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Updated: 2018-03-14T10:45:02.942+03:00




I'm loving my life here in the US... much more stability and peace of mind...Thanks to the all the people who helped me....

Still Alive in the US




Nothing yet happened, still in amman and stuck in the security checks..Whenever I call the IOM, they reply saying pending the security checks, its been like 5 months now and nothing is happening, I'm worried, what if my application was just left in the dark untouched.anyway, if anything happens, I'll tell you right away.



I have got accepted by the jury and I'm only waiting for the security apporval of my caseits been like 3 months since I got the approval and the security check is not done yet.I'm losing my patience and can't wait any longer, most of the people who have applied to the same program as me, are already in the states now.whenever I contact the IOM, they tell me that the security check isn't done yetI



Hi all, I'm still in jordan and I recently applied to the IOM as a refugee trying to get assylum to the USA, and am still waiting for the jury's answer about my case...They'll answer me next saturday..pray for me that they accept me :)

Back to writing...


Time have passed, nothing had changed, worse it got....frustrating I am.It definitely feels good to be back to writing, it was the most suffocating period I have ever experiend while away from writing. I've been into lots of discussions and controversies, most of them were a no-point discussions, they were supposed to build up for something but the arrogant nature or instincts of an iraqi person

College students from Iraq to Jordan...


Finally, today I got to get credit for the subjects I studied back in Baghdad in my college.I've been waiting for this since last summer, my papers were stuck up at the Jordanian Ministry of Higher education coz they're not verifying the iraqi degrees these days nor papers from Iraqi colleges. So I was asked by the deanship of my new college to get the papers coz otherwise they won't let me

Long Time no see


It was a long time since I last wrote something here...I really miss the days when I used to post regularly, but here I am again back to writing and back to the old habit of murmuring and gaggling about the current situation in my country.I observed the last events that took place in Basrah and I was really disappointed. I was first cheering for Al-Maliki hopping that finally he might take the

Drama continues


I was intending to write about this long time ago but I was busy the days before and couldn't do it. The situation in Iraq is just so damn ironic, a month ago I was talking to my cousin through the internet and I was asking him about how the situation is now in that area. He tried to explain to me the changes that have taken place in Baghdad, he said that the situation is about 5% better than how

A story of an Iraqi


An iraqi male born in Baghdad in 1987 in a well-educated family.At his early years of life he suffered blockage in his bowels and had to go through asurgical opeation in order to continue his life.As a kid he was very naughty, he almost got himself killed several times, once by drinkingsome pure oil by mistaking it with water, once by burning his leg in an accident during thesecond gulf war, and



Its been more than a month for me in Jordan and I don't know what my next step will be. The jordanian ministry of higher education has suspended certifying iraqi degrees, which means that they won't certify my degrees from Baghdad, and by that I can't continue my studies as I reached the third grade in Iraq, but I have to start all over again from the zero point.I'm not willing to start again

Congratulations Iraq


Its proven again, the Iraqi football team reunites Iraqis and shows the entire world who Iraqis really are....Saudi people are the best people, they proved that they care about iraqis and that they are brothers to the should have seen what happened here in Amman, all the iraqis went out to the streets in their cars carrying the iraqi flags and singing iraqi songs specially the song "

Iraqis and Jordan


It has been two weeks for me in Jordan but it was like a whole month, the first week I had a lot of fun when I had several reunions with my old time friends, the second week was the worst because I had to go to the interior ministry in order to extend my residency for another 3 months, but I was told that I can't do that, becuase Jordan is not extending residencies for iraqis nowadays, so I had

Made it to Jordan


I have arrived in Jordan yesterday, my plane was supposed to fly at 10:30 am but we didn't fly until 11 am because they are always not accurate with the timings.The road to Baghdad airport is so annoying, too much check points before the gate of the airport, and too much searching of the luggage like three or four sonars to check the luggage and then they search it visually and open each suitcase

Operation : Adhamyia


As you may have heared what's been going on lately in Adhamyia, andmaybe you haven't because of the media mask from both the Americans andthe iraqi government. Its been 3 days since the attack on the American patrol which ended upkilling 9 American soldiers and starving all the population ofAdhamyia.Here comes what happened:Day 1:Thursday 10 am, an American tank gets bombed by a roadside bomb and

Alskari shrine again


Here comes the reinforcement for the first sectarian wave started backin Fab. 2006.Today, I woke up on the sound of American soldiers breaking their wayinto the shops located infront of my house and destroying them on theexcuse of checking for guns and explosives.A friend of mine who is one of the shop owners and lives just behindhis shop, he said that when the Americans came to the area and

Abandoned City


Few days ago, I was at college and I recieved a call on my cell phonefrom my mum, she said that there were gun shootings and bombings in mystreet and that the only entrance to the neighbourhood was blocked, sheasked me to be careful when coming back home.So Several friends of mine and I took a cab and headed back home, whenwe reached the only entrance street of the neighbourhood, it wasblocked

New Era of Sunni-sunni and shiite-shiite conflicts has began


In my last two posts, I have mentioned that Alqa`da became in controlof my neighbourhood, and I mentioned what they are doing to theinnocent people but I never imagened it could come to this..A few days ago, an owner of a store in my neighbourhood came to hisstore which he has abandoned for almost a year and a half, he came backto take his big genertaor out of the neighbourhood, he was

AlQa`eda activity


Writings on the walls say "Long live Abu Omar Albaghdady" , "Down The Rafitha" (meaning down shiite) and "Long live the men of the Islamic Iraqi state"

Alqaida is in Power


Lately in my neighbourhood, violence is progressed and turned into anew orientation, where the target now is the innocent people livingwithin the same neighbourhood (meaning: sunni people).Yesterday, I was in a shop infront of my house owned by a friend ofmine,its a mini-market which sells food, drinks and ciggarettes..Recently me and some friends started to meet in that shop, and havesome drinks

Its forbidden to say that you're happy in Iraq


Here's a funny story - its funny for me although it may sound horrible for you.I was in my room, playing guitar as usual and was recording the song "Peace Train" for Cat Stevens, and after about 30 seconds on starting the song, when reaching the first line in the song, which was "Now I've been happy lately," a random bullet entered my room, crashed the window and broke all the glass and a heavy

Filling the Emptiness!


There's nothing more amusing to do than writing songs with my old friend Yassir..Here's a song about love and lying, the sound is not very clear, coz we used only one microphone and only one acoustic guitar.Music Writing and playing by Nabil (one acoustic guitar)Lyrics by Nabil and YassirHere are the lyrics of the song:Verse*1All my life I've been never see myself never let

The New Security Plan!


It's been almost 13 days since the Iraqi army and police supported by American troops started to carry out the new security plan, did anything change??I think, yeah, actually there are things that have changed, now we have more blocked streets, and more fake checkpoints and patrols who practice sectarian violence in day and night.It became almost impossible for people who lives in Karkh side to

Life in Baghdad


Life in baghdad is like Hell, I used the term Hell and yet its worse than hell. People are locked up in their homes trying to be safe and yet they're not safe enough. streets are almost empty all the time and though they aren't safe enough.All life's activites are stopped, for me I stopped going to school two months ago, and now I only go there if I have an exam or an important lab.Life in

Another terrifying day


Yesterday was round 2 of mortar attacks on my neighbourhood. Over 20 mortar missiles fell on the neighbourhood and caused 30 deaths and injuries. Here is my side of the story:I was at my grandmah's house which happens to be next door to my house. Me and my cousin were at the back garden playing soccer and mocking each other. Suddenly we heard a very loud noise of mortar missile passing over us. I