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This podcast is a showcase of World, African, Reggae, Rock, Jam, Blues, Latin, Dub, conscious, UK, US, music. I hope you like the mix

Published: Sat, 10 Feb 2018 00:09:39 +0000


Podcast 43: Why People Tell Me Why

Fri, 24 Oct 2014 00:49:02 +0000

Why People Tell Me Why Artist, Track, Album 1. Fanga, Crache La Doleur, Akli Yele 2. Manu Chao, Politik Kills(Prince Fatty Mix), Supersize 3. Starkey Banton Meets The Dub Orgaiser, Nah Badda Dub, Powers Youth 4. Prince Fatty & Mungos Hifi, Did You Really, Prince Fatty versus Mutant HiFi 5. Baby Huey, A Change is Going To Come, Baby Huey 6. Noel Ellis, Rocking Universally, Noel Ellis 7. Lee "Scratch" Perry, Don't Try To Capsize I(Angry Mix), Fire Dub 8. I Roy, Knotty Down Deh, Touting I Self 9. Prince fatty, And The Beat Goes On Dub, Hollie Cook In Dub 10. Devon Irons and Dr. Alimantado, Ketch Vampire (Extended Jamaic), Disco Devil: The Jamaican Disc 11. Bernie Worrell, Dissin For Dollars, Blacktronic Science 12. Attah Dred, Med Dred, Dred Reggae EP 13. Lucas Santtana, Recado Para Pio Lobato, Sem Nostalgia 14. Ernest Ranglin, Rasta Roots Woman, Noon 15. Sia Tolno, Rebel Leader, African Woman 16. SOJA(feat. Trevor Young), Shadow, Amid The Noise and Haste 17. Augustus pablo, Hot and Cold(Version 1), Skanking With Pablo: Melodica For Hire 1971-1977 18. King Stitt, Lick It Back, Reggae Fire Beat 19. Les Amazones De Guinee, Samba, L'Afrique Enchantee 20. The Funkees, Akula Owu Onyeara, Dancing Time: The Best of Eastern Nigeria's Afro-Rock Exponents 1973-77 21. Chico Magnetic Band, Crosstown Traffic, Chico Magnetic Band 22. Fanga, I Go On Without You(feat. Winston Mcannuff), Sira Ba Another hiatus before getting this together, sorry for the delay and hope you like the mix.... Links 1. Fanga, 2. Manu Chao, Prince Fatty, 3. Starkey Banton, 6. Noel Ellis, 7. Lee "Scratch" Perry, 8. I Roy, 11. Bernie Worrell, 13. Lucas Santtana, 14. Ernest Ranglin, 15. Sia Tolno, 16. SOJA, 17. Augustus Pablo, 18. King Stitt, 20. The Funkees,

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Episode 42 - Free The Marijuana Prisoners, Legalise The Herb

Mon, 07 Oct 2013 14:23:42 +0000

Podcast 42 - Free The Marijuana Prisoners, Legalise The Herb Artist, Track, Album 1. Earlyworm, Uprock The Dub, Revolutionary Dub Vibrations 2. Aswad, Natural Progression, City Lock 3. S.E.M. Studios, Ivresse Des Profondeurs, Midnight Massiera 4. Amade Cyrille & Les Volcans de la Capitale, Wa Mon No Tchio, Aye! Mon Coeur 5. Ebo Taylor Jnr., Children Don't Cry, Afrobeat Airways 2 6. Apagya Show Band, Ma Nserew Me, Afrobeat Airways 7. Dub Terror All Stars, Child Soldier Dub, Child Soldier 8. Lee "Scratch" Perry & Adrian Sherwood, Wake Up Call, DubSetter 9. Mo'Kalamity & the Wizards, Vision, African Reggae 10. Rhythm Roots All Stars, JJD(remixed by Afrodisiac Soundsystem), Republicafrobeat Vol3 11. Vibronics(featuring Macka B.), Tired of the War, UK Dub Story 12. Caballo and the Mothafu Kings, Times of Fighting, Global Propaganda 13. Jacob Desvarieux, Di Mwin, African Hits Vol4 14. Sonido Satanas, El Paso del Tamal, Rebel Sounds and Latin Resistance: Cuero Digital 15. Lantei Lamptey, I'm Suffering, Super Funky Afro Breaks 16. Digital Dubs(featuring Earl 16), Pirate's Game, #1 17. Peter King, Jo Jolo, Club Africa Vol2 18 Starkey Banton, I and I Saw Them Coming, Starkey Banton Meets the Dub Organizer- Powers Youth 19. K2R Riddim, La Nuit Je Fuis, Decaphonik 20. Negritage, Another Dub in the Guetto, Guetto Roots of Dub vol1 21. Digital Dubs, Kaliman Dreams, #1 22. West African Cosmos, Wuye Wuye, Club Africa Vol2 23. Idy Diop, yaye Boye, Golden Afrique Vol1 24. Prince Douglas, 7, Dub Roots 25. Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor and Ninjaman, John Law, Greensleeves 12" Rulers 26. Akira Ishikawa & His Friends, Let's Start, Super Funky Afro Breaks 27. Spice, Jim Screechie, Raga, Ragga, Ragga 28. Scientist, Jack Ruby Hi-Power, The People's Choice 29. The Royals, Tirang, Dubbing With The Royals 30. Phill Pratt Things, 14, Pressure Sounds 31. Jimmy Cliff, Guns of Brixton(Kinky Electric Noise Remix), Rebel Sounds and Latin Resistance: Cuero Digital 32. Kabbala, Ashewo Ara, Afro Rhodes 33. Busy Signal, High Grade, Stagalag Riddim 34. Don Corleon, Luv A Dub, Don Corleon Presents Dub In HD Comment: Sorry for such a prolonged hiatus after the last effort, This show is a shoutout for all those imprisoned on marijuana offences, not that it isn't also a shoutout to prisoners of conscience(Leonard Peltier, Pussy Riot, Arctic 30, West Papuans, Indigenous prisoners and others too numerous to mention), and others. The rank hypocrisy over marijuana use and some people's imprisonment is my grievance here, with countless politicians worldwide admitting to its usage but failing to decriminalise and damning to an uncertain future those criminalised by its usage. And as Peter Tosh mentioned in his song, "Legalise It", all those professionals, police, tradesmen, workers around the world getting along with life despite being marijuana smokers. Arguments by those in power that marijuana has all sorts of negative affects for society and individuals are not borne out by these same powers and their responsible roles in society. Time for these politicians to "Legalise The Herb" and Free The Marijuana Prisoners. Hope you like the mix.......

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Podcast 41 - Inventions from the Extrapolating Tie-Dyed Rabbit Hole

Mon, 30 May 2011 14:25:17 +0000

Podcast 41 - Inventions from the Extrapolating Tie-Dyed Rabbit Hole This podcast contains: Artist; Song; Album 1. Baby Grandmothers; Somebody Keeps Calling My Name; Baby Grandmothers 2. McFadden's Parachute; Crashing Into Amethyst; Black Fuzz 3. Wooden Shjips; Lucy's Ride; Wooden Shjips 4. The Freak Scene; Rose of Smiling Faces; Psychedelic Psoul 5. Saint Steven; Gladacodova; Over The Hills/The Bastich 6. Gilberto Gil; A Voz Do Vivo; Gilberto Gil 7. Magic Mixture; Living On a Hill; This Is the Magic Mixture 8. Black Moth Super Rainbow; Rollerdisco; Dandelion Gum 9. Neighb'rhood Children; Patterns; Long Years In Space 10. Jimi Hendrix; Machine Gun; 2 Nights at the Fillmore 11. Alrune Rod; Flyv Fugl Fisk; Ragnarock 12. Karma; Transe Uma; Karma 13. Woorden; Woorden(Excerpt); Waterpipes and Dykes 14. The Majority; Time Machine Man; Psychedelic Jumble Volume One 15. Usha Khanna; Hotel Incidental Music; Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga 16. Family; Voyage; Music In a Doll's House 17. Family; The Breeze; Music In a Doll's House 18. The Flow; Baghdad Express; The Flow's Greatest Hits 19. Beachwood Sparks; Once We Were Trees; Once We Were Trees 20. Koes Bersaudara; Djadikan Aku Domba Mu ( Meke Me Your Sheep); 1967 21. Misty Wizards; It's Love; Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers Volume One 22. Os Steamers; Seraj Assim ata Morrer; Various Artists Portugese Nuggets 23. Os Mutantes; Gloria Ao Rei nos Confins Do Alem; Brazilian 60's Nuggets 24. Acid Mothers Gong; Supercotton 2; Acid Motherhood 25. Causa Sui; El Paraiso; Causa Sui 26. Dashiell Hedayat; Fille De L'Ombre; Obsolete 27. The Head Shop; Heaven Here We Come; The Head Shop 28. Shun Jung Hyun & Men; Woman In the Mist; It's A Lie 29. Grateful Dead; Dark Star; Glastonbury Fayre Well folks this podcast is a Mega Mix of Psychedelic sounds from around the globe, featuring songs/tunes/music from the sixties to the present. A number of tracks feature extended workouts, and the air is heady with patchouli, and sandalwood, the tie dyed cushions/curtains/clothes are scattered about, and the revolutions are all happening with sound/action/police brutality/and thoughts of world peace/love and sharing. On a more sombre note who would have thought so many would be imprisoned around the globe for marijuana usage, when most, if not all current political leaders have admitted to partaking of this"illegal" substance, sometimes hypocrisy has no bounds. Hope you like the mix............. Notes: 2. 3. 4. 6. 8. 9. 10. 11. 15. 16. 17. 19. 20. 23. 24. 25. 27. 29.

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