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Preview: The Mike and Renee Show

The Mike and Renee Show

The podcast that is about nothing and everything all at once. M and R are a married couple who share thier thoughts on all kinds of stuff, no subject is out of bounds! May contain adult language.

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More Crap


More stupid computer shit has sidelined us again. Be back soon.

I guess I could respond to this...


This post deserved it's own spot. It's eerie how well you guys know me.

"In analyzing Renee's view of the world, I think she sees the world in its true context. Verses Mike view that consists of boobies and not much else...

P.S. Mike, I hope that you get more phone calls. I know it can be very lonely when you have no friends. Also, you might want to keep Renee's mouth above the waist area.

# posted by Anonymous : 9:58 AM"

Is this a bad thing?

Who needs testicles?


No, seriously, who?

Michael Jackson and Paul Shanley


I admit, its not very sexy, but pedophiles and child rapists dominated the conversation. Whatever.

You're Wait is Over!


We are back, but leaving again. (This time only until Monday) An impromptu family reunion is taking place back in the frozen tundra of Flagstaff this weekend. Listen to our show! Love us! Please!

Please don't forget about us!


My computer is still down. I'm replacing the hard drives and adding a snazzy new sound card. I was hoping it would be done by the time I got back from Vegas, but alas, the sound card is holding things up. Hopefully tomorrow, people!

It's a good thing you guys don't pay for this!


No show yesterday, even tho there's a ton of stuff to talk about. The drive from Vegas was way longer due to some bad weather. We'll try to get ya back soon!

Lucky Number 13


It only makes sense that our 13th show would be from Las Vegas. It basically sums up our luck in general here. I hit a quick extra $20 and Renee went through it in minutes. I love this place.

Is Sponge Bob Gay?


Our twelth show went off without a hitch on saturday. We traveled on sunday, but will be back on the air on monday. Is Sponge Bob gay? Listen to the show and find out!

Volume 11


Thoughts on the inauguration, vomiting too much and anonymous posting. More of the usual. See you saturday.

Number 10


Our 10th show is up! That's about 9 more then I thought we'd get through, so I got that going for me. My new way of recording didn't cut the size down enough, so on the next show I'll try another scheme to get the files even smaller. Tomorrow looks like a more realistic target for returning, I'm still not 100%. See you then.



An unexpected bout of a rather nasty stomach flu has set us behind a little. We do have a show for yesterday, but of course, I'm having trouble getting it uploaded. We may try tonight, but if I'm still puking it may not go!

Make-up Show


I told you we'd get you back. I'm sure that sound I'm hearing is all of you breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Sorry Guys


No show today. We'll get you back tomorrow. We were just so tired. We started to record, but it was just awful. Then we went to bed. We don't normally do a show on sunday, but there's just so much to talk about! See ya.

Yet Another One


This time we talked about the end for the search of WMD amoung other things. Fun stuff!

Michael Jackson


We had to put Jacko through the ringer on today's show. And Boy does he make it easy. We've had two good ones in a row, and we both feel like we're on a roll. We'll be back with a new one today. mp3

6 Shows


We talked a little about Macworld, and were the last to break the Randy Johnson story. Things are going pretty well. See you tomorrow.January 11, 2005

Day 5


This is day 5 since the ship went down. I fixed the problem with the email link and the show uploading in general. FTP programs are the worst, but the stunning combination of bad FTP programs and my dial up has me close to my wits end. As usual here's the mp3 link.

We just won't stop!


We keep on going. Day 4 of the program was probably the best yet. Out banter skills are improving every day. Just subsribe on the left or download the mp3 from the left.

Day Three


Ugh! We suck! We were tired but we thought we'd do a third one anyway. A quick 20 min on Oliver Stone? What was I thinking? Anyway, we're getting some positive feed back, so I'm glad some of you guys like it. We'll take today off but come back tomorrow with a new show. See you then!

Number 2


The second show was plagued with technical difficulties, but I guess that comes as no surprise. My wunderbox just had a little trouble, but we got through. Things went smoother this time, and we had a little bit more to talk about. The energy was high and we're both excited for number three! You can subscribe to the show with the link on the left or download the mp3 from the link here.

Our First Show


Today we did our first show. It wasn't the greatest and we still aren't pros, but the practice paid off and things went fairly smooth. You can subscribe to the show with the link on the left or download the mp3 from the link here.

Almost there!


We are just about ready to go. After a few weeks of tweaking hardware and software, practicing, and of course spending money, everything is just about in place. The recording aspect is solid, the mixer is there, even the home made phone patch works perfectly. The practice sessions have gone well but we're still no pros! Our first show just might be outtakes from the practice. Hell, it made us laugh. Check back soon to hear us and we would love to hear from you at