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Last Build Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2017 13:12:08 GMT


Fairtrade: Competition law hinders food supply chain sustainability


New research from the Fairtrade Foundation reveals that businesses are wary of working with rivals to strengthen supply chains as they fear falling foul of competition law.

Carlsberg unveils first carbon-neutral brewery


Beverage giant Carlsberg has launched its first brewery with zero-carbon emissions, as part of the Danish firm's overarching pledge to achieve carbon-neutral status by 2030.

Black Friday: An ideal selling point for sustainability-conscious retailers?


Black Friday, which has since birthed its tech-savvy offspring Cyber Monday, is upon us again, but while retailers attend to whip up a frenzy to boost sales some companies are using the commercial event to highlight their commitments to sustainability.

UPS trials sustainable delivery system in London


Delivery firm UP is testing a delivery system which sees a power-assisted trailer make last mile deliveries in central London in a bid to reduce congestion and emissions.

Biological houses and closed-loop plastic cups: the best green innovations of the week


In a week dominated by the UK Autumn Budget, edie rounds up the low-carbon and resource-efficient innovations that could help lower the costs of the green economy transition.

EVs could provide 11GW grid capacity by 2030, research claims


Electric vehicles (EV) could deliver more than 11GW of flexible capacity to the grid by 2030, according to new analysis from a leading energy technology firm.

Sustainable Business Covered podcast: In the green room with Unilever's Tony Dunnage


Welcome back to the green room - edie's exclusive interview hub for sustainability leaders, brought to you as part of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast. Up next to provide the insights of leading sustainable business: Unilever's group director of manufacturing sustainability Tony Dunnage.

Would a plastic tax help the UK become a world leader in resource efficiency?


A major talking point of yesterday's Autumn Budget was the Chancellor's decision to consult on the use of a tax for plastic packaging. But what are the realistic chances of the measure proving a success for both the environment and taxpayer?

Global firms accused of importing timber linked to Amazon massacre


More than a dozen US and European companies have been importing timber from a Brazilian logging firm whose owner is implicated in one of the most brutal Amazonian massacres in recent memory, according to a Greenpeace investigation.

Xerox aiming for verified science-based target for 2018


EXCLUSIVE: Printing services company Xerox intends to have a verified science-based target in place when it launches new sustainability goals in 2018, as part of a commitment to the Paris Agreement that has been years in the making.

Clean Growth Strategy 'flexibilities' could put Paris goals at risk


The aspirations of the Clean Growth Strategy have been praised as a "step in the right direction" by green economy experts, but concerns have been raised that the Government's willingness to rely on banking and borrowing from carbon budgets could put the goals of the Paris Agreement at risk.

Budget 2017: Chancellor takes action on air quality, electric vehicles and plastic waste


Chancellor Philip Hammond has today pledged to build an economy "fit for the future" by announcing new air quality funding, tax incentives for electric cars, and measures to combat plastic waste in his 2017 Autumn Budget.

Budget 2017: Live green business reaction


Did Philip Hammond pull any big green surprises out of his little red box today? Or were key sustainability issues once again placed on the back-burner in the Chancellor's Autumn Budget? Here's the live action and green business reaction, as it comes in...

Nissan starts construction on largest community solar roof in the Netherlands


Electric vehicle (EV) pioneer Nissan has begun construction on the largest collective solar roof in the Netherlands, which will provide enough renewable electricity to power 900 homes once it is completed in May 2018.

UK environment department using 1,400 disposable coffee cups a day


More than 2.5m disposable cups have been purchased by the UK's environment department for use in its restaurants and cafes over the past five years - equivalent to nearly 1,400 a day.

Could looming new energy efficiency standards spark a green rental market?


The impending creation of a new energy efficiency regulation for UK properties could trigger the emergence of a green rental market, a leading credit rating agency has claimed.

Work in the public sector? Take edie's 5-minute 'state of sustainability' survey


Sustainability professionals, CSR experts and energy managers working within Britain's public sector are invited to take part in a short survey which will help to inform edie's next insight report into the sustainability challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

Corporates risk $941bn due to deforestation failure, CDP warns


The business community is risking up to $941bn on commodities linked to deforestation, according to research, but the vast majority of corporates are reportedly failing to take action.

Global support group launched to ease water pressures related to urbanisation


The United Nations has convened a host of organisations including the World Water Council (WWC) and the Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) to create frameworks that enable cities to overcome political, financial, technological and behavioural barriers associated with water.

BNEF: Energy storage market to double six times by 2030


The global energy storage market looks to mirror the rapid growth the solar industry experienced between 2000 and 2015, with a new Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report predicting that the energy storage market will double six times by 2030.