Windows NT Tools from SystemTools.Com Essential Windows NT Software Windows Web Server Utilities Freeware for Windows NT Administrators NT Utilities Link Page NT Utilities Unix Tools for Windows NT Tools Unix for Windows NT Utility Directory Best in Windows Freeware Utilities from Jamsoft Windows WWW Related Tools Pocket PC Games Download Top Stuff From Greeting CardsG-Cards Virtual Flowers Virtual Florist PostCards.Org eCards, Cartoons Fun Greeting Cards Friendship Cards Virtual Insults Greeting-cards Yahoo Greetings Cardblast e-Cards CrossDaily.Com Greeting Cards Free Web Cards Top Stuff From Trivial FactsUseless Knowledge Trivia Collections of Unusual Facts Daily Science Trivia Science Trivia NetTrivia Dilbert Trivia David Denney's World of Trivia Great Trivia Quiz Absolute Trivia Christmas Trivia and Facts A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia Useless Info. Mr. Smarty Pants Knows Why Ask Why? Fun Trivia Totally Absurd Inventions Strange But True History Net History House Who Said It? Chess Trivia One More Chess Trivia Page Bible Trivia By Category Calendar Trivia US States Fast Facts and Trivia Egg Trivia Music Trivia Links Geographical Trivia Amazing Bat Trivia Olympic Trivia Nautical Trivia Simpsons Trivia Ocean Trivia Interesting English Language Trivia Presidential Trivia Honey Trivia Baseball Statistics & Trivia Winter Storm Trivia Questions Top Stuff From Screensavers - Wallpapers3D Free 3D Wallpapers Abstract Art Calendar Wallpaper English Movie Wallpapers 3D screensavers and fractal screensavers Dream Scenes Screensavers Screensavers and Wallpapers Screensavers Guide Pictures of Net GB Screensavers Free Screensavers Ultimate Savers Annie Reb's Free Screensavers Animal Screensavers/Wallpaers ScreenSavers by Remco de Korte Spiritual Screensavers Wallpapers from dgreetings Animal WallpapersTOP LINKSInternet Marketing Business Email Marketing CampaignEzine-In-A-Box.Com contains the best internet marketing business and email marketing campaign to help you get started making money in 3 easy steps[...]

Top Stuff From Jobs/Interview Zone


TOP STUFF FOR Cracking Interviews - (Indian IT Industry) !!!This is the outcome of experience in this field. The information is useful especially for freshers. Sample question papers for software companies are provided. I did not talk to anybody while preparing this page because there is nothing great about interviews. Take it easy...Be honest...polite...Don't try to pretend that you know everything...accept your mistakes...Don't argue with interviews panel...I have seen many guys doing that...Please don't send me mails asking for question papers of a particular company...or the answers of questions presented out here... Is it ethical to have a question paper before written exam? is upto you...I have nothing to say...If you wish you can send your interview experience to share with us....Current Job scenario is very bad...I hope things will improve...Happy Job Hunting....Basic Interview Preparation LinksGeneral purpose Top Stuff...The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Preparation - Avoid Biggest MistakesDress Sense - Top tips for what to wear at an interviewTough Interview Questions - from Monster.ComPlanet Papers - All kind of questions you are looking forTips For Resume Preparation - Something worth reading50 Practice Interview Questions - Drill with these 50 questions and you'll be prepped to answer whatever an interviewer throws your way !!!Next Step...Top Stuff From General PuzzlesEarlier I'd thought of giving a lots of puzzles. Actually the sites given below have everything if you follow the links given out there correctly. You need to face puzzle solving only if you are fresher. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles - Fully design in Java and JavaScript - Real Fun to ExplorePuzzles.COM - Not especially tailored for the interviews but good to exploreFree Puzzle collection - Geometry Puzzles, Logic Puzzles,Math Puzzles,Weight Puzzles etc.Puzzles (My Favorite Page) - SuperbPuzzles, Mazes, and Quizzes - OK..Puzzle Archive and Recent Puzzles - Not many puzzles but worth visitingInteractive Fun Puzzles - Some Nice CollectionsEasier Fibonacci puzzles - I like this page.Top Stuff From Programming PuzzlesSome companies certainly ask for these things. Specially Microsoft. Here are my favorite puzzles. Don't send me emails asking for the solutions.1)Write a "Hello World" program in 'C' without using a semicolon.2)Write a C++ program without using any loop (if, for, while etc) to print numbers from 1 to 100 and 100 to 1;3)C/C++ : Exchange two numbers without using a temporary variable.4)C/C++ : Find if the given number is a power of 2.5)C/C++ : Multiply x by 7 without using multiplication (*) operator.6)C/C++ : Write a function in different ways that will return f(7) = 4 and f(4) = 77)Remove duplicates in array8)Finding if there is any loop inside linked list.9)Remove duplicates in an no key access database without using an array10)Convert (integer) number in binary without loops.11)Write a program whose printed output is an exact copy of the source. Needless to say, merely echoing the actual source file is not allowed.12)From a 'pool' of numbers (four '1's, four '2's .... four '6's), each player selects a number and adds it to the total. Once a number is used, it must be removed from the pool. The winner is the person whose number makes the total equal 31 exactly.13)Swap two numbers without using a third variable.14)Given an array (group) of numbers write all the possible sub groups of this group.Top Stuff From Interview ArticlesSome cool interview articles...The Art of the Follow-Up After Job Interviews - by Kathryn Lee Bazan.Behavioral Interviewing Strategies - by Katharine HansenInterviewing Do's and Don'ts, - by Randall S. HansenMastering the On-Site Interview: A Guide to Company Visits - by Randall S. HansenPhone Interviewing Do's and Don'ts - Maureen Crawford HentzWhen Job-Hunting: Dress for Success - by Randall S. HansenThese links are more than enough...Top Stuff From Lateral Thinking PuzzlesThere are not many puzzles on late[...]

Top Stuff Of Tips n Tricks Zone


Welcome to Tips Tricks Zone !!!Top Stuff FromTips and Tricks - At a GlanceMost of the tips are compiled from various resources. Many tips are the outcome of my R&D, frustration and discussions at EE and various eGroups.Some tips will work for you...few many not...Please DO NOT send me mails for asking how to make it work on your PC.It doesn't mean that I don't want to help you. I'm so busy with other activities that many times I can't respond your mail.Top C/C++ Tips TricksDevX C++ Tips ArchiveFlipcode C++ Tips GalleryC++ Tip-of-the-DayCodeguru Visual C++ Tips SectionVisual C++ Debugging ArticleExtraView Visual C++ TipsJim Hawkins' C++ Trips and TicksRunicSoft: C++ Tips & TricksC.O.M. Tips and Tricks Sanjay's Journal of Coding Tips Top Java Tips Tricks330 Java TipsJava TipsJava programming tips, tricks and online resourcesTips to improve speed of Java ApplicationsJava Tips, Tricks and TrapsRBL JAVA TipsTop JavaScript Tips TricksJavaScript Tip of the DayCool Tips using JavaScriptBigNoseBird.Com's JavaScript TricksThe Beeline - Tips & Tricks: JavaScriptGE - JavaScript Tips - TricksDevX JavaScript Tips ArchiveTop Visual Basic Tips TricksTim's Visual Basic 5 Tips and Tricks Visual Basic: Tips & Tricks (Must)Dave's Visual Basic Tips and Tricks - Source CodevbVision - Visual Basic Tips and TricksCool VB Tips TricksvbAccelerator TipsVisual BASIC Land TipsDevX Tips Archive (Must)Top 15 Visual Basic TipsvbAccelerator TipsTop Visual C++ Tips TricksVisual C++ Tips Part 1 (pdf)MS Visual C++ FAQVisual Studio / Visual C++ FAQVisual C++ Tips (Must Visit)FAQ by Tek-TipVisual C++ Barcode TipsVisual C++ FAQMicrosoft Visual C++ Tips and TricksFew Advanced VC++ TipsFlipcode Tips and Tricks (MUST MUST MUST)VC TipsVC++ Tips ArchiveTop HTML Tips TricksHTML Tips ArchiveHTML TipsColin's TipsHTML Top 10 TipsGreat Design TipsZen of Web SitesWeb Tips TechniquesDesign GuidelinesWeb TipsSizzling HTMLPaintshop TipsGraphics tipsDynamic FontsWeb Java AppletsTop Perl Tips TricksCGI/Perl Tips, Tricks, and HintsPERL TipsPERL Tips CollectionTop Oracle Tips TricksAri Kaplan's Oracle TipsRhubarb's Oracle TipsSteve Rea's Oracle Tips, Tricks, and ScriptsKen Atkins' Oracle TipsBiju's Oracle DBA PageJeff Hunter's DBA / Development Web SiteTop Windows NT Batch files Tips TricksA MS-DOS batch files Tips and Tricks pageDownload useful batch files Batch files - More Clever Tips and TricksTop Unix Tips TricksUnix Tips Tricks (Must Visit)Advanced Unix Tips More Unix Tips Linux/Unix Tips and TricksTop Object Oriented Tips TricksObject Orientation TipsOOP CriticismOO FAQTop Internet Explorer (IE) Tips Tricks50 Ways to Tweak Your BrowserOne Computer Guy IE TipsThe Complete Internet Guide and Web TutorialIE Tips archiveInternet Explorer Tips IndexTop Rational Rose Tips TricksCafe RoseRational Rose FAQRational Rose Discussion ForumTop Matlab Tips TricksMATLAB tips & tricksMatlab Array Manipulation Tips and TricksMatlab Tips, Tricks and Frequently Asked QuestionsMATLAB Tips & Tricks: Exploiting the comma-separated list Tips and tricks for MatlabSome useful Matlab tipsThe MathWorks - MATLAB Tips (Must)MATLAB Tips and PreviewsMATLAB Math tricksMATLAB hints and tipsTop Microsoft Office Tips TricksWord 2000 Tips & TricksMicrosoft Word 2000 Tips Tricks & FAQsMore MS Word Tips PowerPoint Tips & TricksInteresting Powerpoint Tips PowerPoint FAQ (Must Visit)Tips on MS ExcelLinda's MS Office TipsTop 10 Excel TipsExcel Tips (Huge Collection)ACCESS Design Tips & CodeTips for Access Database Users Access Hints and TipsMS Office Tips IndexTOP LINKSBegagnade DatorerBenchmarking, suggestions, advice and info about used computer datorer. PC, Laptops and notebooks.#1 Free Link Exchange Directory On The Web - Link MarketHave you ever tried to exchange links, swap links, or trade links? Was it hard? Use link market instead; - it is easy to use, free and very smart. It will save you hours of work.[...]

Top Stuff From Science Zone


Science - Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Mathematics, BiologyTOP STUFF:Albert Einstein Quotes1)When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes. When you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours that's relativity2)Imagination is more important than knowledge3)You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.4)It's not that I'm so smart , it's just that I stay with problems longer.5)Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.6)The only source of knowledge is experience7)There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.8)God does not care about our mathematical difficulties. He integrates empirically.9)Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.10)A large part of history is replete with the struggle for human rights, an eternal struggle in which final vistory can never be won. But to tire in that struggle would mean the ruin of society.Do you know this?1)Did all the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere come from photosynthesising plants? If not, where did it come from?2)Why is it colder at the South Pole than at the North Pole?3)Why do waves travel towards a shore no matter which way the wind blows?4)Why does the same side of the moon always face Earth?5)What causes quicksand?6)Why doesn't carbon dioxide fall as snow at the coldest place on Earth?7)Why is the sky blue?8)If the Suns rays are parallel, how can they form fan-shapes when braking through the clouds?9)How do parrots talk or speak?10)Why do groups of women living in the same household have synchronous menstrual cycles?11)What are the origins of the question-mark? It's shaped like an ear. Is there a connection?12)Which is faster light or time?13)How can sound travel at the speed of light?14)Why do we see colors?15)Can other animals see colors?16)Why does dry ice make fog?17)Why do soda cans sweat?18)Do we actually share the universe with other beings?19)What really happened to the dinosaurs?TOP STUFF FROM JournalsScientific American Science Magazine NatureNew ScientistPhysics Today Back Issues - Science NotesScience Magazine HomeOnline Science News of ScienceOpen Directory - ScienceWebopedia: Computer and Internet TermsScience JokesScience Fiction and Fantasy Do ScienceScience Job SearchNew York Times Science Section Yahoo ScienceBad ScienceExperimental Science ProjectsTOP STUFF:Start HereAnimal ExperimentsAstrobiologyBizarre ScienceBSEBioterrorismCellphonesClimate ChangeCloningDinosaursEnvironmentGM FoodNew TechnologyMarijuanaQuantum WorldTOP STUFF FROM Mathematics Internet LibraryChaos HypertextbookMathGoodiesCurious & Useful MathMatrixColorful MathsBrain TeasersGeometry Thru ArtMathleticsStatisticsPlaneMathFibonacci NumbersConstants ComputationMath StoriesHyperStat OnlineTOP STUFF FROM ChemistryScience BaseHazardous Chemical DatabaseMolecular UniverseAcid and Base pH Tutorial Chemistry ExplorerCyber ChemistryChemist CalculatorChemistry & IndustryAbout.Com ChemistryAdvanced DevelopmentTOP STUFF FROM AstronomyAccretion Disk StarPagesOrreryAstronomy TodayStargazers 2 Starships Small CometsAbsolute AstronomyEclipse ChasingAstronomy This MonthConstellationsWindows 2 UniverseNebulaeInconstant MoonBeyond EarthEclipse ChasersHubble HeritageSunspotsUniverse TodaySpace DayStar MythsCosmoNetHeavens AboveBad AstronomyHands-On UniverseSolar EclipseAstronomical ImagesPic of Day Comets & AstroidsSky-Digital ImagesGalaxy PicsAstronomy ThesaurusPretty PicsSky PhotosSky NetBlack HolesUnderstanding UniverseTOP STUFF FROM BiologyBiology PlaceOnline Biology BookCell & MolecularBilogy for KidsJournal Cell BiologyBiology About.ComCurrent BiologyPrimer Modecular BioMolecular Bio NotebookBiology DictionaryTOP LINKSAllergicpet.comAllergicpet. Com features free articles, links, and all-natural products that help keep[...]

Top Stuff From Music Zone


TOP STUFF FROM Hindi Songs (MP3, RAM) DownloadLinks pointing to the domains with 'edu' extentions will not be added.Old Hindi MP3 Download - Rare Old Hindi Songs By Classic Movie Club (Must)Hindi MP3 Download - Lots of Hindi Songs... Slow downloadBollywood Music & Movies Portal - Site with lots of Pop UpsDesi Music - Latest songs with - Free hindi music directoryIndian Melody - Melodious Indian Music, Real Audio Songs and Music LinksMusicIndiaOnline Hindi Section - The largest collection of Online Hindi SongsTOP STUFF FROM Marathi Songs (MP3, RAM) DownloadUnfortunately there is no good Marathi Site for songs download.Marathi MP3 Download - Lots of Marathi Songs... Slow downloadMusicIndiaOnline Marathi Section - The biggest collection of Online Marathi SongsSadabahar Marathi Gite - Small but Good Collection..The sound quality is not good.Marathi Gani - Good collection of Marathi SongsITRANS Marathi Songs Index - Lyrics of famous Marathi SongsLyrics - Marathi Bhavgite (A-Z) - With a lot of factual errors - Largest CollectionIndianmelody - Marathi Songs - with Sucking Pop-Up AddsDownload Marathi Gaani - This website exceeds its data transfer limit so Geocities makes it unavailable off and on.TOP STUFF FROM Gujrati Songs (MP3, RAM) DownloadSome Good Gujrathi Music WebsitesGujrati MP3 Download - Some Gujrati Songs... Slow downloadGujrati Music - Some of the very wellknown and melodious Gujarati songs for you!Music India Online Gujrati Songs - Largest collection of Gujrati SongsIndian Melody - Gujrathi Songs Site - Listen online Gujrati SongsGujarati Lagna-Geet Songs - Ganesh Paat Besadiye In Gujarati tradition any auspicious ceremony begins with the offering ..Download Gujarati Songs in Real Audio - Cool Gujrati SongsGujrati - Rhymes and Songs - Small CollectionTOP STUFF FROM Tamil Songs (MP3, RAM) DownloadSome cool Tamil MP3 Sites.Tamil MP3 Download - Lots of Tamil Songs... Slow downloadTamil MP3 songs - Good collection...some video songs are also availableInspired Indian Film Songs - Nothing to do with MP3 but interesting websiteSongs at Geethams.Com - New Tamil Songs WebsiteRam's MP3 Site - Selected Tamil Songs for downloadMusicIndiaOnline Tamil Section - The largest collection of Online Tamil SongsTOP STUFF FROM Malyalam Songs (MP3, RAM) DownloadDownloadable MP3 malayalam Mp3 sites.Malayalam MP3 Download - Lots of Malayalam Songs... Slow downloadMusicIndiaOnline Malyalam Section - The largest collection of Online Malyalam SongsYahoo eGroup - Malyalam MP3s - 100+ Songs for DownloadAssorted Malyalam Songs - Have a look..You may find some interesting MP3sMalyalam MP3 Download - Nice Malyalam MP3 Collection by NarayananST Srinivasan's Malayalam Songs Site - Small collectionYesudas's Songs - and other movie songs in MP3 formatHit Malayalam Songs - Nice CollectionMalylam Songs from IndianMelody.Com - Online Malylam SongsTOP STUFF FROM Telugu Songs (MP3, RAM) DownloadIt seems Telugu people are more active than others. A lot of stuff is avaiable.Telugu MP3 Download - Lots of Telugu Songs... Slow downloadThe World of Telugu Music - Cool site for Telugu SongsMusicIndiaOnline Telugu Section - The largest collection of Online Telugu Songs.Ramaneeya telugu songs, mp3s, poems - Good site with a lot of Old/New Telugu Songs (Must Visit)Chandu's Telugu Chitralahari - Few hit Telugu SongsTelugu Songs Download Pointers - Many links are deadOld Telugu Melodies - This website exceeds its data transfer limit so Geocities makes it unavailable off and on.TOP STUFF FROM Bengali Songs (MP3, RAM) DownloadAll time hits...Bagala Songs !!!Bengali MP3 Download - Lots of Bengali Songs... Slow downloadMusicIndiaOnline Bengali Section - The largest collection of Online Bengali Songs.Bengali Songs of Hemanta Mukherjee - Good CollectionBengali Songs of Manna De - Good CollectionBangla Gaan - Bengali Songs - Nice Site with pointers to other bangla song si[...]

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