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Preview: The Official Geek Speak Radio Podcast

The Official Geek Speak Radio Podcast

The official podcast of Geekspeak, a weekly nerd news discussion podcast. If you're not listening to it, you should be.

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Geekspeak Season 15, Episode 3: The Lemony, Limeiny Taste of Science



This week on Geekspeak, we welcome Phil Edwards, noted practitioner of fake science at the Fake Science blog, on to chat about his new book, Fake Science 101. You may be noticing a pattern here.

But that's not all, dear listener! We also talk about the legal ramifications of cell phone tracking - should it be protected by the Fourth Amendment? We also then sort of talk about whether Facebook Likes should be considered protected speech but really instead we decide to talk about David Cronenberg's mess-talking about superhero films.

So really, it's a pretty full and hearty show, suitable for any meal in the day. Download it, you might (not) learn something.

Geekspeak Supplemental #18: The Knight Also Rises


Geekspeak continues its summer tradition of not doing actual shows but instead having lengthy, pseudo-intellectual conversations about superhero movies this week with a show devoted to the capper for this summer's trilogy of comic book shenanigans, The Dark Knight Rises. Bryan, Brian, and the returning Drew attempt to answer the big questions: did Nolan and co. create a worthy followup to an acclaimed series of films? What are the big themes and ideas? What is the enduring legacy of Nolan's work? And what the devil is Bane saying? The answers you seek may be found by clicking here and then listening to what you download. Also, it goes without saying, but: spoilers ahead, dudes.

Geekspeak Supplemental #17: Thankless, Spandex-Clad Tasks


Just like Sony decided to revisit the idea of Spider-Man again (to keep Marvel from getting it back, mostly) we've decided to revisit the idea of just having Bryan sit down with Brian Swafford and talk about the latest comicky-book movies. So here's an hour of the two Bryan/Brians talking about the unenviable challenge of trying to live up to some of the best superhero movies with a reboot nobody really asked for. Did the actors and filmmakers live up to the insurmountable challenge or did they fall short? Will it make you forget all about Sam Raimi? You'll just have to listen and find out.

Geekspeak Season 15, Episode 2: Karaoke Etiquette


Geekspeak favorite Eugene "Adam Warrock" Ahn returns to the ambivalent, awkward shores of Geekspeak and sits down with Bryan to talk about rock-paper-scissors-playing robots, Starship Troopers reboots, Valve's Source Filmmaker software, proper karaoke procedure, HBO shows, and the pitfalls of nostalgia. Oh, and his ongoing Donation Drive. So go download it now and kick him a few bucks while you're at it!

Geekspeak Season 15, Episode 1: Marmosets


Geekspeak Season 15 starts off with Bryan, Lindsey, Kathryn, and Justin crackin' wise without disguise on topics ranging from a longer cut of The Avengers hitting theaters, an Internet User's Bill of Rights, and robots that are learning to learn like all that stuff with The Oatmeal, reminiscery about Pepsi Points, and lots more for a jam-packed return episode. Download it here!

Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 4: "Out Of The Past"


Korra starts to get in touch with her spiritual side and Lin Beifong brings some class to the proceedings in this episode, where the boys discuss all the happenings in Episode 9, "Out of the Past". Exactly WHY was there a secluded cabin with a metal box that can't be opened  from inside? Exactly who or what is Amon after this week's happenings? And is Korra/Asami the new Betty/Veronica? All of these questions and more will be answered or at least sort of goofed on in the new episode of Korra-nt Affairs! So download it here.

Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 3: "When Extremes Meet"


Another week, another Korra-nt Affairs. And this week, do we ever have some stuff to talk about regarding Episode 8, "When Extremes Meet". Long-simmering tensions boil to the surface, some of the darker parts of the Avatar universe return to the forefront, and the whole thing basically plays like the end of Empire. Find out what our intrepid nerdlingers have to say about this episode's revelations and what they mean for the identity of Amon, Korra's love life, and most importantly Pabu and Naga. Download it here!

Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 2: "Welcome To Republic City"


In this, the second episode of Korra-nt Affairs, the boys take advantage of a week without a new episode of The Legend of Korra to go back to the first episode of the series, "Welcome to Republic City", as well as talk about some new clues about Amon, Nick's theories about chi-blocking, the future of the series, and the insider secrets of animation studios. Fill the void in your life between new episodes by downloading this episode right away.

Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 1: "The Aftermath"



 This summer, Nickelodeon has been airing probably one of the finest animated programs in years in The Legend of Korra, a worthy follow-up to the beloved classic Avatar: The Last Airbender with a cast of amazingly-realized characters, thought-provoking story, and gorgeous cinematography. So what to do when faced with a show of such quality? I'm not sure but it's probably not what Bryan Carr, Steve Watts, and Nick Hurwitch did in this, the first episode of the new Geekspeak summer series "Korra-nt Affairs". Every week, join these three knuckleheads as they dissect the show, bringing you theories, commentary, and more. This week, the boys talk about "Aftermath", the seventh episode of the first season and what it means for the identity of mysterious Big Bad Amon, the romantic implications our heroine will have to deal with, and also how awesome it was when those guys fought those guys. Download the first episode by clicking here.

Geekspeak Supplemental #16: We'll Damn Sure Avenge It



 This week, long-time friend of Geekspeak Brian Swafford stops by to chat with Bryan about Marvel's superhero magnum opus The Avengers, which Bryan already reviewed for some Web site if you want to read that while you listen. Find out if this movie was worth the time, money, know what? No pretense. We basically spend 90 minutes  talking about how awesome it was and why it was so awesome. So if you like talking about awesome things, you'll like this. But make sure you only listen AFTER you've seen the movie because SPOILERS ARE PLENTIFUL AND WE BASICALLY RUIN MOST OF THE MOVIE. With that caveat out of the way, hear two guys take an overly academic approach to a movie about dudes in tights by clicking here.

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 12: Making Simple Things Complicated


 This week on Geekspeak, Brad and Bryan welcome Matt Wilson to the brutal confines of the Geekspeak Network Paindrome to interrogate him about his new book The Supervillain Handbook: The Ultimate How-To Guide to Destruction and Mayhem. It's another fun entry into the Geekspeak Network Book Club as the boys talk about the scientific process of making memorable movie quotes, recap all the latest superhero news, and define exactly what makes a supervillain so super. All this and more can be yours, if you'll but download the show.   [...]

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 11: #3DBillyZane and Dinosaur Combat


(image) This week, we welcome Phil Hornshaw and Nick Hurwitch, the authors of the new book So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler's Guide to Time Travel to the unnecessarily tense, discomforting shores of Geekspeak country. Ostensibly they were there to talk about their book, but things take a turn. Like, several turns. We also talk about MIT's printable robots project and Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs, dancing Star Wars kitsch, the challenge of making Twitter accounts, and even manage to squeeze in some Lindsey fan service. Go ahead and download the new episode, and while you are doing that go buy a copy of Nick and Phil's pretty awesome and hilarious book.

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 10: I Know A Bar Out On Mars


Well, here it is, another Geekspeak, fresh from a vacation to...well, nowhere really. This week, we talk about Kanye West web ventures, Michael Bay sullying your childhood memories of Ninja Turtles, and also Onstar acting like a super creeper. Dig in, enjoy, it's only like 50 minutes long, and you can download it here.

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 9: Traveling Victory Road


(image) (image) In the spirit of Spring Beak (wooo!) and because most of the rest of the cast was busy/otherwise occupied (booo!) Geekspeak decided to take a break from the regular programming format. Bryan, Frank, and Brad got together on a whim and talked about wrasslin', and more specifically the upcoming Wrasslemania 28. Every match on the card is run down, and some exciting news about Frank and Brad's upcoming Geekspeak Network show is provided. Enjoy, or at least listen in baffled awe, and get ready for new episodes starting March 29. Yup, we're off next week, so download this and listen to it a few times.

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 8: Four Magic Elves


This week on Geekspeak, it's Bryan, Lindsey, Frank, and Justin talkin' about the stuff you want to talk about. That guy up there? That's apparently the figurehead of the Lulzsec hacker movement, and the FBI flipped him to their side. We'll talk about that. Could the recent Metacritic sabotage of Mass Effect 3 be symptomatic of a larger wave of jerkery? That too is in the show. And by law, we also have to talk about the iPad HD. See? Lots of talkin' about stuff! So get to the downloading.

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 7: The Harsh, Fluorescent Lights of McDonald's


This week on Geekspeak, Bryan, Brad, Lindsey, and Justin chat about robotic fish in the latest update from the Robocalypse, truly baffling turns of current events in Archie Comics, and dip our toes into the dangerous world of celebrity Twitter feuds by commenting on the war of words between professional wrestler CM Punk and professional doucher Chris Brown and what that feud means to the world at large. Go ahead and listen, or the fish have already won.

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 6: Recordotron Speaks


It's our distinct pleasure to welcome the distinguished maven of mad rhymes and our good friend Eugene "Adam WarRock" Ahn back to the sparkling skylines of Geekspeak City. Thrill as we discuss a patent lawsuit that could change the face of the Internet, a controversial new Buffy the Vampire Slayer storyline, and your Twitter questions. And most important of all, we talk with Euge about his new album and the creative mindset in a no-holds-barred interview. It's a must-listen for anyone who does creative work or wants deeper insight into the process. So go ahead and download the show now.

Oh, and don't forget to go pre-order your copy of You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?. Like, right now. Trust us - it's fantastic.

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 5: The David Bowie We Deserve


(image) This week, Bryan, Lindsey, and Justin welcome long-time friend of the show Robbi Rodriguez to talk about the ever-growing tablet market, Newt Gingrich's plans for the moon, and more importantly Robbi's latest work, like Frankie Get Your Gun and Polly and the Pirates Vol. 2. Plus, we get some exclusive, never-heard-anywhere-else news about the Maintenance movie! You'll only hear it here, so download it now.

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 4: The Bagel Show


It's another one-a them "Bryan and Lindsey" episodes, as the two classiest members of Team Geekspeak put together a classy show with classy stuff to be classy about. DOWNTON ABBEY. On this episode, we lament George Lucas retiring (in spite of everything), ponder a world in which copyright can be re-instated on public domain material, and contribute our thoughts on PIPA and SOPA to an overcrowded marketplace of ideas. So scurry along and download it!

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 3: Taking a Turn For The Sad and Weird


On this week's episode of Geekspeak, we welcome back two fan favorites as Jacob Lahmann and Robbi Rodriguez join in the fracas. We'll talk about fraud-proof credit card technology, whether criminals think physical media is worth stealing, and how Frank Darabont would have begun season 2 of The Walking Dead. It's all here for you to download, or not, presuming you believe that free will exists.

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 2: Three Easy Steps


A new episode of Geekspeak has made itself known. This week, we talk about Microsoft's video woes, weird Steve Jobs memorabilia, cat sweaters, Bane's audio woes, Kanye West and the Jetsons, and bronies. Because we're going to have to talk about bronies when Wags is around. The episode is here. Go download it!(image)

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 1: Talibrand


WARNING: This episode contains spoilers for Saints Row: The Third, Game of Thrones, and Boardwalk Empire. There are warnings in the show as well but JUST A HEADS UP.

Well, we're back, after four months of...not being around. On the return show, we talk about the Taliban being really concerned about what's on Afghani cell phones, Apple making an actual TV, the Stop Online Piracy Act, and we all give our top 3 favorite things of 2011, from video games to TV and beyond. All this, plus your Twitter mail in this over 2-hour epic of a return. Listen, enjoy, spread the word: Geekspeak is back in effect. So download it here.

Geekspeak Tonight #5: 2 Dudes 1 Mic


Yup, there's a new Geekspeak Tonight*. This time I brought along some fresh blood in the form of Justin Poirot, a titan of the intellectual arena who matches wits with me and the internal microphone on my laptop to talk about Robert Rodriguez finally making Sin City 2, the Tribune company subsidizing tablet computers, and Gamefly adding PC game rentals. Go ahead and download it, you won't not be sorry you did. [...]

Geekspeak Tonight #4: Sitting In The Dark And Watching Stories


(Image credit: Noelle Stevenson)Talk of awkward hugs, crazy military salutes, and bros being mad permeate this episode of Geekspeak Tonight, where we focus on the two most important blockbusters of the summer (that just happened to come out in the last couple weeks) - Harry Potter and Captain America. Did they meet our expectations? Will they meet yours? Listen to it and find out, and beware: spoilers ahoy![...]

Geekspeak Tonight #3: Someone's Gonna Get Got


(image) That's an Axolotl, or "Mexican Walking Fish". What does it have to do with this week's return edition of Geekspeak Tonight? Not a thing.

This week, the Geekspeak crew talks about EA's acquisition of Popcap (and subsequent mess-talking from the Angry Birds guys), Netflix price hikes, and the Primetime Emmy Awards because it turns out we watch a lot of TV. All that, plus a story about Steve Wagner that is somehow not terribly surprising, can be yours by clicking here.